Sometimes having a clear vision for how you want a space to look can be a hindrance when trying to finish a room.  It’s usually a good thing, because there is an actionable to-do list.  It can become an obstacle, though, when you know exactly what you want down to the shape, color, size, but you’re having trouble finding it!

Such was the case with the mirror for the dining room.  I’ve been looking for one for a few months and have come up empty.  I have looked at local consignment shops, thrift stores, estate sales, and antique stores/malls.  I wasn’t hopeful, but I checked HomeGoods a few times on the off chance they would have one.  I’ve looked on craigslist here and in PA and NC (so I could pick it up when we visited family on the east coast).  I looked when mom and I hit some antique malls and shops in PA during my visit as well.  I even browsed online to see if I could find a vintage one on Etsy or eBay and see if shipping would be feasible and affordable.

I found mirrors that were beautiful, but too small.  Ones that were too tall and not wide enough.  Ones that were the right size, but not the right look or finish or color or shape.  I tried leaning up a rectangular gold frame I already had to see if that would work.  It was the right size and finish, but the shape wasn’t right.

When I was first sharing my vision for the mirror on my blog, I located a mirror from Wayfair that was the shape and style I had in mind.    I didn’t even look at the measurements at the time, because I was just using it as an inspiration picture.  It was really more than I wanted to pay as well.  I was hoping to find one for about $250 or less.

As my search was stretched out over the weeks and I was finishing the mural and working on the butler’s pantry, I became impatient.  I wanted to get this room finished and I wasn’t hopeful that I would find the mirror I wanted any time soon.  So, I revisited the one on the Wayfair site – the Astoria Grand Rogan Wall Mirror.  (Affiliate link.)  The measurements were perfect and so was the finish and shape.  Everything else in the room was bought from craigslist, a consignment store, or a yard sale (the chandelier was $4.00) and the mural was free, so I figured I could suck it up and splurge on one new piece that was just what I wanted. (I did catch it on sale for $389 with free shipping.)

I was nervous as I unpacked it.  Would my “clear vision” be on point?  Sometimes I think something will look one way, but then it’s not quite right and I have to try to purge that vision from my mind and start fresh!  This mirror, though?  I am thrilled with it…

I originally got my vision for this mirror from my Oma and Opa’s house.  My Oma had a large, gold mirror hanging in her dining room that I always loved and it was shaped just like this.  In fact, this one looks remarkably close to hers, but it’s a little bit smaller and the top is slightly different.  It almost looks like this one is a reproduction of her vintage mirror and I love that.  Even though it’s a reproduction, it has a certain nostalgic quality for me.

From a design perspective, I like how the finish, curves, and details relate to the chandelier and how the soft, feminine style compliments the mural.  And, of course, the light reflecting quality opens up the room a bit more, which is nice, since it’s a small, square space with a northwest-facing window (that’s shadowed by an overhanging porch ceiling.)

Now, I am considering how to style the buffet and if I should add lamps or sconces or topiaries or something else…  I’ve learned that I need to live with a new thing for a little while before buying something else to go with it.  Sometimes the thing itself is enough or I already have something that will work and I just need a little time to discover it.  I’m leaning towards “it’s enough” at this point.

Hanging the mirror has also made me decide to paint the interior of the primitive cabinet.  I don’t like the dark wood reflecting in the mirror.  So, that’s next on my list and then I’ll be refinishing the table next week.  I’m also going to add a cord cover, since exposed yellow cord and electrical tape doesn’t really work with my vision!  I already have it made, but we need to take down the chandelier to add it, which is a bit of a pain.  I’m going to have to sweet-talk Jeff into helping me with that!  The cover I made is a simple cream linen, so it’ll just hide the chain and wire and then disappear.

As I talked about in my post yesterday, I love looking at rooms through doorways and this wall looks so pretty through the doorway from the kitchen eating area.

The light reflecting off the mirror is especially pretty from this angle.

This room that had me stumped for a little while is really coming along.  As a reminder, here is a before (although we put up the chandelier and ceiling crown)…

…and now…

Is it weird that I’m already looking forward to decorating this room for Christmas?


  1. Sari

    Marian, your dining room is stunning! Every time I see pictures of your mural walls, my heart skips a beat – such artistry and beauty. I think this might be one of my favorite rooms of yours so far. That mirror is perfection! I thought for sure you picked it up in some antique store or estate sale and think it’s so cool that you were willing to purchase a reproduction when you saw how lovely it is and how it checks all the boxes on your list.

