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The boys and I had a good time over spring break, but not having my usual work hours was a bit of a struggle for me.  I’m behind on pretty much everything…e-mail, errands, projects.  And I really hate being behind.  But, I tried to relax and embrace the time with them, knowing that the years will fly and work can (usually) wait.  I do feel the crunch that is coming, though, to get in as much work as I can before school is out for the summer.

While they were home, they played a lot with friends and we even had some weather that was nice enough for backyard soccer and bike rides to the park.  We went to a rock climbing gym, which both boys loved and discovered an aptitude for climbing.  I took them to trial music lessons for drums and guitar from young, tattooed teachers who taught them to play songs they like and now they’re eager to practice and learn more.  We also did a thorough cleaning and organizing of their rooms, which yielded two full bags of trash and three paper bags of clothes to donate.

When they were entertaining themselves, I chipped away at a few projects, including reupholstering the guest room bed…

Now, I know I’m going to get a lot of I-liked-it-better-befores on this one and that’s okay.  I knew going into this makeover that some of my choices were unconventional and that’s one reason I liked them!  This is a guest room that’s in the basement, so I can step out on a limb a bit!

Several people have mentioned that they like everything but the gold/yellow additions, but that color is where this room makeover started.  I already had the beautiful gold bedding from Pine Cone Hill and an antique German wardrobe with the original mustard-colored paint.  This room was going to include yellow.

So, why pair it with a beige and cream wallpaper?  I don’t have a clear answer for you other than to say that I saw the paper, I loved it, and I kept coming back to it for this room.  When I put the sample with the gold, I like how monochromatic it feels.  It’s soft and sophisticated, but a little unexpected.

And, you can’t judge the room just yet, because it’s not quite finished.

I’m still thinking through the nightstands, lamps, and I plan to hang an arrangement of white ironstone platters over the bed.

One thing I am still debating is painting the dressers/nightstands Aviary or a custom blue as I had initially planned.

Here’s a really lousy mockup of how that would sort of look…

The other thing with upholstering the headboard is that it took me a couple of hours and about 3 1/2 yards of fabric to do this, so it’s a relatively low commitment.  If ever I want to change it, I can.

For now, though, I like it.  I like how it gives the room a collected feel.  It doesn’t look contrived or matchy-matchy.

As far as the how-to, I was going to make a tutorial, but the house was bustling with boys, so I didn’t.  I have made tutorials that translate to this project perfectly, though.  HERE is a tutorial on making custom double-welting and HERE is a tutorial showing how to upholster the back of a chair, which is essentially just a smaller panel than the bed.  Because the width of the bed was wider than my fabric, I did have to add pieces to each end of the fabric panel.  It’s better to add pieces on each end, so you don’t have a seam right in the middle of the panel.  It’s less noticeable and looks more professional.

The fabric is Adams Ticking Stripe and the wallpaper is Antigua Oak, both by Annie Selke.

A full room reveal with all of the details will be coming soon!

reupholstering the guest bed

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189 Comments on “reupholstering the guest bed”

  1. LOVE IT. Would never have thought to pair any of that together and you nailed it! You sure are talented, missy.

    Now – my opinion? Don’t paint both the side table dressers blue if you do. The one on left has such gorgeous woodwork – maybe one on right or not at all? I love paint – and you DO sell it so I can see the inclination to want to – but seriously that room looks awesome as is.

    BUT if you must, only do right one. My 2 cents worth.

    I love your blog, Marian. Makes me want to buy you a plane ticket to here so you can help me. I feel lost lately with where I need to go for some changes. ♥

  2. So very lovely! What a wonderfully inviting space—any guests will feel quite pampered, I’m sure. I love your painted furniture, but I LOVE those nightstands as they are. Paint would seem to hide the pretty lines & carving that makes them special. They look richer in their current state to my eye. Thanks to your tutorial, I am finally going to attempt making double welting!

  3. I love it, especially the gold. I don’t think you should add blue in the nightstands because then the gold will look yellower. I love the earth tones it currently portrays.

