another pair of frenchies

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There are some things that I hold onto for years.  They survive the purges and my “selling moods”.  I just know I will have the perfect use for them some day.

Well, some day finally came for these linen grain sacks that I’ve been holding onto for years.  A reader, who lived in Europe, found them for me and sold me a few for a great price.  They were something like $5.00/each.  I think she was able to get them for $1.00/each out of an old factory.  I used a couple of them on a chair a few years ago, but have been saving the rest for just the right project.

These chairs were that project…


I got the chairs last Wednesday when another reader was delivering all of those ironstone bowls to me.


She brought along some other things she thought I would be interested in, including this pair of cane-backed French chairs.


I’ve given many sets of French twins makeovers and I was excited to get my hands on these.

They were already off to a good start.  The frames were painted in layers of blue, which was pretty, but I pictured them in white.  Katie and I painted the frames in two coats of MMS Milk Paint Farmhouse White.  Once they were dry, I distressed them with 100 grit sand paper and decided to leave them raw, just buffing them with a clean cloth.

For a tutorial on distressing milk paint, click HERE.

I then upholstered them in the nubby linen sacks.  The texture on that fabric is just to die for!


If you have a chair similar to this that you would like to upholster, you can check out my six part video tutorial series on upholstery HERE.

Honestly, the chairs chipped more than I expected, but I just went with it and am happy with where they ended up.  I’ve learned that I need to let the furniture participate in the makeover process.  It’s almost always ends up being better than I originally imagined for the piece.



I trimmed them out in the same braided jute trim I used for the tufted sofa.  I wasn’t able to find where I bought it initially, but that’s because I bought it from a wholesale company I’ve ordered from in the past!  I was looking at my usual retail spots.  Anyway, I found it again and ordered more and I’m going to list some in my online shop, soon.




I just finished another chair makeover today and started stripping one more.  I am on a mission to finish all of the pieces and odds & ends that have been hanging out in the “to-do stash” for way too long.  A stash can be a good thing when it comes to props, fabric, trims and cabinet hardware, but it’s not a good thing when it’s stuff you’re ignoring.  Stuff that has earning potential that is just taking up space.  It’s time to get some things done.

I’m working through the stash, so I can justify buying more things to work on!

another pair of frenchies

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