It’s always exciting when the studio starts filling up with goodies.  We have quite a bit finished for Lucketts already and I’m enjoying arranging it all for pretty photos and to give myself a sense of what I have and what I need to look for.


If pieces are set up in “rooms” and vignettes, then I know if I need some chairs for a table or another dresser to round out an arrangement.  Just as the theme helps me focus my buying efforts, making these arrangements helps me as well.

And, I must admit, it’s just fun.


Kriste and I are pretty much ready to move in.

A few of you asked to see the inside of the old kitchen sink and here it is…


See what I mean?  It would hold a lot of dirty dishes!!  Or, it would be a pretty amazing utility sink for a mudroom or laundry room.  It does have a drain, so it’s not technically a “dry sink”, but it could certainly be used as one.


I am tempted to hold onto this piece for some future home, some future space, but I’m in selling mode, so I am letting it go.

I’ve also been slowly ordering some small wholesale items, like these sweet brass-handled scissors…


I like to have about 90% antique items in my space with just a few wholesale items sprinkled in.  I have found that I really need them to round out arrangements.

I’ve also ordered dried lavender bunches, German dish brushes, flax twine, French soap and more.

I’m hoping for another shipment of antique linens and hemp sheets from my European source soon.

mms-5270 mms-5268

I just acquired over 50 of these little ironstone cups/bowls last week.  It’s a rare thing to find so many of a vintage item and I think they’ll be a hit.  They are the perfect size for little plants, candles, etc. or to use in the kitchen to actually eat out of .



I also bought a pair of French caned chairs that were quickly repainted in Farmhouse White.  They were painted in a blue and weren’t bad at all, but I envisioned them white immediately.  I have some great old linen I’m going to upholstered them in today.  I finished them towards the end of the day, so I’ll take pictures of them tomorrow.


And Kriste and I have been collaborating on a very fun project.  We just finished the bulk of it today and I am planning to distress and antique it tomorrow before we do a little photo shoot together.


We’re busy as bees…


  1. Maile

    I’d love to know if the ironstone bowls will be for sale in your online store!

  2. Donna

    I cannot wait till Lucketts! Question, the basket cart, will that be for sale? I have always loved it, and continue to look for one after seeing one (maybe this one) on your blog.

  3. Hyedi johnson

    Oh my goodness! I spied a B-E-A-UTIFUL green mixing bowl sitting in a dry sink. My heart is fluttering! I live in the Upper peninsula of Michigan, so going to Lucketts Virginia just to buy that bowl, probably wouldn’t sit well with my Hubs. What I would give for that bowl…..

    Did I mention that word enough-BOWL.BOWL BOWL.


  4. Pat Natale

    Me too about the bowls and the cart next to the dry sink…I also live in Northern Michigan and alas, the trip is not going to happen. Wouldn’t you consider coming here??? We would love to meet you, take some classes and maybe even shop together (guided by your expertise) OR, you could bring stuff….Much success at Luckett’s. Pat N

  5. anneb

    Love. Love. Sigh.

  6. Gilda

    what are you asking for the sink? pm me please! I’m in PA so I can get it!

  7. Karen K from Buffalo

    Oh to be one of those lucky shoppers that step inside Luckett’s!! I’m drooling with envy!!

  8. Kathleen Harris

    I think you’ll have quite a line at the door! I wonder if everyone in line will be making bee lines to the same items? I could see a “shopping frenzy!” ??

  9. Lin

    Those Luckett;s customers sure do have some fabulous items to choose from!!! Thank you for sharing the inside of that wonderful sink!! Those little bowls are the cutest and could be used for so many things. I love that green bowl that everyone has their eyes on and the cloth that is on that rolling basket is so pretty. Needless to say I adore that cubby shelf that you did….I could go on and on!!! I know you will have a great show at Luckett’s!!

  10. Treva Mills

    Oh my goodness. I wish I was right in the big middle of all that is going on. Ya’ll have got to be just having the best time. So wonderful to be able to share the fun and excitement with a loved one. Special times to always treasure.

  11. Irene

    Can you share where you are buying the scissors from please?

  12. Cheryl

    Needing to restore a very tired kitchen…I could envision building a new one around that sink?. When and where is Lucketts? I am in PA , though not sure I’ll be on the east coast at the time of your sale. SIGH?. ?

  13. Ruth

    You now what those little ironstone bowls are good for? Well, everything, but I use one for a bar of MMSMP brush soap!

  14. Debbie Klausing

    Love the green crock in the sink! Reminds me of the ones my Granny Annie used in her freestanding kitchen with her aprons, bonnets, feed sacks, etc. Milk in gallon glass jars straight from the cows. Thinking about the tuffets she used to make.

  15. Naomi S.

    I love those chairs. I can hardly ever find that type at the places I go. I would love to try my hand at re-covering one like those you found because it wouldn’t be as complicated with the cane back instead of the upholstered back. What is a reasonable price to pay for chairs like those?

  16. Natalie in Ohio

    Oh Marian ~ you have the most wonderful goodies to sell!

    I too would like to ask you to please consider selling some of your 50+ sweet, little ironstone handleless cups to those of us who can’t come to any of your shows. I’d LOVE to buy 2 of them!

    Would you allow the 3 of us who commented asking to buy those cups to pre-order and pay you via PayPal? I’m in Ohio, but physically disabled, so I can’t ever make it to any of your shows. 🙁

  17. Samantha

    Something else I think would be great in your booth would be wooden clothespins! I came across some today and immediately thought of your booth at Lucketts.

  18. shell

    I’d love to buy six of your ironstone bowls. I’m in CO so I’m more than happy to pay for shipping and handling as well! Pretty please? 🙂

  19. Maggie Judi

    Hello! I run a vintage sale out of my barn in a tiny town in utah! I am wondering where you got the brass handled scissors? I would love to add them to my shop. Thankyou!!


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