Sewing slipcovers is not my very favorite thing to do, so I saved these until the very end.  I kept looking at them, debating if I should just upholster them, which would be much faster or if I should push through and sew the slipcovers.  I had a vision for them from the very beginning…ticking slipcovers with ties and ruffled skirts.  I knew if I did anything different than that, they would look “off” to me and I would be disappointed that I didn’t just get it done the way I planned.   So, I pinned myself down on Thursday and worked on making that vision happen.

ticking slipcovers | miss mustard seed

Here’s how they started…  They were sturdy, the wood is gorgeous and the upholstery was in good shape.  Of course, I needed to add my touch, though!


I made the slipcovers out of a ticking duvet cover that was dated 1913, so both the chairs and the fabric are over 100 years old.  They way they are put together, though, gives them an update.

ticking slipcovers | miss mustard seed

The ruffles and ties are my favorite part.  As I was ruffling I told my mom, “I don’t have a little girl, so I have to play dress-up with my chairs.”

ticking slipcovers | miss mustard seed

The ties were probably the most time consuming part, since I had to make 16 of them, but I would cut and sew them and then my mom would turn them right-side-out and iron them.  It was a huge help.

ticking slipcovers | miss mustard seed

I love how they turned out and wish I had a place for them in my house!  I don’t, so they are coming to Lucketts this weekend.  The pair is priced at $250.

ticking slipcovers | miss mustard seed

ticking slipcovers | miss mustard seed

And speaking of chairs, we have 14 upholstered French chairs coming to the market with us (and a cane-back sofa).  I’ve never taken on so much upholstery for one event.  And I still have 6 chairs waiting in the wings.  I just had to draw the “I’m done line” somewhere and 14 chairs was enough.  I always wrap my upholstery up in plastic when moving it, so it stays nice and clean.  Kriste worked on that as I was finishing the slipcovers.  She wrapped each one up with such care, like she was tucking children into bed.  We’ve had some help along the way, but Kriste and I have worked so long and hard and we want to make sure everyone gets there safely!


A few of my own personal chairs are coming with us to the sale, like the pair of end chairs that were in my dining room (you can see the back of one in the picture below)…



…and this chair…



Unfortunately, one of my sons knocked it over, so the back of the frame cracked.  We did repair it, so it is functional, but because of the damage, it’s priced as an “as-is” bargain at $100.

Here is the cane-backed sofa, which is priced at $285…


(You can check out the full sofa makeover HERE.)

And I have one more pair to share…


PS – Happy mother’s day to my mom and all mothers out there!

(That’s my mom and Kriste at Lucketts last year.)



  1. B Folk

    Wow! Those two “ticking” chairs are beautiful! And, a bargain at $250 for two custom-slipcovered, antique chairs with antique fabric! Those will go fast, as will all of your beautiful chairs. Thanks for all the inspiration/eye candy.


    The slip covers are wonderful….love your sewing skills. The chairs look like they have great bones and very little needing to be done to them is even better. This project turned out great.

  3. Marian@CMShaw Studios

    So much work! I hope you make a ton of money and gain a lot of space in your studio. It has been so fun watching your preparations this year. Thanks for sharing so much. I had my Lucketts moment this last weekend. Our neighborhood had a garage sale Saturday, so I pulled out my tables and cloths and staged a pretty little garage sale. My kids teased me for staging it, but in sold a ton of stuff, including every piece of furniture I didn’t have room for in my house. It was the first sale I have ever had that ended without me having to pack up and move something heavy! Yay. So I pass on my good sales karma and wish you the best!
    The Other Marian

  4. Michelle

    Hi, everything looks gorgeous, I’m super excited to be shopping at lucketts this Friday. I was hoping to purchase some milk paint, especially new colors, will you or another vendor have that available? Thanks.

  5. Jean

    Bravo on all your hard work! I am just saddened that I don’t live close enough to attend. Those chairs are stunning; as is all of your design makeovers. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jelena

    Oh, those slipcovers look so pretty and flirty!
    Wish I was closer to Lucketts to check out your “chair collection…”

  7. Lori Q

    I think you’ll be returning from Luckett’s with an empty truck and lots of money! Wish I could make it there this year!

