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Last week, I shared that our master bedroom was not quite finished and I was mulling over some ideas for how to take this beautiful room and push it over the edge.  I received so many wonderful ideas, thoughts, and suggestions on that post, so thank you for that.  As I read your comments and thought through the possibilities, I settled on a few options that could work and I thought I would share them.

As a refresher, here is how the room currently looks…

A few of you mentioned the desk and, in my last post, I failed to say that this is on the list of things to remove from the space.  I just haven’t found the perfect thing to replace it, so it’ll hang out there until I do.  At that time, I’ll move it into the sewing room to use as a sewing desk.  It’ll provide more storage than the one I’m currently using.

Here are some of the options that are under serious consideration…

adding more color

I do loft the soft, monochromatic color palette, but it’s looking a little bland in this room.  I’m thinking it would benefit from having a few pops of color, so I pulled a few raspberry and indigo textiles out of my stash to see how they would work.  It would definitely add some pop!  I would add the color in accents, so it could easily be changed or removed down the road if I wanted to go in a different direction.

This option would involve lots of sewing and maybe purchasing some yardage, but it wouldn’t be an expensive option.

I’ve also looked at some other French General fabrics that could coordinate with Aviary Toile.

adding a cornice over the bed

While I was at the grocery store this weekend, I picked up the latest issue of Country French magazine and I stopped in my tracks when I landed on this page.  A cornice like that would work nicely with the shape of my bed.  I think it would be possible to make one out of wood and paint it in a trompe l’oeil pattern, so it looks like it has a carved relief.

I also really like the small shadowboxes arranged in an arch over the bed and might try a similar look.  I could use the blue & white Aviary Toile fabric as panels.

This one would involve quite a bit of time, some money for the wood and some additional fabric, but it’s still a viable option.  My hesitation on this one is the headboard is closer to the ceiling in my room and it might look short and wide, if you know what I mean.

add a statement rug

I have this beautiful antique rug in our master bathroom and I wish I could just blow it up to 10 x 14 and move it into the bedroom.  The colors are perfect and I think it would add a powerful punch.

Unfortunately, I can’t stretch the rug out.  Buying a large wool rug like this is $2,000-3,000 based on my searches, so it’s a spendy option and one I would have to save up for.  (And decide if that rug is a higher priority than other projects on our list and the answer to that is probably no.)

painting a mural behind the bed wall

I’ve considered this, but would it be overusing the same trick?  The nice thing about this option is it’s free and very high impact.  If I did paint a mural behind the bed, I would try for a different style and palette.  I’m not sure what that would be, yet!  I would have to sketch out some ideas and hunt for inspiration.  It’s a possibility, though.

starched fabric wall

I could starch some of the Aviary Toile above the chair rail (that I’ll install), just on the bed wall.  I did that in my last house and I know it’s high impact, but this wall is much bigger and I haven’t been able to find the Aviary Toile on sale again.  It was on sale when I purchased it for the curtains and I do have some fabric leftover, but not enough to cover the entire wall.

Just for fun, I should pin some up to the wall to see what it does.  That, along with some coordinating fabrics might be just enough punch.

Here’s how that looked in my last house (and I loved it!)

Lastly, I could paint & reupholster the bed to completely change the look of it.  I love it as is, but that is an option.

Anyway, it’s fun to think through the possibilities.  Which idea (or combination of ideas) do you like the best?


options for the master bedroom

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115 Comments on “options for the master bedroom”

  1. I loved the fabric wall in your last house…so much that I did the same thing in my master bedroom! I vote for that option or the raspberry/indigo pops of color.

  2. What if you painted a mural, but kind of like a patterned/wallpaper patternish one? I think you’d do a beautiful job and it’s something I haven’t seen before. Like, you could do some smaller scenes that repeat, but not exactly so it would be a work of art, but when you stand back, it would look like the toile fabric/pattern wall?

    I love the cornice, too. It’s going to be beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you do!

    1. I would add crown molding to room , move or add chaise lounge under large window
      take away desk u may add a blue painted chest where chaise is or a faux fireplace
      the bed is to georgeous to redo , add over headboard painting of your dog or a grouping
      of your small paintings like 3
      add color with throw pillows and on either side of bed 3x 9 rugs Gale

  3. Marian,
    I love that you commented on all these wonderful suggestions! Scroll back up and look at the magazine article featuring A MONOCHROMATIC Master Bedroom. Ha!
    I absolutely love your mural in the Dining Room but for some reason, I’m not sure about painting one behind your bed. As you pointed out above it’s closer to the ceiling so I don’t know if and/or how much will even show.
    I really want to encourage you to think about how much you loved the fabric on the wall in your previous bedroom. You already know how to do that and loved the way it looked! You may have to wait for a super deal on the same matching fabric or you may find another fabric you love even more at a great deal and have enough to make new curtains and cover the wall behind your bed. I think it would look so amazing if you painted both nightstands just like the lovely painted walls/ceilings/murals/furniture etc. you saw in France & Italy.

