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A couple of weeks ago, a stack of hardwood flooring was delivered to our house to acclimate before it’s installed in our living room!

hardwood floors living room miss mustard seed

I have been wanting to replace this carpet with hardwood floors from the time we moved in, but I was in the minority.  Jeff and the boys like that it’s comfy underfoot and good for wrestling.  I have always disliked carpet simply because it’s difficult to keep clean.  And a cream carpet in a major traffic path is even harder to keep clean.  It doesn’t look bad in the pictures, but I’m not focusing on the carpet…

living room miss mustard seed

We do take our shoes off and we clean it with a carpet cleaner a few times a year, but there are still stains and a discolored path from over 15 years of use.  The staining is much more evident when I focus the camera on it…

old stained carpet miss mustard seed

Oh, I just hate grubby carpet!

So, this week is the week that it will be installed and I can’t wait to see it!  We are having it installed by the same company that did the hardwood floors in the dining room and my office, Wagner’s Wood Floors.  Jeff is still having some issues with his back, so the boys and I moved all of the furniture out of the room yesterday.  We just took it one piece at a time and slid the heavier pieces on towels to a temporary spot out of the way.

It’s funny how people and animals react to an empty room.  Everyone was laying down on the floor, sprawled and stretched out to take up as much area as possible, at one point during the day.  The animals were also enjoying the wide, open space.

living room before hardwood floors miss mustard seed

Jeff and the boys made fun of me because I vacuumed.  Calvin asked, “Isn’t this carpet going to be ripped up tomorrow?”

“Yes, but I don’t want it to be gross!”

This morning, Jeff deliberately spilled his coffee on the rug, just because he could!  He asked me to look and then sloshed it out of his cup, laughing.

living room before hardwood floors miss mustard seed

I enjoyed seeing the empty room with fresh eyes.  I started wondering if I would put all of the furniture back the same way or try something different.

living room before hardwood floors miss mustard seed

living room before hardwood floors miss mustard seed

While we’re having them install the hardwood floors in the living room, we’ll also have the floors in the kitchen and eating area refinished.  There is a spot by the sliding door that is damaged from moisture and it’ll be nice to have that repaired and protected.

damaged hardwood floors before refinishing miss mustard seed

It’ll also mean that the floor will flow seamlessly from one space to the next, since it’s all being finished at the same time.

living room before hardwood floors miss mustard seed

The house is going to be in upheaval this week, but it’ll all be worth it!

living room before hardwood floors miss mustard seed

I will be putting down an area rug.  I looked into getting an antique rug, but I didn’t find any I loved that were the right size and not too pricey.  Given that we have teenage boys, two cats, and a dog, I didn’t want to spend a lot on a rug that’s going to take some abuse.  I ended up ordering THIS cream, flat-woven 8×10  jute rug for about $350.  (It’s folded up in the plastic in the bottom right of the picture below.)  It’s a quiet rug that will work nicely with the bold checked sectional.

living room before hardwood floors miss mustard seed

We are in a season when we’re working on some big house projects again.  We try to do one or two each year and then we’ll work on smaller projects we can do ourselves in between.  That spreads out the budget and helps me make careful and deliberate decorating decisions.  I realized last year that I was experiencing some decision fatigue and just needed to take a break from home projects until I was feeling more confident in my decisions.

Well, I’m hearing the sweet sound of the crowbar riping out the carpet pad and they said the floor should be fully installed today.  Exciting stuff…

You can find the posts about replacing the carpet with hardwood floors in the Dining Room and Office HERE and HERE.  If you’re prepping to lay down hardwood floors, HERE is a tutorial on removing carpet.

hardwood floors in the living room

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59 Comments on “hardwood floors in the living room”

  1. We rented a house years ago that had light pink carpeting. My husband’s employer chose and was paying for the rental so we didn’t have much of choice. Within a year there was a definite dirty path between the front door and the kitchen over the carpet and I was dubious about it ever being clean again. When we moved out, the owner was really mad because it was new, but I couldn’t imagine what she was thinking when she put it down.

