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This week has been about diving in and getting things done.  Chairs that have been sitting around for over a year?  Done.  An old mirror frame that has gone unsold at sales twice?  Revamped.  Stuff that is just stuff taking up space?  Pitched.  It feels pretty awesome.

I have to admit that one of the pieces that was pitched was a piano stool that beat me.  It’s the only piece I can think of that just outright defeated me. I worked on that thing off and on over a three year period and it didn’t do anything I wanted it to and never looked remotely close to good.  The pink stain bled through three coats of sealant.  The paint clumped and peeled in the most atrocious way.  I couldn’t stomach even looking at it, so I heaved it into a dumpster yesterday without remorse.  I pity whoever dives in to get it, thinking they’ve rescued some gem.

It’s quite possibly possessed.

Anyway, other than the stool, the process of working through the stash has been very rewarding thus far.


So, I have a couple of big events coming up.  Obviously, the Lucketts Spring Market is one of them.

I am moving from my usual spot this year to be in one of the “big tents”.  Last year, I was really spread out around my three-tent space and I would’ve been toast if it rained before I sold enough stuff, because there was no way on earth it would all fit under three tents.  I wasn’t willing to take that gamble this year, so I am moving “across the lane” from where I’ve been the past few years.  I will write a post when it get closer to the event with more details and tips for shopping Lucketts and my space.


If you are planning to attend, they are repeating the format they used last year.  Friday, May 20, 2016, will be a VIP day.  I will admit that having to man the booth for three days was taxing as a vendor, but the atmosphere was much more relaxed for shoppers.  If you want first crack at all of the goodies, this is the day you want to be there.  The tickets are $40/each and they are good for admission on all three days and they are on sale now (and going fast, I’m told.)  They are only selling a limited amount in order to keep the atmosphere low key, so snag one if you’re planning to come.  You can purchase VIP tickets HERE.

Based on last year’s experience, there was still plenty of good stuff available Saturday and Sunday, so you can come on those days and purchase general admission tickets at the gate.  Because the crowd was spread out over three days, there really was never a crazy, frantic rush, which I think made the experience more enjoyable for shoppers.

I am really excited about Lucketts this year and hope to see a lot of you there!



After Lucketts, the next big event for me is the Haven Conference August 5-7, 2016, in Atlanta, GA.  I am teaming up with my good buddy, Shaunna West of Perfectly Imperfect, for the opening keynote.

Loved seeing this girl yesterday… @pishaunna @themarketonchapelhill #goodpeople

A photo posted by Marian aka Miss Mustard Seed (@missmustardseed) on

I am both excited and terrified that this is actually happening, but I’ll put one foot in front of the other and I know it’ll be a great experience.

I will also be teaching a hands-on milk paint class with Kriste.  I took a two year break from teaching a paint class at Haven, but I’m back and ready to share some of my favorite painting tips and techniques.


In addition, I am a Haven Maven Mentor, which I’m perhaps most excited about.  I love supporting and encouraging other creatives and entrepreneurs and I am looking forward to those sit-down chats and connecting with some of the attendees in a more personal way.

As I’m typing this, I realized I am going to be a busy girl!

This year’s conference is shaping up to be very special, so I hope you’ll be able to make it.  Tickets for Haven are on sale now, so grab yours if you can come!


And, lastly, I know that many of you can’t make it to the Lucketts Spring Market and it’s a bit of a bummer that you’re seeing all of the finds and furniture I’m showing off and you can’t buy any of it, even little things that could easily be shipped.  I am always so torn between selling the item to the first person who asks and saving it for the event, for those who are traveling and paying to get in.  It’s a small dilemma in the grand scheme of things, but I hate disappointing people and I know how irritating it can be to want to buy something that’s for sale and you can’t!


So, I’ve been brainstorming, thinking bigger.  I’m pretty sure I’ve developed an idea that could allow all of my readers to follow along as I find and create things and then all of my readers can have a chance to buy something (or just be inspired along the way!)


There are a lot of logistics and details to figure out, but I’m hopeful and feeling really inspired about it.


