more farmhouse finds

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I know May is months away, but I have learned that I can be pickier if I shop well in advance of an event.  The Lucketts Spring Market in this case.  Pickier means better goodies and better prices for my customers.

So, I set out on Thursday of last week to do some shopping and I found some really great things that fit with my “Farmhouse White” theme.

This cupboard was an awesome find at a great price.  I am going to paint the interior and give the exterior a fresh coat of Grain Sack or Farmhouse White.  Perhaps a mix of the two.  I’m not sure about the interior yet, but it’s going to be painted.  Maybe a pop of color like French Enamel or something soft like Linen.



I also found quite a few ironstone casseroles, tureens, pitchers and a stack of plates.  A couple of weeks ago, I bought a collection of jelly jars and, separately, these crocheted glass cozies…


Kriste paired them up and I’m in love.


My great-grandmother cranked out drink cozies (or we called them socks) like nobody’s business.  Everyone in our family had ample socks for their glasses.  Most drinking glasses these days are too large for them, though.

I picked up another glass holder, this one silver plate.  I thought it would make a pretty pencil or twine holder.


I also bought the sweet undercarriage of a doll pram…


…a small sawhorse and a pale yellow and white quilt…


…some French agricultural plaques that I painted in Farmhouse White…


…and a set of toy wooden bowling pins.


I am keeping a few pieces for myself.  Since I have so much ironstone already, I’ll be swapping them out for other pieces I already have in order to keep the collection under control.  One comes in, one goes out.  Most of the time.

I love these little covered soap/butter dishes.  This one has the insert and the design is so pretty.



I was also smitten with this covered casserole…


Come on.  Those handles?


And this rolling pin…


I love the knots in the wood and the nubby handles.  I bought a similar one before and Kriste snaked it from me when she unpacked my purchases one day before I got to the studio.  I knew I’d come across another one, so I didn’t pull rank.


And this one is just perfect.

My favorite find of the day, though, was this ironstone rabbit pudding mold.  I love ironstone molds, anyway, and I’ve never seen one like this.


And, believe it or not, I found two in one day!


I did find one HERE on Etsy, if you just have to have an ironstone rabbit pudding mold!  It’s a lot more than I paid for mine, but these aren’t all that common, so it might be worth to splurge for a fellow ironstone-lover.


Awww.  The little paws and tails…

I’m going to head out on another shopping trip later this week and hope to have more goodies to share!

more farmhouse finds

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