In case you missed part one of this dresser makeover, you can check it out HERE.

At the end of yesterday’s post, I said I would show how the dresser turned out as well as how I distressed and finished it, so this post is fulfilling that promise.

And here it is…

I did a light distressing with 120 grit sandpaper, just to “knock down the newness” of the fresh paint.  I also wanted to soften the decorative painting.  You can see how I did it in the video…

I also replaced the broken caster, added new glass knobs, and finished the piece in MMSMP’s Hemp Oil

This piece still followed my tradition of scrolly decorative painting on drawer fronts, but I changed it up a bit by adding the folk art animals as well as some different strokes.

I love the rabbit and I think I need to play around with this motif a little more.  It would be great for fabric and wallpaper!

The glass knobs are from Hobby Lobby and I like how they look fitting for the age of the piece and don’t detract from the painted design.  They also add a little bit of sparkle, which I like against the matte finish.

And, I wish I could show it clearer, but if you look closely, you can see how the milk paint crazed.  I love it when it does that.  It’s a subtle thing that adds so much texture and looks especially fitting on these old pieces.

And, because side-by-side before and afters are so fun, here’s one to end the post…

As I was working on this piece, I was almost torn and which direction to do…what colors to use, what design.  Should I paint a landscape in oils on the front, even?  After being burnt out on furniture makeovers the past couple of years, I realize I have a lot of stored-up ideas that will need a place to land at some point…


  1. Cindi

    Absolutely love this! I got a bag of Mora a few months ago, after seeing this I may have to bring it out this weekend and get going on some projects that have been sitting around. 🙂

  2. April

    The animals make this piece adorable.

  3. Karen

    No surprise that I love it !

    • Sherry Hicks

      I wish I had your free hand painting talent! I do have stencils I am going to try milkpaint with this week and am excited. I love the reproduction knobs they look the exact same as antique knobs I have on the piece I am working on this week! Good to k ow where to find more thank you !! I did go to art museum yesterday and saw Monet exhibition and did pick up a few beginner sketch books and hope to be able to create more someday!! Between Monet and Marian I am very inspired to grow .

  4. Audrey

    Wow ! what a difference, absolutely love the motif this would make great home decor fabric and wallpaper I would definitely purchase some thanks for sharing Audrey

  5. Maria

    It’s lovely! The addition of animals give it that little extra something. Beautifully done!

  6. Desiree

    You’re ALWAYS so inspiring!! This is amazing! Your hand painting are always my favorite.

  7. Marianne

    Really like this color and the animals are wonderful.

  8. Dana Wall

    Precious…and would make adorable wall paper!

  9. Janet

    Your makeover brings this piece to life.

  10. judith

    I would be very tempted to “accent” the strip between the two drawers, the thin strip under the bottom drawer, and the ridged piece around the top with a slightly darker gray. It could just be the way it looks in the photos, but something is missing and this would highlight your nice decorative painting.

  11. Pamela Fontenot

    Yes, the animals make the piece! I wish I could draw by hand the way you do.
    This piece would look adorable in a child’s room.

    Thanks for sharing so much.

    If you had a mentorship on upholstery, I would be most interested in that.

  12. Sheri

    So beautiful! You make it look so easy! The new owner is a lucky one! Enjoyed watching the process!

  13. Linda

    Beautiful! Love it and I’m sure the new owner will be thrilled!

  14. Julie

    The addition of the motif is so adorable. I love the way it came out, and the animals really make it special.
    Once the sanding was adding that also set it apart…. Really such a wonderful job. I went and purchased the motif
    book that you showed yesterday in your post. I needed something to add to my furniture that would make it special.
    I hope I can execute the drawings….practice practice.

  15. Jean Elliott

    Are the animals stencils or freehand? If they are stencils are they still for sale somewhere? I love them.

    • Marian Parsons

      No, they are freehand.

      • Jean Elliott

        Wow! Great job. I already have that stencil…I love it!

