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July 24, 2021, was the four-year anniversary of the day we moved into our house in Rochester, Minnesota!  It was a whirlwind move that truly was an incredible story (you can read about it HERE.)

On our first night in the new house, we just had the contents of our vehicles, a few new purchases (like a carpet cleaner), and some borrowed air mattresses.  All of our furniture was set to arrive the following day and not be fully unloaded until the weekend, so there was a lot of sitting on the floor or standing around bar when it came time to eat.  The tricky think about eating on the floor with a dog in the house is that he thinks the food is fair game!  So, for our first dinner, we ordered Fazoli’s (Italian fast food) and sat out on our deck to eat.

We picked Fazoli’s because it had been my favorite restaurant when I was in high school.  There was one next to the movie theatre, so my friends and I would eat there and then see a movie.  As a pasta-and-bread-loving girl, that was the perfect fast food place for me!  I haven’t seen a Fazoli’s since!  I think many of them have closed down, but miraculously, there is one still hanging on here in Rochester, Minnesota.  It’s definitely not my favorite place to eat as an adult, but I was excited about trying it again when we moved here.

When our one-year anniversary rolled around, the boys asked if we could order Fazoli’s to celebrate.  We did and it has since become an annual thing.  It’s one of those quirky family traditions and I’m glad we take time each year to celebrate our move.  It’s a big milestone and something worth remembering and reflecting on.  We talk about what we miss about Pennsylvania and what we like about Minnesota.  We talk about our memories of looking at this house for the first time and making friends as we were moving in.  It’s a sweet time topped off by a “cheers” of our breadsticks.

celebrating the four year anniversary in our house | miss mustard seed

Jeff was on a hiking trip with a friend, so he ate breadsticks with us in his heart.

It’s sort of hard to believe how much this house has changed since we first moved in and I thought I would take some time over the next few weeks to go through each room and share the progression.  Until we get into the details, here are some then and now pictures to show you how much has changed…

suburban minnesota home makeover before | feels like home | miss mustard seed

suburban minnesota home makeover | living room | painted fireplace and cabinets | feels like home | miss mustard seed

painted cabinets | hardwood floors | painted fireplace surround | buffalo check sofa | rug


suburban minnesota home makeover before | feels like home | miss mustard seed

suburban minnesota home makeover | kitchen | painted cabinetry | feels like home | miss mustard seed

painting the cabinets | custom green on the island | quartz counters | similar Kitchen Aid range | marble tile backsplash

suburban minnesota home makeover before | feels like home | miss mustard seed

suburban minnesota home makeover | kitchen and studio | feels like home | miss mustard seed

pot rack | painting the checkerboard floors | kitchen aid fridge

suburban minnesota home makeover before | feels like home | miss mustard seed

suburban minnesota home makeover | painted cabinets | feels like home | miss mustard seed

butler’s pantry makeover

There are so many details to share in each space and I’m excited to walk down memory lane and share them with you.  It’ll be nice to have all of the projects and resources for each room consolidated in one place, too.  I’ll sprinkle those in as I continue to share the basement makeover and other things I’m up to.

If you are inspired by the way we’ve customized this house, then I think you will love Feels Like Home (my new book coming out this fall.)  It’s filled with the thought process behind the makeovers and lots of information on how to customize your own home in your own unique style.



  1. Rebecca F Miller

    I’ve followed you for several years and am in awe of the changes you have made. You’ve definitely gone from ultra-bland tan to beautifully-personalized comfortable and charming. Cheers to you and the next four years!

    • Gina

      Amazing how many changes you’ve made. You’ve truly made this house your own. Can’t wait for the basement renovation reveal.
      Received an email from Amazon your new book will not be delivered until October. So disappointed, but I’m sure it will worth the wait.

  2. Judeth

    I had the same color cabinets in my house, painted them. Love the butler’s pantry.

  3. SueA

    We connected just after you moved to MN. Love the then and now shots. You would fall on the floor laughing at mine! Fixer-upper to el-cheapo remodel to top-of-the-line redo. Love the journey! Love your beautiful work and artists eye. Thank you!

  4. Jennifer Knopf

    Lovely transformation! You’ve worked miracles in only 4 years.

  5. Terry A.

    I’m amazed how much you have accomplished since moving here! I just love the changes you’ve made to your home! I look forward to your new book. I still pull out your first one for inspiration!

  6. Bea

    I love all of your changes over the years! Yes, you have worked miracles in just 4 years!

  7. Patricia Kasparian

    You have brought that house to life!

  8. Terry

    Total agreement with all said above. You have accomplished sooo much in 4 years. This post has also given me the final push to collect in one place the before and after pics of our home. However instead of 4 it has taken us 30+ years (but started with our realtor not even wanting to show us this place). My husband learned the word “potential” is actually a potty word haha.

  9. Barbara

    4 years! Happy Anniversary. It feels like yesterday sometimes and then others like so long ago that I drove up the last time to see you and have that wonderful lunch with you. Oh, how I miss you and your mom. And seeing Jeff and the boys just drop on the studio. The drive was always so beautiful up to see you as well, and a quick hour. I never did ask what you planted in your garden? Hope it is a remembrance of our time and it comes back each year. I so love what you are doing with this house. Much love and friendship.

  10. S. Fuller

    I think I found you just as you were about to begin on your house so this is an anniversary for me too. 🙂 Your posts have really been a source of comfort, joy, insight, and at times the only self-indulgent pleasure I allowed myself. Thank you for opening your house and heart to us, Marian. You are truly an inspiration.

  11. Deanna Rabe

    I love that the changes have been mostly paint and fabric! I followed you long before this move and I must say that this house is my favorite!

  12. Lorie

    We are about to put our home on the market and move back into our little 1200 sq ft rental for a bit (it’s a sellers market now, we’ll wait for a buyers market to buy again.) Since we own the rental it’s mine to do with what I want and , it has great bones, including 1 inch hardwood plank floors. Although moving is a chore, I’m getting really excited with ideas for redoing our little temporary space. That being said I think I see a book purchase in my near future.

  13. VELI550

    I have followed you since the early days but only recently subscribed to your wonderful website. You always inspire and the changes you have made to your Minnesota house are no exception! I missed the whole story leading up to the move so I went back and read it all. What a wonderful testament to the good that comes from placing our trust and faith in the Lord. I have always admired your talents, your lack of fear when it comes to tackling hard projects and now I admire you and Jeff for stepping out in faith the way that you did. I am one of your “all” followers because I love everything you do!

  14. Sharon Rexroad

    This is inspirational and aspirational! (And now I think I’m getting Fazoli’s for dinner tonight!)

  15. Frances K.

    You home is beautiful! I do wish you were still able to do the Lucketts Spring Market. It’s being held in October this year.

  16. Patricia

    You’ve made me homesick for Minnesota! I grew up there and I’m always praying one day we will get to move back. The homes there just seem to be built differently.
    Thank you for the inspiration your blog brings!


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