a new home for the $50 dresser

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Last week was such a blast.  I ended up spending it with my dear friend, Shaunna.  We became fast friends about 9 years ago when we met at the blogging conference, Blissdom. We are two peas in a pod, as they say.  We’re just alike enough and just different enough.

Shuanna flew up to Minnesota, so we could spend the week working on our new collaborative project, which we’ll be launching within a couple of weeks.  There was lots of laughing and a lot of deep creative conversations.  By the end of the week, I was simultaneously full to the brim and drained.  I can’t wait to tell you what we’ve been up to.

Until then…

I took the weekend to rest and catch up.  I slept in, journaled, did my morning walk, hung out with Jeff & the boys, painted, and got back into some of my normal routines.  One small thing I wanted to accomplish over the weekend was to move the $50 dresser I found on craigslist to a new home.  I don’t know if it’s the dresser’s final home, but it fits much better on this wall.

I like how the tone of the wood balances the hutch on the other side of the doorway and how the warmth of both pieces plays against the cool color palette of the room.

Some pieces have a luster that is almost beyond description.  It’s like it’s glowing from within, as if it has joyful memory radiating through the grain and richness of the color.  This is one of those pieces that just has it.

I will paint a lot of pieces…even pieces made of beautiful wood with nice graining, but I won’t paint pieces with that glow.

The dresser might end up getting moved again, but it’s found a home for the time being.  I’ll leave it there and live with it before deciding if there is a better place for it to be.

The nice thing about furniture scooting is that it’s relatively instant, it’s free, and unless the piece requires a small army to move, it can easily be undone if the idea doesn’t work.

a new home for the $50 dresser

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29 Comments on “a new home for the $50 dresser”

  1. What KEY WORDS do you use to find these TREASURES on Craig’s List? I usually only see JUNK and I don’t have time to check every piece out… This one is BEAUTIFUL and yes it just “glows” from within. ♥

  2. Love, love, love it! As soon as I saw it the other, I thought, “Oh, please don’t paint that one!” Yay! You saved it. It looks wonderful there. 😀

  3. Glad you and Shaunna had a good time. I do love the dresser and love seeing it unpainted, it does have a nice warm glow.

  4. Simply beautiful!!!. Lucky you. I can not find those deals where I live. Rural Central CA. well Sierra foothills.

    1. I’m with you Jenny, northern Central Valley can never find anything worth toting off on our Craig’s list.

  5. Would you know the wood the dresser is made from? It looks exactly like my kitchen cabinets and I’ve yet to get a straight answer on wood type. MMS hemp oil is on the way to make them shine!

  6. I love the dresser in its new spot. Looks great!
    I just received my first bottle of Hemp Oil to use on my 25-year old country french furniture. Really looking forward to revitalizing the finish of the wood furniture in our home! Thanks so much.

  7. I love the dresser – glad you decided to not paint it. I would love to know what color paint you have on the wall behind the dresser? Thanks so much!

    1. Dawn, Marian can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think she once said the paint color on her living room walls is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

  8. Yep, the two pieces of wood do glow and help balance both each other and the room itself. It’s good that they’re not exact … more “cousins” than “twins.”
    Kinda like going swimsuit shopping with your Bestie! XoXo

  9. The new dresser is a lovely piece and works well in that spot. The patina really is breathtaking!
    BUT… (I’m hyperventilating in panic as I’m asking this!) Where did you put the beautiful wave fronted dresser that WAS there? I’m hoping, praying, no I’m begging, that you found another home for it. It is my favourite piece of yours! I’m hoping you’ve put it under your Manet study portrait in the other corner or somewhere else. (Breathe!) Antique, wave-fronted, oak dressers are just not available here in Queensland. They’re just not part of our furniture vernacular, so I’ve made do by loving yours vicariously!
    I’m so pleased that you had a productive and fun week together with Shauna.

    1. Ha, I just moved it to the other side of the room, under the Morisot portrait. I had it there during Christmas and it fits much better in that space than the new dresser, since it’s smaller.

  10. So pretty and no more snakes, I take it! Old friends are the best kinds. Looking forward to what you have been collaborating on.

  11. Love the dresser. As a matter of interest what is the blue grey contraption on your built-in on the left of the fireplace? I have always wondered what it is.

  12. Looks lovely! I once had a piece with that glow. I just wish I had it now. And that Sebastian … do you think he knows just how handsome he is?!?!

  13. Marian, I’m so so pleased that you found a spot for both dressers, the new $50 and the wave fronted one. You have such a great eye for finding beautiful pieces. I think both are worthy of a place in your beautiful home.

  14. Again, I gotta say – that dresser is just so beautiful and perfect just the way it is – I am glad you aren’t changing that one. You are right, Marian – it truly glows.

    If I lived near you I would do my very best to talk you into selling it to me. : – )

    And I like it in that spot – it is quite happily situated. ♥

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