textile sale & how to make a slipcover | part 5

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As I’ve shared, I’ve been in a major cleaning and purging mood.  It’s been happening at home and at the studio.  The more I get rid of, the better it feels and I want to get rid of more, so I’m running with it.  Before we took a break for Christmas, Kriste and I cleaned out the fabric stash at the studio and I’m selling or pitching over half of the fabric I’ve been hanging onto.

We’re selling antique pieces


new and antique fabric remnants and some lots of scraps that can be used for small projects.  If you’ve wanted to have some antique hemp sheets or grain sacks to work with, but they are out of your budget, this is your chance to get some for a bargain!


I also just got in a huge order of antique hemp sheets from Europe and decided to kick off the new year with a special sale.  They are usually priced at $110, but I’ve listed them for $90/each for a limited time.


Everything is listed in the ONLINE SHOP HERE.  

We have boxes and bags and small piles of more things to sell, so we’ll be listing more in the coming days and weeks.


And, I’m sorry if anyone started making a slipcover before Christmas and I left you hanging!  I intended to edit and post the final video before the holidays, but it just didn’t happen.  Here is the final installment, though!  It’s another long one, since I wanted to make sure I showed enough detail to help novices and first-timers.  And I sometimes just get a little chatty.


In PART ONE, I covered how to make custom piping.

In PART TWO, I show how I cut my fabric pieces to get ready for pinning and sewing.

In PART THREE, we start cutting and pinning the fabric and the slipcover takes shape.

In PART FOUR, I show how to make the ruffled skirt (which could be modified to make a pleated one), how to attach the ribbon ties to the back and make the cushion cover…

I love how this slipcover turned out…


…and it is in my mom’s room now, just waiting for the rest of the room to be finish.  We’re working on that!


I tell my design clients that I’m free, but I’m not fast!  If you’re on my waiting list, you’re catching onto that.

We have made some great progress on the built-ins and I hope we’ll have them finished in the next couple of weeks at the latest.

textile sale & how to make a slipcover | part 5

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