Arhaus Outerbanks Sectional

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Arhaus.  All words and opinions are honest and my own.

It’s here, it’s here!!  Well, if you follow my Instagram Stories, you know it’s been here for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to get Christmas cleaned up before I took pictures of the new sectional and shared it here on the blog.

Back in the fall, I ordered the Outerbanks Sectional from Arhaus in a beautifully textured blue & cream checked fabric (called Ponder Lakeland) and it was delivered just a few days after Christmas.  Leading up to the delivery, I had the usual doubts that come with ordering such a substantial, cornerstone piece off of the Internet.  Would the check be too busy?  Would the sofa be quality and comfortable?  Despite measuring, would it fit in the space?  Would it fit through the front door???

I’ve ordered pieces through Arhaus before, so I felt pretty confident about the quality, but I still felt anxious.  The day of delivery finally arrived and it was able to make it through our front door, it did fit great in the space, the check looked amazing, and it was even more comfortable and a higher quality than I thought it would be.

So, let me start with the delivery.  I’ve had a few pieces of furniture delivered over the years and the people Arhaus uses to deliver their pieces are top-notch.  They are careful, considerate, and make sure you’re happy with the placement of the piece before they leave.  One of the gentlemen even remembered he had delivered an Arhaus piece to my home before.

And then, the sofa…I sat down on one section while they were carrying in another piece and I couldn’t help but smile.  The cushion made that soft crunch that only down does, but it was also supported by foam.  The softness and cushion of down with the structure of foam – the best of both worlds.

I was also thrilled with every detail…the turned legs, the nailhead trim, the piping, and the challenging checked pattern was lined up perfectly.  It is truly a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.  As someone who does upholstery, I am in awe.

Even the places that can sometimes be awkward, like where the corners meet in the back, were neat and sharp.

Oh, and that fabric!!  I was nervous about having such a bold print on such a large piece, but it is perfect.  It looks traditional but makes a statement.

I also wasn’t sure if I would like the lower arms, but they are comfortable (especially with the addition of a pillow to lean on) and I like that they add a hint of formality.  This is our living room and I didn’t want bulky rolled arms.

The comfort is something I don’t just want to mention in passing.  This sofa is seriously comfortable and I’m not the only one in the house who thinks so.  The boys were sitting on it as the delivery guys were still bringing in pieces and putting it together.  When Jeff first sat on it, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Wow.”  The prized spot is the corner where you can cozy up to the back cushions and put your legs out.  We often sit on the sofa together as a family, playing a game or just hanging out and it’s perfect.

The sofa came with three throw pillows that are beautifully made as well.  Sometimes pillows that come with a sofa seem like a “throwaway” bonus filled with cotton batting and made out of random fabric.  These are full, yet soft, and are as well-made as the sectional.

I ended up using the pillows that came with the sofa on the bergere chairs flanking the fire and I love how they look there.

The thing I like best, though, is how well it works in the entirety of the living room and the adjoining rooms.  Over a year ago, I upholstered some craigslist chairs in the same fabric, so there were already pieces in the space that would match perfectly.  But, would it prove to be too much buffalo check?  Is there even such a thing??

But, it’s perfect.  It’s obviously intentional, but it doesn’t feel overdone, especially since there are other patterns introduced.

I think another key to the buffalo check working so well is that there are plenty of quiet spaces in the room, so the eye isn’t overwhelmed.  The built-ins, for example, are monochromatic, and the walls are a quiet color.  Despite using pattern on the focal point and the curtains, it doesn’t look busy.

When decorating a room, I like to take a balanced approach…save money in most places and splurge on a few things.  I can save money by sewing my own curtains, DIYing all the paint, and buying the majority pieces secondhand, like the $50 craigslist dresser.  Then, I can splurge on one or two quality new pieces, like a custom-made sectional that can be used for decades.  (Just to point out, this sofa was a part of my collaboration with Arhaus, but I have purchased things from them as a customer following that same principle.)

 In other posts, I’ll share more about the pillows and that yummy fringed throw on the sofa as well as a list of some other things I’d like to do in this room.