  4. I really like the idea of doing a fabric wall like you did in your previous home instead of doing a cornice over the bed. I think its just a little too dressy and takes away from your beautiful bed which is really the statement piece in the room.

  5. I can’t possibly urge you enough to do the mural! That was my first thought when you were musing about all of this in the first post. Your dining room wall is absolutely magical, serene, transforming…but I get that you don’t want a repeat. Maybe opt for an oversized botanical something-or-other instead? Put that raspberry red into big elegant hand-painted flowers instead of pillows or whatever? You are so SKILLED, Marian…truly. Do the mural!! You can always paint over it and go with one of the other options if it doesn’t suit you. Maybe even find vintage wallpaper as an inspiration and hand paint an homage to that?

    1. I too immediately thought of a mural but with a scene having a french chateau in the distant background. I also think it should be muted and not have too strong of a color pallet but kind of a misty scene. Just a suggestion because I know whatever you do it will be awesome!

    2. Ha! I was just going to agree with this poster’s thoughts, and then I saw her name. I know her! Hi, Becky. 🙂

      Marian, I like both the indigo and the raspberry red fabrics, and agree with Becky that a mural of raspberry red botanicals would be lovely.

      I also like the cornice, but think it is possible that using more Aviary Toile might be too much of a good thing? (The curtains are beautiful.)

      I know whatever you do will be lovely.

  6. You are so talented and you have the opportunity for a teachable moment. Don’t use fabric on the wall. Paint the wall so that it has a repeat, fabric-like appearance. A pattern from the Aesthetic movement or a William Morris style would look fabulous with that great bed. Many of us have learned technique from you and used it in our own homes. I am certain that you could come up with a painted pattern and achieve somewhat of a similar appearance to your former bedroom wall. I have been thinking about your last post. You need not do a “cover” but something fresh and challenging. You are always an inspiration! Go for it.

  7. Because your old bedroom was what first drew me to your blog, I was going to urge you to do the fabric wall again until I read Nancy’s comment. I think she nailed it: a painted repeat pattern would be fabulous! (And bonus: not expensive!) You’ve already proven that you can design patterns (your quilting fabrics; the blue and white rugs). This room needs contrast and some color saturation, and I don’t think you’ll get that with the cornice. As much as I love your dining room mural, does a second one upstairs makes the first one a little less special? I wonder what you’ll decide?!

    1. I agree! I’ve been pinning Swedish repeat stenciling and want to do it myself. (Please be my guinea pig…). You like the rug colors and it would be a great way to pull them into the room. Also some accent pillows for the bed would bring in some color.

  8. Hi. I love your monochromatic bedroom! It is so peaceful. Have you considered a wall teester or bed crown? It might make your fabric stretch to just enough.
    I know the perfect solution will come to you😊.
    All the best to you.

  9. I think there is alot to be said for a monochromatic master bedroom….. it should be a respit.
    A deep relaxing breathe should come when you enter that room. two upholstered chairs with a table in the middle.
    No function just relaxing for the two of you:)

    1. Oh, Diane, I love this idea! A private little space for two in front of the window ~ for tea, or chatting, or reading. It would encourage 1 on 1 talks with all of Marian’s “guys” ❤️❤️❤️

    2. I think adding crown moulding would be nice as well as some decorative throw cushions in a pop of colour and a small area rug and some nice prints above the bed would bring in some texture and colour. It is beautiful as it is but you just need a bit of texture and colour to add some life.

  10. I LOVE your current monochrome bedroom butit may need just a pop of color. What if you covered maybe 3 vertical panels with the same or coordinating fabric as the bedrrom drapes?? Just a thought. You ALWAYS come up with the right idea! 😊

  11. Hi Marian, I think Jenny and Nancy got it right, paint a wallpaper-ish pattern. I’m excited to see what you will do!

  12. Hi Marian, I LOVE all your choices but I do have a couple of favorites. Since the room will have a chair rail that divides the wall, I’l like to see you do a sky mural on the top incorporating elements of the aviary fabric (keeping the existing wall color). Also, I think once the crown molding is added it’ll be even harder to incorporate a cornice. Maybe you could build out the crown molding to create a shallow box that imagines a cornice but isn’t so heavy. Perhaps some ornamental trim on the corners to give it some importance and painted to match the other trim in the room. I’m dying to see what you decide to do. You never disappoint. Good luck!!!!

    1. I Love Amy’s idea, a pale sky above the chair rail. Other comments, the monochromatic room should be a respite. Our Master bedroom is painted a very similar color, and I do take that deep breath walking in there at night. I used pinks as my accent colors, in the quilt, and a few pictures. But I love the blues in your room, and have similar in my home. I also agree with the suggestion of the 2 chairs and a small table in front of the window. We all learn something new from your blog, and can’t wait to see what you choose. Maybe the aviary fabric for pillow shams, or throw pillows?

