fluffing up faux boxwood topiaries

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I have been looking for a pair of faux topiaries to put in the living room ever since I styled a couple of photos with these live ones.  I wish I could keep these perpetually alive and beautiful in this room, but there just isn’t enough natural light to keep them happy.  Finding faux boxwood topiaries were going to be the best option.

topiaries and oil painting | miss mustard seed

While my mom and I were at Hobby Lobby, I found a pair of faux boxwood topiaries that were pretty perfect.  I like the pots, the size and scale was just what I wanted and I even liked the spiral shape.  I wouldn’t say that they look real, but they look nice.  The problem is that one of them had some issues.  It was about two inches shorter than the other one and had clumps missing.  The price for that one was reduced, so I decided to purchase the pair and make some alterations…

faux boxwood topiaries | miss mustard seed

Between the larger projects we were working on, I worked on the faux boxwood topiaries…

faux boxwood topiaries | miss mustard seed

I purchased a small wreath, also from Hobby Lobby, with a similar leaf shape and color.  The wreath had a bit more variation, which I didn’t mind.  I thought it would actually make the topiaries look a little more interesting.

faux boxwood topiaries | miss mustard seed

I clipped pieces out of the wreath with a pair of kitchen shears…

faux boxwood topiaries | miss mustard seed

And stuck them with hot glue into the bald spots…

faux boxwood topiaries | miss mustard seed

I actually filled out both of the faux boxwood topiaries, so they were balanced and full.

faux boxwood topiaries | miss mustard seed

And they turned out great!  Again, I don’t think they necessarily look real, but they look good and they won’t die on me!  I’ll just hit them with a vacuum every couple of weeks to keep them clean.

faux boxwood topiaries | miss mustard seed

faux boxwood topiaries | miss mustard seed

If you missed the fireplace makeover, you can find the details HERE.


  1. Carolyn

    Love them! I have some faux topiaries also, and use those cans of air to clean them off. It works great!

  2. Kate

    Just curious why you decided not to use real houseplants? I know they are more maintenance, but they do clean the air and come in many varieties. I’ve even seen olive plants grown as house plants recently. I’ve gone a little overboard with house plants this year and have live plants in every room in the house. I’ve been trying out different colors and textures. My husband says our house is beginning to look quite Victorian.

    • Lisa

      I’m running out of surfaces for my house plants!
      While I think the faux boxwood topiaries are pretty, there is nothing more beautiful than a live plant or two …..or ten.

      • Marian Parsons

        I totally agree and I use live plants where light will allow. That spot just doesn’t get enough light for the live topiaries I like.

    • Marian Parsons

      I love live plants and I do have them throughout the house, but there is not enough light on the mantle.

      • Theresa

        Marian, I had the same issue with light in a home we owned. I had plants that I could swap out with a light filled room so they all received light a couple times a week. It worked surprisingly well. That said your solution is less fussing. The transformation you have created in your home is amazing. It’s as if your home can now breath.

    • Lisa P

      Marian mentioned that there isn’t enough natural light to keep real plants alive in that location.

  3. Teresa

    FYI…..HomeGoods has some nice faux boxwood topiaries from time to time. The are pretty realistic looking as well.

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes, I did check there, too! They didn’t have anything at the time I looked, but I know they have some nice ones.

    • Angelia Harris

      Sad to say, I have a brown thumb and not a green one so I also go go Hobby Lobby for greenery as I need it, I like how you purchased a wreath to fill in the topiaries. They turned out nice and I will keep that in mind as I am in need of some greenery for my bedroom.

  4. Janet in Kansas City

    Eulalie stands out so much more since you painted the granite tile! It all looks beautiful.

  5. Cheri Dietzman

    I’ve been looking something tall for either side of my mantle. I think this will do the trick!

  6. Irene Kelly

    Well I cherish all the faux topiaries I purchased in the past at Country Curtains so so sad they have closed shop we had 2 stores in NJ and we stayed at the famous Red Lion Inn Stockbridge Ma where their Corp office was. Really miss that store. Now Home Goods is my go to but always hit or miss. Your mantle looks so beautiful !

  7. Charlotte

    I love this! I don’t know if you have a Kirklands store where you are but I was in there last weekend and they had a pair of boxwood topiaries that were quite lovely. Actually I think they were preserved box woods so I don’t know how long those really last. I almost grabbed two for my fireplace but I wanted to make sure it’s what I wanted!

    • Michele M.

      I have quite a few preserved boxwoods in my home that have lasted for years. They still look great.

  8. AnnaRae

    So pretty!! The are beautiful!

  9. Cindy

    Perfect! I am going to look for some too! You don’t mind if I copy you…right?

  10. Ruth

    I thought of you A couple weeks ago when there was a name in the obituary. The name was Eulalie. I had never heard that name before your painting!

  11. Kathie B

    I really love them. They are subtle and beautiful. I also really love that the colour of the pots draws my eye down to the boot lasts. It looks very serene especially with the fireplace being one colour now too.

  12. Beverly Anthony

    This is not related to the topic above, but I have a bombe chest that I would like to paint to bring it more closely to my design style, kind of Farmhouse/Traditional. How can I sent you a photo of the chest so you maybe can make a suggestion on what I can do?

  13. Vallie Card

    Looks beautiful!

  14. Sandy

    The topiaries look great. It all came together so nicely. Always does. 🤓

  15. Jen C.

    Great job! I love boxwood. I also have a few places that plants don’t get enough light and this is a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing the fluffing tips. Your rooms are coming together beautifully.

  16. Eve

    The entire fireplace and mantle are lovely and I do like the fluffed up topiaries. I just think it all looks too symmetrical. I think I would remove the other topiary on the right and add a wide low hanging green plant to the mix. 😊💕

  17. monique

    They look very natural thanks to a good eye for proportions and hot glue gun. Good idea.

  18. mary m

    I have two silk topiaries on my mantle and they have some age on them. I spray them with silk spray cleaner to keep them looking fresh.
    Another thing you can do is make your own live boxwood trees. I did this for my daughter’s bridal shower.
    What you do us get some fresh box wood and some plant Styrofoam that you use for live plants and soak with water, Cut your branches and form a tree. I put hers on cake stands for each table. You can keep them going for a long long time if you spritz them with water often. Put in a shallow dish and put a little water in it to keep the foam wet. I put a tag under one chair at each table and the one with the tag took the tree home. I know this is abit of an effort but it is an alternative. I am happy with my fake ones.lol I am out of daughters so no more showers…….


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