the rug that ties the room together

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Well, another layer has been added to our dining room and it’s just perfection!  The braided jute rug that was in the dining room worked because it was neutral, but it was a little bit boring.  If you’ve been with me on this blog long enough, you know that rugs are my nemesis!  It’s so hard to find one that works.  It’s not too loud, not too boring, it’s the right material, colors, patterns, etc.  And, rugs are typically investment pieces, so there is pressure to get the decision right.

This rug is from the upcoming (June 2019) Mark Sikes collection for Dash & Albert and it is the perfect solution for my dining room…

(I’ll share more about Mark’s collection in another post, but everything is so beautiful.  It’s traditional without being tired and there is lots of blue & white, so it is right up my alley!)

Anyway, it’s still a braided jute rug, but the checkered pattern gives it lots of visual interest.  I gravitated towards that pattern because of the mural, which has a bit of a Rufus Porter feel to it.  In many images I’ve seen of Rufus Porter murals, they are accompanied by a wood floor painted in a checkerboard pattern.  To me, this rug mimics that, emphasizing the traditional (and a hint of historic) feel of this space.

I had a 6 x 9′ rug in there but was able to just fit an 8 x 10′, allowing for a little more room around the chairs and for the front feet of the buffet to sit on the rug, which looks nice.

This room was one that had me stumped when we first moved in.  I honestly wasn’t sure I would ever love it, but I LOVE this room.  And I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I had to get creative.  I had boundaries that forced me to make bolder decisions.  In my last house, the dining room was just beautiful all on its own.  It had amazing light, big windows, corner cabinets, old raw oak wood floors.  I could just put a neutral color on the wall, fill it with a few pretty pieces of furniture, and that was enough.  This room needed more thought to make the boxy, dark room something special.

And this rug is definitely the icing on the cake.

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And, just for fun, here are some before & after pictures.  The before pictures were taken a couple of months after we moved in.  The only change we had made at that point was hanging the chandelier.


the rug that ties the room together

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87 Comments on “the rug that ties the room together”

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about the rug. I guess I need to see if it grows on me. I almost think it takes away from your walls. I’m a lover of your paintings so I guess that’s where my heart is.

    1. I agree with you, Becky. Just seems a little busy for the tranquility of the room and seems to distract from the beautifully painted mural.

      1. I am agreeing with you both, it seems busy. I also think round would be better… IF you need a rug at all. Why put beautiful hardwood floors just to cover them up? Someone else mentioned painting a canvas rug. That seems like a better choice under a table than this one that chair legs might be caught in. So, I guess I’m not a fan. But I love lots of your choices!

      2. That’s okay. I can see how it would be busy for some. Clearly, from the comments, there are people on both sides of that fence! I think this room looked nice both ways, but I prefer the scale and texture of this rug over the other one.

  2. My first reaction when I saw your new larger rug is how much bigger it makes your dining room look! One of the biggest decorating mistakes many of us make is buying a rug too small for the area and while your previous rug was nice I think it was too small for the room.
    Rugs have always been my nemesis too. I love sisal rugs especially for summer but I made the mistake of buying one without realizing how rough to the feet many of the natural sisal rugs feel. Instead, I should have opted for a wool sisal rug which is much softer although more expensive.

  3. That is a very nice rug – it looks like a cozy knitted sweater. I really like it. It ties in your natural wood furniture nicely with the painted pieces.

    1. I also LOVE your dining room. Your exquisite mural envelopes the room beautifully, and the overall effect of color, furniture, and rug is so inviting. It’s my favorite room in the blogosphere.

  4. My first thought when seeing the rug (before reading any text was that it looked like a classic checker painted wood floor. I fell in love with it right away! That room went from beautiful to Wow.

      1. Marian that rug makes your room sing! The mural works beautifully with the classic pattern, one of my faves. I’ve always wanted a floor painted in the harlequin pattern. It’s really a beautiful and classy room.

  5. I LOVE THIS RUG!!!!!!! I think it’s perfect!!!! This room reminds me of a softer version of Mackenzie Child’s! Just wow! Enjoy!!!!!

  6. Are you a “The Big Liebowski” fan? Your “ties the room together” title led me to think so! 😀

  7. I think the rug is quite elegant and the size makes a big difference. Is it easy to take care of? I am always concerned about rugs under dining room tables.

    1. I have had great success with jute rugs and them wearing well. Hopefully, this one will be the same!

  8. Beautiful! It almost looks like a harlequin pattern to me-elegant, yet warm and approachable. With the mural, it evokes a traveling caravan through the French countryside.

