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Historically, planners have lured me in and then fell short.  I would try to use them to get myself organized and stay on top of my schedule, but the format always felt forced.  It didn’t work the way I needed it to work.  So, a few months ago, I finally designed my own daily and weekly planning sheets.  In developing these, I discovered that I needed a planner that was content-driven and task-driven instead of calendar-driven.  I do have some appointments and meetings each week, but I don’t need a dedicated page with an hourly breakdown of each day.  I also have to put my appointments and important due dates on my Outlook calendar, so I can set alarms and reminders.  If things don’t ding, blink, and pop-up at me, I might forget them.

So, for my planning sheets, I just need an overview of my meetings and appointments…  10:00 with Heidi, 11:00 Mustard Seed Mentoring Session, 1:30 hair appt.

The most important thing for me to organize is my tasks and content, so I designed these sheets around that need.

And, oh my word…when I fill out those sheets, I am on fire.  I slowly make progress on massive projects until they are finished.  I am focused and productive.  I feel accomplished at the end of my workday and can rest knowing I did what needed to be done.  It seems that I have an endless supply of content ideas and potential projects to pull from to keep me creating.  And, most importantly, learning and celebrating are a part of each day.  I celebrate wins, reflect on lessons learned, and even have a box to write down my daily input – what I read or listened to.  Something as simple as having a box to fill holds me accountable.  Even if I only have 5 minutes to read an article, I’ll do it and put it in the box.

I’ve held onto these sheets and can look back over them to see how much I’ve accomplished and what I’ve learned.  It’s been encouraging when I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.  No, here is a written record of progress and growth.

Because I want the collection of sheets to feel more like a planner, I print the pages on a quality, natural-colored paper.  I use Southworth Business Paper in Natural.  I use rigid white post-it tabs to mark each Weekly Planning Sheet and then put five Daily Sheets behind each one.  The tabs are repositionable and reusable, so I just move them around as I add new weekly planning sheets to the binder.  I store it all in a nice, leather binder.  THIS is the one I purchased from Etsy.

I’ve been using this planner system for several months and it’s the most organized and one-top-of-things I’ve been in my life!

While these are designed for someone running a creative business, they can be used by anyone!  Jeff even adapted them a bit and he’s been using them, too.  I beat out Franklin Covey in his book!

So, I’m sharing these Daily & Weekly Planning for free with my subscribers, so you can enter your e-mail below to get the download.  If you’re already a subscriber, just enter your e-mail again to receive them.  It won’t mess up your current subscription and you won’t get redundant e-mails from me.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to use both sheets…

How to use the Weekly Planning Sheets

 I designed this Weekly Planning Sheet to, rather obviously, help me plan out my weeks.

It doesn’t matter what you do or where you are in your journey, having plans that are mapped out yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily are essential to progress. I have tried numerous different planners, but none of them suited my needs. I would have large, unused areas and I wouldn’t have enough space in other areas. So, I made my own and I have found this to be a very beneficial tool in planning out a productive and focused workweek.


  1. At the top, there is space for a word (or phrase) of the week. This could be a project you need to make a final push on or an aspirational word. It’s something you’re claiming as your overarching theme.
  2. Next, there are places to list objectives and content. Objectives are large tasks or projects that you’d like to work on or finish over the week. This isn’t a place for detailed tasks. The content section is to help you plan out the content you’re going to share on social media, your blog/website, or in a newsletter.  I created five slots because there are five days in a workweek. The idea is to fill your time without overfilling it! If you need more space, then go into the notes section.
  3. The notes section is a free-for-all space to write tasks, themes, notes, thoughts, ideas, planning, etc.
  4. To the right of the notes section is a space to plan your focus for each day. Pull from your objectives and spread out tasks throughout the week.
  5. Lastly, there is a section for weekly input goals. This is where you put the books you want to read, podcasts you want to listen to, classes you want to take. This allows you to plan learning into your week.

I consider this worksheet a way to have a “stocked pantry” for productivity. That way, you’re not scrounging around, figuring out what you’re going to “make for dinner” each day. You not only have a daily plan that can be built off of this weekly plan, but you have daily plans to reference and pull from if you have extra time or need to shift gears when life happens.

How to use the Daily Planning Sheets

This tool has proven to be incredibly valuable to me as I plan out each of my days.  It’s helped me focus on building time for quality input as a part of my work.  It has made me more aware of the lessons I’m learning and all of my wins along the way.  On top of that, it’s made me more strategic about using my work time, so it doesn’t spill over into my personal time.