Until then, do you have any questions about the sectional that I didn’t answer in the post?

You can read more about customizing a sofa HERE and my thought process behind selecting the buffalo check (Ponder Lakeland) fabric HERE.


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    1. Carolyn

      I have two of the Outer Banks sofas and love them! The salesperson gave me a great tip to keeping the seat cushions looking great. On the 1st of every month, flip them over and rotate their position. We always tend to sit in the same spot on our sofas, so this tip has kept every cushion from wearing unevenly. I love the sofas and know you will too!

      • Marian Parsons

        Yes, great idea!! It’s a beautiful sofa and I want to do what I can to make it last for decades!

      • Jammie

        How did you order sofa from where and how

        • Jammie

          I desperately want the blue Buffalo check sectional but don’t know how

        • Janice Juenke

          How do I order this sofa?

    2. Janet in Kansas City

      Beautiful, as always. I love the touches of green in the room too. And I’m guessing you are going to do something with that fireplace tile sometime soon. : ) Love your blog, welcome back from surgery and recovery.

      • Marian Parsons

        Yes!! I have that on my to-do list for the living room and I have some ideas for how I’m going to change it up for free!

      • Lynette Burnett

        Did you REALLY just say that? Rude.
        Your living room is beautiful.

    3. Brenda

      They SCREAM Miss Mustard Seed!They are so you! They are lovely! I’m so jelly! ( as my grandson says!) ;).

    4. Shelley

      This could very well be the prettiest sectional I have ever seen! I love the buffalo checks, the color and the overall shape! So perfect!

    5. carswell

      I would not have chosen a big buffalo check on such a large piece of furniture – but I have to say that your decorating sense has not failed you. It looks fantastic in your space. Brava!

      • Marian Parsons

        Thanks! I was nervous about that, too, but I love it!

      • Lisa

        Love, love the sectional!!!! It is simply beautiful and timeless!!!!

    6. Karen

      Love the new sofa. Why did you choose to replace the previous one?

      • Marian Parsons

        There were a few factors. The main one is that we selected the previous sectional for the family room in our old house and it didn’t feel as formal as I wanted for our living room. It was also damaged in the move and the cushions were starting to lose their shape. We ended up passing it along to a great local family who loved it, imperfections and all. It was a win-win.

    7. Meredith MacRitchie

      Just WOW. I was eager to see what this would look like, because you chose something so bold, and while you love buffalo check, this could be a lot of it! But that first photo that glimpses it from your entry way – I said “oh wow!” out loud. It is stunning and absolutely perfect in your space I have just loved watching your house evolve in the time you’ve lived there – I live in a 1960s suburban box, and have been trying to give it the charm and personality I crave (like the centuries old farmhouse I’m sure I’m meant to live in!)… and I often refer to both of your homes (this and PA) as a guide to balancing the more modern aspects with the worn and lived in feel I crave. Thank you for always sharing the process and the details!

    8. Vicki

      Gorgeous sofa. I went on line to find your buffalo check and it doesn’t show up. Am I missing something?

      • Marian Parsons

        They have hundreds of fabrics to choose from, so this is just one of them. You can find it by looking through the fabric options.

    9. Wendy Martinez

      This made me smile.
      I had a green buffalo check sofa in the early 90’s and loved it!

      • Marian Parsons

        You know…I was a little worried this might look too 1990s, but it really doesn’t! I feel like it’s a traditional choice that will look current for a long time. And, the nice thing, I can always make a slipcover for it down the road if I want to change it up!

    10. Teresa

      I really questioned your choice in going with such a bold, big buffalo check (even though its signature MMS) especially since you already have a great deal of it in your décor but after seeing the sofa now I must say its very beautiful and doesn’t overwhelm the space like I feared it would.

      I also have to say you showed lots of courage in choosing a sofa without seeing it in person. Guess I am always going to be old school about buying mattresses, furniture, even cars now without seeing what I am buying in person. I do have a question about the construction of the sofa and wondered if it was 8-way hand-tied construction? Also, does the cushions come with a option of down filled as well?

      • Marian Parsons

        Thank you! I feel the same way about my choice.

