best of 2016

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The first week in January is usually when I hit the ground running, but I’ve been in a post-holiday, pre-head-cold funk and have just wanted to curl up under a blanket and ignore the world!  I’m starting to come out of that, though, and it actually helped me a lot to put this post together and see everything that happened over … Read More

cross-stitching on linen

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I have fallen in love with an old-school craft…cross-stitching. I know it has a reputation for being dated, but that has a lot more to do with the patterns and the cross-stitch kits available than it does the craft itself. So, this renewed interest in needlework came about when I noticed that my favorite antique textiles were those that were … Read More

using old quilts every day

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I definitely have a thing for old textiles.  I love table linens, fabric, clothing, embroidery, quilts…you name it.  I’m always drawn to the “linen lady’s booth” in antique stores.  I like to look through the stacks to see if anything catches my eye.  I’m usually looking for blue and white, of course, nubby linen, pretty monograms, crochet trim…things that will … Read More

styling tips | for home

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A few days ago, I shared part one of the “styling tips” series – for retail.  Now, it’s time for part two – styling tips for the home. While styling for retail and photography is about making a space and individual items look beautiful or appealing without much regard to practicality, styling the home is about making the everyday beautiful. … Read More

Summer 2015 Home Tour

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Welcome to my home tour from the summer of 2015!  We’ve worked on our home for almost nine years and it has been a true labor of love and DIY marathon.  We’ve painted, built, repaired, installed, sewed, upholstered, sanded, refinished, ripped out and remodeled just about every corner. Our goal was to balance the function we needed for our busy … Read More