Patio Makeover Reveal

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Disclosure: This patio makeover post is sponsored by Walmart.  As always, all opinions and words are honest and my own.

Welcome to a typical suburban patio makeover!  These are scattered all over suburbia…the concrete pad just off the walk-out basement sliding door, shaded by the deck.  It’s the builder-grade default.

We’ve seen our neighbors do some beautiful things with this space…resurface the concrete, extend the patio out beyond the deck, use it as a pad for a hot tub, etc.  Ours was a sad, neglected dumping ground.  It was where we dumped rocks that we removed from the front garden beds.  There was a burn pile, wood from a sectional that was delivered a few weeks after we moved in, wires and cinder blocks that were left by the previous owners, and lots of weeds.  Even as I look at it now, it’s just sad.  I’ve said many times on this blog that cleaning a space will improve it immediately and that endeavor is almost always free.

So, we cleaned it.  I share more about the clean-up and our family workday HERE and HERE.  This is how the patio looked after I had weeded and made piles for trash and sticks to burn…

patio makeover miss mustard seed before

patio makeover miss mustard seed before

patio makeover miss mustard seed before

patio makeover miss mustard seed before

And here is how it looks now…

patio makeover miss mustard seed before

It’s still a concrete pad under a deck that needs to be replaced, but it’s an inviting, comfortable space now that is anything but a dumping ground.  It looks cared for and like a thoughtful extension of the interior.

After the clean-up, the first step was priming and painting the patio.  You can read about that process in THIS POST.  It now looks clean and fresh and isn’t paint-splattered and stained.

I used Kilz Adhesion Interior/Exterior Primer followed by two coats of Kilz Concrete & Garage Floor Paint.

patio makeover miss mustard seed kilz adhesion primer

A few people have asked about adding a stenciled pattern or painted design, but we are hoping to extend this patio in a few years, so this pad might be removed or repaired and covered.  It has settled sloping towards the house, which isn’t ideal.  All of that to say, a fresh coat of paint will make it look nice until we decide what we want to do with creating a larger outdoor living area.  It was a project that took a couple of hours at most and made a huge impact.

patio makeover miss mustard seed painted concrete slab

The next step was adding furniture to make this a true patio.  While browsing Walmart’s online patio and garden selection, I immediately fell in love with these rocker/glider all-weather wicker chairs by Better Homes & Gardens and they became the jumping-off point for everything else…

patio makeover miss mustard seed walmart chair lavender

patio makeover miss mustard seed

The chairs, from the River Oaks Collection, are well-made, comfortable, and they have the classic look I wanted.

patio makeover miss mustard seed rocker glider chair

Jeff and Marshall put them together for me when they arrived…

patio makeover miss mustard seed rocker glider chair

The best part is they come with the cushions and high-quality covers!  I have been leaving the covers on when they aren’t in use mostly because it’s so windy here in Rochester.  If left uncovered, I’m afraid the cushions might be blown off.  The pillows, at the very least, would end up halfway across the neighborhood!  Since Minnesota winters are so long, it’s also nice to have the covers, so we can cover them up and tuck them against the house once the snow starts.

patio makeover miss mustard seed chair covers walmart

patio makeover miss mustard seed walmart BHG chairs

I also love that the chairs swivel, so you can turn to look out in the yard, face the table, face towards the other chairs, etc.

patio makeover miss mustard seed

patio makeover miss mustard seed

I bought this little acacia wood patio table to sit between the two chairs.  It’s the perfect size and height to use as a side table, game table, or even as an ottoman.

I got THIS green ticking-striped outdoor pillow for each chair.  It’s just the right size to provide a little lumbar support if you need it.

patio makeover miss mustard seed ticking pillow

During my trip to my local Walmart store, I found these stackable Camrose Farmhouse Mix & Match chairs also by BHG.  The color I found in my local store is different than the one sold online.  They look like a classic wicker chair, but they stack together and are lightweight enough to carry around the yard.  They were the perfect way to round out the conversation area and would be easy to store for the winter.

patio makeover miss mustard seed walmart chair

patio makeover miss mustard seed

The cushions were from Walmart as well, but I couldn’t find them online.