    Your work is so inspiring: I’m in the middle of painting and refinishing my dining room set and am staying motivated by reminding myself of your fabulous “after” photos and that it will be worth it when it’s all done.

    Thanks for sharing and for all of the hard work you put into making such beautiful, interesting blog posts. 🙂

    • Laura

      I love, love ,love (infinity!) everything about the dining room and also the butler’s pantry! They are sheer perfection! in fact the whole house is!! You inspire me like no other!! Well done Marian!

    • Laura

      Marian, everything you’ve done is sheer perfection! The mural, the dining room, the butler’s pantry, the kitchen…….it all could not be any better. Love, love, love!!!!! Well done!

  2. Brenda

    I can’t wait to see this room finished! It’s beautiful!

  3. Bobbi

    Love u sharing ur talent with us!

  4. Marilla

    When I saw the before and after pictures, the words that came to my mind were: What a magical transformation! It’s so beautiful and inviting. What a wonderful place to enjoy food and fellowship with others!

  5. Michelle

    The dining room is absolutely beautiful!
    I have a suggestion.
    A friend of mine has several gorgeous chandeliers and she makes cord covers that have a velcro opening/closing. You really cannot tell they are velcroed because she is generous with her fabric. Since you sew, you might want to give it a try – if you like the results, it would certainly be easier than taking down the chandelier.

    • Lisa

      Michelle, does she make these for anyone? An Etsy shop, perhaps? I would love 2!!!

      • Carrie Schindler Schwab

        I found a great silk cord cover at Home Goods/Marshalls a few years ago that had velcro, like you’re describing – it works like a charm and it very easy to put on and off. You don’t see the velcro because of the bunching of the fabric. It was so long that I cut it in half and gave the longer piece to a friend of mine for her chandelier! That’s IS a great idea for an Etsy shop, though!

  6. Linda

    It’s really been such an incredible transformation and the mirror brings the room together! Can’t wait to see what your table is going to look like when you’re done with the refinishing!

  7. Renee Cordell

    Enough! Too much stuff and your eye doesn’t know where to look. I have always thought that you should edit again and again. Simplicity is sometimes the answer. the buffet looks so pretty just as it is. That is just my opinion.

  8. Kelly

    GORGEOUSNESS! I love every single detail! Is there enough space to add the leaf and make the table oval? The room is a square, but the furniture placement has made the table space decidedly rectangular and I wonder whether the room would look a little more grand with six seats?

    I’ve been LOVING watching your home come together. So much fun to watch you make a new house in the suburbs look bespoke! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Finch Furnishings

    Yes! That mirror is perfect for the room! I’m the same way with needing to sit on each new addition to the room for a bit before moving to get the next item. It’s making decorating a nursery very slow going though!

  10. Connie

    So, so pretty! The mirror is perfect and the fact that it reminds you of your beloved Oma & Opa’s home is truly the icing on the cake! Is the finish gold/brushed gold or a light wood? Thought it was gold before today’s close-up, now not sure but either way it is stunning – love the carved details!

    • Marian Parsons

      It’s an antique gold finish.

  11. Esther

    I am too impatient and would sew the cord cover in place.

    • Marian Parsons

      Ha! I have done that before!

  12. Kelly

    Stunning, i have ALWAYS wanted a mural like this in my dining room! It’s the only room in our old farmhouse that never got drywall! By the time we got to that room, I simply could NOT clean up anymore of that drywall dust that permeates every crack and crevice! It’s been wallpapered three times over the last 37 years!! I always thought a mural could camouflage the old rough sand plaster. She’s going on market soon, it’ll be interesting to see what the next family has in store.

  13. CoCo

    Love, love, love everything you’ve done in the dining room including the new mirror! I still cannot get over how adding the mural changed the look of the dining room and the butlers pantry area too. It’s all fabulous. Great job as always

  14. Judith

    Perfect addition!

  15. Kim

    Just lovely. Ties in with the chandelier beautifully.

  16. JeanFB

    It’s soooo gorgeous! And I was thinking the same thing, about how fun it will be to decorate both the dining room and the newly-green butler’s pantry! Looking forward to it.

    • JeanFB

      At Christmas time, I meant to say!