    A wood floor in your living room will look great! It will compliment your furnishings and style so much better. I’ve torn out many yards of carpeting over the years and am always disgusted with how much stuff gets buried in a carpet and padding. I think carpeting is very unsanitary. It’s especially a problem if you have pets or people with allergies in the home.

  2. I can appreciate your desire to rid yourself of the wall to wall carpet. I doubt I would have had your patience with it. The hardwood is going to look lovely and as you know, be so much easier to keep clean.

    I also like the area rug you have chosen but I will offer a caveat – cat claws have a tendency to get caught in the fibres of that type of rug (I speak from rueful experience) creating a myriad of pulls across the surface. I had a berber style area rug in my living room that was ruined in months – fortunately it was inexpensive but I learned my lesson fast. You might want to rethink that one before you put it down and opt for one with a flat weave.

    1. Yes, I agree about the cats and this style of rug. We have several braided and woven jute rugs and I was concerned about that, but the cats have left them alone!

      1. My cats have never touched our jute rugs, except to walk on them. I hope you will give us a report on the rug, once everything is back in place. I’m excited for your new floors!

  3. Your new wood floors will be perfect for your decor. So excited to see the end result. Nothing is worse than worn carpet. How will you manage being in the home while the finishes are being applied to the wood?

  4. Oh I hate wall to wall carpet to and with 5 kids 4 cats and 2 dogs, gross. I love wood floors much easier to clean

  5. You must be so excited!!!! What a difference it will make, although you’ve done very well with the carpet!! I wanted to ask where you purchased the dining room rug??? It would be perfect in my house .
    I love it!

  6. Marian, you are going to love the new floors as well as the refinished ones. They will be brand new again. I have done exactly what you are doing and was very pleased. If you have never done this before. Beware!! Cover as much as you can with plastic!!! The sanding process will get dust everywhere!!

  7. Can’t wait to view your finished living room with the new floor, rug and furniture back in place. I can tell you are very excited about the changes and I would be also. I opted for no carpet in my current house because it is very hard to keep clean. I have small throw rugs instead.

  8. So exciting…I love our wood floors! I just had to comment on your kitties in their bed…so stinking cute! Enjoy!

  9. That is very exciting. I have hardwood in every room except the laundry and bathrooms where there is tile. I had a jute right but I found it equally difficult to clean. Let us know how you do with yours.

  10. Your post reminded me of the time you refinished your floors while pregnant. It made me giggle! How very exciting to have new floors! Have a great day!

    1. Oh yes! I’ve done my share of work on floors…refinishing them and installing them. I’m glad for the experience, but I’m also glad we’re hiring it out this time!

  11. Oh this is big fun happy news!

    We rid ourselves of all carpet downstairs a few years back and it’s been awesome.

    We replaced all the upstairs carpet and stairs with carpet – guest rooms up there and keeps walking noise down.

    I am excited for you and look forward to the big reveal!

  12. So happy for you. I have wood floor in my kitchen dining and living room and love it. Enjoy. Looking foward to seeing the finished rooms!

  13. We bought an antique house from 1781 and have undertaken a remodel. In the case of our floors, wish it was just installing new floors and sanding. In our case, we must remove the old pine floors and evaluate them (some were too thin to refinish, sadly) and then remove our uneven subfloors. Then we are left with joists that invariably have needed replacing or “sistering.” Then it’s lay a new subfloor and use leveler to get them as best as possible. It’s rather disconcerting to look down into your basement from upstairs due to a massive chasm in the middle of the house! The good news for us is we have just three rooms left to complete and that should be done this summer, then we can say that we saved an antique house that’ll have lovely pine floors. Like you, I can’t wait!

    1. One of my friends bought an old farmhouse about 17 years ago and they had to do that throughout much of the house. It was quite a process! I have pictures of her walking across joists to serve watermelon slices to all of the helpers.

  14. I am so happy for you! Interestingly I am having the floors replaced in my home office this week too. Somehow we had water come through the wall from the disappointing combination a hairline crack and a very tall sprinkler right by that wall. We are going to have the carpet removed and hoping to match the gorgeous hardwood that is in the rest of the house. I am worried and excited all at the same time. Also will put an area rug in there and will definitely check out your like. I have burlap curtains and matching burlap wrap around the chain of the chandelier so a jute could work well there too. Can’t wait to see your finished spaces and i would love to share some pictures too!