  16. leila

    I’m amazed you do this all freehand. It looks just like your source material.

  17. Crystal Carminati

    Have you ever seen the traditional Mexican Otomi prints that they hand stitch onto textiles? Rabbits are a big theme and your design reminds me of those on some of the Otomi fabric. Check out Otomi if you are not familiar with it. Dresser is lovely.

  18. Kimberly Carnegie Bruhn

    OHMYGOSH…love the painting! I have a little dresser similar to do…may attempt to do something similar…although this piece has “spoon carving,” I think it’s called? I might just try to follow the carving pattern with the accent painting.
    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  19. Tami Mishler

    No surprise, but just lovely

  20. Karen K from Buffalo

    Oh my gosh, that is gorgeous!!

  21. Ann

    Lovely design in every way! Wish I were so talented! Enjoy!!!


  22. Jan Fusco

    Your are so talented.

  23. Dori Johns

    I am thrilled that this particular ‘stored-up’ idea came to life on this lovely piece! It’s absolutely magical, Marian! Thank you so much for the videos. 🙂

  24. Mary S

    It’s beautiful! Your talent runs so deep! I don’t think there is anything you CAN”T do!
    This piece is amazing!!

  25. Mary S

    … And, thank you for sharing with us!!

  26. Susan Alps

    Furniture to work of art. You are an inspiration !

  27. Cheryl

    Love it so very much!!! It looks you, but with a touch of whimsy. It definitely could be a spring board for many things!

  28. Jill

    I’ve missed your furniture makeovers, but also understand burn out! I especially love the pieces you put the hand painted motifs on, and this one does not disappoint! Thank you for sharing!

  29. Linda

    You did an amazing job on this dresser! I love the animals and it’s amazing how you did all that free hand. Your furniture painting is actually how I found you when I did a search of furniture chalk painting, so it’s nice to see you doing it again!

  30. Darlene

    Just beautiful, I have hand painted a few pieces in the past. Need to get back at it. You are a true inspiration Marian!

  31. monique odman

    Very pretty result! Why does the paint crackle? Can you make it happen? Is it because you paint two heavy coats or the time between the coats is very short? I like this finish a lot.

  32. Erica H

    I LOVE the rabbit! We don’t have any live bunnies around here, but I have statues all over my gardens. What a sweet addition to home decor!

  33. Hannah

    It’s so fun! I would love to seee this design as a wallpaper, as you mentioned, that would be great! My favourite part is the bird and bunny!

  34. Patricia Unger

    Marian it is absolutely beautiful. I love it. I agree that it would be a wonderful wallpaper design. Thank you for sharing.

  35. Sari

    I love this piece! Adding the animals gives it such a whimsical and charming look. And the color combination is soft and beautiful. Gorgeous, Marian!

  36. kathleen moncure oviatt

    Adorable and charming! I love the bird and the rabbit! … and the painting techniques!

  37. Pamela

    ADORE the folk art!

  38. Cindy in Oklahoma

    I love this so much!

  39. Kelly

    Yes, More furniture makeovers!!! I’ve missed them.

  40. Cynthia Johnson

    I was concerned when you sanded the piece that the painting would be lost but your Hemp Oil worked it’s magic and there is one lucky person waiting to get this beautiful piece of art!!

  41. Janie

    I had not seen the hemp oil applied to a piece like this and I must say, the way the oil brought to life your whole piece, particularly the hand-painted front, was a revelation to me. Now I see the difference, I want to finish something with the hemp oil.

    Great color combination and love the sanding (knock-down) technique. I don’t think of this piece as cute, I think of it as classic. Thank you for the lessons.

  42. Hyedi

    Do you have a video out on how to paint those longer lines of what looks like white hearts? I’m sorry I dont know how to describe that…but I have actually tried, very recently, to paint those easy looking details and I just couldn’t do it. If you were to show us your technique and what brushes to use, I’d give it another go! Please do consider making a very short video for us challenged painters, lol!



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