Pine Cone Hill Bedding & $150 Giveaway

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 I love how my bedroom looks, but more than that, I LOVE my bed.  I don’t know if I’ve ever had a bed I loved.  It’s always been adequate.  I used to giggle when I slid into freshly washed sheets as a kid, but that’s about the strongest feeling I’ve had about a bed…until now.  In January, we bought the new bed frame, which was my dream bed and I caught it on clearance, and a new mattress.  We had a metal frame and slouchy, cheap queen mattress for about 10 years, so it was overdue.  (Before you think I’m getting all fancy with a new bed frame, let me tell you that I have only bought two brand new pieces of large furniture in the past eight years – our family room sofa and now this bed.  Everything else has been purchased secondhand.  Just an FYI.)

Anyway, the frame and mattress were amazing and then I had the opportunity to partner with Pine Cone Hill and try out some of their beautiful, super comfy bedding.  I have been looking for bedding for a long time.  My bedding for the last few years has been a vintage white bedspread (which I love, but it was getting some pulls and frays in it) and some bargain sheets.  I have to replace those bargain sheets pretty regularly, because I have an odd habit.  I rub my feet together when I sleep…like a cricket.  This friction over a couple of years makes holes in the sheets right under my feet!  Seriously.  Too much information?

Anyway, I’ve bought some bargain bedding with my birthday money or Christmas money here and there and it always fell short.  One duvet cover got all pilly after one wash.  Another matlasse spread shrunk up so it didn’t even hang over the mattress, much less the box spring.  I’m sure there’s some good bargain bedding out there, but I haven’t come across it.

I came to the conclusion that I needed to stick with my vintage spread and be patient until I had the opportunity to get some nice bedding.  Enter Pine Cone Hill.  I had heard of them through Dash & Albert and I got to see their beautiful bedding first hand at Shades of Amber when I was in Colorado for a workshop and book signing.  I was very excited to work with them and the timing was perfect.  So, I started the search.  I knew I wanted white bedding.  White to me is timeless, crisp, clean, traditional, beautiful…all of those things in one.  If I’m going to get nice bedding, I want it to work with my ever-changing decor for years.  White will do that.

I picked out the Pleated Linen White Duvet, matching Shams, White Petit Trellis Matlasse, and Classic Hemstitched White Sheets.  It was like Christmas when the box arrived (and it arrived the same day the bed frame was delivered.  Woohoo!)  Here’s how it looks on the bed…

DSC_8340 (640x424)

DSC_8346 (480x640)

DSC_8370 (424x640)

DSC_8330 (424x640)

Here’s what I love about the bedding…

  • It’s very comfortable.  I’ve had some scratchy sheets in my day, but these sheets are smooth and crisp.  I love the weight of the matlasse and the feel of the linen duvet cover.  
  • The matlasse spread has a generous overhang.  That’s been one of my biggest complaints about bedding I’ve bought in the past.  It’s worse than clothes shopping.  You try it on, love how it fits, wash it and then it’s too small.  Frustrating!  This spread hangs well over the mattress on both sides (and it’s pre-washed!)
  • The details are amazing.  The hem stitched detail on the sheets, the pleats and button closure on the duvet, the double hemmed edges on the matlasse…  You can tell it’s all very high quality.
  • It gets better with age.  I don’t know about the matlasse spread, yet, but I can tell the sheets, duvet cover and shams get softer with each wash.  (Hopefully my cricket tendencies don’t wear holes in these sheets!)

Some things you might want to know if you’re considering the bedding I bought…

  • The sheets will be a big, wrinkled ball the first time you wash them.  This only happened the first time and I was a little concerned, thinking I might have gotten myself into having to iron my sheets, but they smoothed out and have gotten softer with each wash.  
  • Linen will do what linen does and it will be wrinkly.  That’s just what you get with linen.  I ironed the duvet cover with a little starch before the photo shoot, but you’ll see it’s wrinkled in other pictures.  I’m okay with it, but stuff like that doesn’t bother me.  If you get twitchy at wrinkles, don’t get linen bedding.  (Or maybe someone knows a tip for smoothing linen?)

Pine Cone Hill has a huge variety of bedding to suit all tastes and styles.  Here are some of my favorites…


Of course blue and white…Uma Resist Indigo Bed

A bold printed quilt in versatile navy and ivory gets an extra kick from our textured linen/cotton coverlet and sham.


…and I love how sunny and pretty the Madeline Trellis Gold Bed is.

There's no golden rule for decorating, except

 …and the smocking.  Oh, the smocking.

Seychelle Smocked Bedding

Modern sophistication doesn’t get any easier than our richly detailed smocked duvet and textured quilt, with coordinating shams and embroidered-hem sheets.


Smocked White Stonewashed Bed


Layer on the luxury with our smocked duvet and shams, easy linen shams, ruffled cotton sheets, and an embroidered decorative pillow.

Maybe I should’ve gone with the smocked?  Hey, that’s a good option for the people who get twitchy at wrinkles!

