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Thursday of last week was the last day the boys were in sports camp, so I had the house to myself to work uninterrupted.  The butler’s pantry was done and I allowed it to dry for a couple of days before loading it up.  “Playing” with all of the accessories was the best part.  Not only did I arrange and style, but I also cleaned out and organized the drawers and cabinets as well as the closed storage in the dining room and some in the kitchen.  Things were still pretty jumbled from when we moved it and it felt so good to get it all properly organized.  Even though I didn’t purge anything (I did that pretty extensively before our move), I ended up with lots of empty space just because it was all sorted and organized and random things were moved to a permanent “home” with other like items.

Anyway, I know you’ve been patiently waiting for it, so here is how the butler’s pantry turned out…

Here is how it looked before…

I cannot express how much I love how this turned out!  It is the perfect bridge between the kitchen and the dining room and, even though it’s just stock cabinetry filling an otherwise awkward niche, it looks a little more worthy of being called a butler’s pantry now!

Many of my readers and instagram followers commented that the green would really feature my white ironstone collection and it definitely does.

The bead board adds some great texture and charm, too.  I thought it might get lost if it was all painted green, but the shadows settle in the grooves, accentuating the beaded detail.

I styled the piece almost exclusively with white ironstone pieces, but I also included some linens, an old scale, and antique utensils to add a little more interest for the eye.

As I was working on styling this piece, I ended up shuffling ironstone between the living room, dining room, kitchen, and the butler’s pantry to find the best combination for each shelf.  I’m sure I’ll continue to move things around as the mood strikes, but I played with it enough that I feel like I landed in a good place.

One thing is for sure – these spaces are pretty well stocked with ironstone!

One of my favorite views of the butler’s pantry is from the dining room.  It just ties in with the mural so beautifully.  I’ve learned over the years that being mindful of the view through each doorway really helps with the flow of a home.  There is a welcome pull from one room to the next.

Here is how the butler’s pantry looked before…

…and now…


The color of the butler’s pantry relates to the mural in the dining room and, of course, the island in the kitchen beautifully.

And, I know it’s hard to see in pictures alone, but it also ties into a couple of green antique pieces in the adjacent living room – the antique chest at the back of the sofa…

…and this green side table…

And, you may have noticed that it brings out all of the live greenery in the space.  The plants just pop now!

I am hoping to find some fabric with some greens in it to thread it together even more.  I haven’t found just the right one, so I might even hand paint my own!

I’ll share the color formula for the “Boxwood” green match and more details about the glass pulls in another post.  Until then, I am basking in the glow of the butler’s pantry makeover…


  1. Kathy Harris

    Quite simply ~ AHHH-mazing!!! But, I just know you’ll switch the pulls out with something else down the line (agreeing with previous comments about being a little “off”).

  2. Debra Cogis

    Wow!!!!!!!!! You’re amazing.

  3. Evea Newsom

    That looks like a piece of furniture…simple and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  4. Becky

    It’s lovely, I love how you’ve sprinkle the green furniture piece throughout you main floor. So pretty and boxwood is one of my favorite colors of yours.

  5. Connie M.

    I am chiming in though your home decisions are yours and not mine. I LOVE everything except the pulls. In your photo the first thing my eye went to were the pulls. Look awfully large and out of place. Just my opinion though.

    • Frankie Kins

      I don’t mean to be rude, Marian, but I agree with Connie. I don’t care for the pulls at all.

      • Marian Parsons

        Ha, that’s okay. I don’t think they are perfect, but they were the best I found that bridge my style with the traditional style of the home AND also fit on the cabinets (bin cup or clapper pulls wouldn’t fit on the drawer fronts). My options were pretty limited.

      • Maggie

        Have to agree. The pulls are…horrid. Antique gold pulls would really set the green off beautifully:)

  6. Caroline

    SO BEAUTIFUL. Perfect!

  7. wendy

    Thats not a butlers pantry, its a hutch!!

  8. Debbie

    Love, love, love it!!! Just beautiful! I’m so glad you decided to paint all green. Like I suggested before, the green makes your ironstone just pop. Your house is coming together beautifully & comforting.

  9. MARY Ruth KOZMA

    YES, YES, YES! Loving the GREEN!

  10. Pat

    Really looks nice, and the green also brings the mural more in focus. That was a great idea removing the doors and installing corbels.

  11. Emma

    Would a green and white ironstone or transfer ware platter over the sink tie the island to the top of the room?