  13. Have you thought about adding fabric or wallpaper to the ceiling inside of curtained panels at the 4 corners of the bed and/or the wall behind the bed?

  14. I am far from being any kind of decorator, but I love looking at pretty rooms, and of course I have opinions. You sure do not need my ideas, your home(s) are gorgeous! I do have a little thought…one I’ve seen more again in magazines… what about a wood (painted or stained) or updated fabric cornice above window which flows with coordinating fabric for window treatments? That wall would have focal draw where windows don’t always. It will be fun to see what choices you make and what you create! Also, your bed is stunning!!

  15. Hi, Marian! I can’t remember if I commented on your previous post. I think I actually refrained. I thought about commenting, but it seemed like you were being inundated with too many “opinions.” Ultimately of course, you have to please yourself.

    That being said, I did have some thoughts…and since it seems like you are actually interested in our opinions, I’ll go ahead and share.

    Like others, it seems to me that you need an interesting focus above the bed. I immediately thought of an antique carved cherub that I once saw in a magazine above a bed—not that a cherub is actually what you need, but something UNUSUAL, interesting, and/or memorable would be great. An architectural relic?

    I actually love the idea of a crown! It’s something that I’d thought of too, but as you’ve already realized, it would work better if your ceiling were a little taller. I think the crown in the magazine is too wide. It’s the star of the show in that room. But in your room, your bed is the star. (Or perhaps it’s your gorgeous armoire? But I guess you get the point.) A smaller crown would be pretty, with fabric draping down across the head of the bed (in my opinion).

    A close family member of mine bought an antique upholstered bed designed like yours. She covered it in blue & white toile and she had drapes made to match. They hung from the ceiling behind her (guest) bed. It was a well put together look! But toile doesn’t drape as nicely as some other more elegant types of fabric. Her choice seemed like a step down from what the style of the bed was meant to be. (Elegant!) To each her own.

    I get it. My Mom doesn’t understand my affinity for “burlap” either. Not everything has to be precious…but to tell you the truth, I was actually a little sick seeing my relative’s beautiful bed, stripped of the Italian fabric that had once dressed it, like vertical velvet ribbons. (Very “Paris Apartment!”) I probably would’ve done something even more outrageous than toile—like painting the frame fuchsia, ha! But in your case, I might paint your frame French blue, or even cornflower blue. I think your room needs contrast.

    If I had to say just one thing that I think would help your bedroom, it’s a touch of black. I know it seems weird for a “soft” room to have black in it, but I tried it in my own “soft” guest room and I was pleased with the result. I brought in the “grounding” black with a wrought iron curtain rod, a black frame around an otherwise “sweet” picture, etc. Black made all the difference!

    The look of your current bedroom is similar to your former bedroom, albeit visually softer. The fabrics that you are considering using, will move you back towards your original look, even though they are smaller in scale, and even though you are considering adding more color—because overall, they have a country French feel. Your “true” style? It’s something to think about as you are making decisions.

    Have fun in the process!

  16. So many great suggestions here to add to the ideas pool! The first thing I thought of was adding a narrower crown with some of your beautiful fabric draping from it down behind the bed and swooping to the side, in a nod to the drapery used on a four poster or half tester bed of old. Whatever you do it will be amazing as always. I can’t wait to see it unfold.

  17. Have you considered reupholstering your bed in the aviary fabric? Or perhaps putting some molding in the room and then perhaps putting murals that are aviary inspired in those. I’m sure you will think of something we haven’t thought of!Have a great weekend!

  18. I read this post last night and liked most of your suggestions, and even enjoyed looking through the comments which had ideas expounded off your ideas. But this morning, I just thought all those ideas just seemed too busy. The room is supposed to be a relaxing room, and as it is now it has a calm feeling. Maybe you just need a smaller/simpler focal point. What about just painting a landscape for above the bed, mostly sky and clouds. It could be a longer narrow painting to fit the space. Whatever you choose it will fit the space and be a reflection of you. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    1. Don’t paint the bed. A mural may be too much of a good thing. My vote would be to fabric the wall behind your bed. Huge impact that is not represented any place else in the house.

  19. All of your ideas gave me a lot to think about. Your ceiling is too low for the cornice, IMO. The thing I didn’t see you mention was wallpaper, which could work nicely. If you painted a design on the wall to look like wallpaper or a mural it would be beautiful. I see something light and airy not an all over wall filler. You could knock ’em dead with your soft painting abilities. What about framing the bed to the ceiling with a beautiful mural to give the effect of the cornice bit so much softer. I love branches, leaves and birds from the Aviary fabric. Hand paint some pillows on linen and add s bit of color. If you tire of them you could sell them to us…win, win!! Keep up the good work!!