If you have read my blog for a while, you know I work hard and it’s amazing to sink into a bed that feels like a fancy hotel bed at the end of the day.  (Although I’m not sure if I’ve ever stayed in a really fancy hotel, but it’s how I would imagine it to be.)  It’s one of those things that make me enjoy my home all the more.

Would you like to win $150 to spend at Pine Cone Hill’s online shop?  Come on, who would turn that down!

To enter, simply visit their site and look around.  Come back to this post and leave a comment letting me know what catches your eye (and they have more than bedding.)  That’s it!  The giveaway will close Saturday, March 30, 2013, at midnight PST.  A winner will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, April 1, 2013.  Only readers over the age of 18 and those living in the US are eligible to win.

Good luck!


Disclosure: Pine Cone Hill furnished this bedding in exchange for advertising and a feature post on my blog.  All opinions are honest and my own.  I really love this bedding, wanted it for my home and am happy to partner with Pine Cone Hill and share their products with my readers.

Pine Cone Hill Bedding & $150 Giveaway

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1,177 Comments on “Pine Cone Hill Bedding & $150 Giveaway”

  1. I was drawn to the Corsica Bedding. The whites with linen blues it reminded me of slipping into your one of your husbands old button down shirts. It’s like a fresh start to each day such an inviting color choice. LOVED IT!!

  2. OK this is hard:) I have always loved the bright colors of Pine Cone Hill, but they have so much more. I love all of the Candlewick items in Nana’s Attic! The texture is so pretty! I would definitely stock up on some of the Candlewick wick pillows in white, or yellow, or that great orangey color!

  3. I live the Nana’s attic on the pine cone hill website. It reminds me of the bedding my Nannie had when I was a little girl!

  4. I absolutely love Nana’s Attic from the Candlewick pieces to the beautiful Quilt and Sham ensembles. The piece I most covet is Nana’s Kaleidoscope Quilt! Also love the “Aran Throw”.

  5. tough choice–either some classic white sheets or a couple of striped woufs. the woufs would be so cute in the playroom!

  6. Love Pine Cone Hill and check them regularily. I personally love the Madeline Trellis quilt, and bedskirt! I loved the drapery panels in the room too. Do you know if they seel them?

  7. I realize that it is Spring time but I absolutely adore anything velvet! So the Matte Velvet Quilt in Juniper caught my eye! However, the Smocked Duvet in Dove Grey and Candlewick Bedspread in Shale also tickles my fancy. I would love to be forced to choose!

  8. Gosh, what a feast for the eyes. I love anything blue, but the floral prints were beautiful and just what I am craving waiting for spring to fully arrive.

  9. Love everything, but I guess I would have to choose the Dobry Bed f/rom the Haute Lodge collection. Oh My Goodness they have some beautiful collections!

  10. i like the grey smocked bedding, been wanting to update my teenage sons room but he & i cant agree on a look !!!! i think ill just do it while he is at school !

  11. How did you ever decide? I loved the grey or the white smocked duvet cover and the ruched linen (gorgeous) and the watercolor flower (so summery). The candlewick throw would be gorgeous on my sofa. Oh how I would love to win this!

  12. I loved the genevieve platinum bedding… pattern without taking over.
    I also had to check out what poufs & toufs were. I had never heard of those.

    I wish I could afford to change my bedding like I change the sheets.. How fun would that be? Changing the look weekly. =)

  13. I loved the parchment linen stripe sand sheet set….I am starting to redo house in vintage/french…..would love it for my bedroom.

  14. I have admired and loved Pine Cone Bedding for some time now!
    The new ” NEW Vintage English Decorative Pillow” is a favorite of
    mine…They would be beautiful on our sofa, bed and in our library
    Many thanks, Cindi

  15. I love the diamond Persimmon matelasse. Beautiful color! Thanks for the opportunity to win. Happy Easter!

  16. I rent rooms in my house to graduate students. Most of the time they are from countries outside of the US and I have found over the years that brightly colored bedding makes for happier housemates. The Box In Box Quilt is a nice addition at the end of the bed. To change things up a bit the Happy Yellow Stripe Duvet or the Mel Stripe Duvet makes a nice surprise during comprehensive exams. The Cubix sheets or Duvet cover would lift anyone’s spirits.
    And, of course, any of the Classic Hem stitch sheets compliment any of the above and go a long way in combating homesickness for family far away.

  17. Love the haute lodge collection- need the Montana look for my mountain house 🙂 Also like the neutrals – could use this in my bedroom.

  18. I fell in love with the CANDLEWICK DOVE GREY THROW. Thank you for hosting this great giveaway!

    Fingers crossed!

  19. I love almost all of the bedding that is offered; however, I am usually drawn more to the grays and blues. The Uma Resist bedding is great, and reads very Spring/Summer to me.

  20. Like you, to me, nothing beats an all-white bed, and I love *all* of their whole-cloth quilts (would choose white of course), the sheets with the tiny ruffles, and the pintuck linen.
    I also loved the “Sheepy Fleece” robe which looks so cozy!