  12. Gillian

    I love the green you have painted the butlers pantry, I did like the contrast of the blue and white ironstone you had in previous pictures, it really made the green pop, the blue and white is my favourite for stoneware too!!!

  13. JUDY

    I love the green butler’s pantry and the dining room mural! I’ve always wanted a butler’s pantry, but always thought they were located in a closet. Now, I’m rethinking some spaces in my house. Thanks for posting this! So pretty and inviting.

  14. Kimberly

    It really does look like a piece of furniture now! Amazing how a new paint color changes the look of a built-in piece. It was lovely before but i’s really beautiful now, and I’m loving the Boxwood on it. It looks fantastic with the mural, the island, and the other green pieces of furniture.

  15. Amy

    Love the green, absolutely smashing!
    And the ironstone looks amazing displayed against the green.
    The lucite pulls/handles are detracting.
    Keep looking… you’ll find a better alternative.

  16. Debra

    Ohhhhh my gracious!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! The blend from living space to dining room with this butler’s pantry and on to the kitchen…….WOW!! You have truly outdone yourself. Congrats! You have such talent.

  17. Mary S

    I had my doubts at first but now that it’s all finished I see it!! And it’s just BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Should have known, right? It looks so pretty!! I can see why you are so pleased and you should be. A job very well done, again!!

  18. Janice

    I agree with everyone…it looks amazing. I thought the “before “ was very plain…now it’s stunning.

  19. Carolee

    Wow! What a transformation!! By the way, it’s your house and you can call it a butler’s pantry if you want.

  20. Rica

    It really looks amazing! The pantry absolutely ties it all together now. Well done


    Great job, Marian! It’s beautiful! Enjoy!

  22. Laura

    Beautiful! It is just perfect!

  23. Naomi Shelton

    Perfect! Except…for the hardware. I would use something less modern-looking. But that’s just my taste and opinion. Everything else looks awesome. I just noticed that you had added a piece between the top and lower cupboards on each side to make it look like a hutch. Very clever. And the white ironstone looks so great against that green. I’m glad you painted the beadboard as it provides continuity of background for the stoneware. Good decision.

    I’ve decided I want to use the Boxwood blend for a small end table I have in my living room. I’ll be watching for the formula!

  24. Ann Gaines

    I did not know I could so excited over someone else’s house! I so enjoyed your other, older house and projects, and was slow to warm up to your new house…but you have outdone yourself!! Your patience and instinct are phenomenal, just so excellent!

  25. Michelle

    I think it turned out wonderful. I’m glad you are pleased with it after all your hard work. Boxwood is my absolute favorite color of yours and it was the perfect choice for this piece and the island.

  26. Teresa

    This turned out amazing! It really stands out now and I love how all three areas (kitchen island, butlers pantry and dining room mural) tie together so beautifully now and I actually love the hardware.

  27. Jane

    Ha, ha this is the highlight of my week. Waiting to see your butler’s pantry reveal. 🙂 And it is amazing! I love seeing how you are moving away from just blues with this house. The green adds so much interest and depth!

  28. Pam

    Love the green!!! Makes me want a butlers pantry!!

  29. Kitty kaye

    Love your charming home! I am new to your page and look forward when i see Miss Mustard Seed on my new incoming mail!!
    I have been a boxwood freak first in my backyard then added to front landscape. Finally painted an old jenny lin bed and a frame of Huntington garden herb poster all boxwood green. Oops another small table in my dining room and it all started with a green art deco lamp i purchased at a vintage shop! Actually my late Mother inherited a great fruit print from the earlly 20’s and it has a boxwood green frame. She worked at a paint/frame shop and had a great eye and like you could bring it all together!

  30. Mary Kaiser

    Totally amazing! I LOVE all of it!! So talented!

  31. Pamela

    Wow! You took something plain and dated and made it beautiful! I keep looking at the “after” and thinking you have such an amazing eye! The green is perfect!

  32. Jean

    I’m green with envy! I love the mural and green is my favorite color so I’m enjoying seeing all you create. You are truly a gifted person and I’m amazed at your talents. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things that you do 😊

  33. Kim

    Miss Mustard Seed has entered her “Green Period”. I love the color and the styling looks beautiful. Not a fan of the hardware/pulls, but everything else is super special and beautiful.

    • Marian Parsons

      ha! It kind of seems that way with all of the greens in my recent post, but it’s pretty clear that blue and white is still the dominate color palette in the overall home. 🙂

  34. Theresa

    Love it all! You have such a great eye, and watching you bring about your vision is so inspiring. Love the green and that Mural is icing on the cake!

