German Cucumber Salad Recipe

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One thing I grew to love during my childhood spent in Germany was German food!  Oh, my mouth waters just thinking about it the warm pretzels with fresh butter, spaetzle with brown gravy, potato pancakes topped with fine applesauce, and crispy schnitzel.  I also loved German cucumber salad.

Several years ago, I received this recipe from a German woman who gave it to me after we got into a conversation about German food.  I’ve made it multiple times over the years and it’s always a winner – fresh, crispy, and tasty.

Lately, I’ve been working on eating healthier.  Specifically, I’m eating whole foods, watching my portions, lowering my carbs and sugars, and increasing protein and healthy fats.  (And it’s even better with homemade mayo.)  This cucumber salad fits right into that plan, so I’ve been making it every couple of weeks to eat with lunch or dinner (or even as a snack).

Here’s a little video I put together for those who like a visual!


This is the white balsamic vinegar I like to use…

When the cucumbers are marinated, drained, and mixed with the mayo and sour cream, it looks like the dressing might be thicker, like a macaroni or potato salad, but once it sits for a while and the cucumbers give off more water, the dressing because very watery and light.  It’s creamy without being overly rich.  And the dill??  Oh, I just love lots of dill in this salad.  It gives it such a great flavor.  Some people add finely sliced red onions to this, too, so that’s an option, too, if you enjoy raw onion.

It really is a delicious recipe and I hope you’ll give it a try!

Here is the printable recipe…

Creamy German Cucumber Salad

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Prep Time 1 hr 15 mins
Course Salad
Cuisine vegetarian


  • mandoline slicer


  • 3 large English cucumbers
  • 1 tsp white balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • fresh dill to taste


  • Thinly slice the cucumbers into a larger bowl with a mandoline slicer
  • add 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp white balsamic vinegar, stir
  • cover and let sit for 30 minutes
  • drain in a colander for 30 more minutes
  • put cucumbers back into large bowl & add 1/4 cup mayo & 1/4 sour cream
  • Finely chop fresh dill and add to bowl, stir
  • Can serve immediately, but it's best after being refrigerated for at least an hour. Will keep in the fridge for 3-5 days.
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  1. Kelle

    So interesting. i grew up with a version of this from my Russian grandmother. The cucumbers are more thickly sliced and are dressed with just sour cream, dill and a little red onion. I like the idea of the marinade bringing in a little zip. Of course, now I make it with Fage 0% Greek Yogurt and so it’s all good for you!

    • Faith

      I was wondering if you could make it with Fage Yorgurt… is it the same amount??

      • Marian Parsons

        Yes, definitely! You can play around with the “creamy elements” to just use homemade mayo to make it whole 30 compliant, use vegan options, or, as you suggested, a Greek yogurt. I would try the same amount and then adjust it if needed.

  2. Michelle O

    I grew with a similar recipe from my Polish grandmother, Bussi. No vinegar and she used sweet onion, sour cream, dill, salt and pepper…now I craving cucumber salad! LOL.

    • Kim P.

      We ate something vrry similar when we were in Russia adopting our daughter, she was 7 y.o Once we were home she asked for this often and it has become a family favorite ! I love that it has German origins also, as I have German on my side of the family

  3. Peggy Freyer

    My mama was German and made a cucumber salad with chopped onion and vinegar and oil. If too much tang from the vinegar she’d add sugar. YUM!

    • Rose

      My grandmother was Croatian and our cucumber salad was the same as yours, and always with sugar to create a sweet and sour flavor, and with lots of dill.

  4. Lee Harrison

    I keep simple pickled red onion in the fridge to use in all salads. I make the oil and vinegar and sugar version of this…and sometimes add a little sour cream. Now I’d use fat free plain yogurt.

  5. Nancy

    I love this story! I love German food too, although I was raised by a Polish mother, haha! My husbands German roots taught me the knifles and lebkuchen recipes while my mom taught me pierogis, stuffed cabbage and also cucumber salad with sour cream! Funny how the dishes intertwine. I only wish I’d had an Italian family member so I could perfect some delicious pasta dishes!

    Thank you,

  6. Mar

    I am craving my garden vegetables just about now…only 5 more months

  7. Suzi

    Thanks for sharing the recipe and loved your video. Keep them coming. By the way my dish cloths arrived last week. They are beautiful and I’m so proud to have them. Thanks again, Suzi

  8. Mary Cooper

    I had a southern grandmother and she made cucumber salad with cider vinegar salt and pepper and a little water. Dill also. When the cucumbers arrive first out of the garden the cooks have to get creative

  9. Iris A Hanes

    Ha! I’m German, and I grew up with cucumber salad just like it (minus the Dill). The trick truly is to let it sit for a while for the cucumbers to give off some liquid. So yummy!

  10. Teresa

    I so love German food and had this cucumber salad many times in different German restaurants. I especially love it in warmer months but its delicious really any time of year. We use to have a very authentic German restaurant ran by a German lady named Anna and her husband Hans in central VA. Sadly, their health both declined as they got older and their children tried to take over but it was short lived. So the only time we have German food now is when we are out of town.

  11. Dianne

    I love this salad. I remember growing up my Grandmother made the best German potato salad. It was my favorite. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

  12. Lisa P

    My Finnish grandmother made this too! Thanks to sharing it 🙂

  13. MaryLisa

    Definitely going to try this recipe.

  14. Kimberly

    My Italian mother makes a cucumber salad that is very close to identical to this recipe! I love that it is something that seems to be universally shared all over Europe. The Greeks have a similar recipe, but made with yogurt. The Persian restaurants around here in west Los Angeles make something very similar, also with yogurt. This must be one of those dishes that is loved internationally.

  15. Selah

    Oh My Gosh! Thank you for posting this recipe. Back in the day, when I was about 10 or 11 years old ( I will be 60 next month) my oldest brother was stationed in Germany. For VBS that year us kids had a pot-luck made up of recipes from around the world. I asked my brother and his wife for a salad recipe and this is what they sent me. I made it but then lost it during the many moves our family made (military families move a lot) and I have been searching for it..and this is it!!! (His wife was native to Germany and included the red onion and I recognized it. ) Anyway..thank you SO much again!

  16. Sandy Sherlin

    Sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to try it. Is there an easy way to wash, dry & chop fresh dill? Or could I use dried dill? I’m a little OCD so get a little carried away with a task like this. Thanks for any suggestions or ideas. I love your site. I learn so much. ❤️

  17. Joy

    This recipe made me think ” Pennsylvania Dutch”. Which would be German. 🙂 Everyone around here in South Central Pa loves it.

  18. Teresa

    If you have a great recipe for warm German potato salad I would love if you would share it also.

  19. Juliet

    5 stars
    I use Fage for mine as well, but never knew about the vinegar. I am going to have to play with that adjustment.

    And DILL lots of DILL, always.

  20. Lisa Corsale

    5 stars
    I make this ALL the time since you published it. It’s wonderful and refreshing. : )


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