I’ve been working on my second Decorating Dilemma and should be ready to post that next week, but it got me thinking…  What about doing Furniture Dilemmas?  I know my readers love furniture makeovers and, since I don’t have a studio space outside of my home any longer and I’m not getting ready for markets and events, I don’t work on furniture anywhere near as much as I used to.  So, since I’m not working on furniture for me, why don’t we work on it for you?

I receive e-mails and DMs pretty regularly asking about what to do with a piece of furniture and it would be fun to bring those conversations to the blog.

So, here is how it will work…

Send a few pictures of your piece of furniture to me at marian@missmustardseed.com with the e-mail title Furniture Dilemma.  They can be wood, painted, upholstered, whatever.  All furniture is welcome!  Also, let me know what colors you like, the look you’re hoping to achieve, if the piece has any problem areas or needs repair.  You can even send along an inspiration picture.

From there, I will create a post with step-by-step instructions for getting that look including links to products and to specific tutorials to help you get your project done.

Won’t that be fun?

I’m looking forward to it!

If you’re not familiar with my furniture makeovers, I have worked on (literally) thousands of pieces of furniture over the years.  I do everything from upholstery to slipcovers, painting, refinishing, stripping, furniture repairs, and upcycling pieces that are orphaned, broken, etc.

Here are a few examples…

Reviving a piece with Hemp Oil

The hutch wearing an unfortunate shade of brown

Hardware Cabinet Makeover

Custom white milk paint dresser

Workbench turned kitchen island

Mustard Seed Yellow Buffet

Swedish-Style Desk

The chairs with the ticking skirts

Blue checks & yellow toile

Boxwood Highboy

Cane Sofa Makeover

And, if that’s not enough, you can find more furniture makeovers HERE.


  1. katieonwhidbey

    Commenting here, not on furniture, but on crochet! Just wrote a reply on the crochet glass cozy post about the written pattern, then thought you might not read all the replies after a few days. So head on over, Marian, and check it out. You may need to clarify the written instructions. Love the pattern, btw!

    • Marian Parsons

      Yep, I saw it and replied!

  2. Nancy

    I’m not necessarily a painted furniture fan but love the before and after you did on the stained wood chest–second photo. I have a dresser that’s really kind of broken down, but I love it. My sis paid $50 for it 25 years ago and I think she got took 😉. Apparently so did her interior designer MIL, cuz I wound up with it. The hub patched it back together and I use it, along with an 1890s chest of drawers we inherited from my MIL, in our guest bedroom. All that to say I’d be interested in knowing how you made the wood shine in your second photograph. I don’t want to restain either one and you may have done just that but, short of that, suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Mary Anne Saunders

      I think she used hemp oil to renew that piece.

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes! I just applied Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil to the piece.

  3. Carolyn Kellam

    This sounds so exciting! I have actually been wishing I could consult with you about a bedroom furniture question! So, I will get right on this to get your help! Yay!

  4. Patricia Kasparian

    I found you online years ago due to your furniture makeovers. Just today I used your Boxwood on an old Eastlake dresser, very similar to the one above. That color is just gorgeous and I’m loving it so far! I like working with your milk paint line and always seem to find just the right color. I find a lot of your work since to be inspirational and I love checking in with the blog. Thank you for sharing your talents, Marian.

  5. MaryLisa

    This was the coolest blog! Your photos of before and after side by side are amazing. My dilemma is an antique French chair similar to your blue and white check over the yellow fabric. I have some linen sheets I purchased from an antique shop in NY and I would like to use them on this chair. Do we dm you photos?

  6. Linda

    Gorgeous. You are so talented.

  7. Leslie Collison

    Awesome idea. I have just the dilemma for you and hope your creative mind can help me with a decorative solution on this piece I have. I’ll email you this weekend. I am so excited to pick your brain so to speak. LOL

  8. Tori

    I’ve been following you and reading your blogs religiously for many, many years now and that was a fun little tour down memory lane. I was actually thinking just the other day how much your blog has changed since the Luckett days and how much I miss the furniture makeovers. I think this series will be a blast and I’m looking forward to it!!

  9. SueA

    Oh boy do I have a couple of doozies for you! Most of the stuff I inherited is amazing, but a couple of pieces have seen better days…much better days.

  10. Nena

    Several years ago I made a slipcover for my daughter’s wingback chair following your step by step post. I was extremely happy with the results and so was she. Thank you!!

  11. Jeanine

    What a fun idea!

  12. Alice

    Looking in the top bar for a tutorial on slipcovers and may have missed it but it wasn’t under the expected headings.
    The companies who offer slipcovers don’t fit very well and remaking them seems like more work than making them to begin with but since I’ve never attempted it, I need pointers. Do you have a slipcover tutorial? Thank you for your lovely blog and the web site and the wonderful paint colors. You have a very generous and kind spirit and are a blessing to many!