  35. Gwen Ingle


  36. Connie W

    Looks frantastic! And I love the mural!

  37. Jude

    I love what u have done!!! My opinion for what it’s worth… change the hardware… not what u want ur eyes to gravitate to. U have given this an old name “butler’s pantry”, the hardware should reflect that.

    • Marian Parsons

      Well, the hardware is an antique-style glass pull, so it works for that look in my eye. I think it’s not perfect, but it was tough to find one that was just right.

  38. nancy vande guchte

    Love, love, love it! I just had a thought tho, would adding some beadboard accents in the bottom panels of the cupboards make the top and bottom blend better and make it look more like a separate cupboard? I am not a pro by any means, it was just a thought I had…..your house is beautiful…I love following you!

  39. JeanFB

    Fabulous! I love it!

  40. Mary

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the way the green ties all your rooms together. Lovely.

  41. Maudye Winget

    These photos are outstanding. Your dining room is stunning. You are by far my favorite designer/ decorator. . . . So creative, yet always tasteful!

  42. Kathy

    Everything looks so beautiful! I love the warmth of the green, and hiw it ties everything together!

  43. Elizabeth anne Kille

    Marion, i love how much you’ve done to your new home – I’d love to move right in!
    But after seeing the picture of the living room you posted awhile ago while standing in the kitchen, I noticed that it had no crown moulding. It seemed a little bare when compared to the lovely trim throughout the rest of the kitchen and dining room…. any thoughts on adding some?

  44. Anna Edwards

    Really loving everything! I’m wondering if replacing the pulls on the cabinet doors with knobs and leaving the pulls on the drawers might work? Did you use any knobs in the kitchen or only pulls? I also like the idea of a green/white transferware platter above the stove. Something new to hunt for! And new fabric with green in a little kitchen curtain?? Hand-painted sounds delightful. ALWAYS look forward to your posts!

  45. CindyJones

    You deserve to glow. I think green is a perfect accent color for almost any color combination. I love the idea of you creating your own blue & white fabric with green to compliment it.

  46. Rebecca K

    So beautiful and worth every moment of every consideration you made!
    Excellent choices and beautiful ironstone!
    Thank you for sharing….

  47. Cheryl

    Gorgeous! I just want to let you know how much I look forward to your blog! Thanks so much for sharing.

  48. Gayle

    Oh my goodness, what a gift you have! Love it and I am learning a lot as I follow along.

  49. Lorraine

    Beautiful job! Brass pulls would look great and tie in with your gorgeous mirror.

  50. Judy

    Hi Marian,it’s stunning! Your talent shines through in all you do!

  51. Sherry Kurtz

    Hi, I was wondering if the paint is specific for use on cabinets. I ask because I’ve used “regular” paint on cabinets-primed them properly, and they still chipped. I LOVE the color and I would hate to purchase that paint and go through all that work again to have to not hold up. Thanks Much!

    • Marian Parsons

      No, but it is a durable enamel paint that is great for trim and cabinetry. You still will get some chipping or wear on well-used doors over time, though. I’ve tried many different paints and they all have that issue eventually. If you’re starting with raw wood, then milk paint is the way to go. It would soak in like a stain and wouldn’t ever chip off.

  52. Kristine

    It’s beautiful….it looks like everything was just waiting for you to come and bring your talent and skill to bring it all together! I love it!

  53. Sheri

    I love how the boxwood green looks against your wood flooring!! Nicer contrast than wood against wood, like before.
    (Or I should say wood of the same color).

  54. Cynthia Johnson

    Tomato ~ Tomatoe!
    Everything YOU do is very special Marian. I’m sure you’ve developed an internal dialogue to set aside the naysayers. Call it whatever you like…your touches are heartfelt and beautiful. Love of family, home, and life.

    Stay well, Cynthia

  55. Michelle


  56. Susan Owens

    What a beautiful combination! New and old things. I love green color too. Cannot stop reading what you’re sharing. Thank you so much Marian!

  57. Terri Johnson

    I love the bead board. What a nice addition. How did you attach the bead board? Did you nail or glue?

    • Marian Parsons

      With a finishing nailer.

  58. Aimee

    Love everything about converting this into a “butler’s pantry”! The color is striking and i love the pulls! Great job!
    Can’t wait to get the details on the boxwood paint color.

  59. Emily L

    So beautiful! I love how it ties in with the other rooms. Do you have a tutorial for painting cabinetry? What type and brand of paint do you recommend? (Over cabinets that were previously finished, not raw wood)


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