painted checkerboard studio floor reveal

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Well, it involved a lot of patience, crawling around on the floor, tape (3 rolls), and dry time, but the painted checkerboard floors in the studio are finally finished!

And I absolutely love them!

I would say I wished I had done them initially when we first moved in, but I’m glad I had some time to live with the white-painted floors first.  The room has been a slow evolution, so I could learn how I worked best and what I needed.  I’ve put a lot of thought into the placement of each piece and, while I’m sure I’ll continue to tweak and maybe even do a full overhaul down the road, it’s pretty perfect for right now.  I needed to do a lot of scooting to figure that out, though, and the floors took the brunt of that.

The checkerboard pattern on the floor adds just enough interest without being overly busy or drawing too much attention.  If this room was a story, the floor is an interesting, fleshed-out supportive character.

While I was putting everything back, I took some time to tidy the studio as well.  I acknowledge that my messy isn’t messy to a lot of people.  It comes in the form of books and magazines stacked on the desk, maybe a bag of recent purchases by the door, drawers that aren’t organized, a brush or two that need to be washed, a few hairballs on the floor.  I have a pretty low threshold for mess, so you’re not ever going to see my rooms piled with stuff or so much of a disaster that you can’t walk through them.  That being said, it was nice to give everything a good cleaning.

I love how the pale blue in the floor now brings out the pale blue of the ceiling even more.  Some people might not like the subtle shifts in whites, but I love playing whites off of one another.  Bright white trim, creamy white walls, pale blue ceiling, warm vs. cool, etc.  To me, it looks interesting; it keeps whites from being boring.

My art cart is usually parked by the easel, but now that we have cats, I can’t use the glass palette and keep my paints sitting out.  I can use it, but I have to keep the door closed and clean it right after so curious paws aren’t covered in oil paint and then tracked through the house.  So, I’ve been using my hand-held wooden palette and storing it in the closet.  Since I don’t need it right next to me, I pushed the cart in the corner by the large cabinet.  It’s out of the way, but still accessible.  It holds frequently-used sketchbooks, brushes, photo sources, mediums, pigments, paper towels, and baggies for used towels.  I can roll it out if I need a surface right next to me, but it’ll probably stay in that spot most of the time.

The drafting table and stool have new felt sliders under them, so I can move them easier without damaging the floor.  The drafting table can usually stay in that spot, but I sometimes use the wall behind it for photoshoots.

It’s a little thing, but I love the stuff on top of the closet!  It adds warmth and texture and the baskets provide some additional storage if/when I need it.

This corner is still a work in progress.  We will most likely be replacing the door that leads to the kitchen, so the trim was popped off to see how it can be removed.  And both doors will be painted in my custom-mixed “Boxwood Green.”

This week, Jeff and I are working on building the shelf under the window to store more books and my yarn stash.  I can’t wait until that is done!  (See what a mess that corner is?!  Just look at that stack of books!  Pigsty.  Kidding.)

When I scooted the furniture back in place, I considered trying the desk in a new spot, but it didn’t work as well as where it’s been.  I moved furniture around and then remembered that I’ve already been through this drill and there were practical, well-thought-out reasons behind the placement of each piece.  There was no reason to change it unless I was going to use the space in a different way, which I wasn’t.

HERE is the post about the desk makeover.  It’s an antique teacher’s desk that I found at an antique store in PA.  It was blue when I bought it and I painted it in MMS Milk Paint Grain Sack, finished with Matte Tough Coat.

On the to-do list as well is to make a slipcover for the desk chair.  I’ve been dragging my feet on it a bit, since I’m not in love with that chair.  It’s comfortable enough, but I get squirmy in it if I’m sitting for too long.  I’ve debated trying to replace it, but I keep waffling.

A few people have asked about the chair at the easel.  That is a vintage chair and it is awesome!  I bought it last year at Junk Bonanza.  You can read about it HERE.

While I was getting everything sorted, I also taped the cord for the clip-on easel light to hide it a bit better.  Cords just drive me nuts!  If it wasn’t completely impractical, I would like an outlet-free, switch-free, cord-free, vent-free house (while still having electricity, heat, and AC.)

And here are just some more pictures of the space.  I was just enjoying having a photoshoot of my new space!

If you missed the details about the painted floor, you can find them in these posts…

Painting the checkerboard floors – part 1

Painting the checkerboard floors – part 2

The (almost) finished studio floors

Painting the other side of the studio floors

And, in case you didn’t see what this room looked like when we first moved in, here’s the side-by-side…

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    1. Kate

      Where did you get the scones on either side of the big cabinet?

      It’s probably good that you get squirmy in your desk chair. I’ve been told by my chiropractor that one should get up from sitting every 20 minutes and walk around or stretch. Sometimes I work at my laptop on our sofa and it’s so comfortable that I could sit for a long time there. I have to keep an eye on the clock to make sure I get up and move.

      • carswell

        I have the same pair in black on either side of my bed. They came from Pottery Barn but I believe they are discontinued now.

      • Michele M.

        Looks fabulous – what an amazing space.

        It’s just so perfect for you to create such beautiful artwork.

        Something to consider: a clear plastic chair mat for your office chair on wheels to protect the floor there even more.
        Both my hubs and myself use them on our hardwood floors in our home office.

    2. Connie

      Love the linen on office chair. Can you do post about that ?

    3. Karen

      Everything is beautiful. The floor looks amazing. You did such a great job!