  15. That is exactly what we did when we moved into our current house. We laid new hardwood in the kitchen, living room and hallway. The oak floors in two bedrooms and the dining room were refinished. I love hardwood and truly dislike carpet. I am sure you will like your new floors.

  16. It’s going to be beautiful! Will you please do a post on how you deal with the mess and putting everything back together? Thanks

  17. How exciting! I love wood floors. I spilled a glass of red wine on my jute rug so that was the end of it. We have a cat that frequently has “accidents” so I replaced the rug with a Ruggable rug. It’s machine washable. I haven’t had to wash it yet but so far I love the rug.

    1. Me too! I had nice rugs before adopting two dogs. Love them to pieces, but it’s like having toddlers. So, after power washing the 8×10 jute rug in the bedroom I added a 3×5 Ruggable over it next to the side of the bed. I’ve washed it twice in a month with great results. I had done this with a small flat weave Navaho rug, but it wouldn’t stay put with the dogs. The new rug stays flat and is soft underfoot. And no one gets scolded.

  18. Took my wall to wall up in our family room for the same reason. Always a dirty path from the garage to the kitchen. I already had beautiful hardwoods and purchased a round braided rug of good quality. The round rug worked perfectly for the shape of the room and every 3 months we give it a 1/4 turn. Made this change 7 years ago and still love the choice and decision. No more dirty path.

  19. I love the idea of extending your hardwood. The jute rug is pretty, but how will your boys like to sit/play on jute after a soft rug? Hope they like it, too!

  20. Jeff cracks me up! When we were about to demo a kitchen wall in our first home I painted a happy 30th birthday on the wall for Kirk. He couldn’t believe it!
    I’m excited to see the new flooring! I know you will love it!

  21. I finally got my wish two years ago and got hardwood floors. It was so life changing. Because of an ordering mistake we were torn up for about two months. That worked out so wonderful though because I had time to repaint the entire space where the hardwood was going in. As well as the orangy oak fireplace. I had a granite around the fireplace that always came off as blue and I hated it. After repainting the fireplace white all of a sudden it looks grey. Now I love it. It was a huge job but after it was all done it is amazing!!

    And since we lived without any furniture in the livingroom / diningroom areas we learned that we liked less furniture in that area. I sold a lot and repurposed other items and found homes in other areas for others. All in all I love the openness I now have. Oh and one other thing, I decided to do all the demo myself. When I told my contractor I could see he was skeptical (I am 66) but he didn’t say anything. Later when he came back to deliver the wood he was amazed and admitted that he had had his doubts. (Don’t doubt us DIYers!!) It was a lot of work, but so worth it.

  22. Two years ago I downsized and the first thing I did was pull up ALL the carpet throughout the whole house. Like a let of your readers, I hate carpet. I chose 5″ Maple planks that are middle of the road stain. Not too dark and not too light. I love them! It’s just me and my little dog, but I wouldn’t have carpet ever again. Still trying to work up my nerve to look at rugs. Just not sure I want to do that.
    Your room will look great!! And worth the temporaty mess. Look forward to seeing how it all turns out.

  23. Marian I am so excited to see it all put together beautifully! I love my hardwood floors I was lucky out house had them from the 70’s all but the kitchen which we replaced years ago but I love how easy it is to keep clean and fun it is to put rugs in! Have a great week ❤️ Kelly

  24. I love the hardwood and wished we had gone with that and not carpet in our family room. We have a dog and cat and just got rid of our stained 5 year old jute rug. I found dustballs off it all the time and it was impossible to clean. I hope you have better luck.

  25. i would love to have those hardwood floors. i live with some of those “i love carpet” people. where do they come from. you will be so happy.

