there is a time & place for spray paint

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I am just going to admit it.  I am a bit of a paint snob.  That is probably not a huge surprise to anyone, since I am an unabashed paint enthusiast and, therefore, I am a bit picky about my paints.

That being said, even though milk paint has my heart, I do use other paints on occasion, like latex for walls and trim, acrylic for some hand painting, and I even have a few cans of spray paint on my shelf.

I cringe at the idea of using a can of spray paint on an entire piece of furniture (yes, dad, like your desk), but there is a time and a place for spray paint.

When I was looking for casters for the art cabinet, I was really hoping to find some vintage or antique cast iron wheels…some that would work with the hardware I selected and would be sturdy enough to handle the weight of the piece.

I found these wheels at a local antique store and gave them a try.  At $13 for the set of four, they were well priced and worth a shot!


They are wheels that are meant for an industrial shoe cart and they do roll surprisingly well, but these were a little creaky under the weight of the cabinet and their angle looked awkward on this boxy piece.

I searched Etsy and eBay for casters, but all of the sets that I loved were a lot more than I wanted to spend…like, a couple hundred dollars for a set of four.  I was also concerned about the functionality of antique wheels purchased online.  Could they support the weight?  Did they still swivel and roll properly?  It just wasn’t going to be the best option.

So, I went to my default – find something with potential and make it work.

I started with 2″ steel wheels from Lowe’s that I use on a lot of pieces.  They are inexpensive ($3.97/each), have a vintage vibe, can handle heavy pieces, and roll smooth.  But, they were the wrong color.  The steel would stick out in contrast to the cast iron handles.


So, I pulled out a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  It’s a matte, brownish-black spray paint that would make these wheels work better with the hardware.  It’s not an exact match, but it’s close enough.


I had to turn each wheel a couple of times in order to get them completely sprayed, but spray paint dries quickly, so I had them painted and installed in no time.


And voila!  Wheels that fit the bill without breaking the bank.



PS – We’ve rounded up some new items for the online shop and the sale will go live tomorrow night (Thursday, December 1) at 10:00 pm EST.  You can see the “coming soon” items HERE and more will be listed prior to the sale going live.

there is a time & place for spray paint

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9 Comments on “there is a time & place for spray paint”

  1. Glad you went with the new caster wheels, they look good with the art cabinet. I have decided to do the same thing with two chests (one indoor, one outdoor) that need wheels, for the same reasons. Have you spray-painted wheels before, and do they flake or smudge paint onto the floor or carpet? I am a renter, so must be careful to have non-marking wheels. One chest stays outside (on a covered balcony with decking) year-round, in the Pacific NW, so the wheels need to be rust-proof. Any advice you have would be appreciated. Thank you, Marian.

  2. Ace hardware sells some that have a bronze base and black wheel. Vintage look and no spray paint needed!

  3. Oil rubbed bronze spray paint is my go-to for refreshing metal items. Great color and dries super fast.

  4. Unless the package specifically says “non-marking”, or the wheels are metal, I wouldn’t feel comfortable using them, as I can’t take the chance of a black or colored wheel leaving marks, which some do. That’s why I haven’t bought the Ace black-wheeled ones. Also, I want four that look exactly the same, but with two of them having brakes. So far, haven’t found the size, color, style, material, and price that I need with these specs. That’s why I’m thinking of painting some, IF I can at least find all the other features I need in four uniform casters.
    Thanks for any advice on my previous question about the paint, Marian.

  5. I use that oil rubbed bronze spray paint a lot, just recently painted a brushed nickel light fixture to match the fixtures in my kitchen. It looks great. Ditto for some door handles and hinges. Spray paint can do wonders for little money.

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