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My parent’s bedroom makeover, officially called “Kim’s Coastal Bedroom Makeover” here on the blog, is finally finished!!

This is a looooong post, so you might want to get a snack to enjoy while you’re reading this one.

Bedroom Collage

It’s been a long time since I shared the before pictures of this room, so let me give you a then and now rundown before we get into the details.

This is how the room looked when my mom first asked me to help with their master bedroom…


And how it looks now…




And now…




And now…


You can see that the furniture arrangement in the room and the pieces we used stayed the same.

The biggest change is that we filled the big, blank wall with custom built-ins that were a bit of a group effort, but my dad and I built them in large part.  They are made out of poplar boards, cabinet-grade plywood and cherry wood for the cabinet tops.

For more details on the built-ins, you can check out the built-in plans, some details on how we built them, and then the installation.mms-981

They not only provided storage and display space, but they gave the room a much-needed focal point.


(I still need to do a little bit of caulking, but I just could’t wait…)


We left the back of the bookcases open, so the pale blue wall color (In Your Eyes by Benjamin Moore) could be seen.  I like the way it sets off the white shelving.  And, with the help of my brother, I won the great tongue and groove planking debate and it ended up behind the bed.  (My mom wasn’t so sure about it until it was actually finished and the bed was in place.)

Since my parents don’t have a bed frame, the planking stands in as a headboard.    


The built-ins are actually not centered in the room, because we needed to leave space for the plantation shutters to open; to let light in, but also so the windows could be tilted in for cleaning.


The shelves are styled almost entirely with things my parents already had around the house or in their basement.   Since my mom wanted the room to feel tranquil and soothing, I wanted to use muted, monochromatic colors for the most part.  And it prevents the shelves from feeling too busy.


I also picked pieces that fit with the loose coastal/water theme, like a box of shark’s teeth and heart rocks, brass pelicans, a conch shell and a panoramic picture of a mill pond that was my Opa’s favorite fishing spot.

mms-4849 mms-4842

When designing the built-ins, I made sure the first shelf would allow for small bedside lamps for reading and safety when getting up in the middle of the night.  We bought the lamps from Ikea and didn’t realize the little key that turns them on is a rheostat until we put them in the room.   I picked them out because the scale was perfect and I liked the little “bowl” at the base that would be handy for rings, watches, glasses, etc.  My mom was so excited about the dimmer that she bought a pair for the guest room, too.


Ikea didn’t have any shades for this lamp that we really loved, so we picked up these pale gray linen shades at Target.


The lamps are plugged in through grommeted holes my dad installed in the back corner of each nightstand cabinet.


The cords for the lamps and chargers are fed through that grommet and plugged into the wall outlet.  We left the back of the cabinets open for that particular reason.


I mentioned that my dad’s cabinet had a little secret.  The door on the right opens away from the bed, the opposite of the way it looks like it should open based on the knob placement.  We designed it this way, so that a sliding drawer could hold his CPAP machine.  It makes it accessible to use at night, but easy to stow away during the day.

mms-4821 mms-4815  

One of my mom’s main requests was finding hidden storage for the CPAP and I think we addressed that nicely.

The oak cabinet was a hand-me-down from my grandmother.  We think she bought it at Costco.  She absolutely loved Costco and bought just about anything she could from there.

The hardware and glossy, orange oak finish really dated the piece, though, which offered great storage that my mom didn’t want to give up.  So, we painted it in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Bergere finished with Hemp Oil and replaced the brass and wood pulls with bronze.

mms-992 mms-964



The quilts are antiques from my house (just on loan for the pictures) and the throw is the Cozy Cable Knit throw from Pottery Barn that my dad bought her for Christmas a couple of years ago.




The basket on top was an antique from my stash that I bought for $40 and my mom bought it from me.


The rug is the Petit Diamond indoor/outdoor rug in wheat/ivory from Dash & Albert.  It provided a nice foundation to anchor the space.  It is intentional that the rug provides the “sand” and the other blues in the room are the sea and sky.

