What’s your number?

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I’ve heard about the enneagram number for years, but I never even looked into taking a test.  Finally, enough people mentioned it to me that I thought I might as well take the test and see what my number was.  I found one online that claimed to be fast and accurate (and free), so I took it.

You can find that test HERE.

My result was a 7 – The Enthusiast.

The description of The Enthusiast fit me pretty perfectly.  I always feel pulled in a million directions with all of my ideas and interests!

I was intrigued to learn more, so took a second test offered by the Enneagram Institute that was a bit more in-depth and cost $12.  The result of that test was a tie between 7 and 3 – The Achiever.  Yep, that sounds pretty spot on!

I also scored high as a 8, which is The Challenger, but I think that one was a bit of a false score.  For many questions, I selected that I would confront a person or a situation directly, which I will and do.  I do it not because it comes naturally, but because I believe it’s the right thing to do.  It’s something I’ve learned to do as I’ve matured.

  The positives and the pitfalls of 7’s and 3’s sound much more like me.  Here are some brief descriptions of 7’s and 3’s from the Enneagram Institute…

Obviously, we are all unique, so a personality test that puts all people into nine categories isn’t the end-all, be-all, but it can be a useful tool for self-reflection.  It can also be helpful when running a business and/or working in a team.  I can better understand my own shortcomings and strengths and those of the people working with and for me and the Enneagram score gives us a way to communicate that generally to each other.

If you have five minutes and you don’t know your Enneagram number, you can take the quick & free test HERE.  I’m not affiliated with either of these sites in any way.  I just thought it was interesting and wanted to share!

So, what’s your number?

What’s your number?

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30 Comments on “What’s your number?”

  1. I am a 9. I believe that 8 is challenger and 9 is the peacemaker. 🙂
    It is pretty spot on with me as well and has challenged me in the areas of spiritual growth and stagnation. Highly recc. “The Road Back to You” by Cron. I just finished and enjoyed reading about all the types. I agree that it is not the end all of who a person is, but for me, I connect with the descriptions and pos/neg of each in a way that other tests have not helped me in.

  2. If both 3 and 7 sound possible, you may want to read the description of the 3 with a 2 wing. The 3 is the only number that can LOOK a lot like another number depending on its wing, specifically 3 with a 2 wing looks and acts very much like a 7 but with slightly different motivation for similar actions. Additionally, 3-6-9 are related (the philosophy of the enneagram is QUITE involved) so it wouldn’t be surprising if you were a 3 to have some characteristics of 9. No one can tell you what your enneagram number is since it is so motivation based and you are the only one who knows your motivations!

    1. Yeah, I know it’s very involved and I didn’t get that in-depth with it. It’s definitely interesting, though!

  3. I’m a 9 with 1 wing. I follow Beth McCord on Instagram. I’m learning a lot about me. Her account is yourenneagramcoach.

  4. I’m a 6 (Loyalist) & a 1 (Reformer) – both are pretty spot on! I also got a 5 (Investigator), which isn’t nearly as accurate – some are right, but mainly a miss. Very interesting & worth the five minutes for sure. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I am a 5 and would have pegged you as a three, (they like things to be perfect and are high achievers)
    we do enneagram at my work and it is very helpful when working with a team of people, understanding their strengths and weak areas.

  6. I am a 2 with a 1 wing. I was a manager at work. This tool helped me understand people so much. I find that it is when people are in their unhealthy mode is when it is the easiest to see the number they are. There is so much to learn and understand about yourself and others. I find I have become a much more compassionate person since I have learned about the enneagram.

  7. I came out 2, 9 & 5. I think I’m more 2, helper. But parts of 9, peacemaker & 5, investigator, fit. Interesting test.

  8. Interesting. Discussions of enneagrams have certainly become increasingly popular lately. The site Christian Answers for the New Age has had quite a few warnings about it, though, as well as others, which has made me very leery of taking the test and investing too much into it.

    1. I read an article about it and I think the danger is when people use these numbers as a compass to chart their lives. I use it as one of many tools for self-reflection and having a surface-level understanding of others a little better. Ultimately, my compass comes from God’s Word and the Spirit’s leading, which overrides any result on a personality test.

    1. Yes, I read about that. This test is commonly used in business these days and I think if it’s used as a general guide for personalities, it’s a harmless thing. The danger comes when we use any man-made personality test dictate our life and life choices and/or to use it as an excuse for sinful or wrong behavior. “Well, I’m a 7, so that means I’m impatient, no changing that!” I am a child of God before I’m a 7 and I’m held to standards He laid out in His Word.

  9. I’m a four and found the test to be great fun! I had to get feedback from those who know me well in order to get and accurate result though. Now that I’m past 50, I’m more interested in what my inherent weaknesses are and THAT part of the enneagram was the most helpful! It gave me insight and answered life-long questions.

  10. I think it’s okay to put personalities in groups but I always found it very difficult to test myself. I think I’d be all over the chart!! hehe Beautiful picture of you, Marian! Blessings as you continue your business!

    1. I tend to be someone with a lot of “ties” in personality tests. For example, in Dave Ramsey’s test of free spirit vs. nerd, I am exactly split between the two!

  11. I got 1 (Reformer) and 3 (Achiever) which definitely describe me perfectly! I also had 9 (Peacemaker) but that one seemed less accurate to me, because I am much more aggressive than peacemaking. I thought it was interesting to see that they listed how others can get along with you better, because I found those things to REALLY hit home with what I wish people would understand about me. As well, the listing of what is hard about being a particular category is also accurate.

    1. Yep, I find it’s pretty insightful and definitely interesting. As I said…not the end-all, be-all, but interesting!

  12. Thanks for the tip. I’d been hearing about this but didn’t know what it was. I’m a 6 devoted, trustworthy, reliable, good at problem solving but scare myself with worst case scenarios. yep, really scare myself! And a 4 creative, unique, deep but can get lost in my feelings. yep! also got a 5 cerebral, competent, perceptive, original but can get lost in ideas avoiding feelings. yes, when I can’t be a 6 solving a problem because it’s to big for me I get super busy to destress & not think about it. Don’t know why I got 3 numbers. It was fun.

  13. The Enneagram has been so life enhancing for me. Understanding myself and my loved ones through the lens of the Enneagram has given me more grace for myself and others. Like the first comment I strongly recommend The Road Back to You by Cron. It’s a great first dive into the Enneagram from a deeply Christian perspective. I can’t say enough about how this tool for understanding has deepened my love, patience, and love for my family and others I’m in relationships with. Thank you for sharing your light, Marian.

  14. I would have guessed you to be a 3. I’m one too. Suzanne Stable’s podcasts are good on enneagrams.

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