The Lucketts Spring Market is just days away and I still have things to show you!  I’m going to share more details about the sale, answer your questions and share pictures of everything all set up over the next few days.  Until then, here are a few more things that are coming to the sale…

When I purchased this table a few weeks ago, it looked so sad.  With missing veneer, water damage, a wobbly base and a thick layer of dirt, it was hard to see potential, but the shape of that pedestal was irresistible!

pedestal table | miss mustard seed

Here’s how it looked before…



I tightened down the top, so it was sturdy, and cleaned it up, but I left the other dents and dings alone.  The top was missing all of its veneer, but no one would ever notice that once I painted it. I applied a coat of MMSMP in a mix of Shutter Gray and Grain Sack.  I took what was leftover in a couple of cups and mixed it together.  I distressed it and finished it in a coat of Hemp Oil.


pedestal table | miss mustard seed

Kriste snagged these lilacs from her mother-in-law’s yard.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  I’m on a mission to plant a bunch of flowering bushes in my yard and lilacs will be included in that plan at some point!

lilacs | miss mustard seed


And I’m sure you noticed those pretty balloon-backed chairs that are flanking the table.  They actually came into our family through an estate my uncle bought when I was just a little girl.  He bought the house and many pieces of antique furniture that were in the home, including four of these chairs.  I saved two from my Opa’s attic a few years ago and sold them and these have been with my mom since I was in high school!



She had them reupholstered in the blue, but one of their cats clawed them up, so they needed a fresh start.  They’re still blue, but this time they’re sporting a pretty check.

checked balloon-backed chairs | miss mustard seed

She doesn’t have a space for them in her house, so I’m selling them.

checked balloon-backed chairs | miss mustard seed

And, you may have noticed the sign on the wall.  That’s one of the ten hand painted “antique” signs we created on old boards, table leaves, etc.  I got a crook in my neck from all of the hand lettering, but it was worth it!  I love how they all turned out.  

hand painted "antique signs" | miss mustard seed

I’m especially into the “milk and cream” sign.

hand painted "antique signs" | miss mustard seed


They were all painted in MMS Milk Paint, except for the white lettering, which was done in white artist’s acrylic.  If I use Ironstone for decorative painting, I have to let it sit and thicken for several days and I didn’t have any “aged” Ironstone on hand!  I’ll make a video tutorial on how to make these once my schedule settles down a bit.

hand painted "antique signs" | miss mustard seed


The truck gets loaded tomorrow evening!


  1. Elyce

    You must be loading an 18 wheeler.! You have some amazing pieces to sell.

  2. Fiona, Lilyfield Life

    it all looks amazing. all the best for your big sale. what a buzz it must be loading all your hard work into the trucks
    fiona xx

  3. Deb

    Love the signs! I know you are very busy and might not have time to answer. I am wondering why you never do dressers with mirrors on, at least I never saw any if you did. Have fun at Lucketts, can’t wait to see the photos. Wish I had someone to go with me.

    • Karen K

      Where do you live Deb……I would be game next year perhaps! I am in central PA…..

  4. Anya

    Those signs are so cool! I love the Milk & Cream one too – the cow just makes it. The Bread and Biscuits one is fun, too. I am so looking forward to seeing all these goodies in person – I’m heading down on Friday!

  5. Elizabeth

    That table is GORGEOUS! Love the color that you painted it in. I’m excited to give milk paint a try now that we are in our new home. I think the old buffet or hutch I have would look amazing in Shutter Gray. Beautiful work as always. Liz

  6. Rick S

    I love the Milk & Cream sign too. It reminds me of the farm sign leading up to my grandpa’s farm.

    It was put up about 1940 with grandpa and his brother’s name on it, his son’s names were added and then after the sons bought the farm the son’s names. It brings back memories, because it was at the bend in the road leading to the farm “The Home Place”.
    Would you take an order for one later?

    • Debra

      Yes! Yes! Do take orders for the Milk & Cream sign after Lucketts. My kitchen is blue and white with several bovine accents. The room just screams for your sign!

      • marian

        Yes, I can take some custom sign orders after Lucketts. 🙂

    • marian

      Yes, I can definitely do that!

  7. Rosalina

    I live in California Would love to be there. Love ironstone. Not much ironstone here. May God’s bless you with a great sale!

  8. Jelena

    That Lucketts booth will be bursting at the seams with all the wonderful pieces you are bringing. I am sure you will have a great weekend.

  9. Jennifer Schwartz

    The signs you made are so neat! I would love if you posted a video tutorial!!