My mom already had the wing chair in the corner, but it was in a traditional burgundy upholstery that was a little tired.  It wasn’t in bad shape, though, but didn’t work with our serene, coastal direction.  I slipcovered the chair in antique hemp sheets from my online shop.  (If you want to make your own slipcover, I made a five part video tutorial series along the way.)


I didn’t paint the legs in case my mom ever wants to use the chair with the burgundy fabric again.


The pillow and bedskirt are made out of Adelaide Mist fabric from Sailrite.  The throw on the chair is the Boyfriend Sky Matelasse Throw from Pine Cone Hill.



I had the blue trim in my stash already and it was a perfect way to pull in the other blues used in the room.


My mom loves the pictures of me and my brother, so we hung them back up over the chair.  She calls us “her little German kids” in those pictures.  We were wearing traditional German clothing and the pictures were taken when we lived in Garmisch Partenkirchen.


I debated over painting the long dresser, but the faded pine really worked with the coastal theme and the finish was in nice condition, so we left it alone.  The huge attached mirror was what was really dating the piece and it had to go.

We replaced it with a dark framed, beveled antique mirror that we found on one of our shopping trips.  The lamps are from TJ Maxx and the shades were just the perfect shade of blue for the room.



I love how you can see the built-ins reflected in the mirror.  As a general rule of thumb, a mirror should accomplish at least one of three things – to bounce light, to reflect a beautiful view or to act as a functional mirror, so you don’t look like a mess when you go out into the world.  This one accomplishes all three.



The clear glass vase is from Ikea and my mom already had the wooden jewelry box.  She usually has pictures and knick-knacks on the dresser, but that sort of thing tends to look like clutter in a styled photo, so we simplified things a bit.


The brass turtle is one of my favorite things we bought for the room.  We found it at Target when we were looking for lamps and shades and I thought he was perfect.  The shell is a lid and the body is hollow, so it makes a nice little keeping box, too.






My dad told my mom that she would get her Valentine’s Day flowers when I came to do the photo shoot and he was right.  I picked these up at my local grocery store on the way to their house.


The bedding is from Pine Cone Hill.  For the photo shoot, we wrapped the Boyfriend Sky Matelasse Coverlet around a feather comforter to make the bed look even fluffier and cozier.  The bedspread is the Argyle Quilt, which is in their outlet right now for 50% off.   I tucked it under the mattress for a tidy look.

I’ll be hosting a Pine Cone Hill giveaway here soon, so be on the lookout for that!


I like how the diamond pattern is repeated in the rug and the quilt, but it’s a subtle connection.



The blue lumbar pillow and European pillows are from TJ Maxx.  I was planning to make pillows that matched the bedskirt, but I liked how the room came together with that fabric as just an accent.  The blue pillows add some richness to the bed and tie in the with blues in the fabric and on the cabinet.


All of the textures are yummy!


There really is a lot more to say about this room and the design process, but I’ll save all of that for some follow-up posts.  If you have questions that weren’t answered in this post, just leave them in the comments below.


My parents didn’t have a set budget for this room.  They plan on living here a long time and really just wanted to get it right.  That being said, you can see how much we reused in the room and I stuck to my usual balance of saving and splurging in order to make a pretty room.

The total out of pocket came to $1,307.  Here’s the breakdown…

The following items were complimentary…


And, because she’s my mom, I donated the antique hemp sheets for the slipcover and the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint products for the tall cabinet.  Of course, my dad pointed out that even though I “donated” the milk paint, it’s the most expensive paint they’ve ever bought!  Yes, dad.  Noted.


And, to make a long post even longer, my mom and dad wanted to share their perspective on the room…


How do Mom and Dad like it? We don’t like it – We LOVE it. I think in all the places we have lived this bedroom is our favorite. We loved working with Marian on the project. I must admit Mom was a bit skeptical as were many of her followers wondering where the blue was going to come in – but it has turned out beautiful. Both of us love how peaceful the room is.