patio makeover miss mustard seed

I also picked up some inexpensive planters to use on the patio when I was there.  I thought this was metal when I went to pick it up, but it’s made out of a heavy plastic!  It’s the Ellan Faux Galvanized Planter.  It was a little tall for the petunias I picked up at the Walmart garden center, so I put two bricks in it to prop up the smaller pot inside.  It also weighs down the planter, which is important in the Rochester wind.

patio makeover miss mustard seed faux metal planter

For the rest of the plants, I purchased a couple of galvanized beverage tubs for less than $8/each.  I just dropped the plant inside, so I didn’t need to worry about drainage holes (although it would be easy to drill a few in there if I plant in them directly in the future.)

patio makeover miss mustard seed galvanized tub planter

patio makeover miss mustard seed

The cushions tie onto the backs of the chairs, so I don’t have to worry about those blowing away.

patio makeover miss mustard seed

I know it might sound like I’m exaggerating about the wind, but it really is something to consider in this area!  Rochester is the 2nd windiest city in the US and we regularly have things toppled over by gusts or blowing through our yard like tumbleweeds.  Our gutter extenders often blow off even though they are weighed down with rocks!

In addition to the garden furniture, I bought several other tools and supplies to work on the yard from Walmart – mulch, a power washer, pruning shears, weed killer, Preen, an edger, etc…

patio makeover miss mustard seed milk paint boxwood

And I got a bunch of plants there as well to finish up this patio makeover!  My cart was quite the spectacle with the chairs balanced on top and plants hanging off the sides.  I was impressed with myself that I got it out to the van by myself.

The petunias have been so happy on the patio.  I gave them a good dead-heading when I bought them home and they have just bloomed and bloomed.

And the Boston fern provides a pretty diversion from the outlet and spigot.

patio makeover miss mustard seed boston fern painted cement

We also replaced the light by the door.  It looked a little dinky, so I ordered a two-pack of lantern-style lights and Jeff replaced them for me.  Here is the before…

And after…

patio makeover miss mustard seed porch light update

I already had a strand of cafe lights (similar to THESE), so we hung them along the joists.  One strand was just enough to provide some ambient light at night.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see this space when I’m out watering the plants or tending to the yard.  Instead of avoiding it, I want to find an excuse to sit out there.  I also like that it’s just a few paces away from our guest room.  I feel like it gives a nice outdoor space for someone to have a cup of coffee in the morning.

To show the dramatic improvement, here is a side-by-side…

The best part is that this patio makeover was done with a lot of hard work by our family and it didn’t involve any large-scale expensive projects.  It was a bunch of smaller projects we worked on over 2-3 weeks to complete…clean-up, mulching, planting, power washing the patio, priming & painting, replacing the light fixture.  It’s amazing what good, old-fashioned elbow grease can do along with some smart shopping.



Patio Makeover Reveal

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48 Comments on “Patio Makeover Reveal”

  1. The wind here really is incredible isn’t it? Best wind story we have: watching a 4 person camping tent fly OVER the roof of the house across the street from us, then FLYING over the street, and over our 6′ fence, finally landing at the back of our large lot!

    I shop like you — fill those carts to the brim!

  2. Somehow, projects accomplished through a group effort and good, old elbow grease are the most satisfying, aren’t they? Looking forward to seeing your future plans for this area!

  3. Kitty kitty is very curious about what you’re doing.
    What a lovely difference elbow grease and fresh paint can make.

  4. Love how your new patio came together! What a transformation. I also like your choice of Walmart chairs. I wasn’t aware that Walmart had such food loosing patio chairs. I can well relate to how you are loving this new outdoor space.

  5. This space came out fantastic! Now put your feet up and enjoy your pretty backyard oasis!

  6. Well done!
    We just pressure washed our patio and pergola this morning and you’ve inspired me to make our space more inviting for the summer months ahead. I love the budget friendly pieces you’ve chosen!

  7. Your patio looks lovely!! I love before and after!!! My daughter bought the whole set of the furniture, sofa, swivel chairs and coffee table. It’s so pretty and I love the color of the wicker. The cushions attach to the back and the covers are a great perk. Your rose bush sure has perked up and looks pretty there!!!

  8. I was just thinking, your parents may request a keurig for downstairs so they can enjoy coffee on this nice patio!

    1. We’ve already got that covered! There is a small wet bar with a Keurig, a mini-fridge, and a little snack drawer.

  9. Beautiful and so satisfying and nice getting all that done!! I have furniture similar to that on my covered front porch and they are upholstered with that kind of fabric. When they are dirty, or covered in dog hair, I remove the covers, zip them up and wash them in the washing machine. Then I put them on the cushions damp and put them back outside. They dry super fast.