  20. Your bed is a showstopper!!! It’s so beautiful the way it is, the color, everything. It’s definitely the statement piece the way it is. I love the idea of a mural, it’s so different from what everyone else is doing and you have the talent to paint it. What about painting the French Aviary on the wall, the birds, vines, flowers. Or paint one of the co-ordinating fabrics. That would be stunning and tie that room to the drapes. It would make the room a serene retreat.

  21. I think the fabric wall, while lovely, wouldn’t be special anymore if you also do it in your sewing room. The mural idea, also beautiful, should stay in your dining room where it shines. I’d add crown molding, add a few darker touches (pillow trim, throw blanket, european shams maybe), and have you paint a fabulous oil painting in “your” colors but a tad darker for over the bed. Maybe of a place that’s special to you and your husband. Oblong to fit the space with a great ornate frame. I love the monochromatic, soft look you’ve got going, but the design seems to be floating, needs something dark to ground it. You’re a fantastic decorator and artist. I have no doubt you’ll wow your husband and your fans soon with what you come up with.

  22. I’m hoping you don’t regret asking our opinions !!! I love the idea of using your talents hand painting a repeating mural behind the bed using the aviary color and perhaps introducing a rose and raspberry palette of additional colors. It would be less matchy/conventional than wallpaper or starched fabric and would use your talent and not your money. I remember pictures of your European trip that you shared with us of places you stayed that had wall AND ceiling murals that astonished you. It seems that many influences from that trip have followed you and shown up in your home, why not one more ? I’m also wondering if you could use your smaller rug off to the side in the sitting or desk area ?

  23. I so agree that the room is beautiful, peaceful & serene but seriously lacking a certain “pop”. My vote would be a beautiful oriental rug with fabulous, mainly soft & muted colors. While more expensive than the other options, it can used in any room of any future home, instantly warms a room & makes it feel so inviting, and will last long enough for your grandchildren to use with pride. Then you could play around with just the perfect landscape original MMS painting in a gorgeous antique gold carved frame!

  24. I love the pops of red/raspberry, but I am biased because I love the red/raspberry palette. Is the red fabric up in the upper right hand corner antique “Turkey Red Damask”? Antique damask in red is so beautiful! I am just about to write a post using an antique turkey red damask tablecloth as the starting point of a 4th of July tablescape.

  25. I love your home and decorating style. I vote for pops of color! Monochromatic can look institutional to me – almost depressing.
    The comment about a touch of black reminded me that a friend of mine told me she learned in design school to incorporate a touch of red and a touch of black in every room – red for warmth and black for stability. Can’t wait to see what you do.

  26. The bedroom is so very pretty. A suggestion I might have is a horizontal Swedish rosemaling design above the bed. With your great talent it could be hand painted or stenciled. Possibly add a wall frame such as you do on your lower walls.

    1. I absolutely loved the bed you did with rosemaling in your former home. One of my all time favorite projects of yours!

  27. Hi. I also love the bed but wish the wood was not so gray. I’d warm that wood tone up and reupholster it. I LOVE those rose fabrics so much but I think that would be too much pink for you. I also love that rug and hope you can find an affordable substitute. I think the cornice and panels are too fussy. You’re amazing. I can’t wait to see what you choose. Thanks for sharing.

  28. The cornice, fabric panels and shadow boxes would look wonderful over that pretty headboard. My favorite color is always blue so with the monochromatic creams and whites, you just can’t go wrong. Fun stuff … really enjoy your journey so thanks for sharing❣️

  29. Don’t shoot me, I know you made the drapes, but I love the pale green drapes in the cornice picture. They add color but don’t slap you in the face. Th room would still be calm but not bland (you said it, I didn’t). Besides, you have been adding green in other rooms so the green would flow.

  30. Definitely the fabric on the wall is my favorite…also it’s just a yank down when your over it. I love the blue and raspberry together throw in a little bit of mustard seed yellow and WOW!

  31. How about adding some fancy crown molding? It would give you the cornice feel
    but blend in and not compete with the bed..Then you can paint or do the fabric still.
    An Interior designer friend of mine just told me that “A room without red (Rasberry) is like a
    woman without lipstick..” (Make of that what you will..)

  32. I accidentally zapped my completed comment. The short version: I prefer the cornice option, one as wide as the bed, with floor-length drapery suspended from it.

  33. I’m going out on a limb here and hope no one sends me hate mail, but does the rug have to be wool? I bought new living room rugs this year but didn’t want to invest in wool since it’s such a high traffic area. I found a beautiful rug for under a thousand dollars. It too is blue with a lot of pops of color. There are so many to choose from on line, and lastly, could you get one of the rug companies to provide one to you in the world of blog advertising?

