painting the other side of the studio floor…

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Last week, I was determined to get the studio floor finished.  That’s one of the difficult things about doing projects in stages.  It’s shiny and new at the outset, but when you only have about four feet to finish, it’s hard to get motivated.  It’s not exciting any longer and it’s somewhat anticlimactic.  But, it was pretty obvious that the floor was only partially done and I was really ready to have the studio put back together again and looking pretty.

So, Monday morning, I moved all of the furniture over to the left side of the room.  Well, all of the furniture except the massive cabinet!  That piece is so heavy and so full (and it’s screwed into the wall) that it needs to stay where it is.  I’m rarely in favor of painting around a piece of furniture, but in the case of pieces that are huge and not likely to be moved in the near future, it just might need to be done.

The floor looks so much worse when it’s next to boards that are freshly painted!  The checkerboard is subtle, but it really does make a huge difference.

You can find the step-by-step instructions for taping & painting the floors in PART ONE and PART TWO, along with all of the materials and tools used.

Monday was a pretty busy day, but I took some time in the evening to put on a coat of primer.  As I did with the other side of the room, I let it dry overnight to give it plenty of time.  The next day, I applied two coats of paint.

When I’m applying two coats of the same color, I’ll cover the roller and paint tray with Press’N Seal.  It does a great job of keeping the paint from drying out and then the paint and roller are ready to go for the next coat.  I’ll sometimes wrap brushes this way, too.

I ended up not having time to tape and paint the floors on Wednesday (I was still playing catch-up from my creative retreat), so I made sure I protected time on Thursday.

I have to admit, I was not looking forward to crawling around on the floor again, taping off squares, but I put on some good music (Hamilton, this time) and got to work.  Since I had my system down and this space was much smaller, it went quickly.  I had it taped off in about an hour.

The painting and tape removal took about another hour.

I let the floors dry overnight and then I touched up the baseboards and moved the furniture back.  Most of the pieces are on wheels, so it’s easy to scoot things around.  The drafting table is on sliders, but they were peeling a bit, so Jeff helped me add new felt sliders.  I also added felt sliders to the drafting table stool.  I know these floors will get marked over the years, but I want to do a better job at protecting them, since they took so much time.

And they look fantastic!  I was going to show all of the reveal pictures in this post, but there are a bunch, so I decided to save them for a dedicated reveal post.  I’ve loved this space from the beginning, but I feel like it keeps getting better and better…

painting the other side of the studio floor…

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33 Comments on “painting the other side of the studio floor…”

  1. Have you thought of putting a protective clear coat over everything? I’m sure they make them in a low sheen. Might buy you a little more time. It’s pretty and I like that it’s subtle. It’s not fighting the other elements in the room

    1. I did, but the paint is a very high-quality enamel with a semi-gloss finish. It really doesn’t need a topcoat.

  2. Every time I see this space, I just love it. And now with those floors it is so over the top, it all looks so beautiful. What an inspiration.

  3. A protective coat in a low shine would help. I love the room and would like to know where you got the two map binds. I have looked all over for one. Also I just notice the top you have on one. Where did you get it? It is exactly what I need.

    1. Are you talking about the wooden clips on the drafting table? I have three of them and was told they were used for canning, but I was never really sure about that. You think they were for maps?

  4. I adore this floor! I just love it and need to find somewhere I can put one! That whole studio space is just beautiful. . . I could move right in! Haha. Just what you need!
    Those kitties are getting big. . . I love seeing them.
    Love to you all💗

  5. I love the floor! Good job, the soft gray is perfect. Interesting but not too jarring like dark color would be. Is this just one of those “Florida rooms” that you put in the wood floor and ceiling?

    You are always awesome!

  6. This is a good reveal anyway, Marian – it looks amazing – you are so clever. Looks like it always should have.

    Can hardly believe it is the same space from when you first moved there. What an amazing job you’ve done to that awesome space from the get-go.

    Love this new floor look.

  7. Who wouldn’t enjoy creating there It’s such a beautiful studio space just love how it turned out and I really enjoy reading your blog!

  8. This is my dream room, everything about it!
    I know exactly what you mean about having a hard time getting back and finishing! Once you lose moment it is hard to get it back (I speak from the voice of experience!!)

  9. The floors are GORGEOUS—I might try my luck painting my very small upstairs hallway, with your exact colours! Very nice!

  10. Marian, the floors look fantastic! What a gorgeous studio space! I am also VERY interesting in that rabbit painting on your easel! I adore rabbits and bunnies, that painting is beautiful.

    It’s nice to see the kitties visiting, they are getting to be big girls!

    Kudos to another beautiful project completion.

  11. Your studio is so fresh and romantic! That easel with the rabbit is so charming. I am in love with your green chest
    under your window wall.

  12. Absolutely beautiful! The floor, the colors, the furniture , the function, the artwork, your kitties…all absolutely beautiful!

  13. Regarding the old wooden clamp on the drafting desk, I’ve looked around and found they’re Bulldog blanket clamps used for old textiles. I saw nothing about canning 🙂

  14. I love it! It’s classic, soft and not over powering. The color choice is just perfect. You always inspire me. Thank you

  15. This is my favorite room in your house, I think it is my favorite room anywhere, ever!

  16. I love everything about your home and admire your talent. I do find it ironic that you want to preserve your floors in a pristine state but happily transform furniture into chippy pieces that look like they need to be painted.

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