    Good luck and best wishes!

  8. Joan Dorrill

    Your work is all beautiful and I wish you were closer to where I live. I think you will have a sell out for sure.

  9. Jessica

    I love these chairs and the cane-back sofa; too adorable!

  10. Jamee

    Best of luck to you at the market – saying some rain, rain stay away! prayers for all of you! Hope it’s a fabulous event! I really enjoy your posts and have used you as inspiration on more than one occasion. Thanks MMS!

  11. Melissa #DoItHerselfDiva

    All I can say is..Be still My beating heart!!! I think the Cane Back Furniture God’s have smiled upon You,Or there’s just a LOT of it on The Eastcoast!! One of the two…I can bearly find caned back furniture here in The Great Lakes but I am considering driving 4 hours one way for a Ladies’ Wing Back style, With fully caned seat & back..I did find a pair of kind of gross wing back but with an upholstered panel on the back.But then that adds to the cost of rehabilitation when I have to replace all of the foam & padding and possibly fumigate the chair too.I will say it again…I wish I could make it to Luckett’s! That sofa would be MINE!!!! But I’m sure all 14 pieces & the ton of Ironstone will all find wonderful new Homes! Oh & while I’m in Michigan looking for My goodies & finds, I am keeping an eye out for a vintage Ironstone cake stand for You that you have found to be so elusive!! I can’t promise anything but am looking for You.

  12. JudeB

    Love what you’ve done to these chairs! I only wish that I lived in the US and could buy some of your beautiful transformations, but instead I’m stuck here in the UK ……….. LUSTING!!

  13. Karen

    Do you have a pattern for the chair covers? I’d love to make some for my dining room chairs and breakfast room chairs as the seats are upholstered and I have 6 grandchildren that sit on these chairs to eat and often drop food. To make a cover that is washable yet appeals to my French Country decor would be fabulous! Who wants to worry about soiling upholstery when the family gathers together? LOVE your chairs and wish I lived closer too, I would absolutely go to your sales! You still give all of us so much inspiration to decorate what is in our hearts.

  14. the uncommon pearl

    I could not be in more LOVE with these slipcovers if I tried!

    Ticking….it makes my heart skip a beat!

    Beautiful work 🙂

  15. Melissa

    Beautiful! I love those chair covers and wonder if you start with a pattern. If not, I can probably fake it. Even a pattern would need tweaking to accommodate the appropriate seat dimensions.

    Just beautiful! I am shopping for ticking fabric as soon as I finish typing. 🙂 Wish I could make it to your market, but I am in FL and it is a bit of a hike from here. Maybe another year…

  16. Cindy Redman

    The little ticking slipcovered chairs are absolutely adorable. I’m such a chair freak that i’m dying looking at all the yummy chairs. You’re selling your two dining chairs with the precious little slips!? Oh my gosh, i love them… and the one chair for $100.00!? Wow… what a great bargain!


  17. MaryLisa Noyes

    What a selection! Just awesome! Great pic of Kristi and your Mom!

  18. Naomi S.

    Well, it’s down to the wire and it sounds like you all are still standing! The ticking slips are darling with their ruffles and bows. I must say, I think your prices are SO low! I know you want items to move, but I’m pretty sure they would still move if you raised your prices half-again what you’re asking. Silly me, then they would for sure be out of my price range! BUT, I think the work you put in on each piece is significant, not to mention your talented eye for design. Just sayin’!

    Best of luck ( at Luckett’s) and I can’t wait to hear all about the weekend!

  19. Kelley

    I love everything and I’m jealous of the people who live close enough to go to Lucketts! I’m sure you’ll go home with a tiny amount!

  20. Mary

    Hi! I am new here and am wondering where I can find chairs like your gorgeous canned back ones… I am aiming for a Gustavian style dining room with milk-painted furniture and a crystal chandelier. The floors are dark wood, so I’m aiming for lighter furniture for contrast and to lighten things up a bit. I just discovered you and I’m quickly becoming one of your biggest fans!

    I live in FL, USA. I’m hoping you can help me find a source.

    Thank you!



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