  10. This is a dramatic makeover!!!!! It looks so comfortable and beautiful too. I really like the idea of having swivel seats. Enjoy your new gorgeous space;)

  11. Looks great.

    I would like to see you add an outdoor rug to bring some more warmth to the space – and how about a nice big candelier? I have one in my covered patio and love how it makes it look like an extension of the inside of the house pouring forth to outside. I even occassionally light the candles – but usually have “faux” plastic ones so they don’t melt. Gets so hot here.

    One more idea – the stairs. Yes, it is a necessity – maybe an attention grabbing eyesore – but what about painting it green and from the top to the bottom at a large lattice piece. At bottom have a flower box and plant lots of healthy ivy – which likes shady areas and climbs nicely and instead of the back of the stairs eyes will see – eventually – a living green wall of awesomeness. Not sure if ivy would make it with your nasty harsh cold winters- but even faux could work – those Joann’s or Michael’s or Hobby Lobby ones could work. Just a thought. : – )

    Well done – love the Walmart furniture – wow.

    1. Great suggestions! I considered adding a chandelier and still might do that. 🙂 As far as the steps, we’re going to replace the deck and the stairs and will likely reconfigure them. I know they are an eye sore right now!

    1. The stairs are going to be replaced when we redo the deck and we’ll most likely reconfigure them as well. I know they are an eye sore right now.

  12. I am always in awe of your accomplishments, you are the energizer bunny of bloggers. You accomplish so much and do it so well. So, I cannot believe that I am making a suggestion about your back patio. The stairs are calling for a Miss Mustard Seed transformation. I know that you could paint something wonderful to cover up the dirty wood. How about a free form painting from top to bottom, or some designs for each step, with quirky variations? I have even imagined you painting some color studies to calm or lift the space.

    So, one of your long time readers who jokes with close friends that she was a sloth in a former life is thinking of something else you could do, which is so terribly ironic if you all could see the chaos of my house! Again, please know I suggest painting the back of the stairs because I feel I know your creative energies well.

    1. I love that idea, but we’re actually going to be replacing them. The stairs are crooked and rotting right along with the deck, so we’ll be replacing it all in the next year or so.

  13. Man…I’m envious of what you found at your local WalMart! Especially those wonderful topiaries…I have a love(to keep trying) relationship with them!

  14. I’ve been thinking about painting my porch floors. They are chipped, patched concrete, stained and 40 year old ugly. How does your paint job do when wet? Is it slippery with the products you used? Thanks, if you can reply….

  15. Looks great! All your hard work I hope you took time to sit and enjoy everything! Looks so pretty and is so nice right off your guest room.

  16. Bravo. Well done, as usual. I live in Minneapolis and never realized that Rochester was so windy.

  17. Love this space! As I looked at the photos I kept thinking I want to put a curtain up to cover the stairs. As I read through the remainder of the story I realized the wind would make it blow over whoever sat near it!

    1. Yes, a curtain would be great if it wasn’t for the wind! I did look into screens, but I just need to be patient and wait until we redo the deck. That will solve the issue.

  18. I must have selective vision. My eye was drawn to the beauty of the makeover and I didn’t even notice the stairs. Great job on working with what you have. I love it.

  19. I’m with Liz, I had to scroll back up to the pictures to see what people were talking about with the stairs – I didn’t even notice them the first time! I am always inspired by your before and afters and this is no different. What a beautiful space you have created!

  20. Lovely patio, the furniture is awesome. I wonder if you’ve thought of a rug for the floor? Ruggable has some amazing outdoor WASHABLE rug options, and I think one might look great in your space. Also—washable AND stain resistant!!

    1. I have, but I didn’t want to deal with cleaning an outdoor rug. You have to remember that I’m in Minnesota! If we could use the space year-round, it might be worth it, but I don’t need another thing to store for the winter.

  21. You and your husband are quite a team! The revitalized patio is charming. Do you prefer the north or south Walmat?

  22. What a nice outdoor space. I’m in love with the little green stool. So Miss Mustard seed. How do you handle the rain drips from the deck above?

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