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I was combing through some photos taken earlier this year while I was working on cleaning up my hard drive and making backups and I realized I had pictures of a project that I never shared!  I took the picture right before my mom visited in March, so there were more exciting things to write about, like the guest room makeover and the picture frame molding in the living room.  This project wasn’t as dramatic, so the pictures remained unedited and the project was never shared.

I did share that we installed plantation shutters in the large window of my office…

This window faces the street, so it felt like a fishbowl and some sort of window treatment was required for privacy.  But, we left the small window, which faces the side of the neighbor’s house, untreated.

I wanted a shutter on that window, too, though, so the windows looked cohesive.  I installed the shutter in just a few minutes and was surprised at what a big difference it made visually.

Here is how the window looked before I painted the frame and installed the shutter…

I often feel like a project or makeover isn’t worth sharing if it’s quick, simple, and doesn’t involve a dramatic before & after picture, but the details of a room that are quiet, small, and unassuming, are often what makes it special.

This week is a bit more open, so I hope to get some projects started (or maybe even finished) around the house!

office shutters

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21 Comments on “office shutters”

  1. Hey Janis!

    The shutters are from Select Blinds. The products Marian beautifully presents in this post are called Classic Faux Wood Shutters, in the color Cotton. Hope this helps!

    1. I love plantation shutters! This detail really adds to your corner. Will you please share where you got your leather chair? I’m looking for something similar.

  2. Was the shutter an inside or outside mount? It looks great! I had no idea that could be a DIY project.

    1. It’s an inside mount and yes, they are very easy to install! I have one more to install in my bathroom, so I’ll take a video of that process.

      1. please do! I had no idea they were DIY either and I would really like to try this in my sunroom, thank you!

    1. I had to move the leather chair in there, because it was in my studio and the sun was fading the leather! It works well in the office, though!

  3. Do you have mullions only on the top of your double hung windows?
    We are getting replacement windows and I’m trying to decide. Our home’s windows have all mullions, but some of the historic homes here in Richmond Virginia have only the top mullions…and I like that look.

  4. When we moved into our home seven years ago, half the home had wooden shutters and half didn’t. But, with your inspiration, I think my next expense will be these shutters. they keep the bad light and sunshine and look great! I will get these faux wood, as my sister in law did in her Arizona home! Hope these are less than the wooden variety, as would be a whole paycheck per window!

  5. As a shutter expert, I’d advise against using faux wood and poly vinyl in the desert. Go with solid wood.

  6. Marian…quick question: do you ever open the windows these shutters are on? Wondering how easy they are to operate? We live in Southern Oregon and we can open our home up at night about half the summer to let the cool evening air in…

  7. This room is so beautiful, warm and welcoming. And the shutters just add to that overall feel. When we re-did our home 14 years ago, we put plantation shutters in every window. (It’ a small, 2,000 sq ft house.) They look gorgeous both inside and out, and slightly hide a not very pretty view out of our living room windows. Between the chunky crown moulding, baseboards and the shutters, people always comment on pretty our home is. I absolutely love them because they can fully opened, fully closed, and anything in-between. They are all in sections so we can open the top shutters for light and close the bottom section privacy. I hear ‘chatter’ sometimes in blogs/podcasts that they are not ‘on trend’. That is correct! They are classic, timeless and add so much to a room and home.

  8. This is such a timely post! After mulling over what to do in our sunroom which has 9 windows (!) where curtains would be very awkward, I have decided that plantation shutters will be the only good solution. Thanks for sharing your sources and I am looking forward to the installation post!

  9. Marian,
    We have wood stained crown molding and baseboards, but the windows are not framed out. They have a marble base on the bottom. Do you think white shutters would work or would I need to go with the stained ones to match the crown molding and baseboards? I think the wood would make the rooms so dark. I’d love to know your thoughts.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Mary,
      My daughter and son in law had white shutters installed recently. There is no crown molding but they have wood stained ceiling beams. The shutters look great and at certain angle even make the room lighter, as the light bounced from the white surface. I would go for white.

    1. The wall color is Stonington Gray mixed at 50% strength and the door color is Coventry Gray, both by Benjamin Moore.

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