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I shared my paint colors last week and decided to share the fabrics and papers I’ve used so far in our MN house.  I’m not asked about them as often as the paint colors, but I probably get a question about my curtains or some other fabric about once a week.

The fabrics in my living room and eating area are probably my favorites!  The large-scale check used on the sofa and bergere chairs is Check Please in Lakeland.  I first spotted this fabric online, used on a reupholstered chair, and it was love at first sight.  When we moved, I knew I wanted to use it in our house.  I bought it first to use on a pair of chairs I purchased off craigslist that were upholstered in a red paisley fabric.  You can read about that makeover HERE.

It was fortunate that Arhaus had the exact fabric available as a custom option for the Outerbanks Sectional.

I made the curtains myself out of Canterbury Indigo by Covington.  You can find that curtain tutorial HERE.  I love how that fabric plays off of the large-scale check.

In the eating area, I upholstered the backs of the French chairs and made slipcovers for the seats out of a small-scale check by P Kaufmann called Zippy in Lakeland.  You can find the details on the chair makeovers HERE, along with video tutorials for upholstering the backs and making the slipcovers.

The backs are upholstered in antique grain sack fabric.  I used to purchased grain sacks and hemp sheets from an antique wholesaler in Europe, but since I don’t sell them any longer, I just order what I need for projects from the Etsy shop called Grain Sack.  I’ve ordered from them many times and the grain sacks are fairly priced and always in pristine condition.

The wallpaper in the guest room is Antigua Oak by Annie Selke.  I was very nervous about putting a large-scale wallpaper in an entire room (well, from the chair rail up), but I love how it turned out.  A basement guestroom that was just a box is now a cozy, beautiful space.

HERE is the tutorial showing how my mom and I installed it.  You can read about the full guest room makeover HERE.

The fabric used on the headboard and footboard of the bed is Adams Ticking Gold also by Annie Selke.  HERE is the post on reupholstering the bed frame.

I haven’t done it, yet, but the fabric I’m planning to starch to the walls of the sewing room is Festin Bleu by Stof.

And the fabric used in the master bedroom is Aviary Toile by French General.  I still need to add more fabrics in the master bedroom, but the size of that room has me stumped.  It’s huge!  I’m still staring at it, trying to envision how to make it looks its best!

I think that pretty much wraps up the fabrics and wallpapers currently being used in my home, but I’m sure there will be more to come…

You can find the paint colors used throughout the house in THIS POST and an updated home tour HERE.


Fabrics & Wallpapers | Rochester House

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12 Comments on “Fabrics & Wallpapers | Rochester House”

  1. I’ve read about pasting fabric to walls using starch before. I’m anxious to see your tutorial on the process; you explain things so clearly!

    One question, though. When the fabric is removes from the walls, can it be washed and reused? Fabric is so expensive these days, that I’d hate to have to throw it away!


  2. Starch to the walls? You must share the with us when the time is right. As always, great post.

  3. Your fabric choices are perfect! Especially love the fabric you used in your old bedroom! That room and your dining room are my inspiration!

  4. So lovely! I too would love a tutorial about starching fabric to a wall. I have relatively flat walls that look like plaster so every once in awhile there is a bit of a trowel mark. Would love to hear how you prep your walls for it to adhere flat. We keep you busy, don’t we asking all these questions! 😉

  5. Gorgeous and I’m not even a blue person. I Love Blue but green has always been
    my color. The way you have added touches of green to your mostly blue Decor I can do in reverse! Can’t wait to get started!!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. The way that you incorporate patterns of different patterns and scale is just gorgeous and a lesson that it is ok to change things up a bit!! Thanks for sharing all of your goodness:)

  7. I’m with you on green Darlene. I use green and cream instead of blue and white. And blue makes a great accent! Of course so does almost any other color so I can easily change things up.

    Beautiful mix of patterns and colors Marian. Your home is inviting and cozy and actually livable, not just set up for a photo shoot. I admire your taste. I lust over your studio and happily will soon have a creative space of my own. I aspire to be as creatively productive as you are. You amaze me….

  8. Love them all. You fabric choices are right on. I find it hard to believe you sre stumped about something. Makes me feel better.

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