        As far as buying things online, I have bought so many things online from tiles to toilets to bathtubs to furniture to fabrics that I have become pretty good at knowing what’s going to work and what isn’t. I was very careful to read about the construction, match the measurements to our current sofa, order fabric swatches (and I had used that fabric on a pair of chairs I upholstered), looked up reviews online, etc. I have also ordered pieces through Arhaus before and have always been impressed with the quality.

        Yes, the sofa has 8-way hand-tied construction. It’s made old-school, so it should last for decades. I’m not sure about 100% down-filled cushions, but I didn’t want to go that route, because, they can look too slouchy. I’ve had down cushions before and they are luxurious, but I’m always fluffing them back into shape. Arhaus offers all sorts of customizations, though, so you could ask one of their design consultants (they are available through a chat box on their website.)

    11. Beth W

      To me the buffalo check gives the room a cozy and not so formal feeling. Can’t wait to read what you’re going to do with the fireplace tile. My fireplace desperately needs an update.

    12. Kim

      It looks like you!! It coordinates with everything else in your house and doesn’t look out of place at all. I’m sure you’re all loving it!

    13. Nancy

      Looks beautiful! Are you nervous with 2 new kittens in the house? If not, any suggestions to keep kittens/cats from scratching on your furniture.


      • Marian Parsons

        I was! We ordered the sofa before we got kitties and I was very nervous about them scratching this sofa. They’ve left it alone so far! We have a cardboard scratcher right near the sofa for them to use and we spray them with compressed air if they are chewing or scratching on something we want them to leave alone. The sofa has not been a favorite spot, though, thankfully!

      • Debbie

        Love it!! So soothing on the eye, surprisingly with buffalo check. I’m also a big fan of blue & white. I’m very interested in Arhaus. I’ll check them out.
        Now, the big question, how will you keep the kitties from scratching your furniture.

    14. Susan

      When you first described the fabric you chose, I am not going to lie, I really thought that this was not going to work and I fretted about it. You see, I have looked to you for inspiration for many years and I just couldn’t see it. Wow! Was I wrong! It’s stunning and absolute perfection.

    15. Jeanine

      So cozy and charming in your space. I’ve loved the quality and confort of my Arhaus pieces. Enjoy!

    16. Cindy Coghill

      As always Marian, your decorating style comes through and everything is perfect. I had my doubts about such a large check, but have a way of making it work. It comes together wonderfully with everything else you have and it is so you! Great job – once again! I love it!

    17. Nancy Cox

      Absolutely gorgeous.

    18. Karen

      The new sofa looks AMAZING!!!!

    19. Charlotte

      I love the sofa. It’s beautiful and looks amazing in your room.

    20. MaryLisa

      Looks so well put together! I have been seriously considering replacing my slipcover PB Comfort sofa with a sectional. The fabric on yours looks incredible!

    21. Julie N

      Love it!! It looks great in your room. And I LOVE SEBASTIAN!!! He’s such a sweetie!! xoxo

    22. Kelly Oliver

      Oh how I’ve waited for this reveal! WOW!! It’s beautiful! Buffalo check has always been a favorite of mine! I’m predicting Arhaus to be very busy building Buffalo check sofas. ? Also, would you be willing to share the fabric of your livingroom drapes? Ty

    23. Marian Parsons

      it’s Canterbury Indigo by Covington.

    24. Cheryl

      It’s stunning! Perfecto!

    25. Annie

      It’s just gorgeous! Beyond gorgeous!!! It works perfect!
      I can’t wait to see how it wears.

    26. Claire

      It’s stunning … and so “you.” I love the way the plates on the dining room compliment it. I love the way are comfortable with your own style, not trying to chase every new color or style. Enjoy.

    27. Susie

      As one who does a lot of sewing, I am amazed and impressed with how well they matched the check, especially on those arms! This feature alone leads me to conclude Arhaus is a top notch business. And I love the nailheads! Perfect touch. The sofa looks wonderfully comfortable and inviting, and I would join in the fight for the corner along with the rest of the family! I know you will get many years of enjoyment from this piece.

