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It’s finally done!  Well…you know what “done” means in my house.  It means I’m done with it for now.  Although, aside from changing paint colors and/or accessories, I don’t think there’s much more I can or need to do to this room.  I’ve always been drawn to white cabinets with dark counters (wood or black) and a wood or white floor.  Now I have it!  

Here’s a tour…

Kitchen | After

Miss Mustard Seed-4942


Miss Mustard Seed-4965 Miss Mustard Seed-4966 Miss Mustard Seed-4935 Kitchen | Baking Center Miss Mustard Seed-4901 Miss Mustard Seed-4889 Miss Mustard Seed-4905

Miss Mustard Seed-4955 Miss Mustard Seed-4944 Miss Mustard Seed-4945 Miss Mustard Seed-4950 Kitchen | Counters Miss Mustard Seed-4959 Kitchen | Chalkboard Wall Miss Mustard Seed-4980 Miss Mustard Seed-4976 Miss Mustard Seed-4978 Miss Mustard Seed-4971 Miss Mustard Seed-4973

As I was going through the list of things we’ve done to the kitchen, I realized that almost all of the materials used for this makeover were free.  Well, not free, but traded for advertising on my blog or promotion through a post.  I’ll try to give you a rough idea of costs, though, so you can get a realistic idea of executing this look (or parts of it) in your home.  With the exception of laying the floor tile, we did all of the work ourselves.

So, here are the totals…

  • Paint – $250
  • Hardware – $450
  • Counters – $2,100
  • Back Splash – $800
  • Floor – $400
  • Sink & Faucet – $1,575
  • Exhaust fan & materials for range hood – $350
  • Misc supplies, tools, materials, etc. – $550

Grand total: $6,475 (over 3 years).  We probably spent about $1500 (including the labor for installing the tile floor) out of pocket and the rest was covered under freelance projects, advertising  trades, DIY blog squad, etc.

There are definitely ways to cut the costs even further, though.  You can choose a less expensive faucet like the Traditional Stainless Two Handled Arc Faucet, get Numerar Beech Counters ($129/6 ft section at Ikea) instead of walnut, tile the back splash in White Ceramic Subway Tile ($75/12 sq ft), and go with these bronze drawer pulls for $1.85/each and these knobs for $1.29/each.

kitchen makeover Collage

Full tutorials will be available on soon for the custom range hood, butcher block counters, boxwood topiaries and boxwood wreath.

Some other sources…

Some other posts about my kitchen…


Here are the before & after shots…

…when we moved in…

…after living there for a few years…

DSC_0014 copy

…and now…

Kitchen | After


I tell you, this is how I pictured this kitchen when we first walked into our home almost seven years ago and I’m just tickled when I look over at the space.

Please remember that we fixed it up over several years and as we could afford it or as my blog/freelance work gave us the opportunity.  If you’re itching to give your kitchen a makeover, I would suggest starting with paint.  It’s probably the biggest bang for your buck and can make dark and dated kitchens look bright and fresh.

I’ll share more details about installing the sink and faucet and I’ll definitely post to the projects when they’re live.


There are a ton of links in this post and some of them are Amazon Affiliate links.  This post is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.


  1. Pamela B.

    Absolutely love the transformation! It is so clean and chic! We have wanted to paint our medium oak cabinets which came with the house 25 years ago. No sense in replacing solid oak that is in great condition with brand new cabinets! I look forward to reading your article on how they are holding up. Thanks for all your articles and tutorials…they absolutely inspire me to take on these projects ourselves!

  2. Kim

    One word…….LOVE!!!!!

  3. Jill Cooper

    Just beautiful – everything looks perfect. And thanks to you my kitchen is now on my bucket list LOLOLOL I’ve done little pieces here and there but now I want the whole thing!

  4. Sandy

    Marion, it doesn’t even look like the original kitchen/home. You and your helpers did an amazing job on the entire kitchen! I’m envious that you are so talented and BRAVE! I’m afraid I’d start something like this, and not be able to finish. You give women like me such inspiration! THANK YOU!
    Blessed Easter to you & your precious family!

  5. Janet

    Question: when you paint your cabinets, what about the inside? Leave as is except for the ones that may be doorless or have glass fronts?

  6. Pamela

    Marian your kitchen looks fabulous! We are in the process of redoing ours as well. I sawSharp that you have a counter micro now. What brand is it and do you like it? We took our above range one down as well and purchased a Sharp counter top. I love the options of the popcorn button but it does not work. It also has a soften ice cream button. Haven’t used it yet but most certainly would have. It looks great and fits in our space well but it sounds like a Mac truck when it is on and fluctuates in power as it heats things.

  7. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

    Marian, it is all just beautiful!!! You really worked hard on it and it is totally your personality and style. Love, love, love it!