  34. I’m definitely late to this party but…. if you love the neutral palette stay there… but maybe the wall gets a Miriam painting but not a scene. Maybe a wall paper design but painted… keeps your soothing color but adds another layer of texture… and it’s free!!! Can always be changed when you want something fresh. Even a tone on tone stripe could be nice, adding texture. I vote no on upholstering your beautiful bed. It looks amazing! It would also look beautiful in another fabric but is more permanent….. unless you tired of it, then go. Color addition always an option… low cost and easily changeable if you keep it to accessories. cornice board would be fun. Painting it woodwork color or upholstery will be less visually jarring and eliminate low/wide width issue. Everything you touch is beautiful so it’ll be exciting to see what happens when you wave your magic wand!!

  35. I agree with a painted pattern on the wall over the bed…the cornice idea is nice but I fear your space too small. As in your old bedroom–then you could place art, dishes, on the wall for some color. I really believe a colorful rug would add a dramatic color hit. and be the most bang.
    I would then put a solid color drape up to reduce the contrasts but add small pops of color like a mustard yellow pillow, raspberry pillow throw for the chair, etc. Some colored knickknacks for a better word. A small colored porcelain figure?The bed is gorgeous I wouldn’t redo it.
    Consider a less expensive non-wool rug for a while while you save, maybe
    Whatever you do, with your innate talent will show itself and it will be lovely…small steps. CAn’t wait to see what you decide

  36. I am all for the French-inspired fabrics (or real French fabrics). They make me happy. Mary E.’s Home Companion did an article on Kaari Meng/French General one time and I have kept that magazine.

  37. I think fabric walls have had their day and they are on their way to being done. Just my 2 cents.

  38. I agree that the room needs some contrast and grounding. I don’t think you should fiddle with the gorgeous bed–it is beautiful as it is and can easily fit into eventual new design ideas when and if you change homes or rooms. I also agree that a crown is perhaps too much for the room height. Maybe some slightly moody artwork, painted you? Is there room for a bench of some sort at the end of the bed, where you could add some contrast without covering up the footboard? I think the fabrics you have chosen would look great as accents on the bed, which is where it would be easiest to add contrast–right now it is just too much cream, white, and beige. And a rug would of course ground it all beautifully. Whatever you do will be gorgeous, I’m sure!

  39. Go for the cornice! I say go for it. You loved it in France and I believe whatever you do will work. I vote for the cornice! Maybe draw one or make a paper one to see it for size but my vote is for a cornice!

  40. Your room is almost like the picture in the magazine that made you stop in your tracks. So just add the three shadow box pictures and spray paint your curtain rods black, remove the deck and my own little idea, sand that lamp down to natural wood and it is perfect!

  41. I can see why you are indecisive. You have so many talents and it’s hard to pick one to use as your jumping off point. Since you suggested going in a broader color-way than all neutrals, and had a strong liking of the cornice, I’m suggesting that you use both of those ideas. My love of the MMS look is that it is always grounded in a wonderful pairing of fabrics and painting skills that add charm and a personalized look. I’d use the raspberry and blue fabrics to dress up the bed, upholster a chair or bench and for window treatments. I’d love to see you create a simple wooden cornice for over the bed, and instead of carving, use your painting skills to add a simple design that picks up on a pattern from one of the fabrics. Perhaps you could paint or add a fabric border to the edge of the rug. Whatever you choose to do, capitalize on what you always do so well, which in my opinion, is the combination of pattern and color through fabrics and paint. I’m looking forward to seeing your design choice.

  42. Maybe to start, just add some pops of color in bed pillows, maybe add some colorful trim to the leading edge of your draperies that coordinates with the fabric. If you remove the desk, you could add a large bench there and add a colorful cushion. You may not need to do an overhaul. Start small and see how much is enough.

  43. I like the idea of a rug to bring color into the room ans leave the rest of the room subdued. The rug from your bathroom looks like Karastan’s Heriz pattern (not sure of the colorway but could be blue or navy) which is the same as my living room rug. The colors are soft but not wimpy and would blend well with the color palate of your home. I bought my rug way back around 1980 and I believe it has been discontinued. If you are patient, you may be able to score a used one in good condition on-line at a good price. There’s a big one on Chairish now for only $695 but it looks rather faded to me and has at least one fringe issue. The fading may work for you .

  44. I love reading all the suggestions. They make me laugh though because everyone has a different opinion which just goes to show how God made us all different. And I have to laugh that you are comparing your lovely monochromatic bedroom that you feel is to monochromatic, to a magazine spread that is about a monochromatic bedroom. Please laugh with me, we’re all so silly. I think whatever you do will be fun to do, unless it’s painting and reupholstering that beautiful bed. It’s beautiful.

  45. Hi Marian!
    How about painting the wall behind your bed a darker color and stenciling a pattern in white/off white? You could achieve the look you had in your prior room with lower costs.