I showed Marian my inspiration picture and she said she thought we could do it. After searching for bookcases ready made or small dressers we finally decided we had to make them for it to work well. We think they came out great!! They look every bit as nice in person as in the photos. We can’t believe they are in our room.

Mom’s favorite things about the room are that the c-pap machine is nicely tucked away out of sight (if you have one you know it is not decorative or charming) and the Bergere cabinet (wow what a change from the dated piece). Marian actually had asked me if we could part with that piece but the storage was really great so I wanted to keep it – and boy did we make that work. It is beautiful and is a nice bridge between the walls and other colors in the room.

Her Dad loves the paint! He was so impressed with how well the paint went on the walls. It only took one coat and it covered better than any paint we have in our house. He also loves the classy look and functionality of the cabinets.

We both love the dimming lights by the side of the bed. Who knew! When Marian and I bought the lamps from IKEA we did not realize that they dimmed until we put the bulb in. We are getting them for our guest bedroom. They are amazing. We also love the bedding from Pine Cone Hill – I ordered the throw on the back of the chair after receiving the original pieces and will probably order a different color for our guest room. It’s expensive but really high quality.

Also I have to mention the bed skirt – Marian made it for me for Mother’s Day (Awwww) – and I have NEVER had such a well made bed skirt. It is gorgeous.

We love the room and our most favorite part is our Marian made it happen! It has her signature on it but it is all us! Thanks Marian we love you and are so proud of you.

Mom and Dad


If you missed all of the details of this room transformation, you can check them out here…

part 1 | the concept

part 2 | the before pictures

part 3 | selecting a wall color

part 4 | the walls & built-in plans

part 5 | the bedskirt & the built-ins

part 6 | the non-chippy milk painted-cabinet

part 7 | installing the built-ins


The end.


  1. Jan

    So beautiful it brought tears to my eyes – WTG!

  2. Eileen

    I agree with your mother….the functionality of the Capp machine and the Bergere cabinet is Just perfect. My husband uses a cpap and I put it in his nightstand drawer and ran the cords through the back so it’s functional and out of sight. The room is beautiful!

  3. Lauren

    Omy goodness it looks AWESOME! I love how peaceful and serene it turned out. I simply love that tall cabinet and I could see why you wouldn’t want to part with it. Great job all and beautiful work as always Marianne!!

    Can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂

    Lauren | Lovely Décor

  4. Kim

    It is just lovely, there are not words! Amazing serene, plush and comfy. I definitely need this done to my bedroom, it is not a happy place,not eye pleasing or relaxing. Amazing how u did on the budget also. Even if u had to purchase the bedding it would have been a great price. Pine cone hill linens and things are amazing and such excellent quality. I still have my quest room set, n I won’t say how old it is, but it’s also classic stuff.

  5. Shirley@Housepitality Designsir

    I remember meeting your sweet mom at one of the shows and she is so deserving of this wonderful makeover that was done by her talented daughter and hubby too! Beautiful, beautiful room!

  6. Heather

    Can you please tell me the name of the ikea lamps? I can’t find them on the website at all and I love them. Thanks in advance for your answer!!! Beautiful room and renovation. I love the built ins.

  7. Charlene Ruiz

    I’m an old friend of Kim and Warren’s. I LOVED seeing you make their room perfect. It’s like I got to visit them. Wonderful job!!!
    Tell them hi for me. Charlene

  8. Johanna

    Absolutely beautiful! You are inspiring. I’m so glad I found your blog. Thank you for posting.

  9. Donna

    I read this the day posted, and have been bouncing through your posts this morning, looking for Monograms, but when this popped up, I had to read again, what your Mom wrote about their take on the room, made me cry again. Such sweet parents, yes I have met them a few times because of Luckett’s…you are blessed, and you know it! MWAH! 🙂

  10. Jenny Dominic

    Nice makeover. Sometimes removing unnecessary items from our room itself makes the room feel good. I renovated my room last year. I just got my room painted and removed unnecessary items and I was good to go. It looked more spacious than it was before.


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