picture frame molding in the 1/2 bath

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While my mom was here and the mitre saw was out, we decided to install the chair rail and picture frame molding in the half bathroom.  This is a small room with 9′ ceilings and I thought this trim work would be a nice way to break up those tall walls a bit.  (You can find a tutorial on how to install picture frame molding HERE.)

Here is a look at the same view before we started the foyer/half bath makeover…

This room still isn’t finished, but it’s really coming along and the trim made a big difference in adding some architectural interest to the room.   The walls are still feeling a little…meh.  I think this room needs some pattern on the wall, so I’m thinking about hand painting a design or using one of the wallpapers I am planning to make for Spoonflower.

We will also add some crown and trim to the top of the room to bring the ceiling down a bit more, but there are other projects that are a higher priority.

For now, though, my mom convinced me to hang one of my original paintings over the vintage-bike-basket-turned-toilet-paper-holder.  She said, “This room needed a plant or something and now that painting is the plant!”

For some reason, it’s hard for me to hang my own artwork, but I’m glad she talked me into it.

I leaned another painting up on the plate rack that is now holding linen hand towels.   They do add some greenery and a nice bit of texture.

This room is tiny and so difficult to photograph, but you get the idea!

I’ll live with it like this for a while until I figure out what I want to do next.

This week is spring break for the boys, so we’ll be doing some activities with them.  In between the fun, though, I have a list of projects to work on.  I have a hard time doing focused creative work (especially writing) when I don’t have a quiet, empty house, so this is a good time to knock out some painting and sewing stuff.  I also have to get ready for Junk Bonanza, so I have some pieces to paint and fix up and lots of things to tag.  I’ll share some posts about what I’m bringing over the next 2-3 weeks.


  1. Monica

    It looks gorgeous! It’s amazing what a difference a little bit of trim can make. The ironstone pot would be a perfect place for some faux eucalyptus branches or some other type of greenery. (If you like the fragrance, dried eucalyptus is a nice fresh scent in a bathroom.)

    Can’t wait to see what you’re doing for Junk Bonanza!

      • Monica

        And that works too! 🙂

  2. Kate

    That enormous ironstone piece on the floor is amazing! What is it?
    The bathroom is perfect! The new molding is sublime. I love the tranquil walls as they are. Perhaps wallpaper would be too busy?

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      It is a “slop bucket” that would’ve come with an ironstone wash set (bowl, pitcher, chamber pot, etc.) My understanding is that the “used water” would’ve been dumped in there to be emptied.

      • Melissa

        Beautiful! You have the same sink I have that I call a mushroom. Lol
        Where did you find your waste can? I love it!

  3. Sue

    I love the moulding work! Brings a lot of interest to the room. It’s so pretty from outside the room as well! That is insipiring!

  4. Kim

    It’s gorgeous, BUT, it’s going to be “fun” cleaning all that trim around the toilet in a house full of men! 🙂

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Oh, I’ve already thought of that and realized the work I’ve given myself. 🙂

      • katie

        Or they could clean it!

      • melody gentry

        I have triplet boys who are 13. I taught them to sit and pee when they were 5 because I was tired of cleaning up after them. Hubby is 6’6, so it is too far to stand anyway. They will be tall like him, so allllllll boys/men sit at my house. I am mean like that! :/

      • Jeanna

        I had trim like this in my last house for 19 years– while raising kids. Best way to keep clean outside of bathroom is occasionally dust with dryer sheets. The number one way to keep them clean in the restroom– and actually anywhere, is with the Norwex microfiber dusting cloth. Save your sanity and splurge on this thing, the dust just hops on, walls wash easily with just water, and no damage to painted surfaces .

  5. Jean Clayton

    I think the room looks great! Not meh at all!

  6. JoAnn

    I have molding envy, big time!

    It looks so nice just the way it is, to me.


    Love the molding it adds so much depth… How about a skirt around the pedestal sink… You always have the most fabulous fabrics!!

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Yes, I am planning on making a skirt! I just haven’t gotten around to it, yet.

  8. Dana

    Did you take the sink out to install the chair rail? This looks amazing !

    • Tina

      Yes, how did you handle placement of the trim behind the sink…she asked leaning over the computer screen hoping to be able to see behind the sink and learn the answer. 😉

  9. Kris

    The molding looks nice. Don’t be afraid to put out your own art work! I have displayed my husband’s and daughter’s art and I feel like it has deeper meaning for our family because of who created it and the subject matter used.

  10. JC at the uncommon pearl

    The railing adds so much! This room looks great just the way it is! I love the soft colored painted walls? I must have missed this, but what color is it? It’s a beautiful space.

  11. Carole Prisk

    Looks like the bottom portion of a chamber pot

  12. Debra

    Very nice on the bathroom choices. You get an atta girl for your efforts! 😉

  13. Patricia

    So sweet! What I did in a small half bath with a pedestal sink was paint it dark, dark blue. It makes everything cozy and makes the white sink and toilet and artwork stand out. You could paint it a dark version of your blue green color?

  14. Laurie

    The moulding is a HUGE improvement!

  15. Cindy

    Looks great! A grouping of your art would make it come alive. Why don’t you have a piece of your art in every room?

    • katie

      I agree about the grouping. The single landscape looks too small (to my eye and from this view), but a few paintings together would be more balanced.

  16. Jenny

    I love all your new redo’s. I think your studio is to die for. What is this white and gray? I would love to know? Nice! Your landscapes are my favorite.

  17. Shelia P.

    Hi Marian! I’m with the other ladies who think a grouping of your smaller paintings would look better. As it is, the basket is larger than the painting and it just looks a little “off”. I’m with you though Marian on maybe a wallpaper you design or a mural above that fabulous trim work! I think that would look great! It all blends together as it is now. Nothing stands out. Whatever you choose I’m sure it’s going to look great. So this Spoonflower is where you sell your wallpaper and such? I’ve never heard of it but I’ll definitely be checking it out! Have a great day! 😊

  18. Addie

    5 star!!!!! all the way!!! LOVE ~LOVE~LOVE it all!!! I love this house!!!….good job!!!

  19. Pat

    I agree that you’ve done a beautiful job on this project! IMHO, the painting is too small for that space and I can’t see one above the plate rack. 😕 A grouping of the paintings would be nice or move the basket and hang a large statement piece! I also agree with the lady that suggested dried eucalyptus in the chamber pot. Use another container for a waste basket. Would be glorious to have a bright wallpaper ~ talk about a statement! 😉 It’s not my house but having a skirt around the pedestal sink would look dated I think. I so hope you will consider all of this as suggestions…you do you! 🤩

  20. Barbara Smith

    I love the trim you and your mom just put up! It looks like the house was crying out for this detail and you guys “nailed” it!! haha I love your style and have been following you since the beginning of your blogging years and you are one talented lady!!! I’m not much into the art side but am so impressed at your gumption to explore your interests!!! You inspire me daily! Thanks, Marian ! Anyway, it all looks so beautiful and so “doable” that maybe I can try it in my bedroom! Blessings, and have fun during spring break!

  21. Hillary Reynolds

    It looks so gorgeous! Did you just attach directly to the sheetrock and paint, or did you put a board in between?

  22. Lisa

    The moulding looks amazing–beautiful detail to give a more finished look. What color did you use for the bathroom walls (looks like a very light grey)?

  23. Tessa

    Where is that tile from!? It’s beautiful!!

  24. Olivia

    Can’t wait to see what you do to bring down the ceiling a bit. I have 10′ ceilings, which I love, but having the same issue in my half bath Very impressed with you getting behind the toilet and sink, GREAT job! It looks beautiful, like everything you touch!


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