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I know that my house usually looks clean and tidy in the pictures I share here and on social media.  And, I will admit, that I am a bit of a neat freak.  I generally like to clean and I love having a spotless, organized, and clutter-free home.  But, life happens here.  I have middle school boys, a dog, two cats, and a husband who has a higher mess tolerance than I do.  Trust me, there are parts of our house that are not pristine!

One of the more visible non-pristine areas were the seats of the end chairs at our kitchen table.  These are well-loved and well-used chairs and they were looking pretty rough.  I was even a little embarrassed by them when we had people over because they looked so grungy.  That’s just my own silliness, though.  I doubt anyone ever really cared.

The chairs are still in fantastic shape, so chair slipcovers were the perfect solution.  These chairs are going to get spilled on again, so washability is important.  You can find the tutorials for making a slipcover like this below…

Part 1 – The fabric source, cutting & pin-fitting the fabric, sewing the body of the slipcover

Part 2 – Making the ties & skirt

And here is how the chair slipcovers turned out…

First of all, I absolutely love working with this fabric.  It has great texture and is the perfect weight for a slipcover and light upholstery.  The best part is that I got it on sale for $6.50/yard.  I needed 2.5 yards/chair, so these cost me less than $35 for both chairs.

Another nice thing about linen is that it dries quickly.  If there is a spill, I can wipe it up with a damp cloth and it’ll dry in less than an hour.  I can wash the entire slipcover, but I like that I can spot-clean between washings.

This chair shape is tough for a slipcover to stay tightly in place, especially when squirmy boys are sitting in them.  Most slipcovers are held in place by seat and back cushions and even having arms helps, but this is one big L that shifts relatively easily.  They stay on, but I have to adjust them now and then.  The wings are also so small that the fabric doesn’t sit back in them as it would on a larger wing chair.  Given the challenges with the chair shape, I’m happy with how they turned out.

The ties in the back and the mini skirt are my favorite parts.

Chair Slipcover Miss Mustard Seed

Chair Slipcover Miss Mustard Seed


Chair Slipcover Miss Mustard Seed

Chair Slipcover Miss Mustard Seed

Chair Slipcover Miss Mustard Seed

And yes, the cats love these ties!  They climb up the backs of the chairs and back down again and then bat at the ties.  The fabric has held up to all of it well so far!  It helps that it has a nubby texture, so any additional snags just blend in.

Chair Slipcover Miss Mustard Seed

That’s one more project checked off the list!  I have two other chair slipcovers to make and I started working on them over the weekend.  It helps me to make all of the pieces (the piping, etc.), so I just have to assemble.  Breaking a larger project down into smaller pieces prevents me from getting too overwhelmed.  All I need to do today is this piece and the rest can wait for another day.  This is counter to my just-get-it-done-as-fast-as-I-can personality, but I end up doing higher quality work because I’m not rushing when I start to get sick of it.

That’s how things get done.  One piece at a time.

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    1. Judith

      The chair covers are beautiful..very professional looking and they have that special miss mustard seed style

    2. Lulu

      Your slipcovers always look so fabulous! Great style! Well done!

      Love how your home flows from kitchen to dining to living; it all works so well!

    3. Jodi

      Gorgeous! Is there a link for the fabric? I need to slipcover the cushions on my wicker furniture in the sunroom!

      • Jodi

        Never mind! I found it! You are so organized — I just need to look further.

    4. Babs

      Your cats are so beautiful! Their coloring goes with your color scheme of your home. Deliberate??

    5. susan

      I thought there was a video of how you made the slipcover? It’s beautiful!

    6. Kimberly Carnegie Bruhn

      Not that I’m a cheapo (I’m frugal…ha) but I signed up for emails with the and am wondering when they run a sale…I’m going to need quite a few yards for my matching living room wing back chairs? Thank you…love the slips, and obv., the fabric!

      • Karen

        Marion, you are so talented & your home is lovely. My absolute favorite of the slip covers, is the ‘skirt’… Great added detail.

    7. Kris

      These slipcovers turned out beautifully, Marian! You are so very talented & resourceful, and your personality and manner are so warm, welcoming, & caring! Thank you for all that you share with us!

    8. Missy

      I do the same thing when I create cushion covers, slip covers etc.-I always do all my welting first and get that part done. The next time I go back to sew, I might put in all the zippers if a cushion has one. I too like breaking down a task into smaller parts as it does seem to ensure a better quality project over all. I love that linen you chose- so textural and pretty.

    9. Helene

      Very nice. I am a big fan of scotchguard. I spray the cushions of my outdoor furniture…spills just bead up and prevents all those stains. May help with your darling boys.???

      • Jill

        I’m considering getting 100% linen slip covers for my ikea couches from comfort works or Bemz, that also make a linen/cotton blend that reviews as a better family choice because it supposedly washes better, but I love the look of 100% linen. What are your thoughts? Have you washed your linen slip covers? Do they stain easy?

        • Miss Mustard Seed

          I actually did a follow-up post on this. The line washes great, but the seams have frayed. They need to be surged or do a zig-zag stitch to prevent that from happening. That’s a quick fix, though. They are forgiving with stains and any spills have washed out great.

    10. Gail

      Screw pins might help hold it in place?

    11. Lisa

      This fabric is gorgeous! I can’t believe the price is so affordable.


    12. Michele M.

      WOW. They are amazing!!!!!

    13. Sharon Hoover

      They are absolutely darling!!!

