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The makeover in a month is finished and it’s time for me to share the full home office makeover reveal!

A few weeks ago, when I was planning out the projects to work on with my parents, my office wasn’t officially on the list.  I had written “home office – stripes?”  I was considering something like painting tone-on-tone stripes on the walls.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I knew it needed just a little something more.  I rearranged and fluffed the office a bit a couple of months ago (all with things I had on hand) and liked the result, but I wanted to make the walls more interesting and customize the desk chair.  Wallpaper and inexpensive 2/3-height paneling did the trick!

If you missed the first few posts about this home office makeover, you can find them here…

Installing the paneling

Slipcovering the desk chair

Hanging the blue & white wallpaper

Here is how the office looks now…

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

It’s right off our foyer and visible from the living room, so I want it to be a nice, neat space.  Just because it’s an office doesn’t mean it has to be strictly utilitarian.

To the left of the door, there is an antique oak hutch I bought shortly after we moved into our house three years ago.  I’ve had it in that spot with and without the hutch top, but the extra storage is nice, especially as my library continues to grow!

The chair in the corner is a yard sale leftover (free) that I slipcovered several years ago…

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

It’s a nice “guest chair” for people to sit in when they visit me as I’m working.  The shelf is filled with some pretty things, but also office supplies like printer paper, branded masking tape, twine, rubber bands, envelopes, and notebook refills.  I like to display pretty everyday things to save the closed storage for the unsightly stuff.

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

I’m going to try to source some more barn swallow drawer pulls, but I bought these on clearance from Anthropologie years ago and haven’t seen them anywhere since.  I get asked about them all the time, though!

barn swallow bird pulls anthropologie | miss mustard seed

My mom and I played the ukelele together when she was visiting and I really enjoyed it, so my dad traded my cheap one for this really nice baritone ukelele.  (My parents love buying musical instruments!)  It’s a little easier on my fingers than my guitar, so I look forward to playing it.  You can see a short clip of me and my mom playing together HERE.

pono baritone ukelele | miss mustard seed

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

slipcovered wing chair tutorial series

I used to resist hanging my own artwork.  I think it’s because I felt like I would be distracted by the mistakes and things I wanted to fix.  I’ve let that go now (for the most part) and I’ve started hanging more of the art I create.  I love this linen color chart in a simple frame…

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

I might gold leaf the frame, but I like how it looks with the white on white for now.

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

 linen color chart | lamp | frame

I love how the paneling and wallpaper set off the colorful bookcase now.  There is something about it that draws me in.  I stop and look over my books often, pulling off one or two to browse through them for inspiration and ideas.

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

bookcase | rug

It’s “almost” full, so the books will start overflowing into the hutch when that happens and I’ll rework the office supplies.

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

I do play guitar and I like to have it hanging on the wall – first of all, because it’s so pretty, but also because it’s easier to remember to practice regularly.  I’ll just pull it down and play around with it for a few minutes when I’m feeling stuck as well.

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

My dad gifted me this guitar a few years ago when I couldn’t even dream of spending money on one.  It has a beautiful sound and is a special piece to me.

Other than the bookcase, my favorite part of the room is my inspiration wall!

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

desk | inspiration board | gold leaf tutorialwallpaper | magnets

I got this L-shaped desk a couple of years ago and it has been such a great work surface.  I have plenty of room to spread out as I’m working.

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

To save a little space on the desk, I hung a pair of wall sconces on either side of the inspiration board.  I like how the brass ties into the gold-leafed frame and it really does cast a nice light on the work surface at night.

vintage style home office makeover | brass wall sconces | miss mustard seed

brass wall sconces

I used a paintable cord cover to hide the wires, so they blend into the paneling.  I just cut it to size with scissors so it fits around the frame.

vintage style home office makeover | index card art project | miss mustard seed

cord cover | frame | paneling | index card art project

I keep the desk accessories pretty simple, storing pencils in antique marmalade jars and I have a wire file rack for mail, samples, notebooks, etc.  I waffle between wanting everything out in the open and wanting a tidy work area!

vintage style home office makeover | dundee marmalade jars | miss mustard seed

antique Dundee marmalade jars | vintage perpetual calendar

This home office makeover took a nice room and make it really special.  It feels crisp and fresh and is a great place to work and create in tandem with my studio.

vintage style home office makeover | miss mustard seed

I’ll have to write a blog post that shares the full three-year evolution of this room, but here is how it started…

If you’d like to see a few more room makeovers, you can check out Leslie of My 100-Year-Old Home,   Melissa of The Inspired Room,  and KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms, who also participated in the Makeover in a Month series.

You can also find room makeovers that I’ve shared on my blog over the years HERE.

makeover in a month | home office makeover reveal

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48 Comments on “makeover in a month | home office makeover reveal”

  1. Inspiration and artistic creativity should come easily in that gorgeous office. This is one of the most beautiful and functional offices that I have ever seen. You should be very proud of your accomplishments.

  2. The room is so beautiful!! I love every part of it but I especially love the wallpaper!

    Could you take an after picture from the same spot as the before picture from 3 years ago? I’d love to see the whole space from that same angle!

  3. The room is just lovely! I’d like to be half as neat and tidy as you are with your spaces. My daughter is urging me to start cleaning out closets and rooms in my house. I’m trying to get motivated to do that.