  4. I like the nightstands as they are but think painting the lamp bases would look great. I really like the fabric choice!

  5. I’m not a big yellow fan, but I like it – it’s a classic look with the stripes & the texture in the fabric softens it.

    Not sure about the blue dressers though, I’m enjoying the natural wood which when I flick between your photos I find has the effect of layering the natural tones & adds depth. The blue seems to blend in more to me, lacks something.

    I would put your ironstone above the bed first to see how it affects the look of the room design before changing the dresser colour & you can always add a dash of blue in other ways.

  6. That is the most gorgeous room , so perfectly done and sophiscated, warm, layered , justLOVE it. Definitely would not not paint the washstands. Thanks so much for sharing. I haven’t seen a room I loved so much in a long time.

    Love your work ethic and creativeness., but my so impressive that you accomplish so much.


  7. I love the room. The one thing I agree with is not painting that beautiful wood nightstand. The wood balances the wood on the bed and makes everything richer looking. Just a thought. I always enjoy seeing all your inspirations. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I love everything about the room. I love how all the patterns work so well together. I like mixing patterns and I feel the striped fabric pulls it all together. I am a big fan of painted furniture, but really like the natural wood in this room. This is by far my favorite room…so far.

  9. I think it looks great! I don’t usually prefer yellow, but I really love the bed upholstery with the bedding you already had – it coordinates beautifully and is such a nice touch. Looking forward to seeing how you finish the whole thing up.

  10. Marian,
    I’ve always loved the Pine Cone Hill gold linens and the upholstery on the headboard and food board is amazing and I love it. I confess the mock up you showed us of the nightstands in their original color—blue—is wonderful. I think it’s a nice addition to the neutral wallpaper and the gold bed linens and head board. Still, you have the best taste, I know I’ll love whatever you decide to do.

  11. I love the wallpaper and the new upholstery on the bed. Of course, I’m not an artist, but my thought on the chest on the left of the bed would be more of a whitewash or pickling?

  12. I love the wallpaper and the headboard looks fabulous. I like seeing how different things, that aren’t obvious to me, can be put together

  13. So beautiful and I love the upholstered bed !!!! Not a fan of the potential painted nightstands. With all of the trim and molding that you added to the walls The nightstands give a nice glow or warmth to the room with the wood,

  14. Looks great! What about instead of painting the nightstands blue, you paint the bed frame the darker color in the wallpaper? Or dry brush it with that color? I think if you streamline the color of the bed frame(wooden part) the bedding would pop even more and the nightstands would shine… just a thought!!

  15. I love the way the room turned out. I usually lean towards painted furniture but in this case the nightstands look lovely as they are. I wouldn’t change a thing. You have been blessed with so much talent.

  16. Love everything just as it is. The striped fabric added another dimension to what was already a beautiful room.

  17. well, I love it too. No, don’t paint the bedside chests blue, they are lovely as they are.

    Ann in the UK

  18. You are truly amazing, I just LOVE it Marian, beautiful. My opinion, I wouldn’t paint the side tables the natural is beautiful, love the wallpaper as well.

  19. Beautiful! I agree, don’t paint the wood. I think it pops because it is in front of that great white wainscoting you worked so hard on. I know you are a blue gal, but since you are trying new things, I think that gold needs some purple. Add some rich lavender in lamps and other accessories and of course, some of your own paintings on the walls.

    1. What a great idea! I was liking the idea of painting the lamps blue to bring out the blue of that one pillow. But purple could open up all kinds of possibilities and surprises. I love how different shades of purple together create such richness.

  20. I do love the upholstery on the headboard, but I have to agree that paining the side furniture seems like it would make the room more busy and when I see it unpainted, I say ahhh… it is calming and cozy!

  21. NO PAINT ON DRESSERS!!! The room has a beautiful calm feeling, I think the blue paint would throw everything off. Don’t get me wrong, I love blues, gold, cream colors, but it seems as if it would stick out like a sore thumb. I really love your style and you know when enough is enough, it shows in everything you do.