  26. Dogs LOVE to chew on jute, FYI ❣️ Which is why it’s not the area rug I have in my house, sadly.

  27. I am so happy for you Marian. This is a big thing of your wishlist. I hope the process is as smooth as possible.

  28. We moved into our house in November 1992. In 1997, we had some work done on the house and pulled up the carpets at that time. The hardwood floors underneath are in great shape but the old finish has worn down so much that I can’t even get the floors to look halfway clean anymore. After all these years, we are finally refinishing our hardwood floors the end of this month. I can hardly wait!

  29. This is a good project, I dislike carpets, who knows what lives in there?
    Since I am an obsessive cleaner it is a surface that I can never imagine perfectly clean, plus it is so passé.
    In hotels and motels, I am very uncomfortable about setting my feet and my belongings upon carpeted floors.
    Very funny, the coffee spill. Enjoy the fresh new floor!

  30. I’d love to have clean wood floors…maybe someday. I live with my son who has the downstairs area. He says the wood floors will be WAY too noisy & cold. The former owners had BIG dogs who had numerous accidents. My older dog had cancer & a few accidents. I have the rugs professionally cleaned often. I hate the carpet!!!

    1. Yes! I’m actually not having new tile installed, but I have the samples there for the color. I’m going to try to DIY something.

  31. You should get some “sliders” to move your furniture with. It makes rearranging sooo much easier! They are made for both hard floors and carpeting. I couldn’t live without them now!

    1. Yep, I do have some and did use them when we could. We’ll also put felt sliders under anything that goes back on the hardwood.

  32. Marian, I’m so happy for you! Your hardwood floors are going to be beautiful and I know you and your family will be glad you made this decision.

  33. Our house was a repo and sat empty for a couple of years before we bought it. The carpet was bad even after having it professionally cleaned before we moved in. It was obvious cats had lived here and no telling what else. We couldn’t believe all the dust, grit and smell embedded in that carpet that years of vacuuming would never remove. I think the hallelujah chorus could be heard in the background when we finally laid the last of the wood floors.

  34. I am oddly super excited for you. I laughed out loud when I saw the vacuum cleaner marks–I would have done exactly the same thing. But wasn’t it therapeutic to vacuum an empty room? Have fun!

  35. Obviously, we are ALL so excited for you and admire your lovely home you’re creating! (And the blue plaid sofa!). Next time you have to slide furniture around, go to the big box store and buy some furniture sliders. They make them smooth on the bottom for carpet and rugs and felt-bottoms for slick floors. Will be much better than yanking them around on a towel or an old magazine!

  36. Very interested in how the refinishing of the kitchen & eating area floor goes. I have been holding off on refinishing the same areas in my home because of the mess which occurs from the sanding. Hopefully the process has been improved and they are able to contain the majority of the dust. Good luck- it’s going to be beautiful.

  37. We ripped out old tile and carpet to put down wide plank European oak flooring and have not regretted it! I love the charm of wood flooring and this will just add to your already charming home. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  38. Everything is so beautiful – always! But I know you work so hard, even though you enjoy so much all that you do. Thank you very much for sharing your home, art, taste, furniture, paint, decorating, and talent with us. It’s thoughtful to share your choices and resources because we do wonder, like you do when you see something you like, and it’s hard to trace down the source if it’s in someone’s home. Your taste and color choices mirror mine so closely. I’ve enjoyed following you for years and tried to remember things but I forget. For example, I love your wall color and the contrasting trim colors in your living room. It seems like it was something to do with the sea??? Would you mind sharing? Do you have a favorite white or cream? Also, did you buy your hardwood prestained or is it a natural wood and you’ll stain or clear coat it? I’m struggling to choose between wood flooring options for our carpeted rooms. Not going to tackle the cream/ivory tile in the foyer, living and dining areas and the kitchen. All white kitchen. Just bedrooms and stairs and open gallery 2nd story hallway. Hoping to warm it up a bit. Thanks for all you do.

  39. It’s good to hear that you can have hardwood floors refinished to restore their appearance if certain areas get damaged. My husband wants to have timber flooring installed in our living and dining rooms but I’ve been feeling uncertain if the upgrade would be worth the cost. Thanks for letting me know that hardwood is a good option for long-term flooring and making me more excited to have them installed!

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