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Man, it has been a long, productive day and I am pooped!  Of course, I decided to start exercising the day I had a bunch of physical work planned.  That was brilliant.  I use the word “exercise” loosely, though, because it was pathetic how out of shape I am.  I am still babying my shoulder and about 10 minutes into interval training, modifying everything, feeling stiff as the Tin Man, I realized I just needed to stretch and work on core strength.  I switched gears and did some Pilates and that felt great, but I have been sore all day as I painted window trim and shoe molding and moved furniture back into the dining room and my office.

I still have a lot of work to do on those two rooms and a lot of cleaning up to do after having the entire contents of two rooms dumped into our main living area, but it’s coming along!

I haven’t had a chance to go through the pictures I took, yet, so we’re going to rewind a bit and I’ll show you the curtains my mom and I made for the living room when she was visiting.

This project started months ago with a fabric swatch taped to the window frame…

…And it finally became a pair of lined and pleated drapes a couple of weeks ago.

We made these the exact same way we made the curtains in the master bedroom.  You can find those details HERE.

I made these double-width (meaning they were made with two panels pieced together to make one large panel), but I probably could’ve gone to a triple-width panel given the size of the window.  We knew that it would be very rare that the curtains would be completely closed, so I didn’t feel the need to spend the extra time and money on it.

It ended up being a good thing!  As we were hanging the curtain rod at (almost) its maximum width, it became clear that one support in the middle (allowing full function of the drapes) wasn’t going to be enough.  The rod would not sit straight with just one support, so we ended up having to add a second support.  We knew it meant we couldn’t draw the curtains completely, but they were mostly decorative and to block the sun sometimes.  The room is south facing, so we can get some pretty intense sunbeams coming through.  Now, we can pull the curtain to create some shade where and when it’s needed.

I still need to make pillows and do a few other things to tie it all together.  The curtains really add a lot, though.

We are also planning to, down the road, install some white box beams and crown molding in this room.  That is a post-masters-degree project and a fairly low priority.  It will add a lot to this room when it happens, though!

One thing I’ve enjoyed about winter in this house is watching the boys cozy up to the fireplace.  They have never had one before and, lately, I’ve noticed the French chairs, which are usually turned out to the room, are turned more towards each other or the fireplace.  At first, I kept “fixing” them, but then I realized the boys were turning them, so they could enjoy the warmth of the fire while they read a book or worked on homework or chatted with each other.

Even though this house is larger than our last one, we use the space so much better.

As we were working on home projects together today, Jeff and I remarked just as much to each other.

This really is the perfect house for us and I’m enjoying making it our home…


  1. Sharon Rexroad

    Okay, that last sentence got me. Almost “This is Us” crying got me. I’m so glad you are so happy in your new house and it’s been such a pleasure to see you turn it into home.

  2. Judy Fisher

    I would like to know how you hang your ironstone lids?

  3. amy joanne mogish

    I just love how the ‘gold’ in the frames and the green plant bring it all together, such wonderful ideas come from Miss Mustard Seed! Love watching your house become your home! Thank you for always sharing….

  4. Deanna Rabe

    Marion, I love all your projects, and your house is coming together beautifully.

    I really love what you wrote about your boys using the fireplace and how this is the perfect home for your family. This is why we work so hard in our homes and care about them!

  5. Linda

    Your house has really become a home and I really loved hearing how your boys are enjoying the fireplace where family is now gathering.

  6. Robbie Zeller

    What a gorgeous room! You do a stellar job making HOME….

  7. Kate

    Just a thought (which you might have already had): A thicker curtain rod with hefty wooden brackets or corbels (antique, of course) at the corners might solve your problem and allow you to fully close the curtains. On such a large window with such generous (and beautiful) curtains, a thin rod looks a bit skimpy.

    • Jeffrey Favreau

      I can see we are on the same wave Kim.. Yes a bulky rod would be very justified . Of course Marian always does wonderful work..