  22. I love the yellow stripes! I’ve been in love with yellow and white stripes since my parents took me to visit the Homestead when I was 8 years old. We moved the next year and I asked to decorate my new room in yellow and white. It’s as timeless a combination as your favorite blue and white!

  23. I love this room so much that I am considering a similar color scheme in my bedroom. I am squarely in the camp of not painting the bedside chests though. I would leave them as-is. I love the new bed fabric.

  24. The room is wonderful! Please don’t paint the tables. The wood is beautiful! I am not a fan of painting over precious woods! The grains are art.

  25. Love the blue nightstands! Love the whole room actually. Can you tell me where the gold color bed quilt came from…please.

  26. Beautiful ! I wouldn’t change a thing! Without the splash of yellow, everything would all melt together. Forget painting anything.

  27. I love the nightstands natural. They pull out the mustard color on the beadspread. But I am also a natural antique lover and prefer the original wood to painted.

  28. I love it. Love yellow, love gold, love anything botanical, and love the subtle stripes and now even love the framed child’s dress. (Hard for me to let go of that lovely bird.) Love the wainscoting and framing. Love the fabric on the bed. Love the natural wood side-chests. A very restful room. I would love to be your guest.

  29. Keep the nightstands as is! Pure perfection….but blue base on lamp might look nice. The stripe added such warmth. 57 years ago when first married had pink matress ticking wallpaper in kitchen and items looked so neat hanging on the stripe! Always been a fan of stripe and mini prints!

  30. I love the room. But. Please do not hang more ironstone platters on the wall. I love ironstone. I collect English Ironstone and I display it. But I don’t think hanging dishes is the do-all, end-all of original wall decor. Every room just doesn’t need a row of suspended platters—it dilutes the freshness and uniqueness of the idea when used in every room in the house. Perhaps do a painting of an ironstone display with some gold/blue flowers in a pitcher? Or a painting of a gold and cream cow. Hang anything except another wall of dangling platters. As you said…”this is a guest room that’s in the basement, so…step out on a limb a bit!”

  31. Lovely room. I think what is slightly off is the wooden lamps and bed are the in the same color family and the night tables are oak. So, maybe change/paint the lamps, paint one of the night tables and use a metal or a skirted table for the other?

  32. I’m sure whatever you do, the room will look lovely. Have to say I’m with others who don’t like the idea of painting the nightstands.

  33. I absolutely love this room, I wouldn’t change a thing! The choices you’ve made have come together beautifully. I know that you’re thinking about changing the nightstands to that beautiful blue color, but I personally think I would leave them alone. The color in the wood play off the fabrics beautifully and pulls it all together. If you would like a touch of blue in the room, why not add a soft blue lamp with a nice linen shade.

  34. How lovely! I am not a lover of yellow so it’s not something i’d ever see in my house, but everything melds together beautifully and it’s wonderful to see your creativity! I love how you mix patterns to create a cohesive look!

  35. Hi Marian ~ long time admirer and follower . First time commenting ~
    I’ve always loved using the colours gold & taupe in a room . One is for warmth , the other more texture & depth . However , I would not paint the wood dressers ! They are lovely as is ~ and , I think if you added a pillow~ possibly a large Bella Notte velvet / linen bolster in the neutral wall colouring or a thick throw hanging at the end of the bed over the footboard . Keeping it serene , warm and inviting …. the blue pillow throws off the balance to me . Any pillow having the 2 complimentary colours would look lovely ~

  36. Good morning MMS,
    Cindy’s comments helped me understand why I find your guest room so warm and inviting. As she suggests, the warmth can be enhanced with textures and complementary shades of the gold and taupe. Also, because it is in the downstairs, it stands on its own without needing the blues you’ve carried throughout the upstairs. Colleen’s suggestion about changing out the lamps was intriguing. Perhaps, a shade of mustard like the wardrobe or a shade of taupe! Have fun playing with all of our suggestions.
    Diney from Camano

  37. Love what you have done with the room. I guess I am one of the small percentage of people who love gold/yellow. I would do the chest in a gold.

