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If you missed the reveal of my new kitchen counters, you can see them HERE.  In this post, I’m following up with some details about the backsplash.

I thought it might take a few weeks to have it done, but I was referred to a local “tile guy” who was able to fit our project in around larger jobs.  I had considered doing it myself, but after installing the tile backsplash in my last house, I decided tile work was something that was best left to the professionals.  The end result looked nice, but let’s just say that grout covered a multitude of errors!

I selected venatino marble subway tiles from Lowe’s.  It had just the right amount of gray in it, so it would add some texture and color, but would still be neutral.  I decided to have it installed in a 1/3 running bond pattern, with 1/16″ grout lines, and have it finished with bright white grout.

It was such a dramatic change and makes a real feature out of the backsplash.

I had considered plain white subway tiles, but I thought they would just get lost with the white cabinets and counter.

It’s also an important safety feature behind the stove.  Until we had the tile installed, I rarely used the back burners, because it can be a fire hazard having drywall right behind an open gas flame!  Now, it’s safe and draws the eye to the gorgeous beefy range.

The edge of the backsplash next to the door to the studio was a little tricky, because of an inconveniently placed light switch.  I asked if we could tile all the way down to the baseboard and treat it like a 3/4 height wall treatment.  So, that’s what he did and it looks great!

It’s capped off with marble pencil molding and it created a great little detail that frames out the white cabinets.

The new counters were a huge change, but the backsplash really completed the look and makes the kitchen look finished.

In my post about the counters, I shared I was considering repainting the walls, now that the “biggies” were in place and I could see how it all worked together.  I selected the wall color shortly after we moved in, before I picked out the counters and backsplash.  I declared I was going to “live with it for a while before deciding.”

Well, I’ve edited photos and put them in a post and wrote all about them and that’s been enough of “living with it” for me to know that the walls need to be a cooler color to compliment the new tile and counters.  The warm white is just looking off!

So, those walls are now at the top of my list to hit with a roller and paint brush!


  1. Teresa

    Your new backsplash is just gorgeous and it really makes the kitchen look complete. You were right in your decision not go with all white tile because it would have gotten lost with all the other white. I didn’t realize until I saw the last picture how the warm wall color is playing against the cooler whites and grays in your kitchen.

    My hubby tore out our old 90’s Jacuzzi tub and did a tile walk-in shower with bench recently. It turned out beautiful but his major problem was getting the grout mixture right and it was some trial and error along the way so I understand that sometimes it nice to have a professional come in.

  2. Kristyn

    It’s looking beautiful! And yes I agree to repaint the wall color😊

  3. Renee Cordell

    Have you ever considered soft chamois by BM? I used it with my marble and it is so good. It has no noticeable undertones. I love it.

    • Marian Parsons

      I’ll have to check that out! I’m pretty sure I’ll just do the light version of Stonington Gray, so it will flow into the back stairwell and eliminate the dilemma of which wall to paint which color. I think it’ll look nice with the tile as well. (It is just a lighter version of the color of the studio door.)

  4. Kim

    Looks great! You’re giving me ideas for my own backsplash-to-be.

  5. Claire

    Did you feel like this tile was thicker than your ‘usual’ backsplash tile? How does it work around your window and outlets and other things? I am planning a redo of my kitchen and I really love the look of the tile with the counter.

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      No, it’s not thicker than usual. I think it’s 1/4” thick.

  6. Ashlea

    Seeing your gingham chairs peeking out with the beautiful kitchen in the background is just too much!! It looks like this home has your stamp all over it! And in such a short time- you really have pulled it together and transformed it into your style. Love the tile choice! And I agree on the wall color, it almost looks beige now… and some people try to say there’s only one white 😉

  7. Sharon

    Absolutely love it. You are right about the walls. Would you not consider painting them the same colour as your door? I love the door colour and it would make the white pots and kitchen stand out …. You always make it look fabulous x

  8. Janette

    I have been in Europe bicycling and away from your blog, but I want to comment on your new photo. How beautiful you look!!! The no-bangs look certainly suits you. I so love your blog and visited Lucketts store recently with my 91 year old mother because of you. She lives only 70 miles from it, and after all of these years, I only learned this spring that she was that close to the store. After we get moved into our new place ( a total remodel is underway), we are making another visit. I saw lots of cute things but need to make sure what I need before buying more. Their prices were very reasonable. By the way, we have met you at Haven.

  9. Lisa

    Does marble used as a backsplash need to be sealed? Before the grout or after? When we installed slate floors we needed to seal it first, then grout. I’m wondering if marble is the same, given that it’s a natural stone and porous?

  10. Monica

    Your living room color would look great in the kitchen!

  11. kel

    You’ll laugh- I was thinking how your wall and studio door paint were made for this room! To my eye, that warm wall color draws out the shade of the stove and even plays up a hint of tan in the backsplash tile, while that light gray tone on the door seals the deal for the marbled backsplash colors…

  12. Patricia

    I knew you’d repaint ;0) It’s going to look just right very very soon!

  13. Sheri

    The kitchen is looking really great! Lovely counter and tiles… how the studio door color looks beside the new tiles!!

