painting the living room trim

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Back in March, my mom and I installed a chair rail and picture frame molding in the living room (along with the basement guest room and 1/2 bath.)  You can find the tutorial HERE.

Since then, painting below the chair rail has been hanging out on my to-do list…languishing there.  It’s one of those projects I had built up in my mind.  It’s going to be difficult.  It’s going to take forever.  I’m going to hate every second of it.  And, given that it didn’t look that bad as it was, I procrastinated.  Lest you think I am always the model of action and productivity…I am not.

But, procrastination starts to wear on me after a while.  I get frustrated with myself and I know from experience that relief will come if I just buckle down and do the project.  So, I declared on my Instagram stories that I was going to do it!  Having that public accountability pushed me into action.  (And other people finished their painting projects along with me!)

I got out the primer, brush, roller, and a towel to place under where I was working.  I scooted the furniture away from the wall.  This preparation took me about 10 minutes, but it was the nudge that sent the snowball down the hill, gathering momentum.  Once the room was ready and waiting for me, I put on my music and did the work.

The priming was done in an hour.  I painted the first coat of paint the following morning, which also took about an hour.  I painted the final coat that afternoon and the room was finished and put together by dinner.  All of that fuss and procrastination and it took me about four hours total to get it finished.

It’s not a dramatic makeover, but it’s another layer that customizes this room.

The next step will be adding box beams and crown molding, but that’s a pretty big project, so it hasn’t made it on my to-do list just yet.  It’s still in the planning/dreaming stage.

This type of molding really suits the traditional style of this house and it’s such a quick and easy treatment.

The color of the walls is Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore and the white is a custom-match to Farrow & Ball’s All White.  The wall is in Benjamin Moore’s Aura in a matte finish and the trim is in BM’s Advanced in a satin finish.

I’m also still pondering how I can change the granite surround and hearth on the fireplace.  I have a few ideas, but I’ve been procrastinating on that, too!  Well, one thing at a time.

As a reminder, here are a couple of pictures of how the room looked when we first moved in…

So, what’s been languishing on your to-do list…?

painting the living room trim

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28 Comments on “painting the living room trim”

  1. When you first moved into this house, I could not fathom how you would make it reflect your personal tastes. It just seemed too modern to even suit you, but now it looks exactly like it’s ‘yours’. It’s fascinating to watch that happen.

  2. I think your kitchen backsplash tile would be perfect for the front of the fireplace and the counter material for the hearth. It would tie the two rooms together even more. Everything is so lovely.

  3. Love love love the progress- I have soooo many projects on the languish pile… It’s always hard to get up the same enthusiasm for the final details as you had for the initial surge… I’m glad I’m not the only one- I feel inspired to start working on that list. One question. I have a large Victorian- decorated in more of a vintage farmhouse style and I am always asked for pics of the inside since we have been working on it for nearly 18 years. But when I take pictures I feel like it just highlights the things that are not done and the dust (even though I JUST dusted) and the puppy hair (even if I just vacuumed). It feels like my house cannot be LIVED in and still take good pictures that show how pretty (and clean) it really is. When anyone sees it in person they love it, but the pictures don’t capture it- the colors look off and the “feeling” of the room is not captured. How do you keep your house picture ready or do you go CRAZY cleaning every last particle and rearranging before taking pictures? My poor puggle Willow will not cooperate with my “no shedding policy”. Your house always looks READY…

  4. Oh, this does make me feel guilty! The hallway/guest bath needs a refresh … new paint (including the ceiling!), a new faucet, and a new mirror … and maybe a new light fixture?? My problem: Paralysis by Analysis. I just can’t decide … paint color, faucet style, mirror style, fixture style. And once I make all those IMMENSE decisions (tongue in cheek, there!), I have to actually DO the work. Agh! I’m exhausted just writing it all down. Perhaps I’ll just enjoy your work and live vicariously through your renovations. LOL!

  5. Beautiful! Sebastian seems ‘at home’ as well… Went and bought ‘all things lavender’ today… 🙂

  6. I absolutely love your design style and draw inspiration for my house from your house all the time. I have a feeling that chair rail and picture frame molding will be making an appearance in my living and dining rooms in the near future. Hubby will be so pleased! (sneer!) Thanks so much for always sharing your decorating adventures.

  7. I cruised the “lavender”aisle as well. lol Didn’t find everything but it
    at least have me hot on the trail.

    Everything you have done is lovely. M.

  8. That is an awesome “before and after” to show how paint and some trim can make a room look like a million bucks! Love it. You are also very good at writing. How you write and the words you choose-in the order you use them, shows the sweet nature that’s behind the design. I’ve always been impressed by the way people can put their thoughts down in written form in a smart way. It’s very helpful to others. Any books in the works?

  9. Moral of the story: Music is a motivator! At least for me! If I put on a disco greatest hits, the house is clean by the end of the CD. I will survive! LOL! And did I ever go dance at Studio 54, uh no. Bust I can’t resist songs with a beat and something I can sing to when house work needs to be done. It feels good to move to a snappy beat. TRY IT!!!

  10. Had hardwoods installed in master & am “working/thinking/pondering” new wall color. I did paint the woodwork between flooring installation & finish. And, just found French General Aviary in blue…70% off! Only 6 yds but will be enough for bathroom windows & a couple of pillows! Perhaps Stonington Gray is in MY future.

  11. How gorgeous is that room? You are so inspiring! I may have to add some chair railing in more of my rooms. It adds so much!
    Love absolutely everything you have done to your home.

    Oh, I am also on the trail of all things lavender.
    My favorite home scent!

  12. Your room is so light and airy! Beautiful job once again! But the one “in progress” picture with the single shoe just cracked me up! Were you dancing so hard your shoe flew off? Keep up the inspiring work!

  13. Oh I think it is dramatic! It’s gorgeous and so inviting. I love it! I have to tell you that I even liked it before you painted it. That was an interesting style with the paint showing through too! 🙂

  14. Trim is adds so much! I hate painting it until it’s done. Have seen some “tile stickers” for lack of a better word, that stick on tile you don’t want and turn it into tile you do want. Comes in a variety of colors and patterns, the one I saw was square black and white that looked like the trendy concrete that is so popular right now. It was used to cover an outdated back splash. Wonder if it would work on your fireplace surround?

  15. I love all of the texture and soft hues in your room. Everything looks so warm and welcoming. The corbels on your mantle are amazing! I’m trying to work up the courage to repair/paint an old corner cupboard that I bought online. It’s in way worse shape than I thought. It will need bondo in some places where it looks like a dog chewed on it but I know it can be beautiful again. I already bought boxwood paint and hemp oil!

  16. I hope no one asked this yet, but I’m curious as to why you primed when you can buy paint and primer all in one. You would have saved a step. I’m thinking you don’t feel it’s as good as a coat of just primer, but I’m curious.

  17. I love what you’ve done and you continue to be an inspiration! I’m currently living in an apartment and I just wanted to share what I did to my fireplace (since I can’t replace it and I hated the brown) and it’s been a year and 1/2 and it still looks great and just like marble. Good quality thick contact paper!
    Well I thought I could insert a photo here but I’m not able to, you’ll have to take my word for it, lol, but looks SO much better and even the maintenance man thinks I changed it. Won’t he be surprised when I move out and he has to peel it all off, ha.

  18. I keep coming back to this post for inspiration 💗
    One question , might I ask for the source and pattern of your drapery fabric and does it come in other color ways? Black and white or black and cream by any chance??
    Thank you. I love your posts and save many of them for future reference.

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