  38. How do you do it? I love how you are like I didn’t have much time on spring break so I just re-upholstered a bed! It’s absolutely beautiful fabric. Would love to get as good as re-upholstering as you are!

  39. I love it! It perks it up with just a little sunshine 😄. And I would think that would be an especially good thing in a basement room. (My vote on the night stands would be to leave them as is 😉)

  40. I may be late to the party because I popped back here from the next days post, but I like that nightstand the color it is. You don’t have any other blue in there.

  41. I love the reupholstered headboard. It helps pull the beautiful golds together. I also like the wood tones of the nightstands. It really warms up the space and gives a balance to the more neutral wallpaper. Love it too!

  42. I love the colors in the room and I think you should paint the nightstands blue. Blue and yellow look so good together, especially that shade of calm blue. I also like the idea of white ironstone plates or a white cornice made out of molding with fabric hanging down.

  43. Gosh there are so many good thoughts here~. I love the room and the warmth of the natural wood. How about some ironstone with a pop of blue hydrangea in them. Can I sleep over sometime 🙂
    Take care!

  44. I love the colors and the pairing. So relaxing! I think the nightstand would be beautiful in that blue color.

  45. Please don’t paint the nightstand on the right side as you face the bed. The wood is gorgeous as is.

  46. I’m fact, don’t paint either one. They both look to be in excellent shape. I like painted furniture, but when a piece looks as good as these two, I couldn’t bear to paint them myself

  47. The room looks fabulous. I love the rustic wood on the chest-nightstand. I think it harmonizes nicely with the bed and the wallpaper without screaming look at me.

    Your guests are going to love the room. The only issue will be getting them to go home!

  48. I love very thing you do. I fine peace at watching and listening to you talk and teach. You are very inspirational. You have a calmness about you that helps me. Thank you for giving of yourself.

  49. I really do enjoy your blog! Your home is inspiring and so well decorated because you use colors you like and can live with. This goldie yellow room is gorgeous! What I especially enjoy is the comfortable warmth that the fabrics, and wood tones of the furniture yield. I agree with several others that painting the nightstands might change this warm inviting effect. I like th idea of adding a touch of blue and I would suggest that you add a painting! Maybe one that you can change out with the seasons. For example, paint a still life of daffodils in spring, zinnias for summer and sunflowers for autumn, arrange them in a red wing pottery crock on a table with a blue background…..

  50. I love this room! I feel like the mustard/gold reads as a neutral. I use it in my home as well. I love the nightstands unpainted but I think the blue would really pop and be a great accent It will be beautiful either way. I’m loving this room!

  51. WOW, the headboard/footboard look amazing!!! I love the mocked-up blue nightstand; blue and yellow is a favorite combination for me! I can’t wait to see it!

  52. I LOVE the golden tones! I was afraid when you installed the paper that it would no longer be a part of your scheme. But the whole room looks beautiful, warm and inviting. Good job! I love the side chests as they are, if i got a vote! Impressed with all of your work.

  53. It’s beautiful! I’m not a fan of yellow, but it works so well here. I usually LOVE painted furniture, but I would leave that wood alone. It’s beautiful as it is and helps ground the room.

  54. I LOVE your combination of colors and patterns–they work wonderfully together! My two cents: I think blue nightstands would look intrusive in the space. The wood contributes to the monochromatic feel, and I like that better. You did a fantastic job on upholstering! Love your style!

  55. I’m catching up on back post (I was off work for my birthday week, just hanging out in my home, cleaning and gardening), but i have to say I knew that fabric was going to make the bed better a long time ago, when you posted a picture with the sample on the bed. I LOVE IT. This room is great. And I am going to vote for leaving the dressers/night stands oak. It warms the room up nicely. Maybe a pretty bench painted blue under the window would be nice.

  56. So pretty, I love that bad and it’s such a bummer because RH doesn’t carry it anymore. We were getting ready to order it in a King.

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