  17. Nancy

    My mother-in-law has one hanging in her dining room also! It looks a lot like this too. So pretty!

  18. Linda

    It’s a beautiful room. I would avoid lamps on this buffet. You have nice vertical lines with the trees on each side of the buffet, and I think lamps would detract from them. I think you can get by with minimal extras added to the buffet- but I do love the plant on there.

  19. Sue

    This room is gorgeous!

  20. Joan

    This is perfection! I can’t wait to see it decorated for Christmas too! There really is something to waiting for the perfect piece!

  21. Julie Bennett

    I’d enjoy seeing a fern in that big ironstone tureen with a pair of candlestick lamps flanking it. Having them lit while receiving front door guests would look lovely in the evening. Check out the Taryn Buffet Lamps from Ballard Design. They come in different finishes & you can customize your shades. I think their scale might be spot on.

    • Marian Parsons

      Those are beautiful and just the kind of lamp I would want if I decide to go that route! Thanks for the suggestion!

  22. Tracie

    Perfect. Just Perfect.

  23. Elizabeth

    Wow! The whole room is really looking French !

  24. Elena

    It’s amazing how far this room has come! It really reflects your style now and the mural is such a highlight!

  25. Claire

    You are such an encouragement to me. You are brave and confident and know what you like. And best of all, you seem to not pay attention to trends (like -I have to change my whole house to moody blue because that’s what’s in for 2018-19.) I love it.

    • Nan

      I am 69 years old and have loved blue and used blue in my decorating for 30 years. Whatdaknow – I’m finally ‘in style’ !

  26. Barbara

    It is stunning!!!!

  27. Sandra B

    I’m sorry. Not feeling the love here. It is beautiful but I feel too fussy. But this is your vison so its perfect.

  28. Laura

    Holy moly! That mural just makes that room. All the other tweaks bring it up to just amazing. Thank you for sharing. You are such a good source of inspiration.

  29. Katherine

    The room is looking WAAY gorgeous. Think you are very close on styling the buffet. The ironstone is perfect as is. The greenery in the vase is an incredibly beautiful tie in with the mural — go with a couple of greenery filled vases (so Christmas greens in a few months!) or the topiaries (and small trees at Christmas)!

  30. Mary Beth S.

    I think I’d like two small rectangular pillows on the side chairs in blues and greens. Maybe a tray or large platter on the buffet or a pedestal candle holder. Also like the idea of a topiary.

  31. Jill Wendt

    That is a beautiful mirror and a beautiful memory to go with it. I love your dining room. But…I am still looking at your post from yesterday with the butlers pantry painted with that gorgeous paint color. You absolutely nailed it, in painting it all the same color, beadboard, new handles and removing the doors. Seriously, it looks like you had a custom piece made for that wall. You are amazing! Thank you for all your inspiration.

  32. Lora Bloomquist

    Love it all! It’s the perfect room to see as guests come through your front door! Love the combination of different textures you’ve got going-perfectly balanced! Boy, has that house changed in the short amount of time you’ve lived there! If you’d have gone the broken-down farmhouse way, you’d just be getting to the sheetrock! God knew the perfect house for you at this time in your life;)

  33. Mary S

    Love, Love, Love that mirror!!! This room, as with the rest of the house is just beautiful. Looking forward to see what you do with the table. I feel every room needs a little wood in it. You’ve achieved that with this space. I hope you’re considering leaving the top of the table in it’s natural wood… Keep sharing with us you journey. You are an inspiration.

  34. Mary S

    It’s funny. When you shared with us the finished butler’s pantry I spotted the mirror right off. I said to myself… Hey, that’s new!!! And it’s fabulous.!

    Since you’re going to have to take the chandelier down, have you considered a slightly larger and more ornate ceiling medalion…. Many, many choices on the internet. Not too expensive. I think this fixure could use a little larger one. Just a thought!

  35. mary m

    Marian, Thirty three years ago when we built this house I knew I didn’t want the conventional mirror medicine
    chest etc. I found almost the same mirror that you have for $35 and painted it white. Got it home and it
    wouldn’t fit between the back splash and the above light. Solution? I turned the mirror upside down and it
    has been hanging there ever since. My husband made faces when I first brought it home but he has said it
    it the best mirror for shaving. So where there is a will there is a way. Love the way it sits between the two trees.
    Rufus Porter would be proud!