      • Marian Parsons

        That is exactly how I felt! I worked with this exact fabric upholstering two armchairs and it’s not easy to get everything lined up. They did an impeccable job.

    28. Charlotte

      Love the new sectional!!!! It’s absolutely beautiful! Looks perfect and comfy in your home!

    29. Mel Donat

      Very pretty. I love the whole room.

    30. Pamela Hall

      Very pretty indeed.

      I am sure you have posted this previously but would you mind telling me the color and brand of the paint in your living room?

      • Marian Parsons

        It’s Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore.

    31. Maria

      Oh my!!! This is absolutely gorgeous. It is so you and looks absolutely fabulous in your home surrounded by all of your pretties:)

    32. Paula Prislovsky

      OMG! Absolutely Stunning! Your whole house and contents are everything I enjoy as well!

    33. Mary from Life at Bella Terra

      I am in the market for a new sofa, but it is intimidating to buy it online, without sitting in it or seeing its size and scale in person. Arhaus has a good reputation for quality furniture~~I did not think of them when considering a sofa. Now I will. I am looking at one from Serena & Lily but it’s $13,000….A big purchase and what if I don’t like it?
      Thanks for sharing. Will check out Arhaus.

    34. Denise

      Looks gorgeous and your design sense is perfect! I was curious as to the size of the room. Thank you!

    35. Cynthia Johnson

      I believe the count is in!!

      I too, love your new sofa and feels it brightens and freshens up the whole room!

      Another winner Marian 🙂

    36. Nora

      Total perfection!!!! Everything about this is just so…..perfect. It’s classic yet comfortable. Clean and inviting. Fresh and cozy. I could go on and on. Enjoy!!!!!!

    37. Sue

      I love the sofa! I‘Ve always loved buffalo check. It works so nice because the rest of the room is so neutral. The large pattern and bold color brings so much interest to the room. I love how it plays so nicely with the adjacent rooms and colors too! Love it!

    38. Sue Cates

      Beautiful! You have such great taste!

      • Sue

        Wow the sofa is absolutely perfect! If I lived in your home I would never leave LOL.

    39. Caroline

      Absolutely charming! I love it. Did the manufacturer treat it for stain protection? Any chemical odor? So very pretty!

    40. Louise

      I love that sofa. It’s just perfect for your room. Thanks for sharing.

    41. Kari

      Wow! The curve od the dining room arch, fireplace and bookcase case arch’s – plus the sofa section arch. Cozy, pretty, soothing.


      Marian, your new sofa looks so nice in your room! It was definitely mean to be there! I admire your decorating skills! Everything always looks so beautifully put together. Thanks for always giving us such wonderful ideas plus all the info that goes with the item so we can always place an order and check out all the color swatches. Your info is always so helpful.

      Thanks for all the work you put into your posts. We all appreciate you so much!

    43. AnnaRae

      I have been anxiously waiting for this post. Got glimpses on Instagram. It is beautiful! I am crazy about it. I would say it took courage and strength to order it. And what a payoff. So you. So great to see your personality shine. Thank you so much for sharing. I will dream French General Blue tonight.

    44. Lillian

      100% ALL around including good kitties! You must have a way of praising the scratching post use. Only the K counters to go…they thought salad making was another buddy activity? Good clear removal without shaming. I giggled & said a simultaneous “Now a hand rewash” with you.
      I see the big check as softening despite the bold contrast. & it is a perfect contrast with the smaller curtain print. I can wait to be amazed at the fireplace transformation. Everything is so marvelous now!

    45. Melanie

      OMG, how great this looks!!! I am a huge fan of buffalo check and would buy this sofa in a heartbeat! I am from germany and unfortunately buffalo check doesn ´t seem to be an item here. A sofa like this is nowhere to be found. :-((((( and I´ ve searched many many times. I think your sofa is taking your living room to a whole new level…

    46. Linda

      Love, love, love it!!! It’s perfect with all your current items. Buffalo check is a favorite of mine. You are amazing!

    47. Sharon

      I love everything but the use of down and the violence to live ducks it represents. We had a Down sofa in our formal living room when I was growing up and I know how sumptuous it feels but there are so many outstanding down alternatives that I would recommend you consider in the future.