    1. Just adding in some food for thought…. I painted my dining room blue but did an all over large stencil in a silver. You can see it in certain light and from certain angels. It disappears and then reappears. It isn’t damasked looking because I separated the stencil out a bit. It looks like wallpaper more than anything- but totally custom. I think you are going to process all these ideas and then come out with something incredible!

  46. Hi! My thought is to pick out a fabric for curtains and pillows and use that design to hand paint that wall behind your bed. Just a thought!

  47. Just checking back in to see the comments and suggestions. I was thinking about how you’re always talking about something like Kitchen Countertops and the next thing ya know … BOOM! There’s a company sending you information about Kitchen Countertops! Is it possible to partner with a Rug company? Didn’t you design a couple of rugs a while ago? I vote for a big gorgeous rug for your lovely bedroom.

  48. I love the peaceful feeling you’ve created in the room. I’m thinking that just doing a crown molding, perhaps even slightly distressed, would be enough to add some architectural detail to the room…and then find something simple but decorative to do over the head board. I’d also want to change out the flooring to a hardwood and I was just thinking that a large harlequin pattern painted on the floor in white and the wall color, and then white washed to give a soft, distressed look, would be awesome! I’m sure whatever you do, will be beautiful!

  49. Everyone has amazing ideas. I have a very simple idea for you that I did in my own bedroom a while back and I still love it. I have an fabric headboard like yours and I was tried of the fabric but didn’t have the time or energy to re-do. I layered a beautiful softly colored, patterned throw over the headboard and it instantly changed the entire look of the room. If you don’t want to add color how about adding a very textured throw to the headboard. If that still isn’t enough, I like the idea of an architectural salvage item above the bed. Sometimes, it is the most simple ideas that bring the biggest impact. You will know when you get it “right”. Most importantly, enjoy that beautiful bedroom and home.

  50. Good afternoon MMS,
    So many talented followers with exciting creative ideas. Love Tracey’s , Connie’s, Charlotte’s ,Phylli’s, LR’s, Nancy’s, Amy’s and Mary Ann’s suggestions. They all retain the beauty of your monochromatic bed while adding color and interest. One gorgeous carpet would anchor it all so I hope you can capture the eye of an advertiser to help with the budget. Have fun dreaming and creating.
    Diney on Camano

  51. Hello – I think this room is so different from your last master bedroom that it deserves its own solution. I look at the pictures and see a soft, soothing, calming, comfortable space. If that is the feeling you were after I would go all in with that. Maybe a soft mural or stencil behind the bed but nothing more. If you add accent pops of color do it gently. Now if you were looking for more energy for the room then the fabric on the wall or a cornice with fabric panels sounds great. It all depends on how you want to feel when you walk into the room. Looking forward to your final decisions.

  52. Definitely add in some color! Regardless of anything else you may do, this will perk up this room more than anything else. I love the idea of rosy/red.

  53. Oh, so many choices and decisions to be made! I am in favor of the cornice board above the bed. However, I would not put the shadowboxes above the bed. I think that’s too busy. I probably would use them in the bedroom though. And I would just buy a wonderful statement rug to pull it all together and give color. That is my opinion. Love ya.

  54. Paint a floor “mat/rug”! You could do it on jute, if the pattern was softened, or a floor mat of a heavy linen’cotton. You could even try it out on a good drip cloth. Then put a poly coating on it. The only thing is it wouldn’t be soft like the original, but you’d get the look. You are so talented; I know you could do it!

  55. The bed is a showstopper! Don’t touch it. A beautiful rug, some soft pillows and one of your paintings over the bed. Simple and beautiful.

  56. I love all of your ideas here, but the one I love best (and I think you should use!!) is the fabric starched to the wall and then add pops of colour with all your gorgeous textiles throughout the room. That’s my two cents worth! 🙂

  57. We just had our home staged for selling. It was an eye opener. Simple is in. Put up a piece of art over the bed that picks up the colors of your drapes. Add a pillow of the drape color in a pillow on your bed. Move the desk out. Done.

  58. What if you did the cornice with the fabric only on that part of the wall with white fabric hanging from the sides to frame the fabric?

  59. I think once you put up crown molding, the whole look of the room will change, and I like the idea of some extra ornamental features on the crown corners. In other words as decorative as you can make the crown. The wall to wall takes away from the room, an area rug on wood floors would add more dimension. The little desk does not go with your look, it is too early American in design. Other wise I like the look of all the soft creams etc.

  60. Wow! You sure did get a lot of comments to process! I think my vote is with the pattern, wallpaperish/stencil (cheap) peeps, and I LOVE your color pops!!!!! I was ALL about the cornice, It might be worth it to sketch it out for a visual, considering your ceiling height. I’ ll be tuned in!!!!!

  61. A soft sky mural—-clouds, —-dreamlike—-is what I picture above your bed and drifting up into the ceiling. Also like the idea of pillows you could make using your pops of color fabrics that you so carefully cull and eventually use. Please don’t do anything to that gorgeous, restful upholstered bed!