Here is how to use it…

  1. The Daily Planning Sheet works with the Weekly Planning Sheet to break down tasks even further and to keep you and your ideas on track.
  2. Write the date at the top between the slashes (example 1-15-20). You don’t have to write the date, but these sheets will be a great tool to look back on to see your progress.
  3. At the top, left corner is “the big three” This is a box to put your most important three tasks for the day. Don’t try to squish 5-6 in there, you over-achievers! Sometimes you’ll be done with all three by 10:00 and then you can look to your weekly sheet to see what else you can accomplish or you can take the afternoon for some unhurried creative time or to run errands or go on a walk.
  4. In the daily input box, write down the podcasts you listened to, the book chapters you read, the classes you took (or reading this post!) Having a box where you enter your input holds you accountable to keep learning! Make sure this box has something in it every day, even if it was just reading a couple of pages or listening to a 5-minute pep-talk podcast.
  5. The notes section is there for you to use however you want! You can write in extra tasks beyond the “big three”. You can write your ideas or notes on the things you learned.
  6. The schedule at a glance box is where you can write appointments, meetings, calls, live videos you want to attend, etc.
  7. When you’re ready to end your workday, take 2-3 minutes to fill out your wins and lessons learned. Every day! You will love looking back at these pages to see your accomplishments, no matter how small, and what you learned each day. These do not have to be big and profound. Just write down one win and one lesson. (I once wrote that I learned not to send important e-mails after dark. I’m too tired to make my best decisions at that point and I need to wait, reread the draft e-mail, and send it in the morning if I still feel the same way!)

I hope these sheets help you be more intentional about your day and that you see the results as I have!



  1. Toni

    I am more task driven than time driven, but need both to an extent also. Well done!

  2. Cheri

    I have a version I edited a bit from yours (from the MMS Mentoring course) and just printed new sheets last night!

  3. Pat

    I purchased a h u g e 2020 planner with spaces to make notations!
    Your sheets are amazing!
    These would have served me better when I was operating my home business.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sue

    Thanks so much for generously sharing these! I too have always struggled with planners so I am hoping that I have better luck with these sheets.

  5. Jana Furzer

    Do we pass on our email even if we already subscribe to your posts and enjoy your blog?

    • Marian Parsons

      Yep, you can input your e-mail even if you’re already subscribed if you want to get the planning sheets. It won’t mess up your subscription.

  6. Melissa

    Thank you for the planning pages

  7. Maureen Provost Ryan

    Marian, I am going to enjoy trying your productivity sheets. For years, I have been making To-Do Lists organized by 4 categories, including: HOME, CONTACT, OUT and PROJECTS. This has been very motivating and effective, but I like your new thoughtful approach to planning very much. Thanks so much for making your thoughts available to us!

  8. Laura

    I’m excited to download and use these! But I’m a current subscriber, and I haven’t received the downloads even after entering my info twice (a couple hours apart). Should I unsubscribe then subscribe again? Or will the downloads go out at a later time?

    • Marian Parsons

      No problem! I’ll just e-mail them directly to you. Sorry that was such a fuss!

      • Margie

        the same thing happened to me on the same day. I’ve just tried another email and hopefully that one will work.

  9. Charlotte

    I love these! I like plain, overall monthly calendar with four weeks following after that. I’ve tried different ones but the simpler the better. And I don’t need an hourly planner either. I’m going to download yours to save for next year and give it a try! And I see the hydrangeas perked up!!!!! What’s your secret? I saw the post and they definitely look revived now! Thank you again for sharing!

    • Marian Parsons

      I soaked them in cold water, completely submerged, for 2-3 hours.

  10. Margo

    I laughed when I looked at this post. You should see the sheets I used to use, they’re nearly the same. I used to do the weekly plan on Sunday nights at 7:30. I’ve always like the Three Actions and I had a section for priorities as well since sometimes they are not the same.
    Since I’m retired I don’t need a daily list but I still use my weekly layout! I am amazed at all the planners that are available nowadays.

  11. Sue

    Thank you so much for these planning sheets! They are going to be very helpful.
    You are awesome!

  12. Amanda Pennington

    I’m a subscriber and am having the same difficulty as Laura above after re-entering my email info a couple of times. I’d love to use the sheets as well, thank you for making them available!

  13. Cindy Coghill

    Your post reminded me to pull out those sheets and start using them again. When I did, I accomplished so much more. For me, the discipline part is making the time each day (or night before) to plan. Maybe I should put that at the end of each daily list until it becomes a habit.

  14. Eve Lewis

    I can’t seem to get the download either. I was already signed up, but signed up again, but doesnt give me anything to download. Thanks,
    Eve Lewis

    • Susan Fengl

      I would like the planning sheets please

    • Kitty

      I can’t get them either. I’ve used both email addresses 3 times…what am I doing wrong???

  15. Nancy

    Thanks for offering this to your subscribers.

  16. Cheryl

    Re-signed up, but no emailed downloads. It is night here. Is that the problem? May I receive them during business hours?

  17. Deborah

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Calendars or Planners have never worked for me. I have very few appointments. Do you use this only for creative projects and MMS work. Do you use any part of it for personal things – like grocery shopping, laundry, menu or anything else? Again, so many thanks. I am also ordering the binder you recommend because I have always felt that is the kind I wanted. Also how do you use the tabs? I have followed you since the beginning. I even have one of your “finds” (large pottery bowl with grain sack blue line going around it) when you were selling your curated picks.