  21. I’ve had my Pine Cone Hill Bedding for about 5 years – one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I love, love the Ruched Linen White/Platinum Window Panels – must have!

  22. Ahhhh, amazing sheets at the end of the day…. such a luxury…. and I keep saying I’m going to treat myself one of these days. I love the Veena Blue…. and I wouldn’t even have to repaint!

  23. Your bed is simply stunning!! My only relationship with Pine Cone Hill is a very old pair of pjs that was a Christmas gift from my daughter. The fabric is still going strong! After perusing the PCH website, my eye was drawn to the Veena Blue Nightdress. However, it was hard to narrow it down to one item – but you know that! Thanks for sharing this fabulous giveaway!! Happy Easter!

  24. My favorite has to be the Candlewick Bedspread. It reminds of the bedspread my Grandmother used to have on her bed. And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the Candlewick bathrobe.

  25. Well I love it all, of course. The scarves, the sleepwear, table linens and bedding! But if I had to choose, I would say that the Gradation line of bedding is my absolute favorite! Hope I win! Happy Easter!

  26. I actually like almost everything on their site though.. how do you choose? I LOVEEEE the Seychelle Smocked Bedding! I am trying to re-do my bedroom with a shabby-chic french feel, but still trying to keep it somewhat modern for my fiance. Ive been looking for bedding just like this! Love Love Love it.

    I really enjoy your website and have learned so much from you! I hope i win!!! Ahh (fingers crossed)

  27. Love, love Pine Cone Hill! Beauty and quality. So hard to pick just one, but I adore the gradation ticking blanket.

  28. I’ve loved Pine Cone Hill since seeing it in one of my favorite stores, Nell Hills in Kansas City.. I especially love the Fanny Champagne Bedding. It;s gorgeous!

  29. I’m so glad you turned me on to Pine Cone Hill! I’ve had the same problem with matlasse spreads in the past (the one currently on my bed has shrunk so much it barely covers our king bed)!
    I will definitely purchase a new matlasse spread…. but it would be even better to win the gift card to purchase it with.

  30. Who DOESN’T LOVE—LOVE Pine Cone Hill???? What a way to transform ANY ROOM with this brand!! My love is as always, anything WHITE and Classic. I do love color and could twist my arm to do something different but white is always a color to mix or blend with.
    There is something about the WHITE on WHITE classic bedding on any bed that makes a statement and just makes the whole room pop!
    Thank you Pine Cone Hill and Ms. Mustard Seed. You have EARNED the bedding the HARD way, we are rewarded just for watching you work hard to get it:)
    Happy Easter to All!!—HEY–is this an APRIL FOOLS TRICK??? You did state that the winner will be announced on APRIL 1st!! :))

  31. Hydrangea Duvet cover – twin!!!!! I freaked out and am running close in time. I kept pinning everything. Marion, you were right – just BEAUTIFUL! Sure hope I win and thanks to Marion and to Pine Cone Bedding. Happy Easter…..

  32. I would choose the Classic Hemstitch Ivory Sheet Set. I would LOVE to own a new set of sheets! Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. I am so excited to finally find a website with bedding that I have been searching months to find. I want to do a guest bedroon for my granddaughters when they visit in warm sunny yellow and whites. The canary yellow group would be perfect and just what I have searched so long to find. Thanks Ms. Mustard Seed for all your wonderful inspirations and this great opportunity !

  34. Oh, my! I’ve seen Pine Cone Hill linens in boutiques but had no idea they have so many dreamy things!

    First things first: I would have to order the blue summer linen gown, and then wear it while I pick out new bedding on the website!

  35. I believe I’m too late for the giveaway but I wanted to say that my husband and I both rub our feet on the sheets. Who knew that two people who rub their feet independently would marry each other? True story. We go through sheets like water. I’ve always done that since I was a little kid and don’t really realize it at all unless I really concentrate on not doing it- but then I don’t get any sleep. Funny!

  36. Bummer! And I would have loved to have entered for those – I’ve missed the last couple of giveaways because weekends are usually too hectic for me to get in any browsing time.

  37. Any of the sheets are great, but I love washed soft linen sleepwear. ‘Not sure it gets any better than that in the summer at the beach! Hope to win.

  38. I am a sucker for mattelasse coverlets and their Scramble White coverlet is just the ticket for me. I’ve been wanting to do something new with my bed. this would be wonderful!

  39. I love the “scramble” matelassé coverlet. I wonder what the weight is. I had a matelassé
    cover, and like what you describe it shrunk up and was way too heavy. I also love white. Is the contest over with?

  40. I just like the valuable information you provide to your articles.

    I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly.
    I am slightly sure I will learn many new stuff proper here!
    Good luck for the following!

  41. I, too, love crisp clean sheets just after they’ve been in the dryer! I will be ordering some of the sheets as they sound fabulous!! Thanks for the opportunity to win the $150 toward more sheets & bedding! I just love everything you do!!

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