studio transformation | part 3

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Today, I wanted to share more detail on the “window walls” of the studio.  I was so excited about all of the natural light that comes in from not just one, but two full walls of windows.  This room is flooded from sunrise to sunset.  Fortunately, though, it’s not direct light until late afternoon, so I don’t have to deal with sunbeams in my face all day.

I will have to add some window treatments to diffuse the light, when needed, though.  I’m thinking I’ll make some simple linen shades that will just tie up.

The old hardware store cabinet is really the focal point of the room.  I bought it off of craigslist earlier this year and it’s the one large counter I decided to keep from my last studio space.  It was tough to sell some of those beautiful antique counters, but I felt like this one was the most versatile and it ended up being the perfect choice for this space.

If you remember from when I introduced it, the left side is unfinished (probably because it was built-in) and the top has some grooves in it, probably to accommodate doors or a hutch-like top.  I have a couple of plans to deal with those “imperfections”.  For the top, I’d like to have a piece of marble cut to fit.  I’m hoping when I shop for my stone counters, I can find a remnant piece that will work.

The drawers are filled with art supplies, paper, tools, crafty-stuff, etc.  All of the drawers had dividers in them, but Jeff and my dad figured out how to remove some of them, so I could store larger pads of paper, etc. in them.  The ones that are divided are great for small tubes of paint and other little items that benefit from the built-in organization.

The wood on the piece was a little tired when I bought it, so I gave it a light sanding and brought out the richness of the wood with Hemp Oil.  I even used the oil to polish up the metal pulls and label holders.

Since there are so many windows and I wasn’t concerned about blocking light, I leaned a large chalkboard up on the counter.  It’s made out of an old frame and a piece of MDF cut to size and painted in “Allison’s custom chalkboard mix” of 3 parts Boxwood and 2 parts Artissimo MMS Milk Paint.

And I added a few pretty and utilitarian things on top…

I realized pretty quickly that I needed a semi-comfortable chair in the studio for visitors to sit in.  By “visitors”, I mostly mean Jeff or one of the boys!  I also wouldn’t mind sitting there sometimes as I’m brainstorming.

I pulled in the “deconstructed chair” that ended up not being deconstructed.  It’s upholstered in antique linen sheets and the seat cover is an old German pillowcase.

The front of the chair was ripped in the move, but miraculously, the linen didn’t get stained!  Since it’s vintage fabric, I can get away with just stitching the rip.

So, the wall of windows on the left will be re-planked once they are finished installing the mini-split heating/cooling unit.  Once that is done, we will build some bookshelves under the windows.

Those will flank the mini-split, camouflaging it a bit (although it’s not too bad looking), and will meet up with the hardware cabinet, hiding the unfinished left side.  It was my mom’s idea and it’s brilliant!  It solves a lot of little “issues” and makes better use of otherwise unused space.  I plan to store my jars of milk paint on the shelves as well as magazines.

It’s coming along!

In case you missed them, here are previous posts about the studio, how it looked when we bought the house, and the details of the transformation so far…

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studio transformation | part 3

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40 Comments on “studio transformation | part 3”

  1. You have really transformed this space into your own in such a short time. I think building bookshelves under the windows is a great idea too. I am wondering though even with installing insulation under the floors if that will be enough warmth in the cold Minnesota winters although I assume you will close this room off when not in use.

    1. Well, we’ll find out this winter! I’ve been assured that the unit we bought will be good to go for the winter. We may need additional flooring, but that’s something we can add as needed. If was worth trying without to save the money.

      1. Marian we have a mini-split in our 40′ by 46′ barn here in NC and not only does it keep the barn at a cool 72 degrees here in the hot , humid summers, it heats it just as well in the winter and for pennies on the dollar. We are now going to change over to the mini-splits through out our entire house! They are so quiet and being able to set each one to the desired temperature in each room saves even more $$. You’ll love it!

  2. If you can find enough, it might be a nice touch to extend the marble top across the bookcases as well as the vintage cabinet…

  3. It looks like a great space to work in Marian. I’ve been trying to convince my husband I need our garage space for my next adventure. He just stared at me with raised eyebrows and big eyes:|

  4. Your studio looks beautiful! Would you mind telling me where you found wood magazine holders? I also was at a yardsale recently and saw a goat cart in excellent condition. I wasn’t sure if you might be interested. I have information if it did not sell.

