#indexcardartproject take two

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Since regaining the use of my right arm,  I have been working on getting back into oil painting.  It’s been a challenge to try to fit it into my schedule.  It’s not just busyness with work, but with family, church, and personal goals (meal prep, exercise, language-learning).  When I’m trying to fit it all into a day, something has to give and that something is usually time at the easel, mostly because I know I’ll get lost in it.  I completely lose track of time when I’m painting, drawing, or creating, so I get stuck in the mindset that I need a large, uninterrupted chunk of time…which rarely comes.

So, I decided to do another “index card art project” to get myself going again.  I did one last year and it was such a great challenge to get me painting consistently and to help me paint more relaxed.  You can read about the original #indexcardartproject HERE.  In that post, I share the details of the challenge and the materials used.

I haven’t been painting daily, but I’ve been painting 2-3 cards a week and I find that it’s been a good introduction back into painting.  I’m feeling comfortable again with color mixing and mark-making and I’m eagerly anticipating working on larger landscapes, still lifes, and some more portraits.

I also started working on creating an oil painting course for beginners over the summer and I need to get back into the swing of things to finish it.  I’m excited about sharing the things I’ve learned at a very beginning level in the hopes that it’ll encourage other people who’ve envisioned themselves at an easel but feel intimidated at the prospect of starting.  I know I felt that way for years!

Anyway, that’s in the works.  The most recent index card painting I finished was a fun little study of a piece from an American Impressionist book.  I love doing studies because they pull me out of my typical color palette.  I learn what adding more variation can do for big swaths of green grass and how much I can push the yellow in a cloud among other things.


For those who are interested, here is a time-lapse video showing this most recent painting…

As you can see, I don’t tone the gesso before I start painting as I do on linen or canvas.  These index cards just aren’t right for building up a lot of layers, but they are great practice for laying on paint and leaving it alone.

I’ll be putting the first bactch of cards (along with a few keepers from the last project) up for sale soon.

I sell my originals on Daily Paint Works and you can buy prints on Society6.

#indexcardartproject take two

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22 Comments on “#indexcardartproject take two”

  1. These are lovely. And I appreciate so very much that you integrate your creation into your home decor. And… oils have always escaped me. They remain on my list of Things That Scare Me. I would love to learn, and would love to learn from you… but maybe have enough going on right now!

  2. This is such GREAT p/t for your right arm, Marian! The fine motor skills used in painting, typing, crocheting, etc. will strength and mend those muscles, tendons and bones better than anything you could do in a clinical setting. Keep at it, girlfriend! You’ll get there. 🙂

  3. I’ve been wanting to learn how to paint with oils and haven’t found a class yet that would suit me. So I am very interested in knowing more about your class when you are ready. In the meantime I’m working with watercolor which I find difficult to control. I am so much better with dry media.

  4. Oh GOOD!! Please let us know when your new oil painting course will be available. I dabble a bit in watercolors but would greatly appreciate getting into oils. I soooo love your work. One very talented lady.

  5. These are so sweet and beautiful. This a talent I would love to have. Also, what is the story with your shoulder? I somehow missed what was wrong with it. I had shoulder reverse replacement surgery in November and I’m going to what I hope is my final physical therapy session tomorrow!

  6. What a sweet painting. So glad you have started up again, and that your arm is feeling better! If you have any tips on time scheduling, I would love to hear it. It seems hard to squeeze it all in in a day! One of my words for the year is intentional, which is a good thing!

  7. I love everything you paint – I hope I can take your class when it’s available. What is the music in the video?

  8. Can’t wait for your oil painting class! I am working with watercolors now and am enjoying it but it can be tricky and unforgiving. Landscapes in oil…here I come.

  9. I was an art major in college for my first year, but life took a turn and I dropped out. Always wanted to learn oil painting. I’d be very interested in your course. Maybe you can teach this old dog some new tricks! (I’m 57 years old, btw)

  10. such a delightful video the music added so much to the charm or your beautiful painting!

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  12. ? Do you know or have a resource for the vintage blue index cards? I d like to use them for acrylics. Also, my 8 year old granddaughter and I ( We are 14 hrs. apart) are going to do our own version of the index card challenge. She loves to draw and use colored pencils. I know I can get her the white index cards. Just thought I’d share and thank you for the inspiration! Any suggestions would be welcomed,

  13. LoVe your work! I hope you include setting up / obtaining supplies and prices for oil painting in your course. I’m interested!

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