    4. Sue in Northern Iowa

      Oh my gosh, I just hate seeing cords, too!! Wish I could eliminate them all from my house.

    5. Maria

      I just love how this space is so perfectly you:) Thanks so much for sharing!!

    6. Judeth

      I love everything about that space. You are truly gifted.

    7. Vickie White

      This room is sublime. Absolutely perfect in every way.

    8. JoAnn

      Have done an amazing job, you room is not only beautiful it is perfectly organized and so very inviting.
      It must draw you in when you view it from your kitchen.

      Absolutely love the painting of the rabbit, beautiful.

      My husband just finished a room for me above his shop, the evening of the day i started moving supplies in I fell and fractured the humerus bone of my left arm. It’s a bad fracture and will take three months to heal. i know you can relate to the frustration of not being able to do the things you want so badly to do. your room was an inspiration for me.

    9. Sandy

      Such a pretty room and furnishings…you really know how to make your rooms homey and beautiful. I have a similar desk chair that is so comfy. I think the problem is that your desk is not suited for a nice big chair. I would suggest you consider getting a more user friendly desk. It is a cute piece but not really practical for your legs and chair space needed. Just my two cents worth. I guess it just depends how much time you spend at your desk. xoxo

    10. Jami

      The space is lovely and really seems to create a soothing energy of light and creativity. It’s like a happy place!

      • Marian Parsons

        Thank you!

    11. Jeffrey Favreau

      I just am amazed by the work you do. BRAVO. It’s lovely to hear you speak about you organizing as you put things back. I believe when you rearrange and redecorate it is the perfect time to to a good cleaning of all your corners Again Cheers to your lovely work space.

    12. Winnie

      I love the shelves by the door. Did you make those or are they available for purchase somewhere?
      Thanks- love the room.

      • Marian Parsons

        They are available from Target.

    13. Wanda

      I love the checkered board pattern. I’m currently taping off the floor of my greenhouse for a black/white checkered board floor. My husband thinks I’m crazy! He helped me pop lines this past weekend. I told him it will be beautiful when I finished!

    14. Sandy A

      Love, Love, LOVE!!!

    15. Cynthia Johnson

      Every single thing looks so pretty…oh so pretty!
      I love the flower in the ironstone pot too 🙂

    16. Carol

      Your studio is gorgeous! I have cats, too, and my solution for my palette was to get a Masterson Stay Wet palette with a lid. I found a glass palette that fits perfectly inside, both from Amazon.

    17. Lillian

      ‘Love everything & the painted moldings over the blinds!

    18. Graham

      I am green with envy- the room is perfection!

    19. Sharon Rexroad

      I’ve learned that I need to have a slight downward tilt on my desk chair and my sewing chair. Look at an office supply store for one with THREE levers underneath. One of them allows the tilt – about 15 degrees is better ergonomically and helps your legs so you don’t cut off your circulation. The other two levers are for raising and lowering the seat, and for tilting the back forward & backwards from perfectly vertical. Of course, the office chair I’ll be using for my crafting space isn’t one of those – it’s a pretty cushioned rolling arm chair that I got for a steal because it was missing its cushion. So I’m planning on cutting the foam for the new cushion with that 15 degree tilt! I might even cut space for one of those bamboo tush cush’s out of the foam too (hope you got a laugh out of that).

    20. Jeanine

      What a fantastic space to create! I agree, the baskets and such warm up that corner and tie it all together. There is so much inspiration, it’s all my favorite! By the way, I never saw any mess, but the addition of a shelf will be great too. Enjoy!

    21. Stacey A

      Could the antique chair by the easel do double duty as your desk chair? Just a thought.

      • Marian Parsons

        I tried that, but it’s not quite right for sitting at the desk.

    22. Angela

      I am not one who can pick favourites of anything. I can’t pick a favourite food, colour, design etc… I like several from each category and I can like many room designs and can easily switch out my spaces, bedspreads, towels, paint colours etc… BUT this room, IS MY FAVOURITE!! I guess because I love art and creativity. P.S. I hate all cords also. ; )

      • Marian Parsons

        Thank you!

    23. Jody

      I covet your studio space. It is just the type of space I could sit in with a cuppa and just let me eyes drift around the room taking in all the vignettes and details.

    24. Lisa

      This room is totally gorgeous and totally you! I love absolutely everything about it.

    25. MaryLisa

      It’s such a great creative space you get to walk into everyday. I especially like the green vintage trolley. You have eye candy at every view. The floor is the perfect platform….

    26. Barb

      How has your heater/ac unit performed?
      I too have a three season porch & live in the Midwest. I’d love to use it year-round.

      • Marian Parsons

        It has been great! I was a little skeptical about it keeping the room toasty during the MN winters, but it has been great at heating and cooling.

    27. Cindy

      It looks so farmhousey, industrial, European and cozy. I love it! It’s hard to describe your look, but you sure have captured it here.

    28. Joan

      Ditto on the cords! I feel like nothing ruins the beauty of a room quicker than a bunch of unruly cords stealing the sceen!

    29. Pamela

      Utterly delightsome! I love every single detail (except that mess of stacked books by the door, of course;) this room is so perfectly balanced it must make your heart sing. I think the desk chair that makes you squirm is letting you know when it’s time to stand up and stretch so slipcover, don’t replace it. LOVE LOVE LOVE that floor and so many other things. The bunny art needs to come live at my house.


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