  62. after having a chaotic bedroom for years and FINALLY getting it all done and monochromatic (so i could sell and someone else could enjou it ;0), i would STAY with the monochromatic scheme. Have you thought of bringing i some nature for that pop of color… ie house plants with some height (fiddle leaf fig or rubber plant)? i think an oversized (as in long) upholstered bench under the window could look nice assuming there is enough space to accommodate.

  63. As I recall, perhaps not accurately… the desk was for Jeff? It was temporary until another option was found. I am very interested as I am presently “planning” my Mister’s office. While I love vintage, distressed & antique; my Mister prefers NEW, TRADITIONAL & PROFESSIONAL. Might you consider planning, designing & arranging a masculine space unlike your usual style? Does Jeff accept the style you choose or perhaps might he be interested in a different style?

  64. I vote for wallpaper for the wall behind the bed. I love how it looks in your “old” bedroom & it warms up the whole room.

  65. I love the mural in your dining room, it is so unusual & executed beautifully. Another in your bedroom could visually raise the ceiling. Painting/reupholstering the bed also sounds good & would give the room more of your personality! Look forward to seeing what you decide to do!

  66. Love the cornice idea but I think you are correct that it may be too low and wide. The fabric would then be my choice! So very beautiful!

  67. Those are lots of choices! I can see a beautiful fabric on the wall behind the bed or a painted pattern repeat as a few have stated. I would add crown molding, and not touch your gorgeous bed. I think with the pattern behind it, it will make the bed pop. You can always play with the linens and pillows to add more depth. I also see a gorgeous secretary desk under the window with a complementary chair.
    Happy hunting and decusion decision making!

  68. Do you have enough of the curtain fabric to do pillow covers? Then I would take the blue plaid and redo the piping around the headboard and footboard. Then find a raspberry quilt or through to lay at the foot of the bed. Just an idea that wouldn’t be really expensive and you could change up the quilt or throw to give different looks. The piping would break up the cream of the bed.

  69. How about painting three inch wide vertical stripes on the wall behind the bed. I’m thinking the blue and the cream found in your drapes. I love the idea of a raspberry pop of color and the floral raspberry fabric you have is stunning. Please, please do not paint or change the fabric on the bed- it’s just perfect as is. I’m not a fan of the buffalo check fabric for this room. The bed is so elegant and the check too country. One more idea…a navy blue silk drum shade for that bedside lamp. Between the bed and the chandelier this room is begging for some glamour!

  70. Oh how I love the calm, dreamy feel of the colors in the photos of your master bedroom. I might add interest with texture and antique silver accents, but if it were my bedroom, I wouldn’t want too much color popping there. Above the bed I’d love a watercolor (one of yours!) simply of a pasture/trees and sky and clouds, all in muted colors that could include the toned-down versions of the accent samples you posted today, since sunrises or sunsets can show all of those colors in the clouds. (I’d vote for no cornice, but the painting would have to be low and wide). A patterned quilt on the bed could carry the same colors there. The antique silver accents in a pot for a plant or a mirror frame could add interest, too. I’d feel like a patterned wall paper or fabric would make the room too busy. Yes to a rug, but for your cold Minnesota winters I’d want to keep the wall-to-wall carpet under it.
    Thanks for posting some of your options and decision-making process! Dreaming is fun!

  71. Have you considered taking that lovely blue fabric and framing them in panels with molding around each one behind the bed? Attach it to the wall with your starch idea?

  72. I like the starched fabric on the wall idea. Easy to take down when you want a change. Your headboard is a statement on it’s own so I wouldn’t add a cornice board. I would consider crown molding for sure. Love the raspberry and blue combo so I’d love to see that in there. Have fun. You have a lot of options and suggestions from everyone but ultimately it’s what YOU like.

  73. First remove the small brass curtain rod with a larger wood stained or painted rod that matches the wall. Pops of color can be as simple as red & blue print throw pillows. I love the idea of a mural on the wall over the bed but keep it simple. A landscape scene would best suit the master bedroom. This is a room that should not be feminine or shout out things or pictures that say “Look at me”. This room should remain tranquil & peaceful for rest.

  74. I guess I’m a pragmatist but practicality weighs heavily in my decor. Fabric hanging from a cornice is a dust collector and would be hard to keep dust free. Anyone who’s experience an earthquake cringes at heavy objects hung over a bed. Just weighing in with some thoughts.

  75. I, too was thinking of using a stencil to paint the wall behind the bed. There are lots of beautiful designs out there.

  76. Whoa! Lots of comments. I LOVE your bed so having said that and like many others I think it should pop out when you enter the room. I was going to suggest a mural with the aviary theme and someone else beat me to it! I do not like the cornice and don’t think it would work. I love your chaise lounge and I like the idea of the sitting area in front of the window but I think two upholstered chairs AND the chaise would be too much but what about a bistro type table and chairs in wrought iron–that touch of blank someone else mentioned. You could top the wrought iron table with glass and then IT could be a makeshift desk or drawing space. Happy 4th of July week!

