the hand painted landscape dresser

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The theme for the space at Lucketts this year is Farmhouse White, yes, but that doesn’t mean that everything will be white.  A lot of things will be white, as you may have noticed, but we don’t want to neglect the “farmhouse” side of that theme.  After some creative brainstorm sessions, we decided one way to bring that in was the use of landscapes.

And, of course, I immediately imagined a landscape on the front of a dresser.


Here is how the dresser started…


And how it looks now with it’s sweet, folk-art landscape painting…


Now, I can’t take full credit for this one.  It really was a collaborative effort between Kriste and I.  We had a highly technical conversation about “blobby little trees” and “blobby sheep” and “brush stroke-ish grass”.   I painted the base colors, did the distressing and finishing, and chimed in now and then with some thoughts for the composition.  Kriste painted the real heart of the landscape, though, and I just love how it all turned out.


Oh, and all of the painting was done in milk paint, which was a bit of an experiment, since Kriste was used to working with watercolors and I was used to acrylics from my mural-painting days.  So, we played and fiddled and watched what happened.


The way the paint chipped and flaked is just perfection.


I finished the paint with Furniture Wax followed by Antiquing Wax to bring out the crackling and texture.



Kriste made the clouds by dabbing the dry milk paint powder over wet paint.  The texture of this piece is really special.




The landscape wraps loosely around the sides of the dresser to finish off the look.


This was a fun one to style and photograph.  I was pretty giddy the entire time.



I picked up this little child’s chair a couple of weeks ago and the warmth of the wood and details of the turned legs and spindles captured my affection.


It’s all going to the Lucketts booth, though.  Affection or not.  I find myself in a selling mood and if I kept everything I had affection for, I would need eight storage units.

Anyway, here’s the side-by-side recap of the makeover…

landscape dresser Collage

It’s sometimes fun to step “out of the box” so to speak and I feel like we did with this dresser.

More to come…

the hand painted landscape dresser

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84 Comments on “the hand painted landscape dresser”

  1. Wow! How many people have contacted you already to buy that beautiful piece before it even gets to Lucketts??? It is absolutely gorgeous! Both of you did a marvelous job!

  2. Beautiful job, Marian and Kriste! Such a unique and charming piece!

    Whenever you post something, I imagine it in my space…crazy, I know. Haha. This would look so perfect in my girls’ room. Next to their reading nook with special books stacked on top and their vintage stuffed Steiff lamb next to a small calf painting and a sweet lamp. I wish I was going to Luckett’s, but it’s probably for the best since I would go nuts in your booth and leave with a drained bank account. Haha.

  3. Wow, I love it! It’s so neat to see another take on the landscape dressers we’ve been doing for several years. This one reminds me of one I shared on your Furniture Feature Friday in 2013. It was called, ‘Cottage Daydream’ I believe! Even down to the little house, rolling hills, and sheep! Wish i could share a photo here, it’s almost eerie. You guys did great work on this one. Love your staging, as always!

  4. You absolutely hit this one out of the park! Insanely adorable! Your choice of colors is fabulous. I have seen a few of these dressers done with more misses than hits. Yours looks like it it truly an antique primitive painted piece. I don’t think it will make it to Luckett’s!

    1. I so agree with Karin. Your dresser is tastefully and beautifully done! And the subtle MMS colors are what make it perfect for so many settings and timeless…Beautiful work girls, as usual!

  5. I especially love the sheep and the trees. Great color. Fantastic job. It’s gonna sell really fast.

  6. This dresser is perfection!! Again, you’ve come up with another fabulous idea!! Kudos to you and Kristi.

  7. Good job!
    It would be nice in your Mother’s bedroom.

    How do we shop with you? You are missing business by not shipping and selling!!!

  8. Love this. It was a stroke of genius to paint this dresser with a mural. Going to file this idea away for future use.

  9. I think you’ve found a winner. Lets see some more with this theme! Like Spring, Fall, and Winter.
    The Next Big Thing!

  10. What a great job you two accomplished. But, I still saw the ledgers! I love old ledgers. The dresser too.

  11. I am dying over this dresser!!!!!!! I want it so badly! It’s amazingly beautiful! It feels so good when you spot something that gives you inspiration. I might just drive to Lucketts, although I know I’m not lucky enough to get to it first. People will be lined up to buy this beauty. First piece gone I guarantee!

  12. Lovely! One of my favorite pieces ever (and how I first found Barb Blair’s work) was her landscape dresser. Your’s has a similar soothing serene feel to it and I love it! Great job ladies!