    1. I love your ‘white on white’ display of your art. The room is beautiful and has come a long way from its beginning.. A swan! Your ideas always inspire. I love your inspiration board. Love the wallpaper, the paneling… Well done on everything!!! Your mind is a beautiful thing..

  4. wow, I didn’t realize what a change or how large it was. Amazing! You do things so good….thanks for sharing this beautiful space with us.

  5. Sooooo pretty!! Glad you showed us original room…. my goodness what an improvement!!! As always, great ideas to customize to my home!! 😃

  6. I would never get any work done in this space as I would just sit admiring it all! Lol.

  7. This is the prettiest home office I have seen! You have done a fabulous job of decorating it! Everything you do always turns out so beautiful. Marian, you have been blessed with a wonderful gift! Enjoy your gorgeous office!

  8. Such a pretty office! I really love it! May I ask where you found the large baskets on top of the bookcase? I am looking for something similar. Thanks!

  9. If you hadn’t written it no way in the world would I have EVER guessed that last “before” pic is your home office now. Just an incredible change. I adore your office and every detail of it is perfect.

  10. Can you share the thought process re not taking the paneling up to the height of the window? Just wondering how you made that decision for it to be just under the window height. Looks great just wondering.

      1. Yes, I’ll do that. It’s a really wide shot, so it’s not the typical photo I would take, but I will do it as a comparison.

    1. Yes, I wanted a 3/4 height look, but with 9′ ceilings, that was a little bit too high and it would look strange around the windows. So, I went with a 2/3 height. I liked where it hit on the windows, framing them out a little bit more. Basically, there isn’t a right or wrong height for wainscoting. There are some conventional heights, but it’s really about what looks good to the eye of the designer. I thought this looked good.

  11. This room is just BEAUTIFUL!! That word has been used a lot, but beautiful is the best word to describe it.

    The lights??? I see the paintable cord covers.. so I have to assume they are pluged into an outlet?

    WOW!!! What a job you did. LOVE IT!

  12. I just love this. My favorite parts are the books and magazines on the white shelf and the brown China hutch turned bookcase. I have one very similar and you’ve inspired me.

  13. The room is gorgeous. We keep our instruments on the wall, also, to encourage playing. I got ukulele bass as a retirement gift to myself. I’m learning to play bass during pandemic!
    Congratulations on your beautiful makeover!

  14. I love this room. Especially the wallpaper. I was trying to “read” what magazines you save in your bookcase.

    1. I keep some Country Living, Country Home, Magnolia, Where Women Create, and a few others. Most of the magazines in those stacks are ones I’ve been featured in, wrote articles for, did photography, etc.

  15. When I saw the wallpaper sample you showed in an earlier post, I thought the scale was too large. Boy was I wrong! It’s just perfect. I always learn something new from your projects! What a charming and functional space!

  16. It’s wonderful! What a great space to work in! I’m so glad that you are hanging more of your own art! =)

  17. Just lovely. Every bit. Could not believe the original ‘before’ picture. Inspiring. From Australia.

  18. Another home run for Marian!!!! Just beautiful!!! You have really stretched your “decorating wings” in this home.
    I think it gives people a lot of hope seeing that it is a modern built home. Instead of people just thinking, “Oh! it all looks so good because it is a vintage home”.
    Everything is just lovely!!!

  19. As a person who has done a lot of wallpapering I think you did a great job! The corners must have been quite challenging and you did a wonderful job. The room is so “breath of fresh air” and comfortable. I believe your surroundings affect your mood. It would be so nice to work in this space. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

    1. I bought it from Menards. I have linked to the specific product in the post about paneling.

  20. Amazing transformation! I’ll bet it didn’t take you long to whisk away those ‘before’ office room draperies from another era! Love reading about your home…thanks for sharing! It’s my daily inspiration and I look for your words before anything else I read online.

    1. Ha, yes! We took down curtains in the living room, dining room, and office in the first few days. They were beautifully made, but just not my taste.

  21. Love reading your emails! Your home is beautiful. You mentioned gold leafing, do you have any tips on this. I would love to try it sometime. Thank you for sharing.

  22. I was glad to see the mix of woods and contemporary with traditional. That is a creative way to utilize many pieces together.
    I have a grouping of office furnishings that is done in the laminate – black /expresso – and I have an older drop down secretary-style piece that I feel more comfortable using together. The architectural draw in this room to me was the molding around doorways and windows that will tie in with my older secretary piece.

    Thanks for sharing. Love all the how to videos.

  23. Hi Marian,

    Beautiful and so inviting! The product listing for those gorgeous brass sconces shows that they are hard wired. I’m confused since your wires are exposed. Do yours plug into an outlet?

    1. Mine do have a plug, so I wonder if they sold out! I looked at the website and don’t see a plug-in option any longer.

  24. Thank you for sharing this update Marian! It looks amazing. That little bird painting hanging on the shelves is adopted. Also, love how you integrated the brass sconces.

  25. Ebay has 3 bird handles. They are a bit pricey because they are retired but it depends on how bad you want them.

  26. I just love this transformation!!!
    I think it’s my favorite, so far, not that all your make-overs are wonderfully done!!!

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