More furniture makeovers, awesome finds, a tutorial on topcoats, and details on the landscape dresser coming up soon…

haven, lucketts & thinking bigger

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25 Comments on “haven, lucketts & thinking bigger”

  1. Marian, I am trying to read between the lines, about your “thinking bigger.” If any of your plans involve buying vintage products like ironstone etc. for your online shop, maybe I can help. I go to multiple auctions a week to buy for my booths, also visit antique malls upstate. If you think I could help in your plans let me know.

  2. Please tell me more about the gorgeous painted dresser! Are you the artist? I’d love a diy post on your process. I’d like to try my hand at something like that.

  3. I bought a ticket for Friday, and your tent will be the very first. I’ll see you then! Looking forward to it! Keep shopping!

  4. I can’t wait to see your new idea. It is so sad to me that more and more of life that used to be equal to all is now more available to someone with more money. For many of us $80 is a substantial part if not all of our shopping budget for extras. It would be wonderful to have a chance at some of your things.

  5. I would love to go to another yard sale, like the one you had a couple of years ago in the Gettysburg area. I took my granddaughter with me and we had a blast. She still talks about how nice you are. Hope to see you at something more locally!

  6. My best friend and my sisters and I have started “antiquing” / Vintage store shopping every Saturday… (Jacksonville / Fernandina / Orange Park area in Florida ) and we have been to soo many stores & shops that carry your line of milk paint!! I get so excited when I see what these vendors are doing with the paint … I already have several friends who are going to take a class to learn your techniques!! lol….. Still love your blog posts.. and excited to see what you have up your sleeve next!!! 🙂

  7. Woo Hoo! I can not wait for you to offer things to us little people who live no where near you or the markets you show at. I also want to wish you much success at Haven. Lucketts shows.

  8. Oh i so wish i lived closer,sounds like you have a dream come true plan, can’t wait to see.!!!!

  9. I could really use your tutorial on top coats as soon as possible. I am in the process of painting my kitchen cupboard s and just can’t decide if I want to wax them, hemp oil hem, I have already hemp oiled every thing in my house or tough coat.

  10. We rode past Luckett’s last fall. I wanted to go this May, but I just looked at the dates, and my daughter is getting married that same weekend. Lol. So, keep us posted about your idea. I wish you great success this May.

  11. Of all your posts, my favorites are always the furniture you do for Lucketts! I am always amazed and envious of your creativity (and time to do it in). You are still my favorite blogger!

  12. Ok, i’m likin the sound of the thinking bigger thing, which may involve getting things to buyers who can’t get there, like meeeee… I almost died when you sold your dining room chairs which i lusted after so bad… and then that sofa you just finished… GAAAHHHHH
    Anyway, you’ll be great at the conference, no doubt in my mind. You’ll be talking about things you love, and that always works…

  13. I would have really loved to have seen the piano stool too! Because In actually showing it to us, you would have truly been “keeping it real” ?

  14. Would love to be at the conference, Marian, BUT…my ex-spouse and I have to go to New Mexico to see his mom for, probably, the last time. She has dementia and we can’t predict how slow or fast it will progress. And from Michigan, it’s a long and expensive trip. She and I became very fond of each other over the years and I really want to see her one more time.

    Anyway, wish you the best in your endeavors there and also at Lucketts. One of these years, I will be at Lucketts!

    I am still very smitten with that little sweet dresser with the sheep and trees. Anxious to see some of the other projects you are preparing to take.

  15. I am happy to hear you leaning in the direction of offering items online. It’s like a pleasure/pain seeing all the beautiful things and knowing they are only available if you can get to Luckett’s. I know it’s a process, but you have so much to offer and just have to figure out how to spread it further afield while still maintaining a life for yourself and your family. I (we, your public) have every confidence in you and your business sense. Thank you for sharing the possibilities!

  16. Sounds like more great things ahead for you, congrats!I would love to go to Haven I hope I can make it work! Enjoy the weekend!

  17. I’m hoping you’ll be getting together with Home Goods, or someplace similar. That would be great for you, and US!

  18. I’m starting to really want this pilgrimage. And , as you know from the other site, I can be very stubborn when I want something. Keep your fingers,crossed for me!

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