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Thanks so much for all of the love on the guest room bed!  You collectively surprised me.

 While I was working on some organizing this week, I decided to try scooting around some more furniture.  This checked chair, which I reupholstered a few years ago, was up in the sewing room and I decided to move it down to my studio to use a “guest chair”.  It’s always been one of my favorite pieces and it’s nice to have it where I’ll get to see it and appreciate it more.

It’s small enough that it can just be tucked in along the wall, but it’s a fairly comfortable chair.  I also like the addition of a little pattern and the pop of blue.

The bottom of it has been needing some attention for a while, so I’ve added fixing it to my “annoying project list”.  It just needs a few staples, a piece of webbing or two, and a new dust cover.  I’ll share the process when I do it for those who have chairs with similar issues.

The chair is just another addition to a studio/workspace revamp that is making this room a delight to be in and very functional.

We still need to finish the closet and build a bookcase for under the window, but the new furniture arrangement and all of the additions, like the drying shelves and the desk, are working out great.

Speaking of the drying shelves, they are getting full, so it’s time for another art sale!

I listed all of these paintings and a couple of others on Daily Paint Works today…  You can see the animals HERE, the landscapes HERE, and the still life HERE.  If you’re new to my art sales, I list them auction style, so I don’t have to set the prices.  The auctions run for three days, so everyone who is interested has a chance to bid.

As always, thanks for supporting my artwork as I learn and improve.  My mom couldn’t possibly put all of these on her refrigerator…


  1. Darcy

    Lol…your mom’s refrigerator though!!! I’m especially loving all the cow paintings!

  2. Becca

    Love the drying racks and their location in the room. I think what I like best about the room is how well the colors play with each other. They create a calming atmosphere, so I know that is a like creating inside a beautiful blessing.

  3. Mary in VA

    I didn’t think the studio could be any more beautiful … but that chair! Also the shelves with artwork are another star of the show. Definitely a room dedicated to creativity.

  4. AnnaRae

    The studio is beautiful. I love the wood, white and the pop of green. I chair is probably my favorite. Gorgeous. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. sandy

    Have we seen your sewing room? Follow religiously. Love what you do.

  6. Sarah

    Speaking of annoying project list….bead board dried out here too. Touch ups taking place. Not a whole lotta fun but, I appreciate the finished product.

  7. Jeanna Harder

    Your office looks so inviting! The soft light, billowy curtains, little details…I wish that was my work space! Well Done!
    And your paintings have a softness to them from the cows eye lashes and tufts of hair at the top of their head, the tall green grass being nibbled by the sheep, and the dreamy countryside. You capture a daydream scene so well.

  8. Cheryl

    Did you notice the underneath of the seat of the chair is coming down?

    • Julie

      I noticed the same thing…

    • Lisa P

      Marian mentioned in her blog that fixing the “hanging down” part is on her list of “annoying projects”. Luckily for us, she’ll show us how she does it!

  9. Pamela

    Your paintings reflect so much love, especially the animals. Thank you for opening your home & sharing your talents with us.

  10. Margo

    I have two of these chairs, both needing to be recovered. Generally when I see these they have been painted or white washed. Unfortunately I don’t have a good place for these in this house so they are downstairs in our walkout basement. The welting on the edge and the armrests scare me off from trying to reupholster them myself and sinking a lot of money to have them redone professionally doesn’t make sense since there is no where to put them. But I’m interested in seeing whatever you post about redoing them myself.

    • Marilyn

      She has a video on how to do the welting that has made me brave enough to give it a shot

  11. Mary

    It is such a beautiful and inviting space!
    Having natural light is so important when we are creating ! So happy for you 🙂

  12. Karen K from Buffalo

    I just checked your Still Life paintings & there is only one left. Will you be letting Society take some reproductions up for sale?

  13. Sally

    Everything you do inspires me. I enjoy each and every post!

  14. Elizabeth

    Beautiful chair and I love the idea of being able to see it more! What a great reason to move it. I love the plank floors in this room. Did you install these or did the house come with them?

    Beautiful artwork! So much talent!

  15. Jenn Anderson

    I think your studio must be such a nice place to be….

  16. Miki

    Studio is so so pretty and I think the chair…the blue and white check just makes it pop❤️

  17. Heidi H Keller

    Your studio is beautiful as are your paintings. My daughter loves to paint. I’d like to invest in an easel for her. So she can paint while home from college. Where did you find yours? Do you love it? Any recommendations?
    Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  18. Martha

    LOVE the chair in that creative space of yours! Can’t wait to see how you repair the strapping on the bottom of that chair, as I have my parent’s dining room set and the chairs are built the same way and the webbing on several of them has given out. I tried to repair them once by re-stapling the straps, but the webbing was just too old and dry and immediately broke away again the first time someone sat on them. I have also found it very difficult to find a professional re-upholsterer who will work on them, so I am anxiously awaiting your tutorial!!!!!!!

  19. Dianne

    Marian Your studio looks wonderful. I love the chair. You really do a beautiful job upholsturing. The room looks so clean and fresh.

  20. Marian Zimmerman

    sewing room? Id love to see it , hopefully all stacked up with lots of fabric

  21. Patti McCarthy

    I have always loved that chair. I have the small stool and a plant on top and I kept thinking something was missing …voila! There it is right in the picture – it needs a basket to add some height and texture! Thanks for the inspiration even tho that’s not what you were showcasing! I always look at all the details surrounding the feature and always find something to make me think “that’s what I’m going to do with…!” Keep it up!

  22. JC at the uncommon pearl

    The message of this book is so encouraging, and has been on my heart for years. I think it’s really good to pray through your home, room by room, asking God what changes need to be made, what should be saved or given away. How can you foster love, laughter, encouragement, and an invitation to rest and be comfortable for all who enter?
    Thanks for this offer. I’d love to read it!


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