  36. Sandra

    Love the wall mural. I am not sure about painting your table in the dining room. From what I can see from the photos, if you paint the table, then the only items with a “wood” finish will be the buffet and the chair on each side of the buffet – all of which will be located against one wall at the end of the dining room. Keeping the table with its wood finish will provide balance to the room and pick up the little bits of brown in your mural. If the buffet and the 2 chairs are the only other pieces with a wood finish in the room, is it possible to put a light colored table cloth over the table and see how you feel about the look of the room before painting the table?

  37. Jill a Smith


    Stunning!! Simply stunning! I love your blend of colors, thoughtfulness of light, transition of rooms, etc.

    Thank you for your beautiful pictures!

  38. Gale

    I love the mirror very elegant .The mural is a work of art please dont paint the table or buffet as majes to country and not to sure about the chain / cover It is sn elegant space
    Need so darker pieces to ground the room and the mural is the focal pieceGale

  39. Debbie

    Love the mirror….it looks like a genuine antique! I have one from my grandmother, and wanted to use it in our powder room. However, after hanging it, I realized the mirror glass had a waviness to it that would make you nauseous when you looked at your reflection!

    I think small buffet lamps would add to the ambience of the room. Maybe two of differing sizes, but similar in style on one end so as not to mimic the trees in your mural. Oh, wow….Christmas!

  40. Betty

    I love everything about this room.

  41. Patricia Smith

    I am blown away (and a bit surprised) by this room! Murals were never a “thing” for me, but somehow this one really trips my trigger! I love the direction you are taking this home…respecting the age and style but still putting your stamp on it! Nice job!

  42. Crystal

    LOVE. Think the mirror is the perfect finishing touch and it ties in with the traditional feel of this house and your slightly changed decorating direction. Memories of your Oma is a bonus! Intentional design is sometimes difficult and impatience is the worst stumbling block to getting a room right. Each decision you’ve made so far has given this home more character, more personality and more of who you are right now. So again I say, Bravo!

  43. Caroline English

    The shot you posted on Instagram through the doorway is just stunning.

  44. Elizabeth

    Gorgeous! The entire room is simply stunning! Love absolutely everything about it, especially the mural!
    Come to Raleigh soon Marian. I need to hire you as my designer!

  45. lynne richmond

    i love the mirror….i inherited one like it after my mother died……wasn’t sure, initially, about the goldish finish in my home…. but it works out great in the main hallway…….and wouldn’t you know, i am leaning towards more warm gold tones in my decor…… i think mom knows what i am doing… and approves!!!!!!
    i don’t think you need to add sconces….. they might detract from your beautiful mirror AND mural….. it’s great the way it is…….

  46. Debra

    The cord cover could be made with a bit of Velcro for closure rather than taking the whole light down…..just saying. I absolutely love this room. It is so bright and cheerful. The colors are just amazing. Have you ever thought of painting the buffet? It would look gorgeous painted the same green of your Butler’s Pantry and kitchen island. I do love the natural wood and I’m sure you do as well, but, along with that gorgeous mirror green might be a tremendous added pop. Your styling is amazing.

  47. Kitty

    Marian, love the dinning room-warm perfection. It sure brings back memories for me. My grandfather
    was a well known decorator in Calif., years back. He worked at Buckingham Palace and with
    Frank Lloyd Wright on jobs. Our family home was designed and decorated by both he and my
    parents. We had a soft green landscape mural in the entry hall with a gold mirror from my
    great aunt. My folks and grandparents have passed on ………..but, we kept the family home.
    It’s rented out to a young family and the little girls asked me to keep the mural and mirror and not paint over it. I was thrilled to comply ……… I can remember as a child, my friends would love to come over
    and they would always mention how warm and cozy and welcoming ~ our house was.
    I can see that very same love and warmth in your home ! Enjoy the beautiful home you have created.
    Well done ! xo

    • Marian Parsons

      What a wonderful compliment! Thank you so much!

  48. Debbie

    Where in the world did you find a beautiful chandelier for $4.00? You are making great progress and everything is looking beautiful. How do you plan to refinish the dining table? I think it looks great with the buffet as it is.

    • Marian Parsons

      It was at a yard sale! The lady I bought it from hated and it and took it entirely apart and packed it in a box. I saw “chandelier – $5” written on the box, so I opened it up and saw the big bag of crystals. I had no idea what the chandelier looked like, but I figured the bag of crystals alone was worth more than $5.

