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I wasn’t able to get my post up yesterday, because I was shooting a local home in Rochester.  It was such a fun day!  I love photoshoots, styling, tweaking, etc.  Anyway, today I’m going to share about a slipcover I made for my studio desk chair.  Remember this desk chair that I got a couple of years ago when I rearranged the furniture in my studio and office to make both spaces more functional?

tufted upholstered desk chair | miss mustard seed

desk | chair | rug

I moved this chair into my studio when Jeff was working out of my office during the stay-at-home orders and I liked it in there.  It’s a pretty comfortable chair and the small scale suited the antique teacher’s desk I use as a work surface in the studio.  I just wanted to customize it a little bit and while I was playing with fabrics to make a slipcover for my office chair (you can find that post HERE), I decided to make a slipcover for the studio chair, too.


I made it out of an antique embroidered curtain panel that I’ve had in my stash for years and it turned out so sweet!

studio chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

I followed the same method I share in THIS slipcover tutorial.

studio chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

Of course, it’s the embroidery that really makes this slipcover special…

studio chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

studio chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

The back of the chair is my favorite part, though!  I had enough fabric that I was able to really show off the embroidered panel on the front and back.

studio chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

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My mom helped by cutting, ironing, and pinning all of the ties while I worked on pinning and sewing the slipcover.

studio chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

studio chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

I finished off the bottom of the slipcover with a little ruffled skirt.

studio chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

So, the one last thing I might do is paint the legs since they look a little dark and heavy in comparison to the feminine slipcover.  It’s much more noticeable in photos than it is in person, though.  So, we’ll see!  Until then, I have bigger projects to finish up like painting the bathroom cabinets…

studio chair slipcover

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37 Comments on “studio chair slipcover”

  1. Sweet & special aren’t the right adjectives – I think spectacular fit the bill a little better! That is so gorgeous Marian!

  2. Oh my gosh it’s so special and perfectly you !

    Wonderful job of pairing the fabric to the chair’s profile !

  3. Oh just love the embroidered fabric you used. I am really happy I framed all the counted cross stitch pieces that are hanging all over our home to enjoy each day. So much work and time went into those pieces. And when I was newly married I did stamped work pieces that are so colorful. Marian continue doing all the beautiful decorating in your home and sharing it with us — such an inspiration !

  4. As always, just beautiful. I can see how just sitting in that adorable chair would inspire my creativity.

  5. Holy Cow!! Another great project done!! You are amazing! This slipcover is really a one of a kind. It’s just a lovely touch to
    that room. Great job. Love, love it!

  6. Kudos to your very helpful mom. If her home is half as lovely as yours, I’m sure we’d all love a peek.

  7. I agree with Mary S that this slipcover is one of a kind! You are indeed amazing to churn out so many remarkable projects! I’d love to have your skills, creativity and talent to do all that you constantly accomplish!

  8. This slipcover is absolutely beautiful…..feminine and so lovely….. the embroidery and back ties definitely make it a one of a kind….. I can just imagine you sitting in your chair and blogging!!!!

    I have a vintage Portuguese coverlet put away and recently came across it wondering how to reuse the aged fabric…. the material has thinned out threads and pulled on the queen size scalloped edged coverlet

    My desk chair is very similar to yours and can use a redo…… yours is an inspiration and a project to look forward to!!!

    Wish me luck!!!!!

  9. That embroidery is spectacular! You and your Mom did a beautiful job.
    (As a sewer, that panel would have made an awesome duster/jacket too, to pair with jeans.)
    Don’t think the legs look out of place, rather blend in with the other natural wood pieces in the room. 🙂

  10. Adorable!!! I don’t even have a sewing machine and if I did I wouldn’t know how to use it🙃
    Love everything you do!

  11. That is creative and I love that the embroidery is given a second chance to be displayed. It’s beautiful!!

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