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by | Mar 29, 2019 | All Things Home, Antiques | 16 comments

Getting ready to sell out of a 10 x 12 indoor booth in a space predominately occupied by another vendor is a far cry from filling the entire Show Barn at the Lucketts Spring Market, but I am excited about getting ready for Junk Bonanza nonetheless.  And honestly, I’m glad that I’m only responsible for bringing a few things.  I just don’t have the space or the time or the shoulder for anything more.

I am sharing the space with one of my amazing Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint retailers, Chris Hardine of Midwest Cottage & Finds out of Germantown Hills, IL.  She is also on my team and manages the MMS Milk Paint Facebook page.

We’ve been talking for a few weeks about the look we’re going to have in our booth and last night, she sent me pictures of some of the items she is bringing and I was blown away.  I’m having to resist buying some of these pieces for my own house!  I need to stick to the list of what I actually need.

Anyway, here are some of the things she’ll be bringing…

I love this chippy empire dresser…

And this empire had my heart skip a beat, too…

I wish my hall was big enough for this piece…

It would even be fun in a dining room or kitchen as a stand-in for more traditional bench seating.


The details on this desk are just beautiful and I love the color…

Well, I should since is MMS Milk Paint!  It’s hard to tell from the lighting, but I think it’s Aviary.

She will also be bringing the full range of MMS Milk Paint colors and finishes and we’ll be demoing them throughout the day in our space and at scheduled times on the “stage”.

If you have a piece (or buy one at the event) that you would like to have painted, come visit us at our booth and we can paint it for you!  We’ll be offering on-the-spot furniture painting services for a flat rate of $100/piece, which includes prep, painting, finishing, and all of the products.  We can only take one or two pieces each day, so send me an e-mail if you’re interested in reserving a slot (

I need to continue to gather and price the pieces I’ll be bringing and I’ll share them soon!

If you’re interested in more information about Junk Bonanza, you can get all of the details and buy advanced tickets HERE.


  1. Lee Ann

    Gorgeous pieces and I ove the name “Junk Bonanza!” Starting this weekend, our city has its own “junk bonanza” … of a sort. It’s called Bulky Item Pickup, and city residents can put on the street any item for which they no longer have use. The city sanitation trucks will pick up everything (well, almost everything … no mattresses, lol!) and take it to the dump. BUT … the best part?? (Well, some folks think it’s the worst part but …) Everyone drives around town with a truck and a trailer, looking for the best castoffs! It’s like a recycling bonanza for old furniture, etc . I’ve found great mirrors, wicker tables, chairs, trellises, etc. Great fun for a spring weekend!

    • Kim

      Yes, our town does that too in the spring and the fall. It’s a great way to recycle!

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes, that’s awesome!

  2. Kim

    I’d be scooping up that blue firkin! I am thankful for the few that I’ve found over the years. Sure wish I lived closer so I could go . 🙂

  3. Pat Mays

    Omg I want it all, I want to go, I want bring my things to be done up…oh wait, time money space prohibits and no big old truck..but a girl can dream. Thank you Marion and Chris! Love your things.

  4. Mary Ann

    This is the first year my daughter and I will miss the Bonanza !!
    It’s a great show and we will miss it!!!

  5. Jenny

    Love the things you have culled to share. All fun. I wish I had a big trunk! Make money and have fun Marion.

  6. Geri Patton

    I live way too far from MN to enjoy Junk Bonanza but would love to plan to do a Lucketts Market with my daughters one day! Girls day bucket list material… if you don’t mind me asking, how many times a year do you attend their market? Coming from Vermont takes some planning! Thanks so much for any info! Geri

  7. Janet

    Here in Kingston, Ontario, Canada …we have similar days as some of your other readers have mentioned…we call them give away days and things are put out ..with free signs on them …for the day …I have managed to get dressers and other really cool things…I think it’s a great idea…and fun 😊

  8. Amy Murillo

    Everything is amazing!!! Can’t wait to see it (and you) in person!

  9. Tina

    Oh, how I wish I lived closer! AMAZING items!! I have a question… what is the MMSMP color of the first and second blue pieces? I think they are flow blue but then I wondered if it was a custom mix. Any guesses? Thanks in advance!

  10. beverlee lyons

    that’s a lot of beautiful things. How in the world will there be room for anything else? a 10×12 is not very big…I have done 10×10 for many years, and it is small! I wish I could be there!
    Things will go quickly!

    • Marian Parsons

      Ha, I know! We plan to restock.

  11. Debee

    Just wanted to let you know I finally got a chance to check out two shops on your favorite haunts list from old PA. Rebels Roost and Shelly’s. Finally!! Only had so much time. Thanks!

  12. geometry dash

    A lot of beautiful things!!!

  13. Cheri Dietzman

    Oh boy, I’m in trouble! I think it’s a good thing I’ll be bringing my van too!


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