  8. Kim

    I’m so happy you’re loving your new home! It sure looks like a comforting and soothing place to be.

    Another thought on adding some privacy to the window: you could install some blinds to the frame if needed, and just keep them raised up most of the time. I don’t think I could live with the neighbors being able to see in! 🙂

  9. Pam from Maryland

    Sweet Marian,, just truly sweet,, love how its coming along…

  10. B. Folk

    I can identify with the “I was going to work out today, and I have physical work to do today!” thing:-)
    Yep, those last two sentences are tear-jerkers. I’m glad that you and your family have settled in to this home.

  11. Patti Whitford

    Your home is beautiful and I aspire to do the same. You actually got me back to sewing again although not as much as I would like with working 40 hours a week outside the home. I had to write to tell you I bought the exact quilt you have on your ottoman this past summer at an antique sale in central NY. It is in pristine shape, even smelled nice, for $100. I was thrilled. I’m sure you hear this all the time but if you ever have similar French chairs for sale again, I would be interested to buy. Just love your’s. Exercise – ugh….need to do more of it myself. Patti

  12. Peg

    So pretty. I’m picturing the fireplace in delft tile!!

    • Janet in Kansas City

      Oh I love that idea! Delft tile, would be wonderful. Good thinking Peg.

  13. Karen K from Buffalo

    “Home” is such a comforting word. And I’m enjoying watching you transform this house into your beautiful Home!!

  14. Maureen Ryan

    When I saw how beautifully the drapes add to the room, all I could say was “Wow!” Good for you, Marian! Another amazing success! …. I also saw the article about your studio in Watercolor Artist magazine, congratulations on that, too!

  15. Elizabeth

    Wow! What a gorgeous room! How I wish my home had a living room like yours! It really is dreamy. I adore the curtains and they really make the room.
    You are such an inspiration!

  16. DeAnn

    Love your living room, Marian! Where did you find the fabric for your curtains? I’m loving it…. Thanks for all of your creative inspiration!

  17. PJ

    Marian, please continue to baby that shoulder. I have found that tai chi is helping me heal after a wrist injury that had me sidelined for some time.

    The curtains are just beautiful. I would love to curl up on that sofa with a good book and a cup of tea.

  18. Donna

    If you trust God he will place you right where you should be. This house is really becoming your home, a very happy home! We can feel it from here.

  19. Marlene Stephenson

    You are making it your home and it does seem perfect. i am happy for you and your family.

  20. Pamela Fife

    I think you should frame and hang your own paintings. My husband says I need to do the same thing. So I have.

  21. Barbara H.

    If the fact that you cannot close the curtains all the way becomes a problem down the road, you might consider a traverse rod – either corded or cordless. You can have multiple supports but because the track is on the bottom of the rod, they don’t interfere with the curtains. The support is sort of a C shape with the opening on the bottom. They now make attractive rods, not just those white ones that I, at least, remember from my childhood. I switched out my living room curtains from a rod with clip rings to a cordless traverse rod with slider clips that clip on to the top of the curtain. Best decision, though I wish I had gotten the corded traverse rod. I remember the satisfying act of opening the curtains in the morning and closing them at night and miss that long ago action.

  22. Mary

    Love love love your curtains! The fabric is perfect! Is this similar to the fabric you used to have on your bedroom wall out east?

  23. Pamela

    With the snowy cold you have been having in Minnesota I would be pulling a chair closer to the fire too! Sounds so cozy. Speaking of exercise, it is time for my daily walk. We, in California, have been having crazy warm weather all winter and I for one am enjoying it every chance I get.

  24. Sharon

    Love it all. Beautiful. Isn’t it wonderful we all dance to a different drummer. As for me. I love it all.
    And would love to call it “my own”. The curtains are beautiful. And the rod is too.