  8. barbara

    Hi, I finally got a chance to see the finished product, all completed. You must be in love! It looks really terrific! Enjoy!

  9. April Hoff

    Love your kitchen! The chalkboard wall, the backsplash, the countertops….everything is gorgeous! Found you through Centsational Girl today! Love your blog! 🙂

  10. MaryS

    Very, very nice!! You should feel so proud of the accomplishment you and your husband have done to your home. Kudos to you both!

  11. Leslie

    It’s lovely! I especially like the counter. How do you like the Daltile floor tiles? Are they convincing?

  12. Linda

    Great kitchen remodel! What we do when we have to use any type of saw to cut; we use painters tape and mark it and cut through the tape. leaves a nice cut edge. Not sure what you named your cow in the kitchen? Nellie would be fitting 🙂

  13. ToTheMoonandBack

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love the transformation and all your details.

  14. Hannah Walker

    Gorgeous! (as always!). I love the counter tops and the tap (faucet). In fact I love everything you do lol!

  15. MyVintageLoves

    I love your kitchen, you did a great job! Is the wreath around Ol’ Bessie, the 24″ diameter boxwood wreath? I am having a hard time finding the perfect size and wonder if this is the one I need. Thanks in advance for you info.

  16. blair

    Would love to know where you got the little trees on your sink? Thanks!!

  17. Deirdre


    We want to write an article about your awesome white kitchen! We have a few questions to ask you and we need to get photo permissions. Can you shoot me an email so I can get all the details? Thanks so much! Your kitchen is drop dead gorgeous!!!


  18. Deb

    Love it! I want to paint our kitchen cabinets. They’re high quality oak so it’s a waste to replace them. But there’s so much oak in there – cabinets, floor, island. This is inspiring me to see the big difference that just paint can make!

  19. Kallee

    I’ve loved your kitchen and white kitchens in general. My bubble was TOTALLY burst today when I had a cabinet guy come over to bid out changing my knotty alder cabinets to white and adding to the top of them so they go to the ceiling, when he told me the white cabinets are a nightmare to maintain. He said every little scuff mark, water splatter, hand print will show and then make things look awful. What has your experience been with your white cabinets?

    Also, I’m looking into replacing my entry/great room/dining area/kitchen flooring with hardwood. Have you liked your hardwood? Why did you choose tile in your kitchen?

    Lastly :), do you regret giving up counter space for your microwave? My set up is like your old set up – microwave above stove.

    Thanks! Everything your hands touch turn into beautiful things. I love your blog and have loved your book!

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      No, I don’t think white cabinets are a nightmare. If I really get close and look, I can see where I need to scrub, but that’s true of any cabinet. They are dirty either way, so I would rather see the dirt and clean it off. I wipe them down every once in a while and wipe off clear splatters from cherries, coffee, etc. when I see them.

      Yes, I like the wood floors, but I wish I had gone lighter. Dark wood shows a lot of fuzz, footprints, etc. and a mid-tone wood would be a bit more forgiving while still giving a beautiful look. I picked tile for my kitchen because 1.) to be honest, Home Depot asked to partner with me on a tile project for my blog and 2.) we have two different hardwoods going on, so the tile separated them. I like the durability of the tile as well, but would put hardwood floors in a kitchen, no problem. I would probably opt for sealed hardwood, though, instead of prefinished.

      Lastly, NO! I love my range hood and don’t regret giving up the counter space at all. I do have a lot of counter space, though, so I might have tried a built-in microwave option elsewhere if I didn’t. Or, I would do what I did in our tiny townhouse for 2 years…just not have a microwave. I know! Gasp! I learned to live without it, though, and didn’t miss it too much. 🙂

  20. Alison

    I would also like to know what size boxwood wreath I need for the cow head! Thank you!

  21. Janice

    What an amazing difference!!! Love the lighter look.

  22. Jennifer Stephens

    I noticed with the flooring tile that they aren’t 18 x 18, at least they don’w look like it. Were the tiles cut in half and then installed? The kitchen is beautiful. Thanks so much.

  23. stephanie

    Your kitchen looks amazing! Could you please give me further details about the range hood that you made?

  24. Felicia Price

    I am curious, and I may have missed this but why not use your milk paint for the cabinets? I keep hearing wonderful things about using milk paint on cabinets. I am currently considering using milk paint on my cabinets. Now rethinking if you didn’t use it on your cabinets. ???

  25. Ginger

    Oh my gosh! Are you kidding? This kitchen re-do is amazing! I can’t believe how beautiful it is!! Paint does make all the difference in the world. I just redid my kitchen on a smaller scale and I love it -but now you’re having me rethink it! lol…I couldn’t decide between grey cabinets or white. I loved both. I ended up choosing the grey (which with a huge bay window and all the light in my kitchen kinda looks blue) and now I am wondering…..

