How to Make Slipcovers – a five part video slipcover tutorial series

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A little over a year ago I made a five-part video slipcover tutorial series.  I used a wing chair as an example, but you can take these skills and make a slipcover for any piece of furniture.  I’ve received so many wonderful e-mails and comments from people with all levels of sewing ability who used this series to make their very first slipcover.  Some were even sewing for the very first time.

Being able to sew a slipcover is one of the best skills to learn when it comes to buying (or accepting free) used upholstered furniture.  Upholstery can be dated and stained, but the shape of the piece is beautiful and the overall bones and condition are still useable.  A slipcover can give it a new look while addressing those issues.  Slipcovers can also extend the life of a nice piece and tie mismatched pieces together with coordinating fabric.  And, best of all, they are washable, making them ideal for busy families with kids and pets.

Since these videos been so popular, I thought it was time to put the slipcover tutorial series in one post, so it’s easy to find, easy to share, and easy to use as a resource.

 video slipcover tutorial series miss mustard seed

Here are all of the links to the posts with tips and videos in the slipcover tutorial series…

part one | Sewing Custom Piping

part two | Cutting the Fabric

part three | pinning & sewing the fabric

part four | sewing the wings & arms

part five | skirts, ties & cushion cover

You can find a tutorial for making slipcovers for a parsons-style chair HERE.

While I have worked with dropcloths many times in the past, there are other fabrics that I prefer for slipcovers these days.  A couple of my favorites are antique hemp sheets or THIS inexpensive linen (4C22 weight).

linen slipcover chaise miss mustard seed

If you’re tempted to paint upholstery, you can read my thoughts about that in THIS POST.

You don’t have to be intimidated by the thought of making a slipcover any longer!  This slipcover tutorial series is easy to follow and has helped thousands of people make their first slipcover successfully.  You can do it!

If you found this helpful, you can check out my other sewing-related posts HERE.


  1. Rachel

    What happened to the videos? The only one still there is the first, about piping which I already know how to do. I am devastated – I finally decided to do something with my cat-shredded but comfy wing chair rather than pay someone hundreds and hundreds of dollars to reupholster it and the best-sounding thing on Google was your series. And it’s gone! Wahhhh!

    • Dani

      Here tutorials are all available on Youtube….just search for Miss Mustard Seed slipcover and you will find them! 😀

  2. Leslie

    Aww man. I was so excited to see these and I don’t see the rest of the videos either:/

  3. Maureen KK

    I just wanted to share that all these years later, you 5 steps are my go to how – to – slip cover videos. Even though I have made a number of slip covers, I still refer back to these tutorials. I have recommended them numerous times to friends. Thanks for keeping them available on your site!


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