    14. Lois

      I LOVE your home!!!

    15. Sandra Vigil

      They are absolutely gorgeous! I love how you’ve turned a house into a home.

    16. Addie

      They l@@k GREAT!!! Middle school age boys don’t stay that way for long. Better to enjoy the times and not worry about chairs!!! ….I know you get it!!!

    17. Catherine

      These look great! I wonder if you could put a loop of elastic w a button on the underside of the cover at each corner? The elastic could loop around the chair leg – the button would keep it on the stretch & help keep the cover in place? Might be worth a try whilst you still have boys that squirm ?
      Love your style ?

    18. Margarita W.

      I just love your style, & home! The slip covers are perfection!

    19. Jody K

      Beautiful! Would you recommend the use of this fabric over drop cloths for wear and tear on a seldom used window seat (except for the cat?) Or is the cost about the same either way?

      • Miss Mustard Seed

        Yes, I would definitely use this fabric over drop cloths. I used drop cloths for several years and some of them can be good quality canvas, but the quality is inconsistent because it’s not intended for sewing. I would opt to buy linen or cotton canvas over a drop cloth.

    20. Maria

      There’s nothing like a slipcover to make everything good!! I have always admired your ability to create gorgeous slipcovers and these are no exception!!

    21. Gail Bell

      I L.O.V.E. that fabric, and the overall fit and style of the slipcovers is perfect. They look very welcoming and comfortable, and I can see why they are a favorite seat of your family. I know you shared in a previous post where you purchased the fabric. Is it available on line?

    22. mary m

      The slip covers are amazing. I wondereda bout the ruffle but they are perfect and not too long.
      May I suggest two ideas. T pins are great and the boys are old enough not to fiddle with them I would anchor them between the welting and the fabric. The other is a spray adhesive that you could spray on the most volunerable spots.
      My son used to fiddle with the standing lampshade next to the chair. Hmm he still does. lol

    23. SueA

      These are beautiful slipcovers and so inspiring! I have a pair of channel back armchairs from my grandmother that are a mess but basically solid and “mid-century modern”. Something like this would work well for them. And a friend gave me her sewing machine…hmm, I see a project in my future!

    24. Janice Brown

      I love your home. The neutrals and the blue checks make it so relaxing. You are amazing with all your skills. You inspire me to challenge myself.

    25. Krista

      Adore the slip covers. But what made my day is, “. . .who has a higher mess tolerance than I do.” Oh that made me laugh. Well said!

    26. Pamela

      When I sewed for my kids I had to use the method of 10, 20, 30 minutes to sew. Many times I only had nap time or 10 minutes while waiting for a pot of water to boil when fixing dinner to work on a sewing project and it was perfect for me. I never had time to do an entire project in one sitting but breaking it up into increments kept the sewing project rolling. It may have taken me a week to get a little dress or wool coat done but I loved looking forward to those moments in the day to sit down and work on a collar or sleeve, or whatever I had time for that day.
      The slip covers are lovely and nothing is better than linen for longevity and natural beauty.

    27. Suzanne

      Love the new slips Marian and nice to have that to-do, ta-done I’m sure! Also had an idea just as i Iooked at the photo showing your living room fireplace wall. I read in a post long ago that the lack of symmetry of the cabinetry on either side of the fireplace bothered you a bit. Hmmm, it hit me…..what if you removed the doors over your basket/birdhouse cuby. You could then add a wood arch to match the other side and create another open area within that cabinet with one shelf or no more shelving. I think the left side of the fireplace would look great with that one cabinet opened up to air out the left side a bit and turned into display – a step closer to symmetry! You’d then leave the vertical cabinet with doors next to the wall. Don’t know if this would work but it might be worth a look at that built in. Suzanne

    28. chris

      Your slipcovers look amazing! Great job. I have a question about your rug. Is it jute and do the chair legs get caught up in it? I would love to add this kind of rug to my dining room but have been afraid!

    29. Crystal Brown

      Oh, well done! They look great. I went to the site for the fabric but didn’t see a color that resembled yours. What color did you use? It looks natural, yet the natural on the website looks more brown, almost like a burlap. I might need to order some swatches I guess. In your opinion, is this weight too heavy for simple drapery panels?

      • Marian Parsons

        Yes, it is natural. It’s not as dark in person as it looks in the photos.

    30. Dorothy Oyler

      I’m a longtime follower and by using your tutorials I’ve slipcovered a sofa and wingback chair. I’ve subscribed to this your UTube videos, so I now have your updated ones. I used drop clothes to save money. I never new how to sew, but your confidence inspired me long ago that I could do it!!
      I love seeing your growth. God bless and thanks for not trying to be “perfect.” Although from my view your pretty close.

    31. Mary

      Thank you, I was inspired to just start cutting. It helps that I had an old duck slipcover from an old PB sofa. So with nothing to lose i just started!! And it worked!! Your simple tutorial was so easy to follow.

    32. Denise

      I’m somewhat new to your site. I love your style and the linen slipcovers are no exception. I was wondering, however, what happened to the extra curtain material you were planning on using for the slipcovers as mentioned in an August 2019 post?

      • Marian Parsons

        I still have it! I am keeping it for pillows, etc.

    33. Cheryl

      I love….love your style! Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas.

    34. Tina

      You did fantastic! They are adorable!!! I also love the curtains in this room. Did you make them also?

      • Marian Parsons

        Yes, I did. I make all of my own curtains. 🙂

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