the easiest furniture makeover ever

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I spotted this piece on craigslist and I knew, despite the missing knob and dry finish, that it was a real gem.


Painting is my natural tendency, but this piece spoke to me loud and clear…  I just need a drink!  (Not that kind of drink. Although, I have heard of using vodka to clean stinky furniture, but I’ve never personally tried that one!)

What it needed was hydration.

The old finish had worn away, leaving the pretty old wood looking faded and tired.  The top had quite a few water rings and marks, so I thought it might need to be sanded, but I was concerned about losing the patina this piece has earned over more than a century.  I decided to rub a corner of the top with Hemp Oil and it woke up!

Well, good morning, handsome.


Some of the rings and marks would still show through, but I didn’t mind it.  This piece has a few scars and that’s okay.  He’s old and, as my dad says, “Chicks dig scars.”


And here is how it looks after just one application of Hemp Oil, which took about 15 minutes.  Just brush it on and wipe off the excess.


One knob was missing and another one was broken, so I replaced them with a set of old knobs I picked up at an antique store a couple of weeks ago.  They were so fitting for the piece.  I did keep the old ones to reuse when the right piece falls into my hands.


The wood is just gorgeous.

(I know my father in law will love this makeover.)


And this handsome guy’s got little wheels.  Come on.



People usually come to me for painted pieces, so we’ll see if it sells at Lucketts.  If it doesn’t, I’m claiming it for one of my boys.


So, there we go.  Hemp Oil, 15 minutes, new knobs, done.

Makeover with hemp oil

PS –

I just discovered I’ve been walking around all day with a dryer sheet up my sleeve.

the easiest furniture makeover ever

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