    1. Amanda…. I may be interested in the goat cart!! I have been looking for one. If she not asking to much for it and it did not sale. And she is willing to ship it to me I would love to work it out. Well let me know and then I can exchange information with you. I hope to hear back from you. Thanks, Shawn

    1. We love the church and Jeff is really enjoying digging in to his position. The boys started school today, but they have been over-the-moon to have neighborhood kids to play with! It’s been a great move for us so far.

  5. Once years ago I found a great piece of marble at a yard sale. Almost bought for an island until the guy told me that it came from a morgue! I couldn’t walk away fast enough…

  6. Such a beautiful studio! I aspire to become you but I am pretty sure there is only one you! But you do inspire me!

  7. I’ve been following you a long time now and my house has become what I love of your house and design. I’ve been looking for your chairs which I know you recovered. Can you suggest where I can buy them done/new? The ones I see online look like they are more for dinning than relaxing, reading, etc. I want comfortable ones like you have.
    You did inspire me to sew my first ever slipover from drop clothes which turned out great and I’ll try another some time.
    Thanks Marian, Patti

  8. Hi Marian,
    When you mix your milk paint as you did to achieve that great chalkboard look- and you know for sure what the ‘formula’ is- do you mix the colors separately and then put the two colors together in a container Or do you mix the powder together, add water and there you go?

  9. Remember, drop cloths make inexpensive window treatments.
    Give us a step-by-step when you make them.
    Lookin’ good!

    1. I’m currently using a new painter’s drop cloth for my bedspread!!! My style is casual coastal/beach.

  10. I love the way your studio is coming along. As you say, “pretty and utilitarian.” Your mother does indeed deserve kudos for her excellent suggestion of built-Ins around the mini-split. You should keep her around.

  11. Insulation??? I’d go with radiant heat. Nothing like warm floors and it makes a whole room warm without hot and cold spots.

  12. When you begin to work on furniture pieces again, sanding, painting, etc. will you work in your studio or in another area of your new home?

    When you make those linen covers that tie up for your windows, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEAZZZZ, do a tutorial and soon, I hope, I hope, I hope! I have an office with two windows and the light can be blinding in the morning. While I’d love to have plantation shutters or solar blinds installed my budget can’t. (I’ve been using those paper pleated temporary window blinds from Home Depot.) SO…I’ll look forward to your tutorial. Not rushing you am I? LOL.

    My office is only the size of small bedroom but I’m so inspired by you that I’m looking for ways to turn it into an office/studio so if i want to sew, or paint (artwork not furniture), or design, everything is here. My garage and patio will have to suffice for sanding and painting furniture. And, Coach Marian, I’ll send you pictures when I do.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!!! God bless.

    Can’t wait to see you share a photo of you working on a project in your new studio!!!

  13. I have added the wheels you recommended (from Lowes) to so many items, I wondered if you considered them for the storage piece? Because clearly you don’t have enough good ideas yourself, lol. Just curious I love furniture I can move around.

    1. That’s what I was thinking, too! It would just make everything more flexible down the road. Of course, I love to change things around. It makes a space feel new.

  14. Me, too! I use them for curtains, bedspreads and slip covers. And, occasionally, as drop cloths!

  15. Hi! I’m from down South in a very wintery New Zealand. Most heat escapes through windows. So in winter it will be best if you can put up curtains that covers your windows properly from the top to the floor, so that might be a good option for you which is cheaper than installing a new floor. 😀

  16. Your new home is looking wonderful! I was wondering if you would share, sometime, the size of some of your rooms (like 10′ x 20′. etc)… helps us other creatives better envision your beautiful spaces 🙂 Thanks Marion

  17. I am just amazed everyday how fast you have pulled your new place together. Very inspiring, gotta get my to do list done !

  18. Hello Marian,
    Everything is looking amazing!!! You are really moving right along.
    I have an idea that I think might be a bit charming. On your art supply cabinet, what do you think of the idea of using one of your vintage typewriters to type out the labels? You have very nice and clear handwriting, so that is not the issue. I just thought it might be a fun “vintagey ” touch.
    Love all you do and YOU do know best!!!
    Also, thank you for letting us follow along. I too will be paying close attention to making those window shades.

  19. The cabinet is such an awesome piece! All that storage with the labeled drawers makes such a difference when you are creative. I’m looking forward to seeing your sewing room. I have a new Brother embroidery machine I plan on getting lots of projects accomplished on this fall.
    Enjoy that light filled wonderful space!

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