  77. Since this ,of all the rooms in the home, is a place you share with just your husband, why not ask him what he might like, or the feeling he would like it to have. Our bedroom is very similar to how yours looks now and my husband comments frequently about how calm and restful this room is, and how much he likes it.

  78. I love the softness and calm feeling of your bedroom. Giving you a suggestion seems like a joke because you’re so talented but if you’re adding crown molding, what if you painted or used fabric in a soft, vertical stripe to add visual height. Then you could still add a trio of pictures, silhouettes or antique mirrors. Would they reflect something pretty? Just a thought. It’s fun to read everyone’s ideas and visualize them!

  79. Love those accent fabrics, especially the raspberry ones!
    Perhaps just temporarily wrap (with a safety pin in the back or something) a couple of pillows with the fabrics you already have and plop them on the bed for a few days to see how you like them 🙂

  80. I love your headboard as is! I understand the feeling of calm you get from your current colors, but I think you need a pop of color or pattern either on a folded quilt/comforter on the end of the bed or on shams. I love the idea of a salvaged wooden piece, an inspirational sign or pretty baby quilt hung above the bed. Also, like the idea of three framed pieces of your fabric. As much as I love plates hung on the wall, I don’t care for it in the bedroom. I’m sure you will figure out what works best for you and your husband.

  81. Do you have enough toile to put behind the headboard only? You could make a “picture frame” of a narrow molding painted to match the wainscot.

  82. Hi Marian, I love your room and think it looks very restful. I think that something behind the bed would be nice to add some interest, and was wondering if you had considered using a stencil – Cutting Edge Stencils have some really lovely all-over stencil designs that you could do tone-on-tone. No affiliation here, just a suggestion for you to think about.

  83. Do the cornice! Oh my, how beautiful would that be- and a new adventure for Miss Mustard Seed. 🙂
    also, – find a rug- imho, rugs are essential and it really connects and warms a room.
    Just my nickle worth of opinion- lovely options – you are so smart!
    Thanks for sharing!

  84. You could hand paint a quote or verse in a dark blue above the bed and integrate some of the bird and branch designs from your toile curtains in with it.

  85. The fabrics are lovely together. A mural, just I. Shades of blue, like the bird fabric would be lovely. When you have a trick up your sleeve like that it just begs to be pulled out again. Why not.

  86. I know this has nothing to do with previous comments but one thing about this room that is unsettling to me is the curtain rod. Please don’t think I’m just being negative but I think it cheapens the whole room, You are a master at what you do and I appreciate that what other people think has value to you. Thank you for sharing your talents

  87. I love the Aviary Toile wall and also the blue and raspberry fabrics. I think those would complement your overall home design. Having said that, you make everything you touch beautiful, so any of your ideas would be lovely.

  88. OMG, so many comments!
    This room is great and the coloring soothing. Leave this wonderful bed as is. No mural, too little space for one.
    Absolutely no black anywhere. A very colorful carpet will make the room look smaller. No big decorative accent as the one seen in the photo, particularly with these 2 sheer fabric on the sides. Could use a cornice, stuck on the ceiling only, not to “eat” any wall surface. The space on top of the bed is much too narrow for much stuff,
    but one person suggested an angel, I think of those found in ancient churches..lovely idea! And a few pillows in the blue family, with the patterns you love. Curtain rod neutral. And without the desk which you already do not want to keep there, with very little $$$$, the room will still be quiet and very open. Voila my 2 euros of ideas.

  89. Wow, so many suggestions and recommendations and I would like to add something to think about. As you have already identified, the room lacks a focal point, which should be the beautiful bed. The eye continues to look around the room for a place of interest to land. Where are the textures? And where is the green that you have used in most all of the other areas in the home? In addition to the crown molding you might paint the ceiling or add ship lap for interest and texture. You are the best and you will figure out what is needed to take the room over the top.

  90. I love the cornice idea for the headboard wall with the side curtains that are reminiscent of a draped bed! For those panels I would suggest a fabric with a different scale (smaller?) than the aviary toile you already have in the room. Then, if you were to paint the wood trim on the bed it would be more monochromatic and blend in with the cornice/curtains.

  91. Hi Marian,
    I think you should revisit some of your pics from your travels to Europe and see if anything inspires you. I remember you saying how much you loved the bedroom in one of the places you stayed at. I love all of the ideas and can’t wait to see what you end up doing.

  92. OH NOOOOOOOOOOO please do not reupholster the bed. It is PERFECT. I love the monochromatic look. So soft and relaxing. MAYBE just do the wall behind the bed with the aviary fabric that’s all. The bedroom is beautiful, just as it is with all the clean white bedding WOW

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