more farmhouse finds

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I know May is months away, but I have learned that I can be pickier if I shop well in advance of an event.  The Lucketts Spring Market in this case.  Pickier means better goodies and better prices for my customers.

So, I set out on Thursday of last week to do some shopping and I found some really great things that fit with my “Farmhouse White” theme.

This cupboard was an awesome find at a great price.  I am going to paint the interior and give the exterior a fresh coat of Grain Sack or Farmhouse White.  Perhaps a mix of the two.  I’m not sure about the interior yet, but it’s going to be painted.  Maybe a pop of color like French Enamel or something soft like Linen.



I also found quite a few ironstone casseroles, tureens, pitchers and a stack of plates.  A couple of weeks ago, I bought a collection of jelly jars and, separately, these crocheted glass cozies…


Kriste paired them up and I’m in love.


My great-grandmother cranked out drink cozies (or we called them socks) like nobody’s business.  Everyone in our family had ample socks for their glasses.  Most drinking glasses these days are too large for them, though.

I picked up another glass holder, this one silver plate.  I thought it would make a pretty pencil or twine holder.


I also bought the sweet undercarriage of a doll pram…


…a small sawhorse and a pale yellow and white quilt…


…some French agricultural plaques that I painted in Farmhouse White…


…and a set of toy wooden bowling pins.


I am keeping a few pieces for myself.  Since I have so much ironstone already, I’ll be swapping them out for other pieces I already have in order to keep the collection under control.  One comes in, one goes out.  Most of the time.

I love these little covered soap/butter dishes.  This one has the insert and the design is so pretty.



I was also smitten with this covered casserole…


Come on.  Those handles?


And this rolling pin…


I love the knots in the wood and the nubby handles.  I bought a similar one before and Kriste snaked it from me when she unpacked my purchases one day before I got to the studio.  I knew I’d come across another one, so I didn’t pull rank.


And this one is just perfect.

My favorite find of the day, though, was this ironstone rabbit pudding mold.  I love ironstone molds, anyway, and I’ve never seen one like this.


And, believe it or not, I found two in one day!


I did find one HERE on Etsy, if you just have to have an ironstone rabbit pudding mold!  It’s a lot more than I paid for mine, but these aren’t all that common, so it might be worth to splurge for a fellow ironstone-lover.


Awww.  The little paws and tails…

I’m going to head out on another shopping trip later this week and hope to have more goodies to share!

more farmhouse finds

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36 Comments on “more farmhouse finds”

  1. Oh my!! Where in the world do you find such amazing stuff? The butter/soap dish and bunny molds are so cute. You certainly have an eye for just the right things that will make your booth truly stand out. I would love to make it to Lucketts sometime.

  2. Thanks for sharing your treasures with us, they are very special and I love the babydoll carriage, it is gorgeous. Well done for the beautiful makeover that you and your family achieved. The built-ins are craftsman built, amazing you produced that on your first ever effort, outstanding! I would love to come to Lucketts but I live in Zimbabwe in the middle of the bush so I enjoy your delights from afar!

  3. Marian,

    I have three of those silver things you have the twine in. I bought mine up in Woolrich at the store many years ago. They said they are dye canisters. I’ve used them for tea light candles or votive candles in small glass jars!

    They are great!

  4. I wish I could buy the quilt now!!!! I would die for that quilt!! (well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I love it) 🙂

  5. Love the idea for the soft blue on the inside of the cupboard. Will look beautiful! Love the ironstone & the bowling pins! Great stuff!

  6. Love the ironstone! Where do you find most of that? Stores? Estate sales? Would love to find the butter dish! beautiful!

  7. Oh such wonderful finds! I love it all and the quilts are so beautiful. I have been trying to find one that I like and is not so expensive but no luck so far. They are very pricey in my neck of the woods(Nashville). The rabbit bowls are so cute and the little metal holder that has the twine in it is just precious along with those glasses and the cozies!!

  8. ???Gimme, gimme, gimme dat thing, that thing???, Gimmee, gimme, Gimmee that thing!??? (in other words, I WANT everything I see!) Spring makes me feel like singing, and so do all the BEAUTIES on this post! I’m drooling and wished I lived near Luckett’s!

  9. I thought those silver things were Worcestershire sauce bottle covers. They don’t have a complete bottom, so they need some jerry-rigging. Looks like a good start on your booth.