  13. Marilla

    I may be sending you pictures of most of my furniture. I know that I need to paint or finish them, but it feels so overwhelming to figure out what to do and how to do it for each piece! My only makeovers (all 2 of them 10-20 years ago!) were on pieces that were worth $5 or less–so working on furniture that we purchased new and/or use every day feels really scary to me.

  14. Cheryl Adams

    It sounds like a wonderful idea! Sometimes I have TOO many ideas for a furniture piece and have a hard time narrowing my choices. Visual inspirations and instructions sound great! Thank you for being a mentor and encourager!

    • Odile

      I LOVE this idea and thought that would make for a great blog, to bring designers (artistic peeps) and those needing makeover furniture ideas under one roof. Who better to do this than Miss Mustard Seed!!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects and the advice given.

  15. Nancy

    Furniture makeovers are my favorite. Yay!

  16. Addie

    I love all the make overs but they are styled too. To be fair they needed to be styled on the “before”. I think the first cabinet and the farm style table with the scale on it would of looked equally as good if they were styled also. White ironstone in that cabinet would have looked great. The table needed a good cleaning and I think it actually would have been better off not painted. More authentic . The yellow washstand is beautiful ….a work of art. And much improved being painted.
    You, Marian, have a real talent for painting furniture. Not everyone does. Lately I have been seeing a LOT of horror stories ending up at the Goodwill. ugh!!!!! We even have an antique shop in town that I have to avert my eyes as I walk past. I went in once and the young gal was just tickled pink with her own work!!! UGH!!!!!!!! It was bad.

    • Marian Parsons

      The first cabinet looked pretty good, but that before picture was after a lot of repair work and removing some ugly green fabric that was stapled behind the doors. We also had to add shelves and rebuild one of the sides with some new wood! The workbench also really needed a new top. It was a pressboard top, so painting it and adding the marble made it useable in a kitchen.

  17. Rosalyn

    I live in a 1974 house. My bathroom cabinets a original…they have bead board with a frame on them and are still in great condition. It has probably been over 10 years ago that I sanded, primed and painted them white and added glass knobs. They need to be done again (just the outside as I painted the inside last time and it nearly killed my back!) Is milk paint a good option for the bathroom cabinets? Suggestions?
    Thanks! Rosalyn

  18. Jeffrey Favreau

    Can we say LOVE furniture makeovers! I think it just a wonderful idea of course you rock Mariam. Your Ideas in my humble opinion are just great. Can’t wait to see these unfold, as I believe there are so many people out there that just need a little inspiration in life. Thank you for your years of sharing.

  19. Maria

    I have been enjoying your furniture makeovers for so many years. Your talent inspires me!!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  20. Edie Marie

    This post is perfect timing to give me ideas for my current project! I’m in the midst of painting my kitchen cabinets right now and trying to decide how I want the finished look to be. I’m using chalk paint. The lowers are Graphite color. The uppers will be Burgundy. My first instinct is to just knock down the edges with sandpaper to reveal a light edge. However I see you have done some amazing “worn look” techniques. That’s a lot to think about. I’m a country French nut and I have a fabulous French patisserie stencil for my one large cupboard door. Lots of work but thinking it will be worth it in the end. Thank you for your inspiration Miss Mustard Seed!

  21. Nana Diana

    That should be really fun and I can’t wait to see the response!!! Have a wonderful weekend, Marian! Hugs- Diana

  22. joann

    miss mustard seed,

    please excuse the lower case typing, i fractured the ball of my right upper arm femur four days ago so i only have the use of one arm for quite awhile until it mends. i love your offer of helping with problem furniture, i have a work room that my husband made for me above his shop and we just started getting my things moved in when i injured my arm falling over a box of sewing supplies i had taken out of the storage closet in an upstairs bedroom, i didn’t turn on the light because i was used to a clear space. any way i do have furniture that has been waiting for years to be restored and look so forward to getting your expert advice, you can imagine what this feels like after what you’ve recently gone through I’m sure. i am happy to have something like this to keep me entertained and ready for action when i am healed up. thank you so much, joann

  23. Trynette

    I love seeing your projects!
    I have a question… have you ever chalk painted upholstery?

  24. Martha

    The yellow washstand as long been one of my favorite pieces! 💛🐱🌻🌞🍋🌼🌝

  25. Jennifer

    I love your idea! I have a piece of furniture I am currently working on and would love some advice. Will we be emailing you pics and questions?

  26. Kate

    I’m a fan of your furniture makeovers, Marian! You inspired me to remake my old buffet which I got from my grandmother, I like your idea to paint it in yellow! Thanks for inspiration.


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