it may look like a ticking stool slipcover…

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Remember the stool slipcover I made a few weeks ago out of antique blue & white ticking?


Well, this little slipcover that I made in an afternoon has now become a big deal in the history of my business.  It is the first home decor product I designed and made that is being reproduced to sell.

I just felt a little jump in my heart.

I’ve been wanting this for a long time, because I learned a few years ago that I can’t make/find/create/paint enough stuff to sell.  One-of-a-kind finds and furniture have a limit.  I know I could sell dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of a certain thing, but I only have one.  And that’s always been a bit of what adds to the excitement of when I list online or sell at a market, but it’s also a bummer for people who want to buy something and it’s snapped up even before they get the chance.

What if my designs, creations and favorite finds could be reproduced?

Well, this little stool cover is going to be the first chance to find out the answer to that question.

I worked with Decor Steals to make stool slipcovers in three different colors of ticking AND it’s their steal-of-the-day today!  It involved pictures, samples and conversations like, “No, the drop of the sides needs to be a little shorter and the skirt needs to be fuller and doubled-over.”

Until we found the perfect reproduction.


(It’s actually sewn straight, though!  Mine was a little wonky.)


For the colors, I selected a blue, of course…


…a pale black…

mms-5049 mms-5050 mms-5052

…and a red…


A funny little behind-the-scenes thing about this shoot…  That is actually MMS Milk Paint in Linen on the table being used as “flour”.  I was so tickled with my resourcefulness.

mms-5094 mms-5097

We fit the slipcovers on a variety of stools around the studio and I was pleased with how nice it looked on a variety of stool styles.  The slipcover size we settled on was 13″, which is the size of a standard wooden stool.  It will fit on one that is about an inch or less larger and one that is a little smaller.

 (The stool seat above is an inch larger than the slipcover, so it sort of hugs the top.  The stool wearing the blue ticking cover is a little smaller and the pale black one is fitted perfectly.  It can fit on cushioned and non-cushioned stools.)

All three colors can be purchased today at Decor Steals.


It may look like a simple ticking stool slipcover, but to me, it’s a dream come true.

it may look like a ticking stool slipcover…

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