    • Marian Parsons

      I don’t put grocery lists on them, but I do put important personal notes and appointments since I sometimes need to work around those during my workday. I can’t have a packed day when I need to take my kids to the dentist or something like that!

  18. Hélène

    Thank you so much Marian for sharing those planning sheets.
    They will be such a help !
    I am a current subscriber and having the same problem as others.
    I re-signed up twice but didn’t get any downloads.
    Waiting (im)patiently !

    • Marian Parsons

      I e-mailed it!

      • Hélène

        Received !
        Thanks a lot, Marian !

  19. Monica

    Finally! Planning sheets that make sense for my life, lol. You may have hit on another product line! Look forward to getting the download email – I seem to be having the same trouble as everyone else. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  20. Lisa

    I’m more interested in learning where you got the green pencil case… 🙂 Can you share?

    • Jen

      I, too, was eyeing the pencil case! 🙂

    • Marian Parsons

      I bought it in Italy, but you can order it online…

  21. Charlotte

    Thank you for the planning sheets. I’m excited to start using them. Thank you!!

  22. Catherine Westman

    Hi, I had the same problem as Laura, I submitted twice and still haven’t received them. When you have time, could you please email to me as well? Thanks so much, Catherine

  23. Nancy

    Hi! Never received the downloads.

  24. Pamela

    I’m afraid I haven’t received the downloads either. :/

  25. Janet in Kansas City

    I’m not getting the download email either.

  26. Michele M.

    I sold my expensive planner system when I retired from my career in Corporate America.

    I tried a smaller chintzier version for a few years, then just stopped – and I need this.

    Thank you very much for sharing with us. I need better guidelines and accountability – the weeks just go by so quickly now, and suddenly it is the end of the week and I hardly got half what I needed to get done.;

    Can’t wait to get them. THX!!

  27. Mayanna

    I have used a lined pages spiral journal as my version of a Bullet Journal for several years. I draw 8 rectangles in two facing pages for each week. Seven for each day and one for notes. I begin each six months with a planner for appointments and birthdays to move to the weekly pages. I like the spiral so it lays flat on my desk. It has worked very well for me.

  28. Gwyneth

    I didn’t get my planning sheets. Can you email them to me? I did sign up a couple of days ago.
    Thank you!

    • Cyndi Raines

      Thank you Marian for being so generous in sharing your creative planner / sheets. I am excited to receive the down load. When I was working, I too, like your husband lived by my Franklin planner and now that I’m retired, I have just used a spiral notebook which works, but your sheets are really well thought out and I’m eager to begin. Also, wanted you to know I enjoy seeing the pictures of your new fur-babies, makes me miss my kitties who have passed on. Ironically, our dog Buddy looks very much like your Sebastian. Buddy was a drop off 10 years ago and is so special to us. He is 50% Cocker Spaniel, black with a patch of white on his chest and 25% Black Lab (big feet) and the rest a mix of retriever. We keep him trimmed/groomed in a black lab type cut because his hair is so thick, but when his hair is longer he looks more like Sebastian. P.S. I also wanted to mention, one of my goals is to read the Bible through again this year and any extra insights that I gain from my reading can also be noted here, so thank you again for giving me a great place to keep all my thoughts, tasks, insights, lessons learned, etc. in one concise place.

  29. Ella Jenkins

    Hi Marian – I absolutely love the idea of these planning sheets they sound perfect for me, particularly as I strive to be more organised and focused in 2020.

    However, despite already being a subscriber and re-entering my email address etc I haven’t received an email with any download options. I have checked my spam/junk folder and they aren’t in there either.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you

  30. Julie

    Hi, Miss Mustard Seed 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing those planning sheets.
    I am a current subscriber and having the same problem as others, as in: I signed up but didn’t get any downloads. Checked filters & spam, too.
    Sorry for the extra work – but could you please email them?

  31. jean

    I’ve tried “resubscribing” but still haven’t been able to find the download email. I hate to be a bother but could you email them directly?

  32. Michelle

    Hi! I never received the download for your planning sheets.

  33. Véronique DESVIGNES

    Hi from France !
    I had the same problem as others subscrbers. I submitted twice and still haven’t received the downloads. When you’ll have time, could you please email to me ? Thanks so much : your publications and sharings are sunlights in this dark times.

  34. Jackie

    I cannot get the planner sheets. I’ve tried every way I know how!
    Please advise! Thank you.

  35. Kathie

    I haven’t received the planner sheets as well!
    I have submitted twice, so looking forward to the downloads and using them!

  36. Laura Daly

    I’ve tried twice to enter my info to receive your wonderful daily and weekly work sheets. Is it because I’m already an avid subscriber? How can I obtain them? Thanks so much for offering them. I adore your work and bio!

  37. Michelle Baker

    These look just wonderful! I’m hoping others have been able to receive them by email. . . Would you please send mine directly as well?


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