      And then I negotiated her down to $4, which I still laugh at. Just pay the $5, Marian!

  49. Sandra Haymart

    I love how your home is taking shape. I love the changes you are making in your style. I want a mural so bad but a not an artist. Keep going as you grow so does your home.

  50. Dana

    In love and inspired! Thank you!

  51. Mishann Lepley

    The entire room is absolutely stunning. Good job!

  52. MaryLisa

    I think if you rip the seam from your chain cover for the chandelier and add Velcro snaps you won’t need to take the chandelier down. I’ve done that to several I’ve made in my home. The buffet looks perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing on it…

  53. Elizabeth St

    I can picture being absolutely thriilef to have a meal in your dining room. You have layered in so much depth and character, being there would feel like a very special occasion. The artsiness and retro feel would keep it from seeming stiff or formal.

    Bargain hunter’s envy: That perfect chandelier for $4? I’m so jealous.

    One approach you might consider for the buffet is a pair of appropriately scaled lamps, one on either end. If you see some at Home Goods or another retail store, you could audition them and see if you like the result, then return them if you didn’t. It might be even homier if the lamps were compatible but didn’t match. The lamps, at a reasonably low wattage, could not only add to the sense of height but also provide additional cozy lighting that’d be reflected in the mirror (which I love, BTW. Excellent use of a splurge).

  54. Joan

    Definitely really can envision topiaries on your buffet! or lemon trees! I just started 21 of them ( it’s supposed to be very easy they say, your boys would love watching them grow !!!!
    OH MY, no wonder you’re looking forward to decorating for Christmas! You’ll be able to put a village on that buffet with Christmas trees,…….! It’s always BEAUTIFUL whatever you decide!!!!

  55. Denise Rambo

    What finish did you go with on the mirror, Marian? I can’t tell if it’s the Antique Gold or the Etineene Gold.

    • Marian Parsons

      It’s Antique Gold.

  56. Vickie H.

    I think your mirror choice is excellent for that room/space. Glad you found it!

  57. Anne

    Absolutely beautiful. God skipped over the artistic talent gift with my gene pool, so I greatly appreciate watching your creative artistry! What a gift!!! It would be very difficult to leave your dining room after a meal. I can imagine sitting there with dessert finished and gazing at that beautiful mural all evening!

  58. Tammy

    A beautiful transformation! This mirror is perfect in this room.

  59. Teresa

    I spied the mirror (side view) when you did .butlers pantry reveal and it does dress the room up beautifully. If you hadn’t been looking for a mirror like this you would have seen them all over the place…isnt that the way it always goes! Not sure I could have tried to negotiate for a lower price on a $5.00 chandelier but apparently someone was eager to sell it.

  60. PattiC

    Beautiful mirror! I think lamps would be pretty on the sideboard/buffet. I have heavy, clear glass lamps with simple shades on mine. They’re one of my favorite buys.

  61. Julie

    Love this room. So exciting to see your vision come to life. I like the suggestion of candlestick buffet lamps. But it is your house so you can do whatever you want! I love how the green ties in with butlers pantry and the island. So calming. I love it!

  62. jackie pankuck

    Love the mural and the new paint color on the armoire. So pretty. Curious why you went with a table for four. It’s hard to tell how big the room is but typically you would choose a bigger table for a dining room.

  63. Lin

    Marian it’s fun to see you evolve to such sophistication over the years. You’ve done a wonderful job with your house! Love it’

  64. Naomi S

    Wow, that before picture is pretty gruesome! It’s beautiful now, though–the walls, the mirror, the pantry, everything. What a change, though! I’m curious to know what the dimensions of the dining room are. Is it big enough to have a table that extends with a leaf or two? Or maybe the one you have does extend. Of course I’m very curious to learn what else you have in mind for the dining room. So I’ll be tuning in next week!

  65. Bernie

    It is all beautiful! I may give painting a mural in my dining room a go, after all. I’ve thought about doing this for years. Is there a rule of thumb for how high a chandelier should be above a table? It looks a little high to me….but you are the expert.

  66. Dad

    That looks like Rosa’s mirror. Shades of 1926 Petersburg on Westover Avenue! Love the look.

  67. Kathy

    I’m in love with this room and I’m so impressed at what you have done to make this house your home. I can’t get enough of your mural and how much it both brightens up and warms up the dining room. Thank you for taking us all on your journeys with you.