    When I saw the first picture and read what you wrote, I thought, “How could this room have stumped her?” But then I saw the before pictures and realized the reason it was so gorgeous, was because of your transformation. You did an amazing job.

    1. I think the tricky thing with this room is it was almost square and it has a traffic path running through it. It also isn’t symmetrical, which I prefer, especially for formal rooms.

  9. Love love love that rug!!! I will definitely have to check it out when it comes online in June. The room looks so beautiful!

  10. Love It!!! I love all the textures that you used in this room. Its just very calming and beautiful 💖

  11. Love the rug! I think it adds a slight whimsy to the room, which perfectly compliments the walls and furnishings. Sometimes being boring is the safer path, but I admire ALWAYS the way you give your rooms the perfect touch of “interest”. This, for me, takes everything to a higher level of sophistication. Bravo!!

  12. I have difficulty understanding why anyone would want to use a rug under a dining room table. Your is fabulous and looks perfect. My dilemma is that eating is messy. It involves spilling, crumbs and red wine. And grandkids.
    My current “ formal” eating space is part of the living room, separate from the kitchen which I like, and on carpeting, the same carpet that is in the living room. I can’t wait to remove the carpeting and putting a solid surface, easily wipeable, under the dining area. Is there a reason for putting a rug under a dining table that I am unaware of?

    1. I always wonder about this! All it takes is one spilled red wine glass, a blop of gravy etc and it’s ruined.

      1. If you worry about keeping a rug under a dining room table in good condition, choose a seagrass or a wool Persian rug because they both are impervious to spills. If your grandchild drops a plate of lasagna on either, it’s not a big all, and I am speaking from experience 🙂
        I have Persian rug down in the winter, and in the summer, I switch it out with the seagrass

      2. I have learned after having jute rugs for a few years that they clean up very well. I’ve even taken them outside to hose them down before! We don’t eat in this room very often and, when we do, it’s typically the “adult table” and the kids are in the eating area off the kitchen. If we ate in here every day, I might hesitate to use the rug in there.

    2. It protects the hardwood floors especially from the wear and tear of chairs being moved back and forth.

    3. I don’t think there is a right or wrong when it comes to the rug/no rug debate in the dining room. My Oma didn’t have a rug, my mom did. I think it depends on how the room is used. Our dining room only gets occasional use, so I’m not too concerned about staining. We do have a rug under our kitchen table, but it’s a jute rug that has worn very well and actually hides crumbs and spills. For me, it anchors the table and protects the wood floors.

  13. I love the rug …and have a similar woven type rug in cream and blue. It’s barely down a year and I feel like it needs a cleaning. I spot clean but with a dog, cat, and my family I don’t know how people keep them clean?!
    Cleaning is so expensive sometimes I think I should just buy a disposable priced rug and be done with it.
    How do you manage? I can just hear my mother “Stay out of the dining room!” and that’s not realistic. LOL

    1. When one of my jute rugs is stained, I’ll take it outside on a nice day and hose it down! Now, this one has a backing, so I would probably spot clean it and take it to be professionally cleaned every 5-10 years.

  14. How does the sisal hold up to the movement of the chair legs? I love a sisal but wasn’t sure if it would get destroyed in a dining room.

    1. It’s actually jute and, in my experience, it’s a rug that wears very well. I have several jute rugs (one that’s even been outside for over a year) and the natural fibers hold up to wear and use.

  15. I think it just completes the whole space beautifully! And personally, I don’t think it takes away from the mural at all. Great choice!

  16. When I first saw the picture on Intagram, I said to my hubby… “oh Marian has a new rug” before I read anything. His reply… “It’s a bit creepy that you know this”. I guess it is. LOL I love the size! Still a very beautiful room. 😀

  17. Well done, Marian. If the spirt ever moves you why don’t you paint a large floor cloth?!
    I did a large one in cream and black with a thin deep red border and many many coats
    of poly. I live in Rufus Porter/John Avery country and have seen many houses with such murals.
    Actually the iterate painters would use both stencils and free hand painting on walls.
    I have a friend who has a wall mural from early 1900’s which is Portsmouth,NH, It is
    abit tired but so amazing. They think the man on the horse is Lafayette because he
    made a visit to Portsmouth and it was a big big deal.

  18. This is nice, but couldn’t you just stencil the diamond/harlequin pattern on the other rug?

    1. I suppose that could’ve been an option. I’m not sure it would’ve looked as nice as this one, though!

  19. I’m sad to say I never would’ve have thought to add that rug to the room and I would’ve seriously missed out. Your dining room is gorgeous and that rug brings the perfect layer of color and texture.