    48. Addie

      Your home is a feast for the eyes!!! Beautiful!!!
      I had to laugh when you wrote, ” a custom piece of good quality can be used for decades”……..if you keep this over 3 years , it will be amazing!!! 😉 I loved the look of the leather sofa.

      • Marian Parsons

        Ha! I’m actually keeping pieces for longer these days. 🙂

    49. Cheryl

      Beautiful!! I love it!

    50. Nancy a Skora

      Hi, I am loving the new sectional, but are you worried about keeping the cats from scratching it, and what do you suggest?

    51. Jenny B.

      Marian, it’s beautiful and SO YOU! I think you made a wonderful choice. I’m so glad it’s comfy too! I have added several buffalo checked items to my living room, and they just make me happy! I sometimes wonder/worry if buffalo check will be the chevron of the early/mid 20-teens (how do you say that decade??), but I kinda don’t care. I have ALWAYS loved gingham and checks, so I don’t think I’m going to hate it ten years from now. I might not be able to find it at Target, but I’ll still love it. 😉 It looks amazing in your living room!

    52. Kathy

      They did a great job matching the fabric pattern. You so rarely see any attempt to match the pattern that it really stands out on this sofa. Beautiful sofa.

    53. Kay

      It may be bold but for anyone who has read your blog for years – it’s a look that is very true to you. It speaks to your design sensibility beautifully.

    54. BeverlyO

      This is the most beautiful sectional I have ever seen! I love the shape of the back, the arms, the legs, the upholstery fabric, the large tacks. I’m just wondering do they make it with a bench cushion? I just really like one cushion rather than several.

      • Marian Parsons

        I’m not sure. They seem to be willing to make customizations, so it’s worth asking.

    55. Elizabeth

      Absolutely gorgeous! Love everything in the room. Actually, love everything in your house. You have made it a showplace, but friendly, warm, and inviting.

    56. Cynde

      It’s perfection!!!!!! I’m so jealous, what a beautiful piece!!!!! I have a black and tan buffalo check sofa in my living room, but not quite to the scale as your fabric, so I am appreciating the perfectly matched areas with such a large print, it was my choice the day you blogged about your fabric selections, so glad you went with it, just beautiful in your living room. I’m loving your comment about is there such a thing as to much buffalo check, nope!!!!!

    57. Lulu

      Love the look; beautiful. Sew a slipcover for the ottoman.

    58. Sharon Rexroad

      I love that you’ve gone bolder as you’ve become older. (Trust me, you’re not old, just older). My favorite part of the sofa? The rise and fall of the lower edge on the side. Just a feminine touch, especially as compared to the strong straight nailheaded front edge.

      Brava, Marian, Brava!

    59. Patricia Kasparian

      Terrific choice! I think the sofa looks beautiful. I hope you and your family enjoy it!

    60. Betty

      I love your sofa, it goes so well with your other blues. Do you find your chairs in the hemp fabric easy to keep clean? I’m thinking of covering my chairs with green & hemp fabric but concerned about the up keep.

    61. Laura Pierson

      Beautiful couch! I would love the stone washed linen pillow in mist.

    62. Judith

      I have Outerbanks sofa. ❤️
      Do you mind sharing living and dining rug source? Thank you.

    63. marcia evans

      WOW. I LOVE the sofa. LOVE buffalo check anything: black/white, blue/white, red/white. Haven’t visited your site in awhile. I remember back in the “old days”… you were making wreaths from rolled up music sheets found at a yard sale! 🙂 Happy for your success!

    64. Lynette Burnett

      To janet in Kansas City:Did you REALLY just say that? Rude.
      Your living room is beautiful.

    65. Mary G Anderson

      I love your sofa and it is a bold choice but looks fantastic in your room! I will be looking for a new sofa soon and I am going to check out the site. Thanks for all the inspiration!

    66. Nickole

      Please tell me how I can order this exact couch! I’m in love!

    67. Lucille Torello

      My friend is interested in the Arhaus sectional, but how can she order. We can’t find a phone number.

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