  14. Cherylan

    I am a fan of placing warm tones along side cool grays, blues, whites. In this kitchen the wood tones on the floor, chair backs and natural wood details provide the warmth. How to resolve the color for the wisp of dry wall? I am looking forward to seeing your choice. In my mind, I am playing with a wood finish as opposed to a cool flat paint shade.

  15. Denise Cox

    The backslash is lovely! Great choice, Marion. You are the BOMB! In fact, the entire kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous!! 👍What a transformation!

  16. JC at the uncommon pearl

    It all looks so pretty. I agree, a cooler color on the walls will tie it all together. Enjoy!!

  17. Janet

    Once again, you nailed it with the tile selection. Very inspiring!

  18. Lisa P

    Your handling of the tile beside the studio door was very clever! I recall being asked by a tile installer what i wanted done in a similar situation. I wish I had had thought of what you did. It is the perfect finish! I will keep it in mind for some future tile job 😀!

  19. Maggie

    Wow, you have changed the whole dynamic of this house in such a short time. It’s beautiful!!

  20. Krista

    It’s all just so pretty! I love everything about it!

  21. lynne richmond

    beautiful color option for the subway tile…….. the gray stands out for being such a neutral color…. good choice!!!!!!

  22. Suzette

    The kitchen make over looks great!
    Love the whites. Can’t wait to see the color you choose for the walls.
    I’m really surprised you are letting those stools stay Brown! Have you thought about lighting them?

  23. Shelly

    Well done. It’s beautiful!

  24. Pat Mays

    It really is outstanding and the details are spot on. The back splash looks like curated art work.. love it.

  25. nan, odessa, DE

    What is the color of the paint on yhe cabinets?
    This is why I stay confused about using creams and whites.
    Will appreciate any help you can give!!!

  26. Jane

    Looks amazing! And so does complete the look of the kitchen. I had my first go at tiling the backsplash in my new kitchen and went with the 1/2 subway tile pattern. But love the tile pattern you used and thinking of using that now when we tile our bathroom.

  27. mary anne

    That move with the tile under the lightswitch was GENIUS!


    Your backsplash tile is lovely! Your kitchen looks gorgeous. What a wonderful job you have done. So happy for you, Marian! Enjoy! Blessings!M

  29. Elizabeth St

    Beautiful… The backsplash is just right. The range in the intensity of grays surprised me, but I can see how it adds depth and texture to the backsplash when seen as a whole. Brava!

  30. Kathryn

    I’m so interested in your choice of door pulls on the cabinets – glass? acrylic? I would have thought you would go with something ceramic or at least blue and/or white. Why did you choose what you did? Everything is gorgeous!

  31. Patti

    It’s all beautiful! I didn’t notice the paint color until you mentioned it but you are so right! I wouldn’t feel the least bit guilty fixing that small detail, it’s going to pop so nicely when you’re done 🙂

  32. Julie

    I agree with you on the wall color. Cooler is needed. I am sure you will pick the perfect color. 🙂

  33. Tanya

    LOVE the tile backsplash! It’s such a great place to add a deeper color without darkening the space.

  34. carolyn

    I agree with you that the wall paint needs to change. I see the stainless steel stove as a major element of color and that color needs to be incorporated into this room. It is not the same as the colors in the backsplash. The work looks great! Tile is not as easy to install as we pretend!

  35. Tracy

    Would you kindly share your “tile guy” with us?
    His business could certainly benefit from the lovely reference.
    Thank you.

    • Marian Parsons

      Oh, definitely! Are you in the Rochester, MN area?

  36. James

    It is entirely different and I loved it. Beautiful and awesome!

  37. Cindy D

    I agree with choosing the gray tiles instead of white. I collect hand made brooms and was wondering what the use of the one you have hanging on your studio door. I love it! Cindy

  38. Lynn Merrell

    I love that tile! I love the way the random darker gray pieces of tile pull your eyes into the different details of the kitchen. Really helps your stainless steal appliances stand out too. Really pulled it all together. And yes, I agree with the new paint color.

  39. Vicki

    Wondering the measurements of a single tile. I got a sample from Lowe’s but the tiles look smaller than yours. I don’t know if that is actual or just a perceived difference.

    • Marian Parsons

      3 x 6″

  40. Joan

    HI! What a great article! I like pictures a lot!

  41. Holly Zajac

    Hi! I’m wondering if you can tell me about the maintenance for your marble backsplash. I’m planning on doing a more white marble backsplash and am trying to determine if I need to add a riser behind my stove to assist with preventing grease, oil, spaghetti sauce, and other stains. Also, can you share your routine for keeping it sealed, and have you had any issues with stains? Thank you! Holly

  42. JoEtta

    Do you have a link for the backsplash tile? I love it!

  43. Crystal

    Hello 🙂 what a lovely kitchen!! We are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen we have white counter tops and white cabinets but still haven’t been able to find the right backsplash. We have tried everything & nothing seems to flow but this would work perfect!!!

    Is there anyway you can link the tiles? I have searched everywhere for them all day. Looked at Lowes Website and can’t seem to find them on there. Pretty Please

  44. Cameron

    Great backsplash but I don’t see a mention anywhere of what the style/model is. Can you please tell me what style/model the backspash tile is?



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