  10. laurie

    it’s been so fun to watch you enlarge your endeavors over the years! be safe, have a good time, i know you will do well.

  11. Vicki

    Love the pedestal table. I noticed you finish off a lot of your pieces with hemp oil over your paint Can you explain the difference in coverage and durability you get with hemp oil vs a clear wax?

  12. SusanG

    Oh, boy! Can I commission a copy of the dressmaking sign from you? Please, pretty please?

  13. Naomi S.

    Marian, your signs are awesome! They all look so authentic and really old. I would love to see a tutorial just on how you go about making them some day.

    Have a wonderful time at Lucketts. Be sure to mix a lot of FUN with the business!

  14. Erin

    I can see why you picked the pedestal table. It is really fantastic. I’m sure it will be one of the first pieces to go. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for one with that style of base.

  15. Sue Schneid22

    Since I am not coming until Saturday bright and early, I am betting the signs will be all gone by then. But, I was relieved when I saw that 1) you are going to post a how-to and 2) if I am too lazy, that you will do some upon request! Yay! Can’t wait to see it all!~

  16. Kathryn

    So much fun seeing all your goodies trucking off to Lucketts. Wonder what will sell first? The signs, the pedestal, an upholstered french or balloon chair, or your tree bureau. Maybe something else entirely…like a pot of lavendar! Do you and your crew take wagers on what it will be? Have fun and be safe and place the license plate alphabet game while you travel!

  17. Jill

    The signs are fantastic! I wish I was near you, I would rush to Lucketts and pick up the shoes, boots, etc sign for the our back entry where we’re building in a bench, cubbies and hooks for all the kiddos stuff! Love seeing all the things you’re doing for Lucketts – can’t wait to see the displays, etc!

  18. Melissa #DoItHerselfDiva

    I think I misunderstood You. I was under the assumption that Luckett’s was this past weekend. I didn’t realize that it was next weekend & that You were still finishing up. I LOVE everything You pictured today. But, I am also partial to “The Milk & The Cream sign” ..I think You College Degree is showing because all those signs are amazing! That table is so uniquely beautiful & THOSE BALLOON BACK CHAIRS!!! Oh My!!! Like I told You I was going to, I went to yet ANOTHER antique/vintage spot today (MORE GOODIES & waiting to hear back from 2 booths for what I disclosed to You, what I was looking for!! Cross Your fingers!!! ) As well as stopping in @ St Vincent DePaul..I looked at a single balloon back chair that wasn’t in near pristine condition as these. I almost fell over that They had it priced @ $80!! I refuse to pay that for something I’d need to completely strip down to it’s frame to replace everything..But these? Oh I may just have to sign over My 1st born son for these!!! You never cease to amaze Me, Miss Mustard Seed!! Just when I think You’ve outdone Yourself, The next posting the following day trumps the previous day’s post..I have come to the determination that I am in love with every chair You breathe new Life into & the painted furniture is rapidly growing on Me,Also!! …As always…BRAVO!!!!

  19. Marsha

    I have enjoyed seeing all the wonderful items you’re taking to Luckett’ s. I’ve gotten to see and buy your fabulous offerings at The Chapel Market the last two years…. Can’t imagine how wonderful Luckett’s must be in person….

  20. almostantique

    I only wish Luckett’s Market was closer to me. Love your work and all the lovely furniture makeovers. Love the signs. Looking forward to the tutorials.

  21. Vicki King

    Love your signs as well. But I must tell you that LAVENDER IS SPELLED LAVENDER. IT ONLY HAS ONE A.

    Old school teacher here. People want to spell it Lavander, Lavendar, or Lavandar. But none of these is right.

    Just a FYI I thought you would appreciate, since you are a stickler for accuracy. Have a GREAT time at Lucketts and make a TON of money!! I will be sending good thoughts your way. Take it easy and have a good trip there and back. ((Hugs)), Vicki K

    • Marilyn

      My French is pretty rusty but I seem to recall that lavande us French for lavender. Isn’t that what the sign says? No matter what the signs say, they’re all charming! Best of luck at Luckett’s. I wish I weren’t on the other side of the country so I could attend. Sighhhh……

    • marian

      Yes, it’s “Lavande” which is French for lavender. 🙂

  22. Krista

    You are amazing, Marian! Everything for Luckett’s looks so awesome. Your talent & imagination is never-ending. Have a great show! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your posts & pictures about how it goes. Someday, I will make the trip down to Luckett’s to experience it in person. Safe travels.


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