  20. Such a beautiful addition to your dining room! It really kicks it up a notch I think! Dining rooms are always so serious, but this one is one that really draws you in and makes you want to spend time in it. Love it! The before and after photos are amazing!

  21. I do love a painted checkered floor–so this rug is perfection (without the commitment of a painted floor). I love jute rugs, but have always balked at spending the money on them because of the upkeep. I am wondering what your typical routine is in keeping them so pristine? Do you vacuum them? Shake them out? And do they fray after awhile? The addition of the jute rug gives your dinning room a bit of a twist, some added fun to an already beautiful space.

  22. I didn’t think this room could be improved but you have done it again! The rug is absolutely beautiful and I love what it adds to the room!

  23. It brightens and opens up a room which I thought was already perfect- ls there a word for better than perfect?

  24. Marian, I love It! This is my favorite room in your home, as I know it was a challenge and you really hit a home run! The rug gives it the eclectic feel that I didn’t even know it needed! It’s classy and really does enhance your mural. Love it and job well done!

  25. That rug is just the cherry on top of an already delicious sundae! The room was already beautiful but the rug just adds an extra layer of perfection.

  26. Love most of what you do but this rug, though the colors are spot on, seems way too busy for this smallish ( looking, at least) room with all the stenciled walls, in my humble option.

  27. I LOVE the rug. You have a good eye for combining color and texture! The walls are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration you provide. 🙂

  28. It is perfect! And I was thinking the same thing about it being similar to the painted checked floor cloths that are often in rooms with Rufus Porter style murals. I have a Rufus Porter style mural in my own, in very different colors of course so I am always drawn to other murals. That room is just spectacular!

  29. Bullseye, Marian.. the rug pulls all the colors from your chairs, furniture and mural together. I LOVE it..

  30. Nope, it distracts from your beautiful wall treatment and covers up your pretty floors. Also not as tranquil feeling, in my humble opinion .

    1. It’s definitely not as tranquil, but I think it’s more interesting. That’s just to my design eye, though!

  31. Once again a room that’s already beautiful is taken up a notch. I love the rug. The pattern really compliments the caning on the back of the chairs, both in the color and the diamond shapes. Congratulations! 🙂

  32. I’m a fan. I will admit that I might have not chosen this myself, but I do not have your talent for design. I know I’m much too traditional and unfortunately a lot of choices reflect my age (66). What I truly don’t understand is all the feedback about having a rug in the dining room. In over 25 years I’ve never had an issue. This included the birth and growing up years of 3 grandchildren and countless family gatherings not to mention the number of bottles of red wine consumed. In my opinion, rugs are meant to protect hardwood floors and I couldn’t imagine having chairs scraping their finish. Your room is lovely and your choices are spot on.

  33. Marian, I believe I may have missed your post about painting your dining room wall. I tried searching your site but couldn’t find it. I love how you painted the wall!! You are incredibly talented. I have sisal rugs in our family room, which gets a lot of use from our family and pets. They still look fabulous.

    Interesting perspectives from your readers on the rug. I think the dining room is charming.

  34. I love it! Never would have thought to add this design to the room but wow. It was tranquil before but now it has jazz. Can you have jazzy tranquility?

  35. Love the rug. I think it’s just perfect for the room.
    In some of the places we’ve lived we’ve had a rug in the dining room and sometimes not. I let the style of the room dictate whether I use a rug. I have never had a problem with keeping one clean, and we’re red wine drinkers.
    …Just my two cents… I would change out the chair cushions. They worked fine before the rug, but I think their a little too fussy with the style of the room now. I would use something a bit more tailored (i.e. no ruffles).

  36. The rug is gorgeous! I think it’s perfect. It adds just the right amount of juxtaposition to the room without being overwhelming. I like how it plays off the mural…almost like an extension of it. The whole room looks so inviting. It reminds me of laying a blanket under a tree on a beautiful hill, having a picnic, and relaxing with a good book or some good conversations. Very well done!

  37. Lord, I think it is absolute perfection! It does remind me of painted harlequin floors (which I hope to have one day), but the fact that it’s a rug adds texture and a bit of coziness that hard floors lack. I’m totally smitten!

  38. I loved this room so much and now it’s even better! That rug is perfect! You have such a great eye for design.

  39. I love the rug, i think it is the perfect rug for the room, its like an updated historically correct flooring for your mural. PERFECT!!

  40. Sooo pretty!!! And very French. The size of the rug is spot on! This would be my favorite room too. A nice combo on mixing pattern and colors for the perfect blend of cozy and wow.

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