painted granite fireplace surround reveal

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If you missed the full tutorial on the painted granite fireplace surround, you can find it HERE.  I almost didn’t take pictures along the way, because I wasn’t sure if it was going to work!  I’m so glad I took the time to document it, though, because it turned out great.

Here is how the fireplace surround looked before…

blue and white living room decor | farmhouse style | miss mustard seed

…and here is how it looks now!  I’m sure you noticed that we also put in hardwood floors and we’re in the middle of building a faux coffered ceiling.

painted granite fireplace surround to look like slate | miss mustard seed

I am absolutely over the moon with how it turned out!  It was a relatively quick and easy process and I was able to complete the project entirely with products I already had on hand for other projects, so it was free to me.  If you had to purchase the materials, it would cost around $120 with lots of leftover paint and primer for other projects.  That’s a heck of a lot cheaper than having it ripped out and redone, especially with a large granite slab as the hearth.

painted granite fireplace surround to look like slate | miss mustard seed

What I like best about this treatment is that the finished result has variation and dimension, so even if it’s not a dead-wringer for slate, it has a natural look to it.  It doesn’t look like a painted granite fireplace surround.  Using the texture paint really helped, but also using milk paint, which has a matte, breathable finish completed that look.  The end result is soft and natural.  Milk Paint even has limestone in it, which glitters ever so slightly when the sun hits it.

When viewed up close, I think most people would feel it and wonder what kind of tile it is, but wouldn’t guess that I simply painted granite!

painted granite fireplace surround to look like slate | miss mustard seed

I’m all for DIY (do it yourself) projects, but I don’t want it to look like, “Wow, you must watch a lot of YouTube tutorials and then test things out on your house…”  The best DIY projects don’t look like DIY projects.

painted granite fireplace surround to look like slate | miss mustard seed

While the granite was a beautiful finish, it wasn’t my taste.  The color and shine always bothered me and seemed more and more out of place the more I customized the room.  This treatment makes it “me” and it works much better with the paint colors and furnishings.

painted granite fireplace surround to look like slate | miss mustard seed

I’ve tried many projects over the years that didn’t turn out the way I envisioned them, but this one exceeded all expectations and hopes.  We completed a lot of projects over the past few weeks while my parents were visiting and this is perhaps my favorite.  It was also one of the easiest ones, but it makes a huge impact.

painted granite fireplace surround to look like slate | miss mustard seed

We need to finish building, installing, and trimming out the beams and then we can put the rug down and get this room finished!

As a reminder, this is how things looked when we first moved in just over three years ago…

suburban living room makeover before | miss mustard seed

Have I mentioned how much I love paint lately…?

painted granite fireplace surround reveal

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39 Comments on “painted granite fireplace surround reveal”

  1. Marian it looks absolutely beautiful! I know it feels so good when something comes out even better than you envisioned. Question – it almost looks like there are color variations – was this achieved by crisscrossing brush strokes?

    1. Yes, it’s the combination of the texture, how it was applied, and using milk paint, which has natural variations in the color.

  2. Absolutely perfect! I love that you have personalized your home so beautifully to reflect your personal style! Also, want to again say thank you for continuing to be an inspiration and teacher, Marian. Your instructional videos and tutorials continue to be a blessing to so many. My daughter watched your slipcover tutorials and made amazing slipcovers for her couch and chair. Thank you!

  3. This really turned out great! Matching the color to the real slate tile was brilliant!

    I have an unrelated comment as it didn’t look right to me when you redid the accessories a while back and now with the new floors, sofa, fabric, etc., it still looks out of place…. the ‘it” being the huge basket/quilts in the open square. The balance is awkward and find my eye first drawn to that basket rather than the lovely chair/pillow, fireplace, ironstone pieces, etc. I know that space was a challenge to fill when you originally moved pieces around. I envision some books, ironstone and plants? Or, just the quilts stacked alone? Of course, MHO.

    1. When I looked at the large television shelf opening today I thought the best thing to do with that space would be to add a shelf and divide it in half horizontally. Then it would be easy to fill with books and ironstone.

  4. It looks absolutely amazing! That granite always stuck out fo me but now the fireplace surround definitely fits in to your design aesthetic. Well done! You are cranking out the projects like it’s your job!

  5. I don’t like this, I am OBSESSED with this transformation! Total game changer, so beautiful and looks like its been there all along! Color me impressed (with everything you do!!)

  6. So lovely. Now everything looks so cohesive now. Are those boots flanking the right side of the fireplace? Can you show a close up picture of them?