    1. Oh, I love Barb, but I never realized she did a landscape dresser! I will have to go check it out. One of my favorites of hers is the “bug dresser”. That was just such a cool piece.

  13. Kriste and Marian, this is such a “WOW” piece!!! Absolutely fabulous!!! By any chance, could you please explain the painting process and some of the milk paint colors that were used and blended? I, too, would be in line to claim dibs on this dressers for I lived closer!!! Maybe, with a little guidance from you if possible, some of us would venture to try our hand at something like this ?

    1. Yep, I’ll write a post about that, but the “base” of the dresser is Boxwood for the grass and then Shutter Gray + Ironstone for the sky. Lucketts Green is the paler green. Kriste used Farmhouse White for the house and sheep and she played with a new product we’re experimenting with, a Hemp Oil gel stain as sort of a burnt umber tint.

      I have a couple of pictures of the process that I’ll share.

  14. That is about as darling as they come! Just how charming and sweet would it be for a child’s room? You two did a lovely job on that drab, dark, old chest of drawers. What a transformation a little paint and artistry can make!

    1. Oh, good to know! We shelved it for a while, but have talked about bringing it back with a new format. Thanks for the request!

  15. wow i love that dresser, i have one i was thinking of painting like that, what inspiration to look at.
    have a couple of little chairs like that to. love, love, love it all.

  16. i just wanted you to know that i have been a recent convert to your blog… to your fabulous style and great taste…. and that is a whole ‘nother comment section to come later! but i do want you to know that dealing with the decor steals people through your blog has been an absolute delight for me…. their prompt replies and efforts to answer my questions are a breath of fresh air in this day and age when product emails may often go unanswered…. thank you not only for the high standards that you adhere to, but also for the products advertised by your blog…. i really appreciate everyone’s efforts!!!!

  17. Adore the greens and white: my new fave, and my kitchen if I ever get a round tuit. Feng Shui says red above the stove, fire for the hearth, but I need to feel relaxed, so not that much red in the kitchen. Green bottoms and white tops. My kitchen curtain is 3 Crate & Barrel identical (green, red, all colors really, on white) dish towels on white clip rings and tension rod. Compliments. Have a red on white ceramic plate hanging on the wall, and a red glass heart on the windowsill by the green ivy. One ivy in red opaque vase, one in green glass. (Both in water, cannot abide soil gnats). I think I’m covered.

    CRAVE the wonderful ironstone pitcher!!

  18. This is where your background really comes to the foreground (intentional play on words…LOL). This is one of your strongsuits (and Kristie’s). This piece is going to fly out the door! And I love the blob trees and especially the blob sheep!!!!

  19. I just finished my second MMS milk paint piece, a sweet rush seat chair for my sewing room. In ironstone /clear wax then antiquing wax?. It didn’t disappoint me, it’s chippy in all the right places?. Onto my next piece, a search for the perfect blue. I found it in the Old Village line (soldier blue) of latex though I would love to finish it in milk paint. It is a super deep dark teal blue. I’m just not sure which colors to mix to get it the same. Flow Blue and boxwood green and perhaps typewriter?? Decisions decisions?

  20. Could you share the milk paint color or mixture of colors and method that you painted the base of the painted dresser. The close-up of the leg seems to show more than one color and perhaps dry brushing of another????
    It’s so lovely !!!!

  21. Hi Marian and Kristie,

    Would you be willing to share a step by step tutorial for this project with materials required and colors? I’d love to repeat this on two smaller dressers we have in our bedroom, but I would just need a little more guidance. It has a lovely sleepy bedroom feel to it. Thank you always for your great ideas. 🙂

  22. Fairytale Farm. Dreamy colors. Love the clouds . . and the “chips” in the clouds look like a flock of birds. This tutorial could be an MP4 Download in your online shop.

    Absolutely darling. Good job, you guys!

    Mother of Pearl, is that ever going to tug hearts at Lucketts.

    Pitter Patter.

  23. I sold sheep milk soap when I had a brickmortar shop—-and painted two cabinet/bookcases like this…and had happy little sheep dancing across the green grass. When I closed my shop a lady snagged them for over $130.00 each….but they were perfect for a child’s room—-I simply love this idea…and may have to resurrect the idea —somehwere in the new kitchen. Grins…and baaaaaa!utiful day! Sandi

  24. Once again I am crushing on one of your pieces – the dresser is amazing! I too would love a step-by-step tutorial showing how I might recreate this look. It’s hard to tell what colors were put down first or what colors were mixed to achieve the soft look. It is beautiful.

  25. Absolutely charming! I’m especially in love with the green tones at the bottom of the piece. I’m sure it’s a mix but could you tell us what mix?

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