  25. MaryLisa Noyes

    Drapes look terrific

  26. Mary from Life at Bella Terra

    Beautiful, as always. I just hung a very large drapery panel to cover 2 windows and used the “C” ring~~it slips over the rod supports. I was skeptical at first, but they really work well. Have never used them before, but if your curtains can close partially over the rod supports, that might work for you.
    You can hardly tell they are “C” shaped….


  27. Elizableth from CA

    I was so happy to see you embracing your home. My family will also be relocating soon. and I am a little scared about how well I will handle the stress. Moving can be a trauma; I am so grateful that you keeping the process real for us. It give me hope.

  28. Martha Weber

    I love all your creativity. It’s a fabulous feeling seeing how much you give of yourself to making your home truly fit you and your family’s needs!
    I look forward to each post and cannot wait to see what you have been working on!
    I’m a true fan from Alabama!!!

  29. Monique Denoncin Odman

    Very beautiful damask curtains. Where can we find them? The room is very welcoming and inviting for having quiet moments together as a family, close to the fire place. What can be better to rest your achy body after all the work you have done Marian? How do not know if I would add beams but crown moldings will give the room another touch of refinement and style. Although, it already looks very nice as it is!

  30. Marian Zimmerman

    sew amazing! , but please don’t put dishes above your bed your art is beautiful please paint one of your meadow paintings.

  31. Françoise Gauthier

    Marion you just made my day. You are full of talent and a adore everything you create. I am a 74 years old lady and you make me feel young again. I will paint furniture because itI will bring happiness to my life.

  32. Cindy A Redman

    Awwwwww…. I LOVE a fireplace, and love that the kids are enjoying it. How perfect is that. This room is turning into the homiest place. Those chairs too….
    I still think you should paint that frame around Eulalie or switch it out to be less gold. maybe a chippy barnwood frame with some milk paint peeling with some blue and white … or some raw wood that is faded and picks up the shadows in the painting, the stoneware and plays with the linen sofa color – not exactly sure – don’t kill me


  33. Diane

    Good to hear about ur new house becoming a home. It really is very pretty. I enjoy very much reading about.

  34. Cheryl Licht

    Love the curtains! They’re so much like mine, I had to zoom in and do a double take. Not exactly the same but oh so similar! You have such great taste, what can I say?!? 😊. So fun watching it come together!

  35. Kristine

    I was looking for a Sebastian photo-bomb! But then I noticed his toys in the picture showing the sample of the fabric! The light in that room is amazing, and having your boys gather together at the fireplace –for any reason at all!– is a joy and delight to read about. It truly is uplifting to read how this home suits you and your family; no doubt that is in large part your talent at creating so much comfort and beauty!

  36. Pamela

    The draperies add SO much warmth and make it feel so solid and finished. I also just love the chairs facing each other as it gives me that English Country House feeling of being lived in! Very inviting

  37. Mary Shawn Seaborn

    I agree with everyone, your home is absolutely gorgeous, it feels so cozy ❤️
    I am actually looking for a white cow with horns print or painting and I wondered if you could tell me where you found yours. It’s exactly what ive been looking for.

  38. Rebecca Neustel

    I really love your living room, and the curtains are so pretty! I’m wondering if the paint on your walls reads blue in person? It’s all pulled together beautifully.

  39. Norma Rolader

    Beautiful curtains and your room is gorgeous

  40. Linda Fulton

    Beautiful curtains! I am looking for blue and white fabric to use on dining room chairs. Can I ask what fabric you used for your curtains? Many thanks for all your inspiring posts.

  41. Sarah Smith

    I am so impressed by people who can create curtains that look as sturdy and beautiful as the ones you have. Personally, I am not good with sewing and I didn’t understand what you meant by double-width or how to measure the width of the fabric correctly. Instead, I would be happy to find curtains that look as beautiful as yours in a store.

  42. Karen

    Could you please tell me what the curtain fabric is that you have used for your living room?

  43. Sarah

    I love the curtains, where did you buy the fabric?




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