How to Crochet a farmhouse dishcloth for absolute beginners…

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Just so you don’t miss it, I’m giving away a set of three of these dishcloths towards the bottom of this (rather long) post!

  Ever since I started showing my crocheted dishcloths, I’ve been asked by readers and followers if I could share a tutorial for how to make them.  Since I’m a beginner myself, I have been directing them to YouTube to find tutorials from people who have been doing this for a lot longer than I have!  But, I’ve learned over the years that blogging is about sharing my journey and what I’ve learned along the way.  And I’ve also learned that my audience wants to learn from me.  And I get that!  I like learning from people I know and trust.  Maybe I helped you make a slipcover for the first time or planted the seed that you could start a business.  So, why not teach you what I’ve learned about crochet?  Maybe I’ll teach it in a way that will click for someone who has wanted to learn, but hasn’t found the right teacher.

So, I came up with a simple pattern that uses two common stitches – single crochet and treble crochet (US terms).  Both are handy for different reasons.  The single crochet is nice because it’s simple and fairly tight/closed.  The treble is a good stitch to learn because it’s very open and covers a lot of ground.  Creating a pattern with these two stitches gives the dishcloth an interesting texture and pattern.  The dishcloth also looks more complicated than it is, which will make us beginner crocheters feel very accomplished.

For this tutorial, you will need…


This video is on the long side because I wanted to chat through some basics and things I’ve learned.  I also want to offer some encouragement, so you don’t rip out your stitches if they are wonky.  Just keep going!  Those stitches will be an indicator of how much you improve.  I also wanted to teach everything slowly and repetitively for absolute beginners.

In this video, I show how to…

  • make a slip knot around the hook to start
  • make a foundation chain
  • single crochet
  • treble crochet
  • turn your work to make rows
  • weave in your ends and finish

See, you’ll be able to do a lot just from learning this one dishcloth!

And here is the tutorial…  (I’m so sorry that the focus is sometimes a little behind where I’m working.  You can still see what I’m doing, but I’m very fastidious about focus, so it bums me out!  I’ll do better next time.)

You can also download the written PDF pattern HERE.

farmhouse crochet dishcloth tutorial beginner

And, since I had to make three of these to create this tutorial, I thought I would offer them up as a thank you GIVEAWAY for my subscribers!  If you’d like to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment letting know you have subscribed or you already do.

The giveaway will close Friday, January 24, 2020, at midnight PST.  A winner will be randomly selected and announced the following week.  International entries are welcome.

farmhouse crochet dishcloth tutorial beginner

For those who want some crochet dishcloths without making one, I sourced a few handmade options on Etsy…

In other crochet news, my mom asked me to make a potholder similar to a pair my great-grandmother made for her almost 50 years ago!  They are her favorite and she has used them regularly for half a century!  I think that speaks to their durability.  They are made out of chunky white cotton in a tight stitch, so this is what I came up with…

It’s a pretty close match!  They were very simple to make and I’ve already enjoyed using mine.  (You can see that it’s already getting dirty!)  I need to make another one, so I’ll have a pair.  I’ll share how I made them in a future post.

Thanks for always encouraging me as I try new things!  It’s exciting to me when you’re inspired to learn along…


  1. Mary Kaiser

    I already follow your blog and you are such an inspiration to me.

  2. Kathi

    The pattern seems easy and as I am just learning to crochet this is a perfect project to start out with!

  3. Michelle O

    I’m going to have to give this a try. I have tried to crochet before and couldn’t get the hang of it. I always wanted to learn. Thank you for the tutorial.

  4. Pat krause

    I made your large pot holders love them!

  5. Brenda

    I love this so much. I started trying follow your directions yesterday. Mine don’t look as good as yours. Guess it takes practice!

  6. Cindy Taylor

    Thanks for the tutorial; I’m a subscriber.

  7. Connie

    These are so pretty, and have stayed in my mind. Today I ordered the supplies hopefully can follow the instructions.

  8. Nan Miksovsky

    Had not crocheted for over 30 years so this was a great restart project. It turned out fabulous. Not sure how to end though so I slip stitched instead of the last single crochet.


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