  68. Cindy A Redman

    I can’t even stand how beautiful and perfect this mirror is in your dining room. I mean, good lord have mercy – this room is so soft and exquisite – my eyes just want to linger here


  69. Susan

    Everything is just gorgeous!! It seems like you’ve gotten so much accomplished in such a short time. I’m always a little jealous, I’ve been waiting for my husband to put baseboards on our new/ old house for 3 years…😞…. So happy for you though.. Just so beautiful.

  70. Addie

    Hello……The dining room looks like a grand ball room!!! You took a simple odd, small shaped room and made it grand!!!!
    On that cord cover……couldn’t you make a side seam and add velcro all the way up!!! Then, since you will be living in this house for some time, you could shake it out to dust it off or even wash it out. This would be really helpful if spaghetti sauce got up there (lolol) or dirty from Christmas decorations!!! ……Jeff might be happier!!!

  71. Suzette

    Beautifully done!
    The mirror is a great addition as is the mural.
    Look forward to seeing the table finished.
    Is it going to be a light color? I don’t know why I’m visualizing that?!
    You sure work hard entertaining us!
    Thanks for so freely sharing!

  72. Denise

    Hey Marian – I love what you’ve done with your dining room, although I feel that as it’s more formal than before, the chairs you have are now not working. They look a little too country for the style.
    Absolutely adore the new mirror!

  73. Karen

    Marian, I love the mirror and I think you did absolutely the right thing in getting it. It adds just the perfect accent to your lovely room.
    Would you consider adding a larger ceiling medallion to your room? This one is a tad small, and a little out of place in all the well considered details.” Suggested” size for them is the same size as the fixture. You can probably find one at a yard sale, LOL. Instead of leaving it white, add your soft, gentle colors from your mural and you’ll have another “all your own” decor feature. Or paint some details around this one, like a vine?
    I so enjoy your blog, thank you for all the posts!

  74. Diane

    So spot on gorgeous. I can’t wait to see how you decorate it for Christmas!

  75. Marian Zimmerman

    lovely, lovely ….I’d paint the buffet not the table

  76. Ramona

    The icing on the cake! It’s absolutely beautiful!

  77. Sandi G.

    Quite a while a go I mentioned the beautiful mural I saw ala Rufus Porter style in a Beaco Hill ,Boston home and I feel you have captured that style and feeling.
    I’ve painted a few murals in my time but as an artist you have inspired me to try this in my dining room . Thanks for your many inspirations through the years of following you Marian!

  78. Michele M

    It’s PERFECT – love love love it.

    Only thing I would do is scoot the large tureen to the left and have the short ones scattered in middle – to give the left a tiny bit of height for balance. OR one tall thin white candlestick holder.

    Looks so good. Well done, Marian.

  79. Dee

    Absolutely love that mirror…I think it’s the same one I got for my dining area. I also bought a gold framed mirror from them to use in my dark foyer. I love that mix of traditional and vintage in a room. The black in the antique gold goes well with my black iron ware in the room

    I really can’t get over the dramatic difference in your dining room now I love the look!,

  80. Debra

    So fun to see your vision. Would love to sit down in that dining room and soak up the ambience❤️😱

  81. Gaylin

    Oh this room has turned out lovely! The mural is so amazing! I love the bare wood chairs and buffet. The mix is all perfect!
    I also always look at a room with ,hmm where will the Christmas tree go!

  82. Dee Van Ingen

    LOVE your progress in the dining room. Am also curious as mentioned above in comments why you don’t use velcro to close the cord cover………seems a “no-brainer” to me. NOW I’m focused on your cupboard that reflects in the mirror…….what color you’re going to use in that space. When I look at the mirror and see the reflection, the interior stained color makes your pitchers, etc. POP………. Maybe in person it doesn’t look that way to you……..just curious!

    • Marian Parsons

      I have used velcro before for these and I’ve even just pinned them on in place, but I already have this one made and I don’t want to have to sew another one!! It won’t take too long to disconnect the light, put it on, and hook it back up again.

      Ha! I’m just being stubborn, really! 🙂

  83. Sonya

    Re the cord cover. Have you thought about making it but just slip stitching the seam by hand with the chandelier in place? Just a thought. Seems easier to me than taking down the chandy. And since you already have it made you could just rip that one seam out.


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