    Great job!!

  7. I love this so much! I also hate granite and this is a fix that would work for me (even though your style and mine are different). So versatile and beautiful.

  8. Oh..My..Goodness!! It’s all so pretty! Love the fireplace…love the floors…love the ceiling!! And Sebastian is so stinking cute!!! xoxo P. S. Where are the sweet kitties? xoxo

  9. I hope you tell us about the boots in another post! You have such good ideas and accomplish an amazing amount!

  10. Curious, did you draw in grout lines or are you just good enough to not get paint in existing lines? Either way this is a beautiful improvement to your lovely home.

  11. Bravo! I’m so excited you figured this out — for you…. and for me! I have a granite surround that I’ve been waiting for a solution for — this is it, and so easy too! Thank you!

  12. Love it! It turned out great! You have really transformed this room. I had forgotten what it looked like originally.

  13. This is so beautiful! Spot on with the rest of the whole house, not just this room. The power of paint!

  14. Love your how your fireplace turned out! I painted a stone fireplace once that had gotten dirty and it turned out great! I painted it grey all over and then each stone I painted sand color and swiped in greens and pink. I would brush it on and then wiped it off. It looked like field stone. Everyone loved it and was shocked with they heard I painted it! 😊

  15. WOW such a transformation and for the better it all looks so beautiful and to your style with you blue tones.Three years — you have done so much in such a short period of time. Keep up the good work and sharing all your successful projects.

  16. again I say genius! Making a house your personal style and turning it into YOUR home is no mean feat. You have provide a lot of inspiration for the rest of us.

  17. Lovely for sure! And I’m swooning over the wooden boot forms! What treasures! What is their history?

  18. The changes you’ve made in this home are beautiful! I know you can go back and look at the before and afters on your blog, but are you putting together a picture book showing the changes? My husband and I bought this house in 2013 and I’m now working on Book 2 of the changes we’ve made inside and out. We plan to stay here until we die, Lord willing, then the books can convey with the house so the next owners can see what it used to look like. I use one of the photo book web sites to create the books so I can add text to the pictures.

  19. The room is becoming more and more like a beautiful cottage and moving very far away from builder beige. How satisfying for you!

    Curious (not that I have anywhere to even try this project, but I love how awesome it is!)… if one wanted more dimension, could you do ragging or sponge work with other colours to add dimension, or do you think it would look like the sponged walls of the 90s? And does that technique even really work with milk paint? Again, I have nowhere to do it, but I just wondered.

    Your project turned out beautiful, it doesn’t look at all like painted tile, and it suits your room so much better… I’m guessing you stop a couple of times a day to just stop and admire? 😁

    Can’t wait to see the full reveal with finished beams and a rug!

  20. Looks great!!! Nice when things work out that way!!!
    Here is the funny part….on the before pics…just after moving in….that granite looked awful next to the the natural wood. That was NOT a good look. It looked good , and a million times better after you painted everything white. In fact, I liked it and it would have been way down on the “list” for me. Just maybe a bit too shiney. BUT!!!! It does look PERFECT now!!!! Sometimes you just have to go for it…and try something new!!! You made it happen!!!!

  21. I LOVE your house!!! Everything you do makes me love it even more. I get so much inspiration looking at your pictures. A+ on the fireplace!

  22. Marian, the fireplace looks fabulous! I read your blog every day because your house is beautiful and so homey. Regarding the large basket with quilts, I love it! This room is for your family to enjoy – it’s not a museum. It is wonderful that you decorate for you – not to follow trends.

  23. This turned out beautiful! Love the original before to the “your personality” after! Lovely room! I LOVE the ceiling! Can’t wait until we can see this! So creative!

    1. Yep, I have a rug, but we have to wait to put it down until we’re done with the ceiling. We still need to be able to slide the furniture around.

  24. I always enjoy your DIY projects and this one did not disappoint. I love the color you chose. I noticed you finished your ceiling, when are you sharing that project? I am very curious how you completed all the work so fast, is it premade?

  25. Hi,
    It looks great!! What room has the round dining table? And the room directly behind the large dining table off the kitchen? I am in the process of hopefully turning our family room into a dining room. When we redid our kitchen/family room, we installed an island, however it turned out larger than I had wanted. Which meant that it cut down considerably on the free space that I had allocated for a dining table. So, now we have a kitchen, family room and living room, but no dining area or table.

    1. The round table is in our dining room (the one with the hand-painted landscape mural.) The eating area with a rectangular table is between the kitchen and living room.

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