    Would ya mind checking it out and giving me your opinion? It doesn’t compare to yours but I would love to know if ya think I should have went with white? I’d value your opinion! I still need counter tops and I love the butcher block but I don’t want my kitchen to look “country” and I am afraid with the grey blue it might, so I thought white counter tops????

  26. Mary

    I am in love with the cow head in the kitchen!!!!! What a great idea. Love!

  27. Mesha

    Wow!!! Every since I read your book, I have been in LOVE with you & your eagerness to help people find their niche. You have out done yourself again. You are such an inspiration & I thank God for allowing me to be encouraged by you. Keep doing you cause no one can beat you at that…. 🙂

  28. Mary Beth Schwarz

    WOW it is gorgeous! Where did you get the backsplash polished marble herringbone tiles? We will do our kitchen in about a month or so and I would love to have that backsplash! Thanks for showing us your kitchen! Mary Beth

  29. Kelly W

    Love Love Love! I have been wanting to switch my laminate counters with butcherblock counters for a long time. My husband fears that they won’t hold up, especially near the sink. How are your countertops doing? Thanks so much!

  30. Sherill

    LOVE the counter top! We are finishing our basement and planning to add a kitchenette, I was wondering did the Waterlox alone give you that great color or did you stain them too? Thanks for ALL your inspiration! I received a gift certificate for my birthday (I’m a Christmas baby) from a local bookstore and had them order your book for me and I cannot tell you how much I love having the book in my hand, even the guy who checked me out commented on the beauty of your book:)

  31. Suzan

    Oh my gosh – what a fabulous kitchen – the details ( especially that mini herringbone tile ) are beyond gorgeous!!!

  32. Niki

    I have been scouring Pinterest, and Google images for almost a year trying to find a backsplash for my kitchen and was about to give up the idea of ever finding one that I like until I came across a picture of yours. I am totally in love with it. I read through your entire blog post and clicked on the link at the bottom that directs me to Amazon for the tile and it doesn’t look the same color as yours. You said you used Oriental White Polished Marble. In your pictures it looks to have a slight green tint to it which I really love but the picture on Amazon doesn’t look the same at all. I need mind to look exactly like yours b/c our cabinets are an antique white and it wouldn’t look right if I went with a grayish tile. Can you help? Is it a different color in person than the picture shows on Amazon? I really hope so b/c I want your kitchen!!! Thanks for your help.

  33. Jennifer

    Beautiful! Having a hard time picking which grout color to use. Which grout did you use on the herringbone back splash? Also, we previously had unsealed butcher block counters and had some issues around the sink, but loved having the freedom of food safety and cutting. How has the sealer held up on the counters around the sink? Thank you.

  34. Nancy Guffey

    I am an interior designer currently working as an art coordinator for a school district. I painted my cabinets white in my first house back when the whole country trend started in the seventies and have never looked back! We built a house in ’91 and painted the kitchen white then and we are starting a kitchen reno and will repaint the cabinets white. Over forty years of white cabinets! Never tire of them! I so love and appreciate this post as it will be helpful with our project! Thank you! Love your blog!

  35. Debbie

    I have been looking for a backsplash like you have in the kitchen. Thanks for a link to the tile. Would you tell me what you used for your grout. There are so many choices and I like the way yours compliments the tile.

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  37. Ann

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! I was wondering if you added an edge to the butcher block countertop …I just bought the Butcher block from ikea …thank you..Anna

  38. Anna

    Hi, I was wondering how many coats of waterlox did you use on the countertop and a silly question but how do you like the two handle faucet compared to a one handle faucet, thanks so much your such a inspiration to me!

  39. Liz Aitken

    WOW – this is one of the most stunning kitchens I’ve seen. I love all the details and finishes. You are really talented! Love your blog!

  40. Susan Wachtel

    Love the transformation…beautiful. This week we are jumping in and having our dark knotty alder cabinets painted white. Looking forward to having the kitchen looking brighter. Thanks for sharing!

  41. Kipper Price

    Beautiful work! My husband and I are getting ready to renovate our 1950’s kitchen, and your kitchen gives us hope! Thanks for the inspiration and the insight!

  42. Carrie

    I was wondering if you made the wood sign above the sink? If do you have a tutorial on how to make one? Thank you

  43. Meg

    This is a random question I’ve been meaning to ask you since I got my cow head! What size boxwood wreath fits around it? Don’t want to order one that is too small.

  44. Debra Parveen

    I just Love it! I want to paint our kitchen cabinets. They’re high quality oak so it’s a waste to replace them. This is inspiring me to see the big difference that just paint can make!


    Thank For This Blog For Us..



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