  10. I have two of those “glass holders” and mine are actually holders for a catsup bottle and a jar of mustard! I use the mustard holder to hold a short glass filled with make up items such as mascara, eyeliner, etc. Very pretty on my vanity with other old silver items!

  11. I love when you share your shopping finds with us! You have such a great eye. I am living through your shopping sprees for Lucketts! Thank you so much. It doesn’t take much to please me as you can see!

  12. Those jelly jars look a lot like old snuff jars with those tin lids. I had some but let them go long ago. Wish I hadn’t now.

    1. Sue in Texas,
      My former mother-in-law had some small glasses she always used for juice glasses although they were larger than the usual juice glass. One weekend, I found out where she got those glasses. We went to stay with my grandmother-in-law in Archer City, Tx. She had a bunch of glasses out on her cabinet and asked me to help her put them away so we pulled a box out of underneath one of her beds. There were several boxes and I commented on it. She looked at me with a sparkle in her eye and confided in me that those were HER snuff glasses. I wasn’t aware exactly what snuff was so she showed me. I’m sure my eyes were huge when I figured out this darling, elderly woman was dipping snuff. Every morning after breakfast she would stand on her back porch, put a plug in her cheek, and spit out into the backyard. I loved it! What a beautiful, bold, funny North Texas woman. Man, I miss those juicy, snuff glasses. And her.

  13. I don’t follow bloggers as a rule. However, I look forward to your daily posts. As usual, I want everything you bought! I have a secret passion for butter dishes and creamer sets. I also LERVE the miniature bowling pins. Super jealous of your scores!

  14. Beautiful finds. Love the cabinet and I know it will look even more fabulous when you get done with it. I sometimes wonder why I don’t find such treasures then I have to admit I don’t shop that much, I am too busy painting. 🙂
    So I will just enjoy yours! I

  15. I love all your wonderful objects you found. I just wish i lived closer so i could go to some of those sales,it would be wonderful.

  16. Wow! What great finds, Marian! I would love to have any of them, but especially love that yellow and white quilt. I wish Luckett’s were not so far away.

  17. Mostly jealous of all your quilt scores! I am always on the hunt for quilts. Around here (mid-Michigan), they are hard to find and very expensive when I do come across one! Just curious, what is the average price for a quilt around you?

  18. How fun to see what you found on your shopping trip. I am jealous! I say that mostly because I got to go thrift shopping today for the first time in about two or three months–I was having withdrawal symptoms–and sadly, didn’t find much at all in the way of decor or ironstone or anything really cool. I bought three children’s books for my four-year-old grandson, Miles, who was with me and his mom, a pair of sweat pants for him and a little Easter Bunny decorated box. I did find a drinking glass like the ones my mother used to use for holidays. I know I will find enough more to have a small set as I’ve seen them other places. So that was my shopping trip today and I can’t wait to go again. Hopefully, the pickin’ will be better next time!

  19. Oh Marian, I would so love to buy that yellow and white quilt! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for for months! Australia has very few things like antique quilts, so my search will continue. Sigh!

  20. So, I was thinking. It sounds like we could save you the trouble of hauling your goods to Luckett’s and you could sell these wonderful things online to those of us who are a distance from you!!!

  21. I love the quilt and the rolling pin!! I would buy both if I had the money, and could go to Luckett’s. Texas is a little far, tho.

    Annie Culpepper, my ex’s family was from Archer City, some of his mother’s brothers were Sheriffs there, the Ikards. We lived in Wichita Falls for 50 years. The Director of TXDOT is related to me and bought the old hospital in Archer City, renovated and decorated it for a second house to vacation in and perhaps retire to. It’s very pretty. Don’t know if you’ll see this or not!

  22. Hi Marian,

    I wonder how much you are asking for the soft yellow quilt? I am about to paint my hutch in MMS yellow and Farmhouse white and that quilt would be absolutely perfect with year-round.

    Oh, and thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the inspiration, instruction, and encouragement over the last few years. My tiny town home is starting to come together and I will be posting about it soon!


  23. Ooh! I have a bunch of the crocheted glass cozies I won in an auction of vintage linens but didn’t know what they were! Makes perfect sense now.

  24. I have some pretty old rolling pins and this fall I found a great use for one the heftier ones. I pulled my left hamstring and the rolling pin worked wonders . The only problem, other than convincing my husband to roll it on my leg while laying flat on my stomach, was that a fine powder of flour came out too!

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