the new old desk

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My desk-sitting days pretty much ended when I left the corporate world over 12 years ago.   Since then, I prefer to spread out on the floor or a large table, perch at the kitchen counter, or prop a laptop on my lap while I lounge on the sofa.  I have had a desk at the studio for a couple of years, but I rarely, if ever sat at it.  It was basically a large, disorganized filing cabinet and catch-all.  I always preferred to take over one of our worktables and save my “desk work” for home.

But the nature of my work is changing, so I’ve been adapting my work space, one piece at a time  It started with the drafting table, which is a perfect place to sketch and paint.


…and I recently finished the art cabinet, where I can store supplies, tools, and papers.


And then I needed a desk.  At first, I cringed at having a desk that I would plan to sit at!  I sloughed off the traditional desk and looked for tables or other large non-desk work surfaces.  I finally resigned to the fact that people the world over use desks for work, because all of those drawers come in handy.

So, I started looking for an actual desk.  I wanted one that was deep, so I had plenty of work surface, sturdy, and with functional storage.  Immediately, a traditional “teacher’s desk” seemed like the answer.

I found a few for a good price on craigslist, but the condition looked really rough, so I waited.  My mom and I stumbled across this one when we were out antiquing and, while at $225 it was a bit more expensive than others I had looked at, it was in perfect working order and worth the extra expense in my estimation.



I love that this desk is so deep and it has working pull-out writing surfaces on both sides.  I bet those will come in handy.


And the drawers have many of the original wood dividers still, so things don’t slide around as the drawers are opened and closed.


Even though it’s blue, my mom pointed out that it’s not “one of my blues”, so I am repainting it.  I love blue, but I want the desk to be white, so it is neutral and works well with the art cabinet.  Kriste and I took turns painting it in MMS Milk Paint Grain Sack today and it’s looking really good!

I also worked on some organizational stuff today and, when we only had about 20 minutes left in the work day, I was ready to purge and organize the entire studio!  I just got the bug!  Since that project would take more than 20 minutes, it had to wait for another day.

I’ll share more on the work space as it comes together…


PS – I am going to start a blog series in January about the business side of blogging and what I do.  I am going to answer some questions I’ve had recently about my work space, organization, balance, etc., but will also address other things like advertising, revenue streams, expenses, etc. I definitely don’t have all of the answers, but if you have a question you would like me to answer in that series, please leave a comment letting me know!

Also, if there is a “dear reader” post you would like me